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Recap / Eat A Knievel

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A Jackass-like stuntman-prankster is burned alive, trying to jump through a flaming hoop. Clive suspects foul play, as the deceased had no shortage of enemies. Liv eats his brain and starts pranking everyone. She also shares the brain with Justin, and the experience brings them closer. The dying Blaine has a former acquaintance turn him back into a zombie, then he attacks his father's club, tossing dear old dad down a well in cement shoes, but lets Don E live, so that the latter can run the club, while Blaine works the brain supply side of the business. Vivian figures out that Major is human, but she and her Number Two are then killed, when someone blows up their helicopter. Vivian's brother-in-law Chase Graves takes over the company. The video of Justin in "zombie mode" hits YouTube, although most people are skeptical. Liv dyes her hair, so she and Ravi can infiltrate the anti-zombie militia, but she flees upon discovering that the group tests everyone's blood pressure and heartbeat to make sure they're human, leaving Ravi alone.


  • Asshole Victim: Finn loved to prank everyone, and some of those pranks crossed the line, earning him many enemies.
    "Finn was evil! I did the world a favor!"
  • Be as Unhelpful as Possible: Finn's crewmates hardly ever are of any help, the worst part is: they really don't have a reason to, they just don't want to help. The first time, they refuse to talk due to a NDA and on the second time, they lie that they don't know about the prank Clive is referring to. The one subversion is that, among his crew, one of the guys do try to help by the other guys' backs by even mentioning the event that is related to the NDA and on the second by showing the video to Clive and Liv.
  • Cement Shoes: A Fate Worse Than Death that Blaine has planned for his father.
  • Chocolate Baby: It's no coincidence that the murder happened only days after the prop master's wife gave birth.
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  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Vivian and her Number Two are blown up seconds after their helicopter takes off. This also means that no one else, besides Justin, knows that Major is human.
  • Impostor Exposing Test: The anti-zombie militia tests every arrival's blood pressure and heartbeat to make sure they're human. Liv initially thinks about driving herself into a frenzy in order to raise those to human levels, but then decides to leave instead.
  • Internal Reveal: Angus learns that everyone at Fillmore-Graves is a zombie. He tries to use that information to expand their operation.
  • Karma Houdini: Instead of killing Don E for his betrayal, Blaine makes him his partner, putting him in charge of the club.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: To explain why Harley Johns thinks she looks familiar, Liv tells him that everyone thinks she looks like that actor... the one who stars in the TV show with the really dumb name.
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  • Make a Wish: Before dropping Angus into the well at their family estate, Blaine tells him that every time Angus did something nasty to Blaine or his mother, Blaine would run to the well, drop a penny, and wish that things would get better. The fact that, according to him, there's about a dollar and a half down there, seems to indicate that things never did.
  • Pun: Blaine tells Don E. his father is "alive and...well", after disposing of him by dropping him down a...well, does it really have to be said?
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Chase Graves appears to be far less paternal than either Vivian or her Number Two. He punishes Justin for taking some Max Rager to throw a wake for the fallen by shooting him in the chest. True, he knows it's not fatal to a zombie, but it's a clear indication of his way of running things.

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