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Recap / Inside No 9 S 1 E 6 The Harrowing

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Katie arrives for a one-night job at a gothic mansion. She is greeted by Tabitha, an aging woman who lives in the mansion with her brothers Hector and Andras. Tabitha explains that the mansion is kept permanently at three degrees below zero because of Andras's medical condition. She and Hector never leave the house, but tonight they have an appointment they cannot miss, and Katie was recommended to them by a friend from church. Katie is officially there to look after Andras, but Tabitha explains that Katie will almost certainly not see him: she is really there to look after the house. There are milk and rusks in the kitchen, which are the only things Andras can eat: he has no mouth. As she and Hector leave, Tabitha adds that Andras has a bell by his bed, but he never rings it.

Once they are gone, Katie explores the house, finding a stuffed cat. Her friend Shell arrives to see her, and finds the cat alive and mobile. Katie is increasingly disturbed and wants to leave, but Shell insists that she should stay in case Andras needs her. The bell rings, and a reluctant Katie goes upstairs to Andras's room to find out why.

Andras turns out to be an old man tied to a bed. He has a mouth as well, but is gagged, although his feet seem badly deformed. Katie removes the gag, and Andras begs to be free. Katie concludes that he is just an old man being held against his will, and starts trying to untie his bonds until Shell points out a problem: if Andras's hands were tied down, how could he ring the bell?

The bell rings again and Tabitha reappears, holding it. Hector is with her. They explain that, at the age of ten, Andras was possessed by a demon, and has been kept in the attic room ever since to contain it. Now, however, his mortal body is dying and his death will set the demon free unless a new host can be found. This is where Katie comes in: she was recommended by Shell, who is also a regular at Tabitha and Hector's church because she has the strength of will to contain the demon for another fifty years.

Katie refuses to accept this, even as Hector produces a taser. She hits him with his guitar, causing the taser to strike Tabitha, and runs downstairs. All the doors are locked, and she is cornered by Shell, who insists that she has been chosen for a great honour, before injecting her with a sedative. Katie awakes in her underwear, gagged and tied to a chair in Andras's room. She watches in terror as he climbs out of bed and advances towards her.

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