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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Joining The Gang

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The real "test" begins: Giorno Giovanna vs. Black Sabbath

Chapter(s) covering this arc: 450, 451, 452, 453, 454, 455
Episode(s) covering this arc: S4E3 (second half), S4E4

NOTE: Events from the anime adaptation are in italics.


Giorno walks through the streets of Naples on his way home, a small student dorm in a middle-high school. When he arrives at his dorm, Giorno puts the lighter in a piece of bread and cover it with books, an alarm clock and a small drawer. Suddenly, Koichi enters his room, searching for his stolen luggage, which Giorno planned to return it to him. While hiding, Giorno attempts to transform a lamp into a snake to pick up the bread holding the lighter, but the snake he created accidentally burns itself. Koichi saw the lighter, but he's distracted by his passport, allowing Giorno to snatch the lighter unnoticed.

Giorno exits the building feeling relieved, only to get splashed by water by a janitor he met earlier. The lighter extinguished as a result, suddenly rendering Giorno's efforts moot. While wondering if Polpo giving him a second chance, the friendly janitor relights the lighter for him and return the lighter to Giorno. Giorno confused why the lighter so easily switched back on, but moments later, a Stand appears from the shadows and grabs the janitor's soul, asking: "You relight the lighter, didn't you? I’ll give you one more chance. You have two possible paths: the first path is to live and become a "chosen one", and your only other path is death.” Giorno confirms that Stand is Polpo's Stand, as the Stand spits out an Arrow and pierces the janitor's spirit through the forehead, thus killing him. The enemy Stand, Black Sabbath, declares that "this soul did not belong to one who should be chosen." While trying to escape, Giorno wonders what that supposed to mean, but the Stand turn its attention to Giorno that he witnessed the lighter's reignited. The Stand lunges at him in an attack, and thus the real "test" begins.


Giorno evades the strike and jumps up the staircase handrails, but Black Sabbath grabs Giorno's shadow and drags Gold Experience out of it. Even though Black Sabbath is stronger, Gold Experience manages to grab the Arrow with his hand injured in return, and proceeds to retaliate by giving the capo's Stand a series of punches, knocking Black Sabbath away into shadows. Black Sabbath vanishes, and reappearing in Giorno's shadow sneakily, attempting to pierce Gold Experience with the Arrow. Giorno learned Black Sabbath's ability is related to shadows. However, Black Sabbath lets Giorno escape for a moment after getting exposed to sunlight. Giorno experiments with the shadows and understands that Black Sabbath is confined to them, but the setting sun means that soon Giorno won't have much time to run and hide. Koichi suddenly appears, asking Giorno about the old man Black Sabbath killed. Giorno tells Koichi to don't get the wrong idea, only Koichi responds that he saw he talked to the janitor from window, but unknowingly saw the lighter being relighted, meaning that he's now attracted by Black Sabbath. Giorno saves Koichi by turning the handrails into flowers and forcing Black Sabbath to flee.


After saved by Giorno, Koichi questions him why a thief like Giorno saves him. Giorno answers that the lighter being lit is because of something he did, and there was nothing he could’ve done for the janitor. Giorno believed what he did was right, but he feel empty and guilty from the inside. Despite that, he have a dream that he believes to be right. Koichi responds by sharing his experience of gaining his own Stand, as well as explains if certain person shot with the Arrow doesn't awaken to the ability, they will die. From that explanation, Giorno finally understands the meaning of the "chosen one" Black Sabbath espoused before. Koichi then explains the use of the Arrow and that Black Sabbath must be a long-distance remote-controlled Stand following simple, preset instructions. Koichi also suggest Giorno to find the user, Polpo, but Giorno replies that is not an option since he is in a jail cell. Giorno makes a plan by heading to sunlight while it's still available. Then, before the sun goes down, Giorno and Koichi lure Black Sabbath into the shadow of something that can move (such as a Vespa scooter), and then they get rid of that shadow.

Giorno and Koichi work together, but Black Sabbath eventually outmaneuvers the two by using crows to move between shadows and grabs Giorno from the shadow of a nearby tree. But Echoes using 3 Freeze ability to make Black Sabbath's hands heavier, only the enemy Stand still persists. Worried that Giorno's legs are going to break, Koichi undo the 3 Freeze. But Giorno tells Koichi to not undo it. Koichi still worried about Giorno's situation, then suddenly a cracking sound heard. A nearby tree starts to wither and die due to Gold Experience using its life-giving ability to speed up the tree's aging process. When the tree crumbles, Black Sabbath now exposed to the sunlight. Black Sabbath attempted to run and hide within shadows, but intercepted by Gold Experience. Giorno speaks to Black Sabbath, saying: "You told me there were other paths, but sadly you have only one." Giorno then asking Koichi to move a little bit, then proceed to unleash a rapid barrage of punches to Black Sabbath, telling the Stand that basking in the sunlight is his only option, before the Stand disappearing for good.

A few moments later, Koichi attempts to call Jotaro to inform him of the Arrow in Italy. However, Giorno stops him. As Polpo is probably unaware of the battle, Giorno sees an opportunity to continue infiltrating the gang. Giorno also begging to Koichi that this enemy is more than just one person, but an organization. Meaning if Koichi tells someone, the organization might find out. Koichi is puzzled by Giorno's explanation, but the Gang-Star wannabe convinces him of his righteousness and to keep his secret for Koichi only.

The next day, Koichi reports to Jotaro that Giorno is not as dangerous as he thinks, which Jotaro is more than willing to talk with Koichi explain everything in person. After ending his call, Koichi thinks if Giorno is insane, but deep down, he can feel that he has a righteous heart because he observed three members of Joestar bloodline back in Morioh town; those who exude righteousness within their hearts. Without a doubt, Giorno also possesses the will of Joestars. Koichi finishes his internal monologue and do some sightseeing across Naples.

Meanwhile, Giorno returns to Polpo with the lit lighter. Before congratulating him, Polpo takes a moment to lecture Giorno on honor code of gangsters which is founded on trust and respect that every gangster will fight to the death for. Polpo tells Giorno that he will risk his life over being insulted, even as far as believes that God forgives even murder. Polpo then congratulates Giorno and gives a badge assigned to Bucciarati's group. While Polpo is drinking a glass of wine, Giorno turns one of his guns into a banana and hides it in the fridge. Outside the prison, Giorno confirms to Bruno that he passed the test. While Giorno and Bucciarati walk the street, Polpo eventually eats the banana which turns back into a gun, making the capo shoot himself as a gruesome revenge for the janitor, and the Arrow is destroyed.

When Giorno asks Bucciarati where they are going, Bucciarati replies that Giorno now meet his team of Stand users.


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