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This page will recap all Iznogoud albums and adventures; it will precisely tell the type of trap used, the seller and the price of the trap.

Note: The type of trap varies between stories:

  • Magical Artifact: An object with magical properties.
  • Potion: A drink with magical properties.
  • Partnership: Iznogoud will hire a "henchman" who has magical powers or a special skill.
  • Politics: Iznogoud will usually try to anger Sultan Pullmankar and provoke him into attack the Caliph.
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  • Murder: Iznogoud will simply to try to kill the Caliph without witnesses.

Only "The Strong-arm Men", "The Horde", "Iznogoud on Thin Ice", "The Freezing Song", "The Magic Calendar", "The Magic Minarets", "The Voracious Cushion", "The Trap of the Siren", "The Galloping Turkish Slippers" and "The Black Chalk" weren't adapted into the Animated Series.

The books are numbered in order of publication in the original French.

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Goscinny era

     1 - The Grand Vizier Iznogoud (Le Grand Vizir Iznogoud - 1966) 

"The Genie"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A Genie living in a pair of slippers that can grant one wish before disappearing, but he can be summoned repeatedly.
  • Seller: Mède Indjapahn.
  • Price: 327,212 dirhems, but Iznogoud changes the seller into a hammer.

"Official Trip"note 

  • Type of Trap: Politics. Iznogoud tries to make the Caliph make a faux pas during an official visit so Sultan Pullmankar will declare war against the Caliphate, as "when he goes to war, he wins..."
  • Seller: None.
  • Price: None.

"The Strong-Arm Men"

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires two burly henchmen (or "Strong-Arm Men" as they are called, that is "Hired Muscle") in order to kidnap the Caliph and sell him as a slave. They must however act when there are no witnesses.
  • Partner: Name of the henchmen unknown
  • Price: Unknown, since the Caliph has borrowed Iznogoud's entire gold supply in order to give it to the schoolboys for their fundraiser.

"The Horde"

  • Type of Trap: Politics. Tries to negotiate with Genghis Khan's second in command in order to capture the Caliph and bring him as a slave.
  • Partner: Blujin, Genghis Khan's most trusted lieutenant.
  • Price: Unknown.

"A Lookalike"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A lookalike of the Caliph will take his place and send him to jail and then abdicate in favor of Iznogoud
  • Partner: Aristides Kingsizos, merchant.
  • Price: Unknown.

"The Giant's Island"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Buys a map to an island populated by cannibal giants and tries to send the Caliph on a cruise there.
  • Partner: Cymbal, sailor.
  • Price: 112,327 Dirhem but decreases to 47 Dirhems and 12 Fals.

     2 - The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud (Les Complots du Grand Vizir Iznogoud - 1967) 


  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A prince turned into a frog must be kissed in order to change back but the kisser is himself turned into a frog. However, if it's the frog who kisses, then both are turning into frogs.
  • Partner: Son of Fattih al Midrif, a prince.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud coerces him into his scheme.


  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires a hypnotist in order to make the Caliph lose his memory but clapping breaks the trance.
  • Partner: Whottoman, a stage hypnotist.
  • Price: 153,000 Piastres, 1 maradevi 50.

"The Occidental Philter"note 

  • Type of Trap: Potion. A philter (implied to be coffee or tea) that makes everyone who drinks it become extremely light ("inducing levity") but it must be prepared in a percolator and drunk at hot temperature in order to work. No effect when cold and gives hiccups when lukewarm.
  • Seller: Geoffrey Saucer, a sorcerer from the occident.
  • Price: 12 crowns (837,050 piastres and 64 maradevis).

"The Time Machine"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact/Partnership. A Time Traveler shares his secret of building a time machine in hopes to send the Caliph back in time. The machine looks like a wardrobe and someone needs to be locked up in order to travel: he only comes back when the door opens. However, if the machine is still open for long enough, the past inhabitants will be dragged out of their time.
  • Partner: Jean Tabary, the artist of Iznogoud.
  • Price: None.

"The Picnic"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Iznogoud tries to lure the Caliph to the desert with a picnic and then abandon him to die of thirst.
  • Partner: None.
  • Price: None.

"Chop and Change"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A cup which allows two consecutive drinkers (whether they are humans, animals or even objects) to switch bodies regardless of the drink poured in.
  • Seller: Madjic Sham, a magician coming back from India.
  • Price: 10,000 piastres, then 10,000 when the magician gets stuck with the body of a parrot.

     3 - The Caliph's Vacation (Les Vacances du Calife - 1968) 

"Summer Vacation or Never Say Die"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Iznogoud invites the Caliph to go on holiday so he can find ways to kill him. Drowning, man-eating sharks, buried under sand, going on a boat trip during a storm, trapped by a high tide.
  • Partnership: None.
  • Price: None.

"Good Sports in the Caliphate"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder/Partnership. A weather forecaster who has the power to change the weather contrary to his predictions (he says "Good day" and it starts raining) is asked to make it snow in the Caliphate. Iznogoud then tries to kill the Caliph during winter sports.
  • Partner: Fo'orkasht, a magician - meteorologist.
  • Price: One piastre

"The Caliph's Cruise"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires one extremely unlucky sailor to send the Caliph on a cruise, hoping he will be killed.
  • Partner: Simp'l, a sailor.
  • Price: 300,000 Pieces of eight, lowered to 155 pieces of six.

"Likhwid's Bottle, or The Bottle of Likhwid"note 

  • Type of Trap: Potion. An entire bottle (which seems to be a carboy/demijohn or "Dame Jeanne") of a potion which must be drink entirely in order to transform the drinker into a wood louse. However there are a few catches: only the last drop will transform the drinker and it has be drink pure but it can be drunk progressively on separate occasions.
  • Seller: Likhwid, a magician and peddler.
  • Price: 3 coppers.

     4 - Iznogoud the Infamous (Iznogoud l'Infâme - 1969) 

"The Sinister Liquidator"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Bring back some water haunted by a Djinn that dissolves everything it touches.
  • Partner: An unnamed Djinn.
  • Price: 1 coin.

"The Invisible Menace"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A spell that can makes everything invisible. The target must be immobile and the speaker must cover his eyes and say "Abracadabra, I don't want to see you [x3]."
  • Seller: Omar Aythinkthereforeayyam, a Master of Magic Arts.
  • Price: 10,000 dirhems.

"The Unlucky Diamond"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A diamond that gives incredibly bad luck to its owner. Must be willingly given in order to relieve the curse.
  • Seller: A beggar who was once a rich businessman but made the unfortunate mistake of mistreating a magician.
  • Price: 2 dirhems.

"The Magic Doll"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Tricks a witch doctor into using a voodoo doll made of clay for murdering the Caliph. Requires a hair of the victim.
  • Partner: Doctor Mumbo Jumbo, a witch doctor who is also the prime minister of an African king.
  • Price: None. Only Mumbo Jumbo can use the doll.

"The Mysterious Billposter"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A magical poster that opens a portal to a dimension where you can't leave.
  • Seller: A unnamed billposter and practising magician.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud pardons him for breaking the "post no bill" law.

     5 - Iznogoud Rockets to Stardom (Des Astres pour Iznogoud - 1969) 

"Iznogoud Rockets to Stardom"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A proto-rocket with one place for a passenger which doesn't go back once it's launched.
  • Seller: Astroh Nautikhal, an inventor.
  • Price: Unknown.

"Iznogoud's Pupil"note 

  • Type of Trap: Politics. When appointed as personal tutor to B'Oufayhkar, Sultan Pullmankar's son, he tries to make him miserable so his father will get angry and go to war with the Caliph.
  • Partner: None.
  • Price: None.

"The Tartar's Talisman"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A Silvernote  Talismannote  that makes your dreams literally come true.
  • Seller: Klot Ed Krim, a Tartar who got the talisman from a Spaniard.
  • Price: 182,858 dirhems.

"My Hat!"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A boater that makes its wearer go mad.
  • Seller: A merchant of "Carnival Novelties - Funny Hats".
  • Price: Unknown.

"Dark Designs"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A pencil that makes everything or everyone disappear to a far-away island if you tear up a drawing of it.
  • Seller: In'Shahntid, a magician.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud is being rewarded for saving him from a dog while being turned into a cat.

     6 - Iznogoud and the Magic Computer (Iznogoud et l'Ordinateur Magique - 1970) 

"A Calculated Risk"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A machine that can answer any question you put on a paper through its slot. However, she is extremely sensitive about being outsmarted and can sulk.
  • Seller: I-Bee'em, a technologist/magicocrat.
  • Price: 2 million piastres.

"The Road to Nowhere"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. Tries to lure the Caliph on "The Road to Nowhere", a road you can never leave.
  • Seller: Baba Blaqship, a road mender.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud simply wants him to stay here.

"The Golden Handshake"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires a man with the ability to turn everything he touches into gold. However, his powers only make gold-plated metal as a result of a severe downgrade.
  • Partner: Ghoudas Gho'ld or Ghoudas for short, a descendant of King Midas.
  • Price: None. He promises him he will become popular.

"The Caliph's Scepter"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership/Politics. Hires an expert thief in order to steal the Caliph's scepter. If the Caliph doesn't have it for a yearly ceremony, he will be executed.
  • Partner: Klepto Maniaq, a thief from "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves".
  • Price: 997 piastres.

"The Mysterious Ointment"note 

  • Type of Trap: Potion. An ointment in a tube (actually toothpaste) that can kill if applied to teeth.
  • Seller: Notsobad, a sailor.
  • Price: None. It's a gift brought from Occident for an apothecary.

     7 - A Carrot for Iznogoud (Une Carotte pour Iznogoud - 1971) 

"A Carrot for Iznogoud"

  • The Caliph FINALLY discovers the truth about Iznogoud and is heartbroken by it. A good deed to an old magician helps him find a cure to make Iznogoud nice: a plant called a "Carrot". The Caliph now goes on adventures where he tries to find this mysterious "Carrot".

"Magic Fiction"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership/Magical Artifact. Tries to convince two Martians to shoot the Caliph with a "spatial temporaliser" gun which can send people through time and space.
  • Partner: Zloub, a Martian leader of an expedition on Earth.
  • Price: None. Zloub is confused and refuses to sell his gun.

"Iznogoud on Thin Ice"

  • Type of Crime: Partnership. Hires a woman whose face is so ugly, they are literally "frozen" (encased into a huge block of ice) with horror.
  • Partner: Gethorehd, a bar owner and bartender of iced drinks.
  • Price: 3258 Piastres.

"Tried and Tsetsed"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Buys a "wild beast", a Tsetse Fly to sting the Caliph into a neverending sleep.
  • Seller: An unnamed African Ambassador.
  • Price: None. It's a gift.

     8 - Iznogoud and the Day of Misrule (Le Jour des Fous - 1972) 

"The Day of Misrule"note 

  • Type of Trap: Politics/Murder. During the "Day of Misrule", everyone switches positions and roles for 24 hours. Iznogoud tries to abuse his temporary Caliph powers in order to make it permanent.
  • Partnership: Tries to rally the army, the police, a genie, Sultan Pullmankar, assassin Djaq the Rippah, even the entire population of Baghdad.
  • Price: None

"The Challenge"note 

  • Type of Trap: Politics/Partnership. Hires a strong but dimwitted porter who has to insult and defeat the Caliph so Iznogoud can become Caliph. However, anyone who can beat and humiliate the Caliph will be decapitated.
  • Partner: A unnamed strong and dumb porter; in reality, Pullmankar's daughter Orinj'ade.

"The Labyrinth"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A maze which is impossible to escape.
  • Seller: Konkretemixos, a Greek carny from Crete.
  • Price: 50,000 piastres and one dirhem.

"Elections in the Caliphate"note 

  • Type of Trap: Politics. Every 10 years, elections are held but since the Caliph is the only one to vote, he wins automatically. Iznogoud tries to work with a magician in order to trick the Caliph into voting for him but accidentaly reignites an old feud between magicians and fakirs/genies.
  • Partner: Djugglah, a stage magician who is the rival of Bellilahf, a fakir
  • Price: A Grand Vizier position.

     9 - Iznogoud and the Magic Carpet (Le Tapis Magique - 1973) 

"The Magic Carpet"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A magic carpet which has a spell ("Candyfloss") that triggers a one-way trip to China.
  • Seller: Khaledonyahn, an Indian fakir.
  • Price: 1200 dirhems plus tax. Rises up to 4800 as a result of all the failed attempts.


  • Type of Trap: Political. Trick the Caliph into going undercover as a beggar to check on his people and then ban all beggars from entering the palace.
  • Partner: None.
  • Price: None.

"The Tiger Hunt"note 

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Convince the Caliph to go on a tiger hunt for a new rug and try to have him killed.
  • Partner: None.
  • Price: None.

"The Box of Souvenirs"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A camera that erases whatever it targets and turns it into a photograph. Requires the target to be immobile and at a distance of three paces.
  • Seller: Judoka Karate, Japanese tourist.
  • Price: 223,005.72 dirhems.

     10 - Iznogoud the Relentless (Iznogoud l'Acharné - 1974) 

"The Malefic Hopscotch Grid"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A hopscotch grid that must be completed by hopping through all squares; at the end, the hopper becomes a child.
  • Seller: Baron, a wizard and apprentice of Merlin.
  • Price: 600,000 dirhems.

"Souvenir Island"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A seashell that sends everyone who listens into a magical island full of "Souvenirs".
  • Seller: An unknown merchant.
  • Price: None. He sends Iznogoud and his henchman into a magical dimension after being angered.

"The Merchant of Forgetfulness"note 

  • Type of Trap: Potion. A perfume that makes everyone who smells it lose their memory.
  • Seller: Mumbai Jumbo, a charm merchant coming from Central India.
  • Price: Unknown.

"The Doggy Flute"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A flute that can turn people into dogs provided the right tune is playednote 
  • Seller: Yaozu, a Chinese magician.
  • Price: 12,803 direhms and 6 fals.

"The Magic Catalogue"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A catalogue where you can order items from the future. Only works three times.
  • Seller: Uatsdhada, a mage from India.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud is given the catalogue as a gift since he saved the mage.

     11 - Iznogoud and the Jigsaw Turk (La Tête de Turc d'Iznogoud - 1975) 

"The Jigsaw Turk"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A jigsaw of 10,000 pieces which makes the person you think about disappear when you put the last piece.
  • Seller: Dokodah Bey, a Turkish merchant of joke items and magic tricks.
  • Price: 19,999 dirhems.

"The Freezing Song"

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A siren has the power to freeze everyone who listens to her sing.
  • Partner: Waharning, a siren.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud will release her but he still has to pay 8000 dirhems to Crawdad, a sailor.

"The Sheik's Potion"note 

  • Type of Trap: Potion. A potion that shrinks everyone who drinks it and everything it's poured in. It shrinks an elephant to cat-size.
  • Seller: Travelehr Cheik, an explorer coming back from Africa.
  • Price: 6,357 dirhems and 11 Fals.

"The Magic Calendar"

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A calendar that makes you travel through time. Rip a page to go to the future, glue it back to go backwards.
  • Seller: Kmeer, a psychic coming from Delphi.
  • Price: 500,397 dirhems.

     12 - Iznogoud's Fairytale (Le Conte de Fée d'Iznogoud - 1976) 

"Fairy Tale"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A fairy accidently travels to Baghdad and struggles with her wand when she tries to transform people into animals or objects.
  • Partner: Blunderbell, a fairy.
  • Price: None. She wants to grant a wish to Iznogoud.

"Mirror Image"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Iznogoud travels to a mirror world where everthing is reversed.
  • Partner: Al Hiss the Genie, resident of the mirror world.
  • Price: None. The Genie is granting Iznogoud's wish.

"The Send-Away Bed"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A murphy bed with the ability to make anyone who sleeps on it disappear forever.
  • Seller: Tremolo, a merchant of magical furniture.
  • Price: 900,000 Piastres.

"The Magic Minarets"

  • Type of Trap: None. Iznogoud must face ten trials in order to face the Caliph.
  • Encounter: The old man who explains the trials.
  • Price: None.

     13 - I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph (Je veux être Calife à la place du Calife - 1978) 

"The Inspector Spectre"

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Iznogoud tries to trick the Caliph into spending a night in a haunted palace where a vengeful ghost drives Caliphs insane every midnight.
  • Partner: An unnamed guard with his head cut off.
  • Price: None.

"Scandal in Baghdad"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A man from the occident has the strange ability to sniff out scandals and Iznogoud hopes the Caliph has some dirty secrets.
  • Partner: Leguenn, a journalist and scandalmonger.
  • Price: 290,000 piastres.

("The Wax Museum"note 

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A spell ("You have pretty eyes, you know that?") that can animate the wax statues of the most dangerous criminals who have lived and will live. All of the statues must be back at 7:00 or the speaker will be turned into a wax statue.
  • Seller: The owner of the wax museum.
  • Price: 1 million piastres.

"The Voracious Cushion"

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A cushion that swallows anyone who sleeps on it.
  • Seller: An unnamed cushion seller.
  • Price: The monopoly on the cushion industry of Baghdad.

"The Eggs of Ur"note 

  • Type of Trap: Partnership/Magical Artifact. Iznogoud seeks to bribe the general of the Caliph with golden eggs.
  • Partner: Bredouy, the poorest man in Baghdad.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud coerces him into showing how the golden eggs are made.

Tabary era

     15 - Iznogoud's Childhood (L'Enfance d'Iznogoud - 1981) 
The Caliph's storyteller discovers that she has the ability to merge the past and the present by hitting someone with her book: people in a certain range will meet their child self and their parents when they were alive. We thus discover Iznogoud, Wa'at Alahf and the Caliph were inseparable friends in their childhood thus begging the question: How Iznogoud did become the man he is today? Said adult Iznogoud tries to use this opportunity to cause a grandfather paradox in order to kill the Caliph.

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. The Caliph's storyteller can bring someone's younger self and parents from the past by hitting them with her book. The spell works on a certain range and ends when the lump heals. The time travellers can cause grandfather paradoxes and ontological paradoxes (i.e Stable Time Loop).
  • Partner: Théléérazade, the Caliph's personal storyteller.
  • Price: None, Iznogoud coerces her into triggering the spell.

     16 - Iznogoud and the Women (Iznogoud et les Femmes - 1983) 
During a breakfast with the Caliph, Iznogoud lets slip that he might try simply to poison him, but a passing courier mishears him and thinks he is plotting to poison Sultan Pullmankar. In order to get out of this misunderstanding, he tries to use a message from the Sultan saying he want to have access to the Caliph's Harem for an upcoming visit and take the opportunity to buy a woman hoping to resolve the quid pro quo. He also discovers a magical artifact that might get rid of the Caliph once and for all...

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A corset that makes any wealthy man fall madly in love with the wearer and start to bleat. After five bleats, the bleater transforms into a goat.
  • Seller: El Adelah Corset, an underwear seller
  • Price: Unknown, the merchant dissapears after selling it.

     18 - The Accomplice of Iznogoud (Le Complice d'Iznogoud - 1985) 
A mysterious little man is looking for Iznogoud: it turns out to be a servant of The Devil who is checking if Iznogoud has finally become Caliph instead of the Caliph. Furious that one of his "evil genuises" failed to "rule and destabilize this part of the world", the Devil gives an ultimatum: Iznogoud has 10 days to succeed or he will be trapped in Hell for all eternity. He decides to give him an "Accomplice" to help him; Hilarity Ensues as Iznogoud tries to discover which one of the people he meets is the "Accomplice" sent by the Devil.

The so-called "Accomplices" Iznogoud meets are:

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires the Caliph's doctor who could brew a poison to kill the Caliph.
  • Partner: The unnamed Caliph's doctor.
  • Price : Ask for a wish from the fairy Olé to remove the tic where he winks with his right eye

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. A magician who can make people disappear by looking them at the eyes and counting up to ten. Requires a bag of jewels; it's in fact a scam and he steals the bag.
  • Partner: N.D.M ("In God Name"), a magician (actually a con-man).
  • Price: 100 maradevis + 1 bag containing 100 gold coins, 10 sapphires, 12 emeralds, 2 turquoises, 15 rubies, 6 diamnods, 30 pearls and 2 topazes.

  • Type of Trap: Murder/Partnership. Simply hires an assassin.
  • Partner: The Butcher Al Ehmeri, a well-known assassin from Baghdad.
  • Price: Unknown. Everything the victim has on him.

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact/Partnership. A magical mask that turns the wearer's face into the mask's features after it is removed. Only works if the merchant is the one who puts the mask on the wearer.
  • Partner: An unnamed mask merchant.
  • Price: 10,000 Piastres.

     19 - The Nightmarish Birthday of Iznogoud (L'Anniversaire d'Iznogoud - 1987) 
It's Iznogoud's birthday and he has been given presents; however, he quickly learns he has to give a gift to the Caliph or else he will be impaled as the Grand Chamberlain is gleefully reminding him. Even worse, Wa'at Alahf's present is a magical jack-in-box which has granted him a slightly higher pay to Iznogoud and he has ambitions to surpass his own master. Iznogoud now must buy a present for the Caliph, manage his strong-arm man's treacherous aspirations, and still try to be "Caliph instead of the Caliph".

The attempts in this book are:

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A necklace that brings good luck to its wearer, despite its vendor being in incredibly bad shape implying that it is, in fact, a bad luck charm. The vendor had all his injures before using the charm and the Caliph has been wearing one for years!
  • Seller: An unnamed street vendor with a missing eye/leg/arm, no teeth, bad skin, arthitis, failed kidney, heart attacks and he is deaf.
  • Price: 3 maradevis.

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact/Potion. A shower in kit which, once built, will produce poisoned water that will dissolve the Caliph. It requires a few minutes to take effect but it fails if it's dried.
  • Seller: The president of the magicians' club of France.
  • Price: The president simply gives it to him.

     20 - Caliph At Last (Iznogoud enfin calife! - 1989) 
In a rare moment of desperation, Iznogoud claims "I don't want to be the Caliph any more"; this launches a conspiracy set by a good chunk of the palace and supported by the overwhelming majority of Baghdad to dispose of him. The Caliph decides to find the three brothers he has ousted under the influence of Iznogoud if he wants to find a successor; the Grand Vizier has to find them all before the Caliph or the Conspirators.

     21 - The Trap of the Siren (Le Piège de la Sirène - 1992) 

"The Trap of the Siren"

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A bathtub, when full, sends everyone who bathes in it to an island inhabited by a nymphomaniac siren who has a fetish for fat men. However, one must read a message in a bottle in order to be teleported; anyone who lands on the island will replace the current lover of the Siren and she feeds thin men to her sharks.
  • Seller: None. A prisoner has managed to switch places with Wa'at Alahf on the Siren's Island.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud finds it in an abandoned house.

"The Galloping Turkish Slippers of Iznogoud"

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A pair of slippers which makes its wearer run fast in a straight line whenever a specific gun is fired. A "Finishing" flag is required to makes the runner stop.
  • Seller: An unknown merchant of sports goods.
  • Price: 20,000 Piastres.

"The Black Chalk of Iznogoud"

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A piece of black chalk which opens portals to an unknown dimension. The portals can be drawn into any form/size and can be erased with a towel.
  • Seller: A unnamed little boy.
  • Price: None. Iznogoud promises him he will abolish school.

     24 - The Returns of Iznogoud (Les Retours d'Iznogoud - 1994) 
This book explains how Iznogoud escaped the predicaments in his earlier stories - though sometimes his escape attempts fail, or land him in even worse situations.

The following stories are "continued":

Story Album Resolution ?
"Kissmet"note  2 A frog kisses Iznogoud and breaks the spell.
"The Magic Carpet" 9 Iznogoud has to return to the Caliphate on foot.
"The Giant's Island"note  9 Iznogoud is still stuck on the island, and the giants have moved from chess to checkers.
"The Doggy Flute"note  10 After being transformed into a baby, a dog again, and an old man, Iznogoud is restored to his old self.
"Mesmer-eyezed"note  2 Wa'at Alahf throws his boss over a wall, and since "walls have ears", the spell is broken.
"The Labyrinth" 8 Iznogoud escapes the maze, but ends up lost in the palace dungeons.
"The Time Machine"note  2 Iznogoud is stuck in the prehistoric era.
"The Sheik's Potion"note  11 The spell is broken, but Iznogoud ends up in jail.
"Official Trip" 1 Iznogoud is freed, but at a cost of 2,999,997 piastres.
"The Strong-Arm Men"note  1 Iznogoud manages to escape the strong-arm men.
"Iznogoud Rockets to Stardom" 5 Iznogoud returns to Earth... in the prehistoric era.
"The Caliph's Scepter"note  6 Iznogoud remains stuck in the palace dungeons.
"The Sinister Liquidator"note  4 Iznogoud only regains part of his body.
"Chop and Change"note  2 Iznogoud's last attempt to get back into his own body leaves him stuck in the body of a mouse.
"The Golden Handshake"note  6 The gold-plating spell is broken, but Iznogoud is caught in an explosion he orchestrated.
"The Mysterious Billposter" 10 Iznogoud escapes the poster... and ends up in the prehistoric era again.
"The Invisible Menace" 4 The invisibility spell is broken, but Iznogoud is beaten up by a huge crowd.
"The Genie" 1 Iznogoud is freed, but becomes lost at sea.
"The Unlucky Diamond"note  4 Iznogoud finally gets rid of the diamond by giving it to a drunkard's wife.
"Souvenir Island"note  10 Iznogoud escapes the island, but has to face the wrath of the opposition to his rule.

     25 - Who Killed the Caliph? (Qui a tué le calife? - 1998) 
Every five years, the Caliph has to conquer new territories or be forced to abdicate, but his old and cowardly general has managed to find a trick: the blindfolded Caliph throws three darts at a map of the desert and the triangle formed by the arrows will be the territory to conquer. Iznogoud manages to switch the map with a map of Sultan Pullmankar's kingdom, but unfortunately is promoted to General of the Caliph's Army. However, he always has an ace in his sleeve...

  • Type of Trap: Partnership. Hires a magician to transform the map of the desert into a map of Sultan Pullmankar's territory.
  • Partner: De Best, a magician.
  • Price: Unknown.

  • Type of Trap: Murder. Scares the Caliph Army after being promoted to General of the Army in order to have no witnesses and plot to murder the Caliph during the trip to Sultan Pullmankar's kingdom.
  • Partner: None.
  • Price: None.

     26 - A Likable Monster (Un Monstre Sympathique - 2000) 
Iznogoud learns to his horror that the Caliph is meeting with Sultan Pullmankar for a peace settlement...that involves finding a way to murder the Grand Vizier! Iznogoud must find a way to kill the Caliph in order to save his own skin.

  • Type of Trap: Magical Artifact. A enchanted sword that is intangible until a spell triggers and makes it solid.
  • Seller: Rhaldernie, a Japanese magician.
  • Price: Unknown. Just enough for Rhaldernie's burial.

  • Type of Trap: Potion. A soup containing a poison that is only effective against Caliphs. The smell of the soup is so delicious that everyone wants to taste it.
  • Seller: An unnamed chef and poisonmaker.
  • Price: Unknown.

     27 - The Ancestor's Mistake (La Faute à l'Ancêtre - 2004) 
Iznogoud is visited by a man named Jean Bon (of Bayonne) who has the ability to go back in time and erase someone's ancestor from the prehistoric era. After having tested his powers on his friend's stepfather and a scheming chief of the guard who conspires against Iznogoud, Jean decides to help him (as promised to his kid) by travelling back in time to kill the Caliph's Ancestor.

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