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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Meet The Gangster Behind The Wall

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Giorno meets Polpo in a prison for an initiation test

Chapter(s) covering this arc: 448, 449
Episode(s) covering this arc: S4E2 (near the end), S4E3 (first half)

NOTE: Events from the anime adaptation are in italics.


Bruno is still shocked by Giorno's declaration. When a group of children accidentally hit him with a ball, Bucciarati shows his good heart by giving the ball back at them. Bucciarati decides to wager on Giorno's dream. Bucciarati will tell the rest of Passione members that he hasn’t found the culprit and enable Giorno's infiltration, but also warns him that he will not help him if someone finds out that Giorno is a traitor.

While walking, Bucciarati explains to Giorno how Passione works: the organization oversees everything in Naples, and their boss is very secretive, as no one knows the boss's name, nor does anyone know what he looks like. Most of lower echelons receive orders from a number of his capos. One of them who will be deciding whether anyone join the organization is Polpo, as the capo awaits Giorno inside a prison to interview him. Giorno enters the prison, and after getting through security check, he's granted to meet Polpo. Giorno finds himself inside in a dark corridor, but suddenly the lights switch on. An unknown voice tells Giorno that his left arm injured, but Giorno sees the "bed" transformed and revealing itself as Polpo. Polpo talks with Giorno for a moment, while showcasing his luxuries hidden inside the walls of the cell. Polpo proposes him some wine, which Giorno refuses as the rules of prison dictate. Polpo decides to start the interview, but not before enjoying his snacks, unknowingly eating is own fingers.


Polpo takes out his lighter and asking Giorno what he is capable of. Giorno chooses to hide his Stand and showcasing his pickpocketing skills and his ear trick. Polpo seemingly impressed, but he explains to Giorno that the most important thing when it comes to choose people is trust. Polpo gives Giorno his lighter and tasks him to keep it alight for 24 hours, to test whether he can be trusted even when no one's looking. Giorno accepts the test. His first obstacle is to get through a body check without the guards noticing the lighter. This catches Giorno off guard, as he thought Polpo bribed the guards to allow him to pass. When the guard asks to see whatever Giorno is carrying, he turns the lighter into a flower, keeping a flame hidden inside the petals, and manage to go through the prison security checks.


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