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A succinct summary of the various chapters and sidequests of Heroland.

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Main Story

    Chapter 1: The Prince and the Part-Timer (Days 1- 3 of Employment) 
Dungeon Featured: Dwarf Grittle Mines

Lucky takes a part-time job at Heroland to assist his family, and is assigned to be a tour guide. His first assignment, guiding the obnoxious Prince 18 of Knowble and his steward Oak, makes him consider quitting. However, before he can, a shopkeep named Ruby carrying a very valuable vase bumps into him. It shatters, and she pins the blame on him, so now he must Work Off the Debt. Another employee, Otterman, attempts to help by trying to convince 18 that a man in a mascot costume is actually a Dark Lord, whose defeat will grant him all the fame he desires. It does not go well, and also reveals how willing the park is to mistreat its cast, but 18 decides to stick around because the place seems fun. Lucky also gains access to the Blacksmith and Plushie Emporium.

  • New Tourists
    • Mid-Chapter: 18, Oak, Jason, Kotori, Otterman
    • Post-Chapter: Miranda, Julia, Mana

    Chapter 2: Enter the Prettyboy Prince (Days 4-6) 
Dungeon Featured: Sahagins' Skillet Grotto

A competitor for the right to Knowble's throne, Mel, shows up alongside a dog (who is also in the running) to both rub their higher status in 18's face and inquire why the prince is sticking around despite there not being an actual Dark Lord. While they attempt to bond, Inspector Fortran arrives on the premises, having heard that his nemesis the Phantom Thief Biscuit is planning to steal some of Heroland's treasures. Although they continue to bicker, 18 and Mel end up admitting their insecurities to each other and form an odd friendship. They also meet an old friend of 18's father, Smolt, who warns them that the stories they had been told of the Dark Lord's defeat may not have been true. Lucky also meets "S.Muggler", who offers to sell him discarded Heroland furniture on the black market.

  • New Tourists
    • Mid-Chapter: Mel, Philip, Fortran
    • Post-Chapter: Cobol, Linda, Chip, Chocola

    Chapter 3: Inspector Fortran: Case Closed (Days 7-9) 
Dungeon Featured: Maison Ghost Du Jour

Fortran's investigation into the Biscuit case is fully underway. Mel and 18 attempt to help, but their bumbling causes Biscuit to get away with two treasures, and they are forced to surrender their Heroland passes. For his own bumbling, Lucky is forced to perform a Naked Polka alongside Fortran, though it occurs off-screen. However, 18 is given one more day to have fun before he has to leave, which he spends with his fanclub. They run into Biscuit again, but 18's decision to check on his party's well-being instead of giving chase humbles Fortran and has him return 18's pass. Meanwhile, Mel volunteers at Heroland's item shop to pay for his pass, and breaks a vase. Also, two former heroes, Leda and Logo, arrive to deal with an unnamed "him"...

  • New Tourists
    • Post-Chapter: Leda, Logo

  • Removed Tourists
  • After the 1st Story Dungeon: Mel

    Chapter 4: Quest Status: It's Complicated (Days 10-12) 
Dungeon Featured: Goblins' Grub Jungle

Kotori goes missing, and Lucky is tasked with finding her, with 18 deciding to tag along. Although Kotori reveals her huge secret when the party finds her, nobody pays attention, aside from her boyfriend Jason. A man named Python shows up, asking Lucky to pass along a message to Biscuit if he sees the thief again, requesting her to cut and run. Leda and Logo choose to experience the sights while they're in Heroland, but are disappointed that the jungle area is not as dank or leech-infested as the location it was inspired by. A grim-looking royal knight, Cee, arrives on a secret mission. Lucky also meets the owner of Heroland for the first time, who is certain that Biscuit is after the Demon's Pearl. 18 attempts to set a trap for Biscuit, but it is foiled by Python, who is a mercenary she had employed.

  • New Tourists
    • Post-Chapter: Python, Cee Plus

    Chapter 5: False Friends (Days 13-15) 
Dungeon Featured: Mummies' Morsel Ruins

Because of past failures to apprehend Biscuit, Lucky is risking a major demotion and being replaced as a tour guide by Mel, unless he is at least able to deal with Python. Oak learns from Smolt that someone's placed a hit on 18. 18 is upset with having to tour with Python instead of immediately arresting him, but since multiple governments back the mercenary guild, Oak doesn't want to create an international incident without definite evidence. While this goes on, Python and Cee have a brief confrontation, the former admitting a personal connection to Biscuit while also accusing the latter of being an assassin. Oak learns a huge secret about the park's management, and shares it with 18 and the others. Logo and Leda discuss how the Dark Lord and King Rush were actually quite similar, and how Smolt hid the Demon's Pearl rather than let either side get their hands on it. 18 suggests using a Pearl he found to set a trap for the Dark Lord, but is attacked by Cee before they discover it was a fake; it turns out his father will go to any length to get his hands on the Pearl.

  • New Tourists
    • Mid-Chapter: Delphi (DLC)
    • Post-Chapter: Vhoebe

    Chapter 6: Of Manga and Monarchs (Days 16-18) 
Dungeon Featured: Witch's Brulee Bastion

Thanks to Logo's magic, 18 is brought back from the brink of death, but he's not told who his attacker was. Cobol's family is excited to explore the new area, which is candy-themed.


    Chapter 7: The Frozen Paths We Walk (Days 19-21) 
Dungeon Featured:

    Chapter 8: Throw Wide the Gates! (Days 22-24) 
Dungeon Featured:

    Chapter 9: Onward, to Our Dreams! (Days 25-27) 
Dungeon Featured:


Side Quests

     18 - The Prince and I 
First Available in Chapter 2

18 wants to star in some legendary stories that will boost his reputation and credentials for princedom. The first attempt goes poorly because of the low-budget monsters, and features a random eel in the boss fight. 18's anger at how immersion-breaking the eel was leads to his next dungeon being filled with nothing but eels, with the boss being the giant eel "Leviathin"; Lua the fairy assures 18 that, by the time most stories reach the bards, they're greatly exaggerated, and he'll likely be known as a dragon-slayer instead of an eel-slayer. The tales don't spread fast enough for 18's liking, though, so he requests an even greater legend to be part of.

    Oak - M'sinister Minister 
First Available in Chapter 2

Oak wants to look more regal, hoping that 18 and the king will respect him more if he does. The first attempt is to shave a magnificent beard off of a dwarf, but Oak ends up becoming allured by the boss's flowing beard hair. The second attempt is to craft a stylish wig out of barnacle tentacles, but can only apprehend a single giant parasite that Lua suggests they could cultivate.

    Otterman - Chummy Coworkers 
First Available in Chapter 2

Otterman wants to get a regular tourist experience from the park. The first dungeon dive awards him with an Olmec Head, which is good for crushing clams with, but incredibly heavy and hard to move. The second dungeon dive has a Crystal Skull, though Otterman worries about being sacrilegious if it's used for food-related purposes. It ends up breaking, which might possibly lead to an apocalypse in 2012 (thankfully, the story takes place in the 14th century), but the present concern is the search for yet another stone for Otterman.

    Miranda - #Squad Goals 
First Available in Chapter 2

Miranda's two friends have been sneaking off to do things without her, and she wants to know why. All of her attempts involve getting beat up by a boss she rushed into before she could be warned. Her first investigation leads to her finding Julia and Miranda singing a happy song; they claim they were practicing to become idols in secret because Miranda thinks they're over-hyped. Miranda says they didn't need to worry about excluding her, but when asked if she'd like to sing too, Miranda laughs at the thought. Her second investigation leads to her seeing Mana trying to arrange something with Ada; Mana claims she wasn't trying to set up a special occasion, and had instead lost her pass and didn't want the others to know. Miranda says she isn't mean enough to mock her for it, but then tries to blackmail Mana to keep it a secret from Julia. The third exploration involves Julia, who turns out to be ordering a very large cake, which Lua speculates is for Prince 18.

    Mana - Two Spirals in a Romanesco 
First Available in Chapter 2

Mana's quests are a retelling of Momotaro. A giant Romanesco broccoli is found by Julia and Miranda (playing the roles of the human parents), who cut it up to reveal the child (Mana), who is named Nessie Nesco because this adaptation also takes place in Loch Ness. A loan shark takes the parents away, and Nessie goes after him to save them, but they are already sold as indentured servants by the time he's beaten. She goes back to her Romanesco for help, and uses some Romanesco Cookies to befriend Philip, who she nicknames "Lucky" (causing a fair bit of confusion) before going in search of her "mother". Once that's taken care of, she decides to find another animal friend before rescuing her "father", and recruits Otterman, who enters a trance after eating a Romanescookie. After that, it's time to take the fight to the troll loan shark headquarters, but Mana wants to recruit one more animal friend first. She attempts to take Peepers, the bird that sits on Linda's head, but the mother says they have to come together due to a strong psychic link they share.

    Julia - Liked, Commented, Subscribed 
First Available in Chapter 3

Julia wants to become famous with her own adventure-themed webcast, and needs Lucky's help to gather special guests. Otterman and Philip also tag along, as cameraman and producer, respectively. Her first guest is Oak, who she lets be mangled by a boss to show what lengths he'll go to protect someone like 18. Her second guest is 18, who lets Julia be mangled by a boss so he can swoop in and pull off a heroic rescue. Her third guest is Phantom Thief Biscuit; Lucky and Lua can only get Kotori to understudy the role, but miraculously, Biscuit crashes the show. The girls work together to beat the boss by throwing the non-human party members at it, and the episode ends with Biscuit accidentally stealing Philip instead of the stuffed dog treasure. Worried that her last few guests have outshined her, Julia decides to make Logo her fourth guest, since he's somewhat famous and without a domineering personality.

    Philip - Sorry You Cannot Pet the Dog 
First Part Available in Chapter 3

Someone has stolen Philip's fish taco snack, and Fortran is helping to investigate. They've narrowed the suspects down to three: 18, Cobol, and Otterman. Over two tours, Lucky takes Fortran, Philip, 18, and one of the other suspects to help Philip's sniffer deduce whether the guilty party is with them or not. It turns out to be 18, who did it out of jealousy that a dog outranks him for Knowble's throne. The culprit's punishment, as decided by Lua-translating-for-Philip, is to perform some dog tricks together.

    Fortran - Inspector Fortran and the Lovable Lad 
First Part Available in Chapter 3

Otterman is helping "an anonymous gentleman", who turns out to be Fortran, try to hook up with women since his previous wife died some time ago. The first attempt is with Linda, who's already married, and derides Fortran for picking a dungeon dive that was too easy instead of truly challenging her accompanying children. The second attempt is with 18's female fanclub. Lua sets up a Censorship Bleep system so Fortran won't accidentally say something offensive to the girls, but the girls abuse it to have fun fantasizing over 18. The third attempt is with Ada.

    Cobol - Dad Jokes Never Get Old 
First Part Available in Chapter 3

Cobol wants to arrange a special tour where every member of his family can participate. After it's over, the kids felt it was too easy, and also believe that their father was slacking off, having not paid attention to him constantly healing them. Upset by that, Cobol then arranges another tour with a major focus on enemies that can heal, in order to teach them a lesson. The kids end up being distracted by how cute the healing eels are, but gain some respect for their father when he compares his talents to the eels'.

    Jason - Are We C-C-Cool? 
First Part Available in Chapter 5

Jason's constantly anxious that he's not good enough to be Kotori's girlfriend, and that she'll inevitably leave him for someone more handsome, or richer, or more willing to follow her every command. Lucky and Lua attempt to boost his confidence by taking him on a course 18 had arranged to recruit a personal guard. The team ends up consisting of three healers and Python, who's representing the Prince; they have a rough time due to the bad party composition, but Python still gives some words of encouragement to Jason.

    Kotori - Partners in Crime 
First Part Available in Chapter 5

Kotori's heard of a beautiful blue diamond that's a possible treasure in Heroland, and requests a tour to try and win one. It turns out to be a trap for Biscuit, who shows up after dealing with Fortran, but the harsh words she slings towards the party leads to Jason having an outburst and demanding an apology and a return of a hard-earned reward.

    Chip - Bestest Buds 
First Part Available in Chapter 5

Chip wants to undertake a special, manly challenge to boost his strength. The course is usually adults-only, but Lucky and Lua manage to get him an open slot. Though nervous at first when actually in the tour, Chip makes it through to the end, and finds a downed monster along the way that he wants to keep as a pet.

    Chocola - Study Buddies 
First Part Available in Chapter 5

Chocola requests a solo adventure, without any of her family there to be overbearing. Her father shows up midway through, and Chocola gets upset at being coddled. But at the end, while her father is overhearing from a distance, and with a bit of prodding from Lucky and Lua, she admits that dads can be alright sometimes.

    Linda - Peepers' Playmate 

    Leda - Eldritch Endearment 

    Logo - Fatherly Affection 
First Part Available in Chapter 5

Logo's research has led to discovering that many of the Order's ancient banishing rituals were actually mild pest control. Feeling guilty for so many raccoons and other critters being locked away alongside actual sinful beasts, he wants to obtain the Sealing Stones that Heroland is giving out as dungeon treasure. After finding one, Logo admits an ulterior motive: the Order had also sealed away a demon named Belilialal, and he wants to find and renew the seal before it breaks loose.

    Cee - Frenemies for Life 

    Python - The Merc with a Mouthful of Sweets 

    Mel - Prettyboy Pals 

    Vhoebe - Penny Pinchers 

    Delphi - Lady Del-Del's # 1 Fan 

    Apple - How Do Ya Like This Apple? 

    Cherry - Sakura Squeaks 

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