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Recap / Homestar Runner Fan Costumes 2017

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Airdate: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Strong Bad mocks a fresh batch of Homestar fan costumes, including Cartridge-Mouth Homestar, a Cardgage among Cardgages, Old-Timey Strong Bad with some old-timey candies, and more!


  • Continuity Nod:
    • The phrase "Ina-pro-pro", used to describe some scandalously tight Coach Z costumes and a hairy, shirtless fellow dressed as "Cardgage squared", was coined in a teaser cartoon for "I Killed Pom Pom!".
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    • What's Her Face saying "I like Pavement" is a nod to her line "I like music... and cloth." in the Valentine's Day episode of Teen Girl Squad.
    • One of the costumes pictured has two fans recreating a scene from "3 Times Halloween Funjob!", with one dressed as Strong Sad as David Byrne and the other dressed as Marzipan as the Log Lady.
    • There's a few costumes of Large Bean from "The House That Gave Sucky Tricks".
    • One Senor Cardgage costume has stuffed animals taped to its knees, in reference to Cardgage's use of dead animals as kneepads in the SBEmail "too cool".
    • Strong Bad has high praise for a set of costumes based around Il Cartographer and Gardenboy from the Strong Bad Email "yes, wrestling".
    • According to Il Cartographer's map, Bubsmfort Inn & Suites is "just past Carrot-Kazoo hill" and "one mile south of the Yello Dello".
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  • Extreme Omnivore: Based on a comment by Homestar, he actually does eat video game cartridges. "I find sh'mups taste best!"
  • Lampshaded the Obscure Reference: Strong Bad notes a costume based on a faux Motion Capture Strong Bad suit from "Sample of Style Too", saying "Nothing like dressing up as an obscure Internet cartoon's even more obscure DVD bonus feature."
  • Literal-Minded: After Strong Bad complains he doesn't want to see "anybody wearing these skin tight green jobs" for Coach Z costumes, the actual Coach Z thinks Strong Bad means him as well and is heard starting to undress.
    Strong Bad: Ah! I was talking about the fans! And what did I tell you about humming those saucy "getting undressed" songs?
  • Parody Commercial: A black-and-white picture of a guy dressed as Old-Timey Strong Bad inspires a brief spot for "Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Tricks and Treats".
    Old-Time Strong Bad: A spoonful of bakinged soda one could mistake for sugar, and some molasses bequeathed to me by a goat upon its untimely demise! Strong Bad is your number-one candym'n!
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word:
    • Strong Bad describes having to report a particularly uncanny Homestar costume "standing in my stounch", "stounch" being his word for the space between the laundry room and the bathroom.
    • The cartoon ends with Il Cartographer doing a plug for "Bubsmfort Inn & Suites".
      Bubs: Make yourself Bubsmfortable!
  • Take That, Audience!: As in previous Fan Costume slide-shows, Strong Bad spends some time making fun of the fans and their attempts at Homestar Runner costumes.
  • Technologically Blind Elders: Discussed, when Strong Bad complains that some of the costumes are great, but the pictures are so low-quality they look like they were taken on "your grandma's candy flip-phone that you don't have the heart to tell her is not a real phone."

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