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Recap / Homestar Runner Happy Hallow Day

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Airdate: Monday, October 30, 2006

Costumes (in order of appearance): Strong Mad as The Maxx, The Cheat as Gizmo, Strong Bad as Father Guido Sarducci, Homestar Runner as Teen Wolf, Strong Sad as Tony Clifton, Pom Pom as Mario Batali, Marzipan as Frida Kahlo, Coach Z as Queen Latifah, Bubs as Coach McGuirk, The King of Town as the Gorton's Fisherman, The Poopsmith as Necron-99, Homsar as Ed Grimley

Halloween Night has once again come to Free Country USA... but it's still daylight out. Homestar and friends try to figure out what happened to Halloween night before Halloween is over.



  • Bad is Good and Good is Bad: Strong Sad doesn't take well to the perpetual daytime forcing him to be cheerful.
    Strong Sad: (chuckling) Somebody shoot me...
  • Behind a Stick: Oddly averted, as Strong Bad is fully visible hiding behind the Stick:
    Marzipan: Nice try, Strong Bad. I'm just not feeling it in broad daylight. And, you were hiding behind a twig.
  • Big Ol Monobrow: Marzipan has one, as part of her Frida Kahlo costume.
  • Call-Back:
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Strong Bad shouts "Grody bloody gross and blood!" while trying to scare Marzipan near the beginning.
  • Don't Be Ridiculous: When Strong Sad accuses the King of Town of eating Halloween Night:
    King of Town: You amateurs! You don't know what you're talking about. I'm on a diet! It's strictly Arbor Day and Earth Day for me this year.
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  • Endless Daytime: The main conflict of this cartoon is that despite being Halloween Night, it's still daytime, and the cast tries to find out what happened before Halloween ends.
  • Epic Fail: Coach Z's attempt at saying "Happy Halloween" is so badly mangled, it actually makes the night brighter instead of darker like when Marzipan said it.
  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Homestar impersonates a newsie to lay out the plot of the cartoon during the intro:
    Homestar Runner: Extrie, extrie! Read all about it! Halloween Night missing! Citizens mobilize to save holiday! In unrelated news, this newsboy get-up is not my Halloween costume!
    • This later reappears as part of Homsar's scene, where he is standing next to a tree full of eggs.
      Homsar: Eggs tree, eggs tree! This get-up is mah get-down!
  • Hammerspace: The Cheat pulls his keyboard out from behind his back in order to summon the Goblin.
  • Malaproper: "I'm gonna egg so many candies, and eat so much houses..."
  • Our Slogan Is Terrible: The "Hollerin' Jimmy's Do-It-Yourself Hovercraft Kit" has the slogan "There is no way this thing really works!"
  • Shake Someone, Objects Fall: Strong Bad suspects that the Green Goblin might have stolen Halloween Night and has Strong Mad "pat him down". Strong Mad obliges — by grabbing the Goblin by his leg and holding him upside-down and shaking him, causing some coins, a pencil, some lint, and a huge hamster ball to fall out.
    Strong Bad: Aw, he's clean. I'm taking the hamster ball, though.
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  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: The gang manages to make it nighttime, but it takes them so long to do so the sun comes up again less than a minute later.
    "Um... Happy Day of the Dead!"
  • Shout Out:
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    Strong Sad: Homestar, you are aware that Halloween Night is not a puppy, aren't you?
    Homestar: Ye-heh-hes! Obviously... I am... aware... that it is not... what was that last part?
    Strong Sad: A puppy.
    Homestar: ...A puppy!

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