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Recap / How I Met Your Mother S 8 E 23 Something Old

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Summary: Barney invites Robin's father to go play laser tag with him in order to bond, while Marshall and Lily require Ted's assistance to help them pack for Rome. Robin searches for a locket she buried years ago for her future wedding to wear as her "Something Old".

In a flashback to 1994, a boyish teenage Robin visits New York City with her father, Robin Sr., for what the latter calls a "father-son bonding trip." Before catching their flight back to Vancouver, Robin stops by the Carousel and secretly buries her grandmother's old locket at the nearby lawn, promising to herself that she will move to city when she grows up, marry a "sophisticated big-city man with a sick mullet" and dip up the keepsake to wear as her something old at her wedding.


Back in 2013, Robin and her father returns to the same spot near the carousel to look for said locket. Robin expresses delight that her upcoming wedding made her father accept that his firstborn is a girl and that she no longer had to hide her femininity to him, much to her exasperation when Robin Sr. ditches her to play laser tag with Barney.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are starting to pack up their things for their upcoming year-long move to Rome, but are having problems on deciding which items to keep with them and which items to dispose of at the "Bermuda Triangle" outside the apartment. Before the argument escalates, they decide to enlist Ted's help, who claims to have earned quite a reputation as a skilled packer after traveling across Spain with all his possessions stored in a fanny pack. However, Ted proves to be more of a hindrance than a help, as the former two-way conflict becomes a three-way one when Ted decides to keep some items of sentimental value and throws away those with more practical application.


While on his way to the interview, Robin calls Ted to ask for his help in retrieving the locket, but, once again, dismisses her request as "stupid." Unlike Robin Sr. and Barney, Ted understood what Robin really meant, and canceled his appointment to help her. Ted arrived in Central Park, where Robin opens up to him her doubts on marrying Barney, as he does not step up to her expectations, especially after Ted implicitly realized that Robin needed someone while Barney did not.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Call-Back: The "Bermuda Triangle" aka the Curb in front of their Apartment where they leave all things they want to give away only to disappear in an instant from "Robin 101", and Ted and Robin getting caught under the rain from the Season One Finale.
  • Character Development: An interesting case. Robin, who used to scoff off at the mere sound of "fate," "destiny," and signs from the universe, interprets the loss of her locket, the rain, and Ted being the person to come through for her when she expects Barney to do so as signs that she should call off the wedding. Ironically, it is the hopeless romantic Ted who talks her out of it.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: Marshall informs Ted that his sobriquet "El Ganso Con La Riñonera" is Spanish for "Fanny Pack Dork."
  • Insistent Terminology: Ted's fanny pack is a "hands-free belt satchel."
  • Romantic Rain: Invoked by Robin, remembering it was raining when she first got together with Ted and taking it as a sign that he should call off the wedding with Barney to be with Ted.
  • Screw Destiny: Ted gives Robin an eloquent speech that she shouldn't be relying on signs from the universe and trust herself about what she wants.
  • Spexico: The montage of College!Ted traveling across Spain with nothing but the clothes on his back and his possessions in a fanny pack shows different landmarks of Spain in the background (an old street in Valencia, the running of the bulls in San Fermin, Parc Guell in Barcelona), punctuated by music played by a mariachi band. Subsequent edits, however, showed him traveling across Mexico instead.


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