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Recap / Homestar Runner Meet Marshie

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Airdate: August 26, 2002

Marshie makes his debut in a a Fluffy Puff Marshmallows commercial.


  • Adjacent to This Complete Breakfast: The four meals listed by Marshie have marshmallows next to various food and non-food items.
  • Call-Back:
    • The goat sound effect that accompanies Marshie saying "Pinner" is from the game "Audition with Marzipan".
    • The two kids from the Homestarloween Party story are in the commercial.
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  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Parodied. One of the "other stuff" items on the chalkboard is a martini.
  • Mascot with Attitude: Marshie, in his opening lines no less. "'Sup, fools?"
  • Masochist's Meal: The last two meals mentioned by Marshie. "Munch" is a plate of marshmallows served with nails and batteries. "Pinner" has the marshmallows but with a bowler hat, an eyepatch and a cigar. Lampshaded in an Easter Egg which has an announcer saying, "Kids, don't eat nails."
  • Not Good with Rejection: Homestar at the end. Having been replaced by Marshie as Fluffy Puff's spokesperson, he says, "I hate that freakin' marshmallow."
  • Nutritional Nightmare: Marshmallows four meals a day but the first two especially qualify. Breakfast is a pile of marshmallows covered with syrup and a butter pat served with a glass of orange juice. Lunch has the same marshmallow pile except with three tomato slices, salt, and pepper.
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  • One-Word Vocabulary: The two kids only say the following lines:
    Boy: What?
    Girl: Huh?
  • Rattling Off Legal: An Easter egg has a fast-talking narrator recite a nonsensical disclaimer before going off on a brief tangent.
    Announcer: Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and Marshmallow Mayonnaise. Each sold separately. Comes with everything you see here. Batteries not included. Kids, don't eat nails. (beat) Is that it? Am I done? Can I go? Anybod—Anybody want to get something to eat?
  • Shout-Out:
    • "Kids ask for it by name!" references the Meow Mix slogan "So good, cats ask for it by name!"
    • "Made from the best stuff!" is likely a nod to Snapple's slogan "Made From the Best Stuff on Earth".
  • Smoking Is Cool: The "Pinner" meal has a cigar.

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