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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Moody Blues Counterattack

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Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to search Narancia

Chapters covering this arc: 460, 461
Episodes covering this arc: S4E6


Summoning his Moody Blues, Abbacchio uses his Stand ability to turns Moody Blues into Narancia and begins to rewind, copying everything that Narancia was doing minutes ago. It is revealed that Narancia was stabbed and deflated like a pierced baloon and dragged down to a drain. Despite that, the enemy still has another secret keeping him from being discovered. Abbacchio transforms his Moody Blues back to its original form and hits the nearest walls. Abbacchio has finally learned the secret of the enemy's Stand, but Abbacchio is stabbed and deflated, taken by the enemy.

Alone and desperate, Bucciarati randomly punches everywhere on the boat with Sticky Fingers. As he looks for Abbacchio, Mario Zucchero, the one who behind the sneak attacks, begins to intimidate the team leader, threatening to kill his companions if he doesn't reveal where Polpo's treasure is hidden. Thanks to Abbacchio's parting clue, Bucciarati finally reveals Zucchero's location: as Abbacchio has purposefully made his hands bleed by punching the walls, his blood is nowhere in sight inside the boat, thus there is a second boat hidden somewhere. Finally revealing himself, Zucchero threatens to slit Abbacchio's throat. But Bucciarati reacts by extending Sticky Finger's arm punching Zucchero from afar by detaching his arm and disabling him for good.


Abbacchio returns to his normal self and is satisfied that they have won the battle, as he congratulating Bucciarati's success.


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