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Recap / Haven Sp 2 Escape To Haven

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In this YouTube story, a woman named Jordan McKee greets the viewer. She gives a brief explanation of the Troubles and says the viewer must be a Troubled person. She assures there is nothing to worry about. Haven, Maine is a sanctuary for the Troubled, a literal haven for people with supernatural abilities and afflictions from around the world. She is a spokesperson for The Guard, an organization that helps Troubled people immigrate to Haven, shows them job and living opportunities, and protects them.


Suddenly, Dwight Hendrickson hacks the video feed and warns the viewer not to believe Jordan's lies. The Guard is a corrupt organization that is willing to use kidnapping and murder to keep everyone, including the Troubled, under their thumb. He explains that back when his Trouble, the ability to attract bullets, activated, he was scared. The Guard explained what had happened to him and welcomed him with open arms. He joined them and was happy for a while. When he realized what they were really like, he was horrified and quit. Members of The Guard invaded his house and said quitting is not allowed, then threatened him with guns. Dwight thought everything would be all right because his Trouble would attract the bullets to his bulletproof vest. Unfortunately, his young daughter Lizzie had the same Trouble. Despite Dwight being closer to the gunmen, Lizzie attracted to bullets to herself. Dwight quickly defeated the attackers, but it was too late. Lizzie was dead.


The Guard took his daughter from him, and now he will not rest until The Guard is taken down.


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