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Recap / I Zombie S 4 E 3 Brainless In Seattle Part 1

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Liv is thrown when the latest victim is missing part of her brain, making her worried she won't be able to "feed" off it for long. Complicating matters is the woman was a romantic party girl.


  • Crush Filter: Thanks to the romantic brain Liv is on, she gets this whenever she meets a new guy. When she kisses Tim, she imagines it as this slow, passionate kiss. It was actually just a messy make-out session.
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  • Deal with the Devil: Chase makes one of these with Blaine, though it's difficult to say who is the Devil.
  • First-Name Basis:
  • I am a Humanitarian: While all zombies are this, the current villain is killing for his brains.
  • Meet Cute: Liv constantly tries to arrange one of these for Clive with one of the new uniformed officers. Clive calls it out by name.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sudden Downer Ending: The dippy episode about a romantic comedy turns out to be about discovering a serial killer.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: The brain Liv is currently on has an epic case of this. Because it turns out the Coyote she's after is a brain-harvesting serial killer.


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