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Recap / Hunter × Hunter – Heaven’s Arena Arc

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Short Summary

After learning from Hisoka that he will make an appearance at the upcoming auction in Yorknew City in several months, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio promise to meet again once that day comes. To prepare themselves, Gon and Killua arrive at Heaven's Arena, where they will learn the true final step of the hunter exam; the study of Nen.

This Arc Contains Examples Of:

  • The Ghost: The Floor Masters are the strongest fighters who reside in the top floors of Heavens Arena. Gon never gets to meet them.
  • Tournament Arc: Played straight and subverted. Gon and Killua fight (or rather, since they're so strong from the previous arc, push their way) to the 200th floor. Subverted since Hisoka defeats Gon and prevents him from progressing to the top.