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This is a recap page for the Russian remake of Married... with Children, Happy Together.

The first three seasons are actually referred to in official press releases as "maxi-seasons", considering their length. Despite each season taking place over multiple years in-universe, the series is Frozen in Time, and every episode takes place in the year when it premiered.

While the first three seasons are remakes of Married... with Children episodes, the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons consist of entirely new episodes.


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    Season 1 (2006) 

The first maxi-season includes remakes of episodes from Married... with Children seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4, with several omissions. While shooting the remakes of season 5 episodes, the actress portraying Dasha became pregnant, and so the show jumped to remaking episodes from early season 6 instead of continuing with season 5.

Among these episodes, "The House That Peg Lost"/"Gena is On Fire" had a significant rewrite, and the following episodes were not adapted at all: "Guys and Dolls", "I'm Going to Sweatland", "A Dump of My Own", "The Computer Show", "We'll Follow The Sun" and "Wabbit Season".

  1. "Meeting the Neighbors": A down-on-his-luck shoe salesman named Gena Bukin, unhappily married to his former party girl girlfriend, Dasha, with two children (a brainy, yet dateless son named Roma and a promiscuous bimbo named Sveta), is forced to choose between going to a soccer game or joining his lazy wife in meeting their new neighbors, bankers Zhenya and Lena Stepanov.
  2. "Energy of Hunger": Inspired by a diet book from Lena to improve their sex life, Dasha decides the entire family should be eating healthier and starts them on a diet.
  3. "Life in Debt": Gena's plans to make Dasha's 16-year wedding anniversary a good one goes to pot when he finds his credit cards maxed out.
  4. "A Man with a Shotgun": The neighborhood has a local robber on the loose. After Zhenya and Lena are robbed, they buy a guard dog to protect themselves. Gena, on the other hand, buys shells for his old hunting shotgun and ends up shooting Lena and Zhenya's dog.
  5. "The Dream Car": Gena and Zhenya buy a vintage car and decide to restore it, which pisses off their wives.
  6. "Who'll Get Who": Zhenya and Lena plan on buying out a part of the building's attic and use it for a new room just like the Bukins, but the men and wives get into a huge argument when Gena and Zhenya want a room to play 8 ball pool in, while Dasha and Lena want to put together an exercise room.
  7. "Sugar for Gena": Rather than continue fighting with Dasha, Gena seeks refuge at his single coworker's apartment, where a sexy blonde seduces him.
  8. "Dasha Bukina Changes Occupation": Dasha takes a job at a clock store at the mall when Gena won't buy her a DVD recorder.
  9. "Happy... Apart": Gena and Dasha go on a romantic evening to a hotel, and Zhenya and Lena take it upon themselves to babysit Roma and Sveta — which turns into a wild, teenage party.
  10. "Cards, Money, Two Jackasses": Gena invites Zhenya to play poker with his best friends, but Zhenya ends up losing his paycheck to Gena, leaving him in a hard situation with Lena.
  11. "The Boss is Always Alive": Gena quits his job after realizing that his boss has never given him any recognition. Gena and Zhenya try and fail to chase off an aggressive bum living in the staircase.
  12. "The Dream Master": Lena freaks out when she begins having erotic dreams about Gena after a heated argument about men versus women.
  13. "Goodbye America": A Bottle Episode in which Gena and Dasha delay going to a closing of their favorite dumpling house (named "Goodbye America" after a song) when Roma and Sveta need them to solve their own problems.
  14. "Baron Did It": When news hits of the neighborhood dogs getting pregnant by the family dog Baron, Dasha and Lena conclude that Baron should be neutered, which is okay with Roma, but not Gena.
  15. "A Mess in Staraya Chushka" (two-part episode): The Bukins go on vacation to a dingy hotel in a town called Staraya Chushka by the Azov sea, where an axe murderer is on the loose and has his sights on Dasha.
  16. "Money Is Happiness": After a million dollars is reported missing from Zhenya's bank, Dasha and the kids assume that Gena stole the money and begin smothering him with affection.
  17. "For How Much The Bell Tolls": The Bukins struggle with not having phone service after Gena refuses to pay for a phone call to Ukraine that no one in the family will admit to making and takes away everyone's cellphones.
  18. "The Girls Break Free" (two-part episode): After arguing with Zhenya over ogling at a sexy repairwoman, Lena goes with Dasha to a male strip club, where Lena loses her wedding ring in the pants of one of the dancers.
  19. "Keep Your License While You're Young": Gena loses his driver's license and has to retake the test, just as Sveta takes it as well. Sveta passes while Gena fails. Meanwhile, Zhenya gets into betting on horse races.
  20. "Roll The Ball": Gena and his family (with the unwilling help of Zhenya and Lena) bowl against Dasha's high school rival and her family.
  21. "One Joke of a Beard": When Zhenya refuses to shave his beard and Lena refuses to have sex with him, Zhenya moves in with Gena and Dasha.
  22. "The Wrong Tattoo": Gena tries to recruit Sveta onto his basketball team to replace Dasha, but Sveta is in love with a boy who wants her to get a tattoo.
  23. "Love Comes and Goes": A pretty blond aspiring artist stays with the Bukins and makes life for everyone (except for Lena) better.
  24. "Hi, Gena, Happy New Year": In this first New Year Episode, a promotional stunt at the mall competing with the one Gena's working at goes awry when the man playing Grandfather Frost jumps with a malfunctioning parachute, crash-lands on the Bukins' roof, rolls down to their balcony and dies, leaving Lena traumatized, the Bukins eating pizza as if nothing happened, and the neighborhood kids wondering what happened to Grandfather Frost.
  25. "Shoo, Mouse": A mouse is running loose in the Bukin house, prompting Dasha to face her childhood fear of mice and Gena to wreck the house in his attempt to catch the pest instead of calling pest control.
  26. "The Rich Pay Too": Gena receives a credit card in the mail made out to the family dog Baron, and begins to use the card under Baron's name.
  27. "All Bukins Are Slaves to Love": On Valentine's Day, Roma awaits his first Valentine (which he thinks is a trick cooked up by Sveta), Sveta must choose one Valentine from the many boys who are attracted to her, Zhenya plans to take Lena to Egypt, Lena plans to pop out from a cake naked, and Dasha wants Gena to say "I love you" to her.
  28. "Escape From the Ant Hill": Sveta is grounded for getting poor grades in school and must stay with her family at the shoe store while the house is being fumigated for ants, prompting Sveta to escape the mall so she can make it to a concert.
  29. "A Ride That Stopped Love": While Zhenya is away, Lena drives Zhenya's new car (without his permission) and crashes it. When Zhenya finds out, he becomes impotent and fails to satisfy Lena in bed.
  30. "A Love Under Tension": Gena and Dasha pose as Zhenya and Lena Stepanov to get on a sadistic game show called I Love You More Than Life, but find themselves facing off against Zhenya and Lena (who are on the game show as Gena and Dasha Bukin).
  31. "Share Your Nest Egg": Gena tries to keep his race track winnings a secret from his family so he can get speakers for his car.
  32. "The Bannyh Craze": Dasha's deranged hillbilly relatives come over for a visit.
  33. "Gena AKA The Beast": A guys-only fishing trip with Gena, Roma and Zhenya turns sour when Zhenya invites Lena who then invites Dasha and Sveta on the trip — and things get worse when all three of the women have their periods simultaneously.
  34. "Bouquinist and Repeat Offender": While cleaning out his closet, Gena comes across a copy of "The Little Engine That Could", which hasn't been returned to the local library in over twenty years.
  35. "We, Soccer Players, Are Wide People": Gena tries to keep a local high school boy from breaking his soccer record while Sveta tries to get a date with him during a game.
  36. "Chest Up, Gena": Dasha becomes depressed on her birthday when her favorite bra is discontinued. While Gena and Zhenya discover that Dasha's favorite bra is still being sold at a risqué lingerie store in Nizhny Tagil, Lena gets Dasha a male stripper.
  37. "Baldie, Give Me a Pie": Zhenya thinks he's going bald after finding a newspaper clipping for an anti-baldness cure given to him by Lena.
  38. "Sue Me Like I Sue You": Gena, Dasha, Zhenya, and Lena sue a seedy motel who uses hidden-camera footage of couples having sex as porno videos for the next customers.
  39. "Fly, Bukins, Fly": Zhenya and Lena hire a psychic, who predicts good fortune for Gena, Dasha and Zhenya — and doom for Lena.
  40. "The Barber of Ural": Gena's favorite barber dies, prompting him to go to a salon and risk losing his masculinity.
  41. "Don't Come to our Fire": After receiving a moderately large windfall, the Bukins go out to eat at a fancy restaurant — and trouble starts when they forget to bring the money with them.
  42. "Housekeeper Is a Name Worn With Pride": Dasha resorts to acting like a true mom when Sveta picks her to appear at her high school's Parents Day. Meanwhile, Gena teaches Roma the value of money by putting him to work at the shoe store.
  43. "Dance, Sveta, Dance": After getting her high school's dance club in trouble during a field trip, Sveta is forced to join the school talent show. Meanwhile, Gena thinks there is a conspiracy among the women when his socks end up missing.
  44. "She Doesn't Need Money, She Wants The Job": Dasha gets a job as a make-up saleslady, and when Gena finds out she's bringing in more money than he is, Gena gets a second job as a Burger Fool.
  45. "Zhenya-Claude Van Damme": While driving with Zhenya to the video store, Dasha flips off a driver and gets Zhenya in trouble, prompting the Bukins to stay at the Stepanov' house to protect him — and take advantage of their neighbors' hospitality.
  46. "The High School Brawl Night" (two-part episode): Dasha's chances at being prom queen at her high school reunion are doomed when her old rival arrives. Meanwhile, Gena meets his old rival in high school and continues the fight that they last had following graduation, and Roma and Sveta pose as metalheads so they can go to the reunion and finally get something to eat.
  47. "Gena's On Fire": The Stepanovs go away for a vacation and leave Gena money to pay a plumber who's supposed to come over. Gena however gets rid of the plumber, pockets the money and tries to fix the Stepanovs' plumbing himself, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Sveta has a slumber party with her best friends, which leads to chaos when Roma reveals that Sveta slept with her best friends' boyfriends.
  48. "The Lightheaded Shoeman": Gena comes up with a new invention called Shoe Lights and uses Sveta as his guinea pig. Meanwhile, Roma, trying to prove to his friends that he can get a girl, uses a department store mannequin as his date.
  49. "On a Beach In Neglige": The Bukins spend a day at the beach.
  50. "See Dasha And Die": The neighborhood women become the targets of a Peeping Tom — except for Dasha, who takes it as a sign that she's not attractive anymore. Meanwhile, Gena convinces Roma to help Sveta with her studies.
  51. "The Aunt Is Good For Lunch": Gena has a Labor Day barbecue, where he becomes aroused by the sight of Dasha actually doing housework, and Zhenya and Lena bring along the ashes of Lena's aunt, whom Zhenya hated.
  52. "In a Healthy Body, There's Healthy Fat": Dasha wins the chance to exercise with Max Meteorite, a local aerobics instructor with his own TV show, for two weeks, but she ends up killing Max by introducing him to the world of smoking, eating junk food, and watching TV.
  53. "The Woodlands Crew": To earn money for a concert, Roma rents out Gena as a professional woodsman who takes the neighborhood kids (and Zhenya and Roma) on a camping trip that immediately goes to Hell, and Gena puts all his faith on Baron the dog to rescue them. Meanwhile, Sveta earns money for the same concert by fleecing Dasha's friends at poker.
  54. "My Tooth Pain, Leave Me": Gena gets a toothache and goes to a dentist, who is bitter over his wife divorcing him.
  55. "My Horns Are My Richness": Dasha thinks a new customer at the hair salon may be using Gena as a sugar daddy.
  56. "A Board From Paris": The Bukins can feast on the 10,000 rubles a month they receive for hosting a French foreign exchange student, but the beautiful French girl, Sophie, soon turns Sveta's social life into famine.
  57. "Bukin Sr's Shadow": When Gena recognizes a female customer at the shoe store from an issue of "The Beauties of Ural", he goes searching for his collection of issues of this magazine, only to find out that Dasha sold them to buy a good luck charm named Jinyao.
  58. "Doctor Boot-little": Gena asks Zhenya for a 200,000 rubles loan so he can finance his own shoe help hotline.
  59. "Support The Car Industry - Buy Scrap Metal": Gena decides to get a new car, but finds out that Dasha spent all the money he saved in a shoe box buried behind the garage.
  60. "Don't Shoot White Turtles": Zhenya begins spending his time taking Dasha, Sveta, and Roma to the zoo instead of looking for a job, which doesn't sit well with the recently-demoted Lena.
  61. "The Humid Weather Inside": Gena is one man against nature (with nature winning every time) when he takes it upon himself to fix the leaking roof. Meanwhile, Lena is upset when Zhenya takes a low-paying job at a pet store.
  62. "We Don't Fear The New Year" (two-part episode): In the second New Year Episode, Gena announces to the family that he has money saved up for their presents at Lena's bank, but when Lena's bank closes early for a New Year's party, Dasha and the kids leave Gena to stew in his failure and Gena gets a visit from a loud-mouthed angel who shows Gena what his life would be like if he was never born.
  63. "Take Me Off The Wall": Sveta gets a job as a dancer in a rock band's music video after Gena orders Dasha and the kids to earn money on their own instead of shaking him down for meager change every allowance day.
  64. "Don't Swear Off Prison and Marriage": Gena plots to sell Dasha's hair to a desperate woman who lost her hair in a chimpanzee accident after Dasha gets Gena in trouble by abusing a defective ATM.
  65. "Movies, Wine and Casino" (part-two episode): Zhenya leaves Lena to pursue his dream of being a forest ranger, and Dasha takes Lena to a casino to cheer her up — but not before selling Gena's TV and maxing out his credit cards to pay for the fun.
  66. "Remember The Old, Lose The Underwear": Roma tries to make amends with a girl who humiliated him in sixth grade. Meanwhile, Gena prepares a speech for a high school dance, warning teens of the dangers of marriage.
  67. "Meteorologist Who Paints Rain": Sveta gets a job as a weather girl on a local newscast.
  68. "One Ball Between Love and Hate": Gena plans a special evening for Dasha's birthday by taking her out to the bowling alley where he hopes to finally beat his arch rival's high game score, but Dasha bowls a perfect game and destroys Gena's self-esteem.
  69. "Roma + Lena = ?": Gena, who has been having bizarre, foot-related nightmares, is chosen to be a beauty contest judge. Meanwhile, Sveta gets revenge on Lena (who called her an imbecile) by making it look as if she slept with Roma.
  70. "The Way to the Diploma Leads Through the Stomach": While going through her high school memorabilia to show Sveta the proper way to present herself in a yearbook photo, Dasha discovers that her high school diploma that she never opened is actually a summer school notice for the one class she never passed — Home Economics.
  71. "Bukins, Not For Sale": When Gena discovers that Dasha has been spending money on old junk from yard sales, the Bukins have one of their own to get rid of it.
  72. "Two Sick Buds": Gena and Sveta fake getting sick in order to get out of having to visit Dasha's mother. With Dasha gone, Gena begins to fantasize about two blonde women who fight over him, but things get sticky when Sveta really does come down with a cold and needs her father to care for her.
  73. "Accident, And So On": After Gena refuses to get insurance for his car after Roma gets his driver's license, Roma and Sveta get in an accident with a man in a Mercedes.
  74. "We Are Not Mighty": In a multi-discipline local sporting event, Gena is replaced with a more skillful player.
  75. "Dasha Invites a Man": A gay man stays with Gena after he complains that his husband may be falling in love with Dasha.
  76. "A Model Who Doesn't Sleep Around": Sveta auditions as a spokesmodel for the a new car with the "Bukin Bounce", but her idea is stolen by one of her rivals. Meanwhile, Dasha refuses to do housework until Gena realizes that he needs her.
  77. "Space... How Do You Feel?": Gena suffers a severe head injury and begins seeing aliens who steal his socks. But are they real or just the product of his head injury and slipping sanity?
  78. "The Prodigal Gena Returns": Gena becomes obsessed with his appearance after the neighborhood women begin admiring his handyman skills.
  79. "A Daughter Off The Wagon, Less Load On The Dad": Fed up with Gena beating up and throwing out her sleazy boyfriends, Sveta decides to move out on her own. While Gena is overjoyed that someone in the family is finally out of his hair, Dasha realizes that she should have been a better mother and begins coddling Roma.
  80. "Peculiarities of National Contraception": Following the death and funeral of Gena's uncle, Polikarp Bukin (the only Bukin male who was rich, successful, and single), Gena and Dasha begin having sex so they can be the first to inherit Polikarp's 1,000,000 rubles inheritance by bearing a Bukin child born in wedlock, but Dasha puts herself on birth control, so she can finally get sex from Gena.
  81. "No Fighting After The Marriage": After a wild, drunken night at a banker convention, Lena wakes up and finds that she married her one-night stand, a man named Tolik Poleno who spent the last two years in prison.
  82. "Once in Yekaterinburg": Gena discovers that Sveta is dating an older man, but when the older man turns out to be connected to the local government, Gena takes advantage of the situation by being the neighborhood Godfather.
  83. "Facilities For The Needy": Dasha spends the food money on tuition to an interior decorating class, where one of her projects is to beautify the Bukins' bathroom.
  84. "Gena Bukin And The Fire Chalice": Gena gets a night job as a school security guard, but gets fired when the beloved soccer trophy gets stolen under Gena's watch.
  85. "Gena Has Good Genes" (two-part episode): Gena's worst nightmare comes true — his wife is pregnant again. What's worse: his neighbor's wife is also pregnant.
  86. "With One Hammer And No Nails": Gena builds a private room for himself, using the Bukin hammer. Meanwhile, Roma comes up with a street-wise, hip-hop alter-ego named "Grandmaster Beat".
  87. "Blood For Blood, Cue For Cue": Gena begins to suspect that Sveta is selling her body for sex (with Tolik as her pimp) when she begins earning a lot of money. But when Gena discovers that Sveta and Tolik are actually pool hustling, Gena sells his blood to get in on it.
  88. "The Neighbors Became Children": An insane Lena tags Dasha along to find her childhood toys — including a pink desk — that were auctioned off because Tolik did not pay for the storage unit. Meanwhile, Gena, Sveta and Roma begin holding "anti-baby" meetings.
  89. "It's Good To Have a House in Deryabino": Dasha moves back in with her family after Gena, Sveta and Roma ignore her in favor of Baron, who hasn't eaten in days.
  90. "Gennadiy And Glasses": After causing one too many car crashes, Gena gives in and buys glasses, but his newfound vision makes him see just how pathetic his life is.
  91. "Second Only To God": Gena's fall out the window after seeing Dasha's 25,000 rubles portrait leads to a near-death experience where Gena sees God's shoes and, when he comes to, plans to sell them to the apathetic masses.
  92. "Not a Star, Not For TV" (two-part episode): Sveta's vacuous public-access talk show gets picked up by a major network and the Bukins (save Dasha) go to Moscow.
  93. "Dog's Eyesight And Eagle's Sense of Smell": Gena leads a double life as a detective who's being framed for the murder of a rich woman's father — and Gena discovers the truth about Lena's and Dasha's pregnancies.

    Season 2 (2007) 

The second maxi-season includes remakes of episodes from latter halves of Married... with Children seasons 5 and 6, as well as complete seasons 7, 8 and 9, again with several omissions.

Among these episodes, "How Green Was My Apple"/"A Dacha and 'Dom-2' on Top" had an intro added, the Poorly Disguised Pilot "Enemies"/"Asylum-2" has been repurposed as a Crossover with the reality TV show Dom 2, and the following episodes were not adapted at all: "Top of The Heap", "England Show", "The Chicago Wine Party", "Death of a Shoe Salesman", "Legend of Ironhead Haynes" and "Radio Free Trumaine".

  1. "Woof-Woof And Go To Bed": Baron the dog runs away and returns with a white female dog who plots to replace him as the family pet. Meanwhile, Gena searches for his favorite cheesecake chef.
  2. "I Eat Alone": Sveta competes for the chance to be a spokesmodel for Gena's favorite food company, Tasty Bits — and Gena ropes in Lena and Tolik to pick up prize money from the Tasty Bits Scratch-N-Sniff-Stakes.
  3. "A Forgotten Tune For Gena": Gena becomes obsessed with trying to remember the name of a song he heard on the radio. Meanwhile, Sveta dates a guy who turns out to be the not-so-bright son of Gena's old high school friend.
  4. "My Horrible Nanny": While Lena, Tolik, Gena, and Dasha have a movie night at the Poleno house, Sveta is tricked by Roma into babysitting a group of rowdy kids while Roma goes to a concert.
  5. "Punch Back at the Register" (two-part episode): After sapping the electricity from the town with an old air conditioner, the Bukins spend their summer inside a grocery store, but when security threatens to throw them out, their purchase of gum lands them a chance to compete in shopping spree — against Lena and Tolik, who claim that the shopping spree prize was supposed to be theirs.
  6. "Gold Fever" (two-part episode): While on a road trip to Sochi, the Bukins' car breaks down in a backwards town, where an old prospector gives Gena a map to a gold mine.
  7. "The Company Does Not Breed Dogs": Gena trains Baron the dog to mate with a neighbor's female dog for 100,000 rubles. Meanwhile, Roma begins to dress up in foppish clothes to attract women.
  8. "Gennadiy's Heart Is Not a Cheating One": Dasha is worried that Gena may be hounded by a shoe groupie.
  9. "All My Possessions Are On Me": Gena discovers that he truly has no possessions of his own, and decides to get back one of the things that truly meant a lot to him: his championship game ball that he gave to a once-skinny classmate who wants Gena for sex.
  10. "Parachutes Come First": Roma dates a hot girl who is only interested in daredevils. Meanwhile, Gena, Lena and Tolik play a relationship tabletop game.
  11. "Ads Require Sacrifices": Gena wins the chance to appear in a sneaker commercial featuring famous sports stars.
  12. "The Lewdness Day is Once A Year": While Dasha, Lena and Tolik plan a kiddie birthday party for Roma's 18th birthday, Gena takes Roma to his favorite strip club: The Nudie Bar.
  13. "Eagles Have Serious Eggs": Zhenya Stepanov returns to reclaim his wife, but is shocked to find out that Lena has remarried. The Bukins argue whether friendship is more important than money when they find out that Zhenya is on the run from the police for stealing a rare egg from a national park.
  14. "Bukin's Eleven": The Bukins and Tolik get involved in a psychic hotline scam.
  15. "Ancestors Leave And Punks Come In": Roma and Sveta trick Gena and Dasha into going on vacation in Tver for their 20th anniversary when Roma and Sveta win the chance to have the punk rock band Tarakany over at their house.
  16. "Once Upon a Moron": Sveta gets invited to a party for intellectuals, which turns out to be a party where intellectuals bring along idiots as dates to win a contest. Meanwhile, Gena and Tolik attempt to build a tool bench.
  17. "Roma, The Failure King": Roma tries to prove to others that his substitute teacher has a crush on him. Meanwhile, Dasha is sick with the flu and Gena crashes children's parties at an amusement park to get free food.
  18. "The Blonde Behind a Gate": While Gena is on an imaginary trip around the world, Sveta (who dropped out of modeling school) gets a job at a TV-themed amusement park — and becomes the star of a soap commercial.
  19. "People Die For Gas": While out on a drive, Gena ends up working at a gas station to pay for the snacks Dasha and the kids bought.
  20. "Be The Third One": Dasha's cousins visit and end up leaving behind their son, Sema, who becomes the newest child of the Bukin household.
  21. "Our Motto Is Without Fail: We'll Turn You On and Then Away": Gena and Dasha try talking to revive their waning marriage, Roma dates a girl with the measles, and Sveta is stuck in the wilderness after her date ditches her by the side of the road.
  22. "A Fight Is The Best Present": The Bukins try to celebrate Sema's birthday in the park, but must face off against a snooty rich family who rented the park to have a birthday party for their son.
  23. "Pants Filled With Cash": Gena gets a job at a topless bar — where it's the bartender who's topless (and brings in the big bucks). Meanwhile, Dasha begins acting like a caring mother to Sema and throws out anyone who may make him sick.
  24. "Meatballs In The Morning, Sex In The Evening": At Sveta's advice, Dasha breaks the bank buying sexy dresses to entice Gena (who just wants a steak for dinner). Meanwhile, Roma becomes a nuisance at a lingerie store.
  25. "Guys, Lower Your Pants": Roma starts a men's club with his friends so they can score with women, with little success. Gena, Dasha, Lena and Tolik try to find a movie to watch.
  26. "Sveta Bukina And The Philosopher's Ketchup": Sveta gets a job as a diner waitress, which upsets Dasha, who raised her daughter to get by in life on her looks instead of having to work.
  27. "First Time in First Class": The Bukins sneak onto the first class section of an airplane as rock stars and meet the pop band Korni.
  28. "The Roma Bukin Scam": Gena and Dasha mistake Roma's college grant money for a windfall given to them through a bank error, and, naturally, spend it all before anyone finds out.
  29. "The New Year Crept Suddenly": While at a bar, Gena reminisces about his past New Year's Eves with his family. When he is forced to get gifts he takes up many part time jobs, including one as a Mall Santa.
  30. "Make a Man a Cuckold - Get an Enemy": While preparing to go to a relative's wedding, Roma has sex with the bride — whose groom is a big, angry man. Meanwhile, Sveta spends time with the bridesmaids, and Gena impatiently waits for Dasha to find the right dress to wear.
  31. "Women Fight For Fun": Dasha and Lena ruin Gena's fishing trip by constantly fighting with each other. Meanwhile, Tolik and the kids spend Lena's money on food (Sema), massages (Sveta), and sexy women (Roma).
  32. "Broads On Bikes": Gena worries about Sveta's safety when Sveta buys a motorcycle for herself. Meanwhile, Roma volunteers for an all-girls art school to pose in buff.
  33. "Mr. Empty Pants": Dasha draws a caricature of Gena and names the cartoon, "Mr. Empty Pants," which turns Gena into a women's magazine's latest centerfold.
  34. "Love is Blind, But Not That Blind": Roma appears on a new dating game show called What Is There To Think to win the heart of a babe who would rather have the show's hunky second option. Meanwhile, Gena and Dasha fight in a battle of wills over who will fall asleep first, and Sveta thinks there's a conspiracy against her when she confuses one day for another.
  35. "Russian Erotic Folk Novels": Dasha tells Sema a love story based on Russian folk tales (with the Bukins, the Polenos, and Lena's ex-husband Zhenya as various characters).
  36. "Social Security Craze": When Gena is mistaken for a senior citizen, he manages to get a senior discount card, which he immediately begins to abuse — including entering an athletic competition for the elderly.
  37. "My Sweet And Tender Burglar": A burglar sues Gena for beating him during a break-in.
  38. "Movies, All Ages, Pop Corn": Gena's scheme to get everyone out of doing something for Sveta's birthday backfires when she chooses to break off a date with her boyfriend and go to the movies with the family.
  39. "The Minute Sex": Gena finally does something about his bedroom performance after he becomes the walking punchline to many a neighborhood sexual joke.
  40. "Being a Shoeman Is Destiny": Gena plans on retiring early, but Dasha spends too much money shopping and he must get a job at a different shoe store.
  41. "Image Is Nothing, Car Is Everything": Gena tries to scam the insurance company when his car is stolen.
  42. "Make a Man a Cuckold - Run": Following the events from "Make a Man a Cuckold - Get an Enemy", Roma's cousin returns to find out who slept with his wife before the wedding.
  43. "The Three Million Dollar Babe": Gena's former girlfriend and now millionaire offers the family 3,000,000 rubles for one night with Gena.
  44. "The No-Nonsense Throw": When Gena and Dasha go to a basketball game, Dasha switches seats with Gena and her seat is chosen for a 100,000 rubles free throw contest.
  45. "To Kill a Moron": Gena and Dasha go out of town for their second honeymoon where Gena is called to help his childhood girlfriend deal with a young punk and his gang.
  46. "A Mess With Two Romas": Roma builds a portal in the basement that summons his true self, who tells him how much of a loser he is. Meanwhile, the rest of the Bukin family worry that Roma may be going insane, except for Gena, who's fighting with a voice mail system to get parts for his car.
  47. "The Unlucky Gene": Gena is worried that his and his family's sudden string of good luck may be reversed because nothing good can ever come from being a Bukin.
  48. "Lena's Long Tongue": Lena works through her fear of public speaking by imagining herself having sex. Meanwhile, Gena gets interested in rap videos for the "booty-ful" dancers.
  49. "Three in a Car (To Say Nothing of the Cat)": Sveta and Roma buy a new car, but end up having to share it when Roma dates a foreign exchange student while Sveta dates a commercial actor. Meanwhile, Gena insures the car as a farm vehicle, and in order to collect in case of an accident, there must be a chicken in the car — which he eats after his refrigerator burns out and rots all the meat inside of it.
  50. "How Dumb Are You, Death": In this Halloween Episode, Gena wishes he was dead, and is visited by the Grim Reaper with a very familiar face who will grant his wish for death...unless a family member of his says he needs him. Meanwhile, Dasha, Sveta, Roma, and Tolik are forced to impersonate the boys band "Otpetye Moshenniki" for an audience of menopausal women.
  51. "Slipped, Fell, Woke Up Married": Gena tries to help a young high school soccer player keep from getting married — until he meets the man's wife, who isn't anything like Dasha. Meanwhile, Sveta, who got a job as a mascot for bug poison called The Desinsector, gets stung by beetles in a commercial and goes insane.
  52. "BEZ BAB": Singer Boris Moiseev guest stars as a talk show host whose calls to make Yekaterinburg more woman-friendly leads Gena and his friends into creating a men's rights group called "BEZ BAB" ("No Broads", acronym for "Warriors of Yekaterinburg for Merciless Absolute Gynocide" in Russian).
  53. "The World is a Theater, All Women Go There": Gena and Tolik sneak out of a theater to go to a new sports bar, where they end up in a bar fight over who starred in the first anti-baldness shampoo commercial.
  54. "Baron Behind Bars": In this, Baron's second A Day in the Limelight episode, Baron decides to run away after having enough of the Bukins' stupidity and neglect — and ends up in a pound where he'll be gassed if no one adopts him.
  55. "A 9/12 Circumcision": Gena ends up in the hospital for a circular incision on his bad back — but a doctor's mistake gives Gena a circumcision instead and now Gena must keep from getting sexually aroused so he doesn't pop the stitches.
  56. "If You Won't Sleep, Don't Torture The TV Set": A New Year bottle episode where Gena and Dasha spend their New Year's Eve on the couch trying to find something good to watch on TV while Sveta and Roma try to sneak a jukebox into the house without Gena or Dasha knowing.
  57. "I See The Picture And I'm Turned On": Dasha gets a boudoir photo of herself taken as a birthday present to Gena, which gets blown up to billboard size and posted next to the shoe store, where Gena becomes jealous of all the men who find Dasha attractive and sides with Lena's feminist group in order to have it taken down.
  58. "Turn Off The Sofa When You Leave": While Gena and Dasha are away at a family reunion, Sveta's boyfriend ruins Dasha's couch, prompting the two to find a new, identical-looking couch before Gena and Dasha come home.
  59. "A Dacha and 'Dom-2' on Top": The Bukins win a dacha (a holiday house) only to discover that over there, the Polenos are their neighbors too. Soon after, the Bukins and the Polenos get into a destructive property line war over an apple tree.
  60. "The Magnificent 5": Dasha forces Gena to sell his old car and the Foundation for the Local Automobile Industry offers a new car for his crappy old one if he lets people film a video of his car crossing the one million mile mark. Meanwhile, Sveta tries to find Captain Grant, while Roma tries to make out with a girl.
  61. "Say It Together - Roma Needs Some": Gena shops for Valentine's Day gifts to give to Dasha, while Roma finds out that a girl who actually loved him is now a popular singer.
  62. "Breasts Come First": Gena protests against the destruction of the Uralets Stadium, the one where he landed his famous hat-trick. Meanwhile, Baron and Roma are featured in a Desinsector commercial, where they get blasted with an experimental spray that leads to Roma growing breasts and Baron changing into different animals.
  63. "The Poleno Identity": Gena is offered 500,000 rubles to turn in Tolik, who used to be a spy.
  64. "Get In Line, Sons of Bukins": Roma and Sveta wait in a long line for concert tickets and keep moving back as people exploit their weaknesses, while Dasha humiliates Gena as part of a radio contest.
  65. "Good Dribbling": Gena auditions to be on a sports trivia show to win 100,000 rubles, when his TV breaks down. But when the producer rejects him for having no personality, Gena trains the dim-witted Sveta (who can only hold new facts into her brain if old memories are pushed out) to be a contestant.
  66. "A Shoeman from the Boulevard des Capucines": Gena, who is hoping to get back home in time to watch the movie "A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines", gets trapped in a store at the mall while trying to exchange batteries when the computers go down and lock everything down, including the doors. Meanwhile, Dasha, who is outside, goes on a shopping spree, and Sveta and Roma find Baron's birth certificate and celebrate his birthday.
  67. "Cleanliness And Fat Will Save The World": Gena is forced to carpool by Lena and her group's green initiative. His carpool, consisting of him and three plus-sized models, is chosen to promote a campaign to clean up Yekaterinburg. Meanwhile, Roma makes to the Dean's list due to good grades and no one appreciates him as much as they cheer Sveta when she gets a raise.
  68. "Loving Sveta Is Not Shooting Goals": Gena convinces Tolik to bet on a soccer game to make-up for Lena's tax refund money he spent on his clothes, but the star of the soccer team starts dating Sveta, and it interrupts his training.
  69. "Proletaries of All Countries, Put On Shoes": After finding a box of old shoes, Gena and Tolik turn the shoe store into a 1980s-themed retro shoe store. Meanwhile, Sveta gets stung by an insect whose venom acts a truth serum in humans, making Sveta reveal just how crappy her and everyone else's life is.
  70. "GAI, GAI, Little Star": Roma takes up a job as a driving examiner for the GAI (State Automobile Inspectorate) to earn money for a trip — and Gena, who has to renew his license, must contend with his own son during his road test.
  71. "Everyone For The Siberian Cow": Sveta gets the part as a sexy spokeswoman for a beer commercial, but freaks out when she gets a pimple and a home-made pimple cream from Deryabino makes her bald and gives her a beard. Meanwhile, Lena protests the crew making the beer commercial for being sexist, while Gena and Tolik order a DVD set of the old workout TV show from Home Shopping Network.
  72. "The Niece, The Tease": Roma needs some quiet time to study for a scholarship exam, but gets distracted by Lena's niece, Kristina.
  73. "Breasts Are Not Kids' Toys" (two-part episode): BEZ BAB counter-protests against Lena and company when Gena banishes a customer for nursing her baby. Meanwhile, Dasha gets stuck on a train during her journey home and finally comes home to find Gena on news.
  74. "Roma Fails Too": Roma is put in charge of a hotline service catering to virgins who feel tempted to have sex before they're ready. Meanwhile, Gena and Dasha have problems deciding what movie to rent at the video store, and Gena runs into Lena in the adult section.
  75. "Gena In Bed With Poleno": Sveta becomes a brunette to be taken seriously for her next acting job. Meanwhile, Tolik gets a rare doll and Gena gets the first issue of 'Big Uns' at an auction.
  76. "No Sweat, All Together": In this self-referential episode, Sveta pitches her family's and neighbors' quirks and vices as a new premise for a sitcom.
  77. "Sveta Is A Sharp Shooter": Sveta gets trained in archery to land a role in a commercial. Roma helps Sveta with her work to impress Kristina and get her to sleep with him again. Meanwhile, Gena dresses up as an owl to scare away a real owl outside his bedroom window.
  78. "Second Grade Sports Heroes": When Gena and the guys have a wake for a former high school soccer teammate, a rival soccer team challenges them to decide the ultimate Yekaterinburg champion.
  79. "Gena Sleeps, The Game Goes On": After complaining about the pathetic state of soccer in Russia, BEZ BAB organizes their own soccer league sponsored by nudie bars.
  80. "Psycho Dad And Everyone Else" (two-part episode): Gena's favorite violent TV show Psycho Dad gets cancelled. When no one seems to care in Yekaterinburg, Gena and his BEZ BAB followers plan to go to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
  81. "See Breasts And Die": Dasha and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Sveta gets a part in a weight loss commercial.
  82. "Drink Seven Times And Pee Once": While Gena and his BEZ BAB buddies get wasted trying to find an official beer, Dasha and Lena head off to a rec center on the bad side of town for Lotto Night, where Dasha wins the 50,000 rubles jackpot, but blows it all when the women have to resort to getting cab rides with four dangerous drivers.
  83. "To Punch Or Not To Punch": Sveta's acting coach Lenya Golubkov comes over, and Gena must cover for him when he can't make it to Sveta's performance.
  84. "We'll Wash And Dry": On their way to Deryabino, the Bukins stop at the car wash, where Gena can't find his car. Lena, who made Tolik get a job there, runs into Zhenya again, who pretends to be a big-shot businessman but turns out to be a chauffeur instead.
  85. "Exhausted With Marriage": Baron buries the 25th wedding anniversary present that Gena bought for Dasha in the backyard, and Gena, Roma and Sveta spend hours digging in hopes of finding it. Meanwhile, Lena buys an all-day massage package for Dasha as a gift and Dasha spends all of Gena's gift-money in the beauty shop.
  86. "Dads And Kids On Sveta": Sveta gets a secret admirer who turns out to be a 12-year-old boy.
  87. "Broads Don't Sink" (two-part episode): After Dasha wins a magazine contest, the Bukins and the Polenos go on a cruise, which turns out to be one catering to fat women by day and slim, sexy women by night. Dasha gets a bad hairdo there and stops Gena from enjoying the slim, bikini-clad women — and later, the Bukins and Polenos are stuck on a life raft with a fat woman and comedian Tair Mamedov. Meanwhile, comedian Roman Trachtenberg stays at the Bukin house and Roma and Sveta are bombarded with news casters who keep asking them inappropriate questions.
  88. "Sex-Reboot": Roma experiences cyber sex with Kristina at a computer lab. Meanwhile, Gena discovers a mysterious light switch that seems to have no use in the house.
  89. "Gena Bukin's Big Balls": Gena slaps the mall with a phony lawsuit over being traumatized by shoes. To bring credibility to the lawsuit, he cannot wear shoes for a week, but with the bowling finals that week, he has to choose between the lawsuit and bowling.
  90. "Konchalovsky From Sverdlovsk": Gena and Sveta make a short film about shoes, and they end up getting a 300,000 rubles grant to produce another film.
  91. "When There's Shoes, The Chicks Dance": Gena suggests an aerobics studio for the open lot next to the shoe store as a new business idea after Sveta complains about being sexually harassed by men on the bus to her aerobics class.

    Season 3 (2008) 

The third maxi-season includes remakes of episodes from Married... with Children seasons 10 and 11, with no omissions this time.

In this season, some episodes received rather heavy rewrites: the B-plot of "Requiem For a Dead Briard"/"Sveta Is Looking For a Mutt" and the A-plot of "A Bundy Thanksgiving"/"Desperate Househusbands" are entirely different here, and "T*R*A*S*H"/"Garbage Producers" was rewritten from scratch, keeping only bits of the first dialogue and the overall theme.

  1. "Hi, I'm Your Mother-In-Law": Dasha's morbidly obese mother moves in with the family after she and her husband get into a fight.
  2. "Sveta Is Looking For a Mutt": To buy himself a video game console, Sema sells Baron to a rich woman and, when asked about Baron's whereabouts, lies to the Bukins and tells them he died. While Sveta is upset, Gena is more concerned about spending money on a replacement pet and a phony medium.
  3. "Chief Of The Red-faced": Gena turns BEZ BAB into a church in order to gain tax exempt status.
  4. "Erogenous Gena": While researching for the part of Marie Curie for a TV movie, Sveta creates a dangerous chemical called "Bleen," which finds itself in the Bukin shower and turns Gena's hair into a flowing mane.
  5. "Jean-Claude Van Dasha": Gena mocks Lena and Dasha for taking self-defense class, but Dasha becomes a hero when she stops a pickpocket from stealing Gena's wallet.
  6. "Fight With Stuff": When a wrestling championship starts in Russia, Roma must take a photo of himself with the famous boxer Vladimir Turchinskiy to earn his membership into BEZ BAB.
  7. "At A Reunion, Who To Bed": Roma teams up with a rich, handsome man (who was a nerd who got bullied by Sveta and her bimbo friends) for a revenge plot at their high school reunion. Meanwhile, Gena, Dasha, Tolik, and Lena look for toys they can donate to charity, and end up playing hide-and-seek.
  8. "Tricks And Showmanship": Plans to rename the Uralets Stadium to honor Gena go awry thanks to Lena when she votes that they honor Andrei Kanchelskis instead.
  9. "Hi, Bear!": To get rid of Dasha's mother, Gena tries to prove to Dasha's father that he is a man by going on a bear hunt with him.
  10. "A Good Star Is A Naked Star": Alina Velikaya guest stars as herself in this episode where Tolik and Gena get a photo of the sexy star in the nude and plan to sell it to the tabloids. Meanwhile, Sveta and Roma take Baron the dog to a dog food commercial audition.
  11. "Moaning In The Evening": Gena's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Sweet Tooth at a phone sex line, but Gena finds out that the woman is Dasha's mother, and must choose between telling the truth (especially when Danila confesses that he loves her) and keeping it a secret so they can have a decent New Year celebration for once (one with real food and real presents).
  12. "Loser Psychology": On Tolik and Lena's suggestion, Gena, Dasha, and her parents go to a marriage retreat to get her parents back together. Meanwhile, Sveta dates a Hispanic man who won't put out, while Roma dates the man's horny cousin who's leaving to be a nun.
  13. "Shoot Sveta Right Away" (two-part episode): Roma borrows money from the Mafia for Sveta's exercise video, but when she has a disagreement with the male lead, the mob targets Roma for death. Meanwhile, Dasha, Lena, and the wives of the BEZ BAB members bet on which husband will fall from the roof during their team satellite TV installation project.
  14. "Dolls From The Cover": Gena convinces Roma to make a calendar with beautiful women for his school project in order to win a rivalry.
  15. "A Gift With No Sweat": Roma and Sveta visit Tolik in the hospital, who tells the story of how a botched butt tattoo led to this.
  16. "Miss Sochi Wants Everyone" (two-part episode): Sveta and friends seduce Roma and friends out of their airline tickets and hotel reservations in Sochi, and Gena puts Sveta in the bikini contest to win 100,000 rubles.
  17. "Buy Me If You Can": Lena's boss shows an interest in Gena's beat-up car, but Gena won't give it up without a fight.
  18. "A Pre-Graduation Release": Roma's academic career is on the line when he ends up in student court for lewd conduct (read: masturbating) in the campus library.
  19. "A Man With A Dog": Gena decides to build a dog house, but Lena complicates things by hiring a building inspector, who condemns the doghouse.
  20. "The Star Life": Sveta and Tolik star in a sexy coffee commercial together, and only Gena and his nemesis, Lena, can stop it.
  21. "Asylum 2": In this Crossover with the reality show Dom 2, Sveta dates a one of the contestants, Stepan Menshikov, who only wants her to get back at his girlfriend.
  22. "Freakin' Torch": Gena helps Danila win a trip to Pekin for the Olympic games by helping him answer questions on a radio sports quiz.
  23. "Play A Prank, Get Married": When an old friend of Dasha's comes to seduce Gena to avenge Dasha, he thinks it's all an elaborate practical joke done by Tolik and plays along — until he finds that the wedding is no joke. Meanwhile, Sveta erases all the messages on the phone and Danila is put in jail for a false cannibalism charge (with no one to rescue him).
  24. "A Wife Fell, Make A Wish": Dasha comes down with amnesia after slipping on a banana peel and hitting her head on the table. With no memory of who she is or who her family is, Gena brainwashes Dasha into acting like a true housewife.
  25. "Friend Of The Chinese": Gena and Danila blackmail their boss Sasha after finding out the shoes she makes are the product of sweatshop labor. Meanwhile, Dasha wins a microwave and recruits Sveta to help her hide it from Gena.
  26. "Sex-Industrial Disaster": To scare a woman into having sex with him, Roma simulates a tornado, which turns all too real when an actual tornado starts.
  27. "Chamber Of Attempts": Sveta takes an improv class and Gena takes advantage of her by asking her to act (work) like him. Meanwhile, Gena, who demands that Roma pay rent if he's going to continue living in his part of the apartment complex's basement, is confined there after Roma brings in a health inspector who deems it uninhabitable.
  28. "I'm Getting Fat Because Of You": In this partial Clip Show episode, Gena is locked in the shoe store by a pro-obesity group who puts him on trial for all the insults he's hurled at fat women. Meanwhile, Roma and Sveta try to install tinted windows on his car.
  29. "Automania And Other Perversions" (two-part episode): Gena's car starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it, but when that fails, Gena holds a funeral for his beloved car.
  30. "Morons Investigate": Sveta must abstain from sex to get a part in a commercial for the new TV channel for virgins, while Gena poses as a police officer and appears with Officer Petrov on the Russian version of COPS.
  31. "The Ones Who Sing In The Cowshed": The Bukins go to Alapaevsk, where Sveta and Dasha become Nadezhda Kadysheva's opening act. Meanwhile, Lena and Tolik come up with a new sexual role-playing game: The Loser Shoe Salesman and His Lazy, Sex-Starved Wife.
  32. "Sex With Roman Bukin": Gena tells Roma to lower his standards in finding women when he can't get a date — which comes back to bite him when Roma's new girlfriend turns out to be Gena's boss, Sasha.
  33. "Desperate Househusbands": Lena expects a visit from the famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova and hires Gena and Danila to clean up her apartment, but when Chekhova fails to show up, they decide to trash the place as a revenge. Meanwhile, Roma, Dasha, and Tolik go after Sveta after she brings home a piglet.
  34. "Attention, Wives Are Undressing": Dasha poses as a stripper in Gena's favorite nudie bar, Shakers, but she has to keep her identity a secret because Gena loves Dasha's stripper persona more than herself. Meanwhile, Roma forces Sveta to gain weight for a weight-loss commercial.
  35. "Sculpt, Lena, Sculpt": New Year episode. Roma and Sveta get in trouble for vandalizing the snowmen Lena made for a contest, and Gena and Danila take degrading jobs at the mall while two young up-and-comers (who look like their younger versions) take their jobs at the shoe store.
  36. "Garbage Producers": Tolik enlists in the EMERCOM to spend time away from Lena, but the latter gets paranoid, dons a fake mustache and enlists as well. They find themselves on front lines in a battle against a family who amassed enough garbage to endanger their neighborhood: none other than the Bukins.
  37. "A Star For TV": Sveta takes over for a surly kids' show host after the real host goes insane on the set, while Gena and Dasha try to adjust to having separate beds.
  38. "Bukins, Don't Get Divorced!" (three-part episode): It's finally happened — Gena and Dasha separate after years of marital misery. While Gena tries to live it up as a bachelor, Dasha meets a new man, who wants her and the kids to do the unthinkable: get jobs.
  39. "Shopping Therapy": Roma directs a commercial for the shoe store with Sveta and Gena, while Tolik becomes an aerobics coach at a gym.
  40. "One Hell Of A Feat": In this fantasy episode, Gena's wish to play professional soccer comes true when The Devil offers him to sell his soul to him, but when Gena won't pay up, he ends up dead and in Hell — along with his family and neighbors.
  41. "Dude Massage": Gena and Danila turn the shoe store into a barter shop, after Sasha leaves, so they can get massage chairs. Meanwhile, Sveta takes massage lessons and tests them out on Roma, which goes horribly wrong.
  42. "Call Yourself A Husband, Get Inside Sveta" (two-part episode): Roma's pen-pal from prison and her boyfriend pay a visit to the Bukin household and take the family (and the Polenos and Danila) hostage, while Sveta falls for the prisoner's boyfriend and plans to marry him.
  43. "Sexual Minorities": Lena's twin sister Liza comes over, and Lena thinks Liza is after Tolik, but Gena finds out that Liza is a lesbian.

    Season 4 (early 2010) 

The series was Un-Cancelled and resumed with completely new episodes on December 31st 2009.The season was supposed to contain 60 episodes at first, but due to troubles the production crew went through while editing the episodes, some of them were split off and shown as part of the next season.

  1. "Paratroopers, a Fool and a Moron": Inspired by all the beautiful women going to interviews in a nearby store, Gena and Danila decide to organize similar interviews for a non-existing position so they could have something sexy to look at too. It's the annual Airborne Forces Day, the celebrating paratroopers are, as per usual, drunk and looking for a fight, and Roma is tired of getting beaten up every year, so he disguises himself as a paratrooper.
  2. "As Long As There's Beer, There's No Need To Be Smart!": Gena prepares for a beer-drinking competition and uses all the money he had hidden away to buy beer. Dasha, who knew about Gena's nest egg and was counting on this money, is angry about this, especially after the Home Shopping Network puts her on a black list, and enlists Lena to this contest.
  3. "Gentlemen of Bad Luck": Gena and Roma are arrested for phone terrorism when Gena decides to leave work early and to this end reports a false alarm about a bomb in his mall. In jail, Gena meets a man whose life he changed for the worse many years ago. While role-playing, Tolik handcuffs Lena to the bed, but then accidentally locks himself out of the apartment, wearing only a pink peignoir and a police hat.
  4. "Gastarbeiter-Womanizer": Sveta wants to order a sweater on the Internet for her boyfriend, but she mistakes a dating site for an on-line shop. The sweater arrives... and so does its owner, an American named Dave, who is determined to marry her.
  5. "Virility Is Not Our Competence": Upon learning that there are mushrooms in a nearby forest that have a stimulating effect on men, Dasha and Lena decide to use them to their advantage. However, Gena and Tolik heard about the mushrooms first and have already collected and safely hidden them.
  6. "Put this on Immediately!": Dasha realizes she only turns Gena on when she wears lots of clothes. Meanwhile, Roma develops an amazing sense of smell after a car accident, and Officer Petrov gets him a job as a police dog.
  7. "A Dummy in a Bubble": Tolik asks Dasha to hide a present he prepared for Lena: beads made of African juniper, but Dasha likes these beads and wants to keep them for herself. Gena becomes allergic and has to live isolated in an oxygen therapy chamber, installed in the Bukins' living room.
  8. "Night Shame": Roma and Sveta are in a rock band, but they need a place where they could rehearse. Gena finds out that an illegal shoemaker works in his store at night. The shoemaker agrees to pay Gena for his silence, and Gena uses the money to improve his lifestyle.
  9. "Loser Paleontologist": UNESCO recognizes Gena as the last Pithecanthropus. A cruel prank by Sveta makes Roma bald.
  10. "Sausage for a Shake-up": Dasha goes to Deryabino and sends home a package with a kielbasa sausage for Sveta. Gena wants to eat it in secret, but Tolik, Lena, Officer Petrov and the kids are constantly disturbing him, and Baron relentlessly tries to snatch it.
  11. "Kidney to the Barrel": Upon learning that the star stripper and "Big'Uns" model Masha Bulkina is terminally ill, Gena wants to give her his kidney. However, it turns out that Roma's kidney is much more suitable for transplantation, but Roma is not willing to sacrifice it.
  12. "Being Gena Bukin": Roma meets a strange girl, Maya, who believes she is an alien, and that after their hug and kiss, Roma became pregnant. Meanwhile, Gena finds out someone has stolen his passport and used it to take big loans at different banks, and unless he hurries up and finds the culprit, the Bukins will soon be evicted from their home.
  13. "You Can Watch but You Can't Touch": Sveta finds a job at a fancy men's clothing store where all salesgirls wear swimsuits. Gena hears about this shop just when the Shakers, his regular strip-bar, is closed for two weeks, and he and Tolik start spending lots of time there. Roma gets banned from this store after he squeezes the breasts of one of the salesgirls, and attempts to sneak back in.
  14. "Fishermen Investigate": Gena accidentally fishes panties from a neighboring balcony with a fishing rod, then a bra, then shorts... then steals meatballs from a neighbor on the ground floor... and so, Gena and Dasha, and then their children, start robbing their neighbors.
  15. "Love Berries": Tolik and Gena grow hallucinogenic berries. Dasha becomes a fan of the new soap opera "Amorous Love" to the point where she disguises herself as the main character, mimics her gestures and soon enough starts confusing the show with reality.
  16. "To Rub What Can't Be Rubbed": Lena invites Dasha to a massage parlor, but Tolik once again stole her credit card, and they have to work to pay for the bill. Later that day, Gena hurts his back, and Tolik invites him to the same massage parlor.
  17. "Surgery on the Dude": Sasha Samoylenko tries to sell the shoe store, but Gena and Danila drive all potential buyers away. Sasha finally sells the store to the first person she sees: a sexy young woman named Katya, a spoiled daughter of a millionaire, who has no clue how to run this kind of business. Meanwhile, the series "Amorous Love" has such a hypnotic effect on Dasha, that when the series main character has to perform surgery on her son, Dasha tries to do the same to Roma, who is coming down with appendicitis.
  18. "Snoring Beauty": Dasha's obsession with "Amorous Love" becomes worse every day, Gena becomes aggravated, and then genuinely concerned. On top of that, the heroine of the show becomes pregnant, and Dasha feels symptoms of pregnancy as well. But then, the heroine's supposed pregnancy is revealed to be something else, and she ultimately falls into a coma, and so does Dasha.
  19. "They Fought for Fish": Tolik wants to have a baby, Lena believes that they have to practice by taking care of an animal first. Tolik buys fish, but, strangely, they keep dying. Meanwhile, Sveta hides in a library from a needy ex-boyfriend and meets an attractive and polite grad student named Gera. She tries to flirt with him, but he seems completely oblivious to her advances.
  20. "The Chicken Effect": Gena has a nightmare, in which he is drawn to Lena's bedroom and she tries to force him into having sex with her. He tries to get up and run away, but a heavy ornament falls from the wall and knocks him out. The next day, Gena is horrified when he realizes his dream is slowly coming true: Lena changes her haircut to the one he saw in his dream, then buys the heavy ornament as a present for Tolik, and then cooks for Roma, Sveta and a visiting Gera. From that point on, Gena does all it takes not to fall asleep again.
  21. "Pimp My Dog": Katya leaves her dog Paris at the Bukins', and Gena ends up losing it. Some time later, Lena and Tolik buy a dog from the black market that looks very familiar.
  22. "The Mystery of the Black Belt": Gena realizes that Sveta can predict sports results by pulling comatose Dasha's hair. While Lena goes to the dentist, Tolik sells Lena's laptop and bets the money. When Gera tells Sveta he won a renju competition, she mistakes renju (a Japanese board game) for a martial art and is convinced Gera is a black-belt. She invites him to meet her father but Gena wants none of this and hires a gang of hoodlums to stop him from coming. A few hours later, the hoodlums are found badly beaten... if it is not Gera who did this, who did?
  23. "Resort Fraud": Before falling into a coma, Dasha had won a trip to Turkey as the most passionate fan of the series "Amorous Love". Despite her state, the Bukins go there anyway, but troubles arise when Dasha is supposed to deliver a speech. While they are away, Tolik rents their empty apartment as a way to make quick cash.
  24. "Acquaintance with the Wreckers": Sveta and Gera want to get engaged, so Gera's parents arrive in Yekaterinburg to get acquainted with Sveta's "intelligent" and "rich" family. Roma blackmails Lena to make her play the role of Dasha. Everything works out well, until Tolik accidentally wakes up the real Dasha from the coma.
  25. "Save Our Dasha" (two-part episode) : Dasha pretends she is still in a coma when reporters hear of her story, but, tired of the charade and all the attention Gena is getting, "comes out" of it on live TV. The producers of "Amorous Love" call Dasha and offer her an acting job, but it doesn't go well.
  26. "To Kill in Russian Style": Late at night, Roma and Gena sneak into Polenos' apartment and Gena shoots Lena in the head. Soon enough, it is revealed that the person sleeping on the couch was not Lena, but Roma's rubber woman. Still, the circumstances of what just happened are really weird, and Tolik and Officer Petrov, who came as soon as they heard the shot, struggle to figure them out. Lena comes out of the bedroom and slowly reveals to them the chain of events that lead to this moment, which involve Gena, Tolik... and even Zhenya, her ex-husband.
  27. "Dreams of Moaning Come True": Lena lends Dasha a CD with a track that has a stimulating effect on men, and she uses it on Gena to have sex with him. Katya orders Gena to go to a shoe conference, but he refuses, and she sends Roma there instead. Roma takes a CD player to the conference and listens to this same CD. Under its hypnotic effect, combined with the theme of the conference, he becomes a leg fetishist.
  28. "Guitar Question": While Roma, Sveta, Gera and the Polenos prepare to go to an outdoors music festival, a robber runs into Gena's store and asks him to keep a guitar for him. Roma and Gera visit Gena before they leave and take the guitar with them. When Gena and Dasha learn from a news report that this guitar could have been used to store a huge amount of stolen cash, they rush to the festival and start smashing every guitar in sight.
  29. "Biker Stories": Gena's regulat strip bar, Shakers, has been taken over by bikers, and Gena gets into a turf war with the leader of the gang. To decide who gets to go to the bar, the leader of the gang challenges Gena to a motorcycle race. Of course, Gena does not know how to ride a motorcycle...
  30. "Saving Marriage": Gena wants Sveta to marry a future millionaire, despite her already being engaged. But after meeting Sveta, the millionaire sets his sight on Dasha instead. At the end of the episode, Sveta moves in with Gera, tired of her parents' antics.
  31. "Porn Identification": While Gena, Danila and Tolik prepare to judge a "Big'Uns"-sponsored beauty pageant, Dasha's experiment with using acupuncture to wake up Gena's libido misfires, making him blind.
  32. "Distillate, Gena, Distillate": Dasha's father Evkakiy hides from his wife in the Bukins' garage, transforms Gena's car into a still and makes moonshine. After selling moonshine in his store, Gena decides to open a bar with Evkakiy and Tolik in his garage.
  33. "Tolik the Workaholic": Lena is fired and Tolik gets a very well-paid job. After Lena fails at being a door-to-door saleswoman, Gena gets her a job at the shoe store. As for Tolik, he struggles to understand what exactly is his job, and of course, there is something really wrong with the place that hired him...
  34. "Not Subject to Exchanges or Lewdness": Dasha feels ignored by Gena, and Lena's job search is going poorly. They both realize they need to change their looks. For her next job interview, Lena opts for a wig and a stuffed chest, and Dasha goes to a clinic, and comes back looking completely unrecognizable.
  35. "After-Work Romance": After having unsuccessfully hit on Gena for weeks, his new boss Katya switches her attention to Tolik and showers him with expensive gifts. Katya's rich father gives Gena the task to separate the couple. Meanwhile, Roma is astonished when he loses a chess game to Sveta.
  36. "The Poleno Adultery": To Gena's delight, Lena's twin sister Liza is back in town. Lena takes her credit card away from Tolik and makes a marriage contract: if Tolik will ever cheat on her, the marriage will be annulled and he will be evicted from the apartment and lose all of his possessions. Gena figures out that since the contract work both ways, if he makes Tolik think Lena is cheating on him, she will be the one to leave, and does all he can to make it happen. Meanwhile, Dasha and Roma visit Gera and Sveta and empty their fridge.
  37. "To A Psycho His Own Psycho!": Dasha is bitten by a cat, and the experimental medication she is given make behave like a horny cat. Tolik suggests Gena should pretend to be catatonic so he could hide from Dasha in a mental institution. Gera comes back from a trip with gifts for the Bukins and trusts Sveta to deliver them, but Sveta forgets them on the bus.
  38. "All Wives Do It": Gena finally makes Dasha get a job, but his happiness is short-lived: Dasha now works in his mall. Sveta and Roma write an emo song for a contest.
  39. "Beware, Gena Is Cleaning!": Roma gets a job as a dog walker. Dasha pretends to be a perfect housewife in order to get Gena to sleep with her, while in reality she is tricking Lena into cooking in her place and paying a girl to clean the apartment.
  40. "The End, Sveta!": Gera is invited to manage the construction of a hadron collider in the Republic of Banania. He wants to take Sveta with him, but according to the laws of Banania, they can go together only if they are married. Sema decides to leave the Bukins, and Roma helps him find a new adoptive family.
  41. "Genas Switch": Roma orders parts online to build a housekeeping robot, hoping to turn it into a sexbot. Gena mistakenly receives love letters addressed to another person, also named Gena Bukin.
  42. "Bukinville Ghost": Katya asks Gena to look after her suburban mansion while she's away, and his family ends up tracking him down. While Dasha, Sveta and Roma, guided by a parrot speaking in riddles, run around the mansion looking for a hidden treasure, Gena is haunted by Katya's great-grandmother's ghost, a succubus who wants to have sex with him.
  43. "Silence of the Cooks": Roma dates a chef, a pretty girl named Olga. Olga gets acquainted with the Bukins, cooks them dinner with lots of meat and promises to come back tomorrow. But a news report about a cannibal operating in the bad part of town, which is where Olga lives, makes the Bukins paranoid.
  44. "Taming of the Scoundrel": Dasha asks Lena to help her cook dinner for her wedding anniversary. She makes Tolik keep Roma and Sveta away from home so they won't spoil the evening. But Gena won't come home tonight: Katya decided to have sex with him at all costs and locked herself in the store with him.
  45. "All the Best Things Are For The Adults": Gena insults Katya, and she fires him. On the same day, Roma and Sveta find jobs. Now the children provide for the family, and the adults gradually fall back into childhood...
  46. "Fisherman of the Fisherman": Gena, Tolik and Danila go ice fishing. Just as they are about to give up, Gena catches, but then loses an enormous fish of an endangered species. He becomes determined to catch it no matter what. At home, Lena thinks the ice fishing was just an excuse, and she and Dasha go looking for their men.
  47. "Crime without Punishment": A bank was robbed and, judging by the facial composite made with help of an eyewitness, the robber is Gena. When the reward for catching the robber becomes too tempting for Dasha, Tolik and Lena, Gena realizes he can't trust neither his neighbors, nor his wife. Sveta has a new boyfriend, Archie, who has an incredible talent: he can force a woman to undress with only the power of his look. Archie teaches Roma how to perform this trick, but warns him not to overdo it...
  48. "Take Them Off Immediately!": Gena, in a fit of rage, accidentally smashes the windshield of his own car. To replace it, Gena wants to pawn his wedding ring, but learns that both his and Dasha's wedding rings are parts of a very expensive set, and are worth a fortune together. Dasha, on the other hand, had just pawned her own wedding ring on her own, and Gena now has to track her ring down. Meanwhile Roma forgets he is allergic to citrus fruits, and a citrus-flavored perfume he uses before going out on a date makes him swell.

    Season 5 (late 2010) 

This season contains episodes that should have premiered with season 4, as well as several new additions.

  1. "Genodzilla": Katya finds unsold children's shoes in the store, gives Gena the task to attract children into the shop and makes him wear a Godzilla costume. Later, when Danila helps Gena to take it off, he realizes the zipper is broken, and Gena is now stuck in the costume. Dasha and Lena win a romantic dinner with the singer Arkadiy Ukupnik, and a mysterious person asks Sveta out on a date at night at the cemetery, which Roma finds very suspicious.
  2. "Bukins' Children": Gena and Dasha receive a letter, which states that Roma was switched at birth. Upon hearing the news, Roma faints, wakes up in a luxurious mansion and is told he is the descendant of a noble and wealthy family. Meanwhile the boy Roma was switched at birth with joins the Bukins, and Gena is terrified when he notices how much this new member of the family has in common with Dasha.
  3. "A Stake Bigger Than Life": Roma looks for financing as he tries to start a website. Gena and Danila become crazy with betting on football teams. A friend of Katya's, the owner of a local football team, just bought a famous player, and Gena now knows on which team he can bet without any risk of losing... or does he?
  4. "The Camp Leaves With Dasha": After Gena insults a King of the Gypsies, the latter orders his son to seduce Dasha and steal her away from Gena. Sveta works in a mall giving free food samples, and meets her colleague, a dumb blonde just like herself. They seem to have become best friends, and Roma decides to break up their friendship just for fun.
  5. "Bukin the Almighty": Dasha, Lena and Sveta are conned by a fake travel agency. Gena finds a cellphone in his shop. He discovers that the cellphone belongs to a very important politician, and decides to impersonate him.
  6. "From Africa With Love": Roma gets a call from his first love. This girl had moved to Africa when she was eight, and is now back just for Roma. She proposes to him. Meanwhile, Gena and Danila turn their store into an illegal casino.
  7. "The Football Instinct": It's the FIFA World Cup, and all men in Yekaterinburg desert the streets, glued to their TV sets. Even Lena is converted into a sports fan. Dasha decides she can't let it slide and declares a war against sports-loving men, while Roma, the only man in town not glued to his TV set, tries to steal a pretty girl from her abusive boyfriend.
  8. "The Irony of Love": It's the New Year's Eve, and like every year, every TV channel airs the classic Russian New Year movie "The Irony of Fate", much to Dasha's dismay. Coincidentally, a story similar to the movie happens to Gena: Tolik steals a briefcase full of money a mobster trusted Lena to keep, and wants to leave town. Before he goes, he treats Gena, Danila and Petrov to an evening in a sauna. After they all get drunk and everyone but Petrov passes out, Petrov forgets who was supposed to leave town and gets a cab to the airport for Gena instead of Tolik. In the city of Krasnoyarsk, Gena sobers up and finds himself in an apartment that looks exactly like his own, but belongs to an attractive engaged woman. They fall in love with each other. What will Gena do now? Meanwhile, Tolik and Lena find themselves in trouble when the mobster comes back to reclaim his money.
  9. "His Shoe-Selling Majesty": After a distant relative of his dies, Gena gets unexpected news: he is now the king of a small oriental country called Gendostan. Bukins and Polenos move to Gendostan, and enjoy a new luxurious life. But the cultural differences will be very difficult to adjust to...
  10. "Of Jerks and Ladies": Katya threatens Gena with a fine if he tells off another fat customer, and Gena changes his attitude completely, but the change in his behavior alerts everyone around him, as he becomes very woman-like. Roma falls in love with a girl who follows a very strange diet, and forces him to follow it too. But this food is too disgusting to eat, and he's not allowed to eat anything else. Will Roma have sex with the girl before he starves to death?
  11. "Gena-alien": Just as Gena feels completely under-appreciated in his life, sock-stealing aliens from a few years ago take him to their planet to save him from the end of the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the family are relieved when Gena is missing, but they soon realize how much they need him.
  12. "Memoirs of a He-Geisha": Tolik writes an erotic novel inspired by his and Lena's sex life, but Lena won't let him publish it. Roma tricks Sveta into giving him her concert tickets by hooking her on a videogame.
  13. "Where Do Dreams Lead?": The family learns that Gena was planning to spend his vacations alone at a resort, and go there with him anyway. Soon they realize they were fooled and Gena is not even there: it was his plan all along so he could be alone at home. Lena gets a copy of the "Kama-Sutra" and wants to literally try every trick in the book.
  14. "Bury Me Behind a Wheelchair Ramp": Officer Petrov brings startling news to the Bukins: Gena died in a car crash. Dasha organizes a wake, but the guests don't seem to care for the deceased at all, and some, including Lena, are even happy he's dead. Roma starts working in the shoe store. BEZ BAB wants to erect a statue of Gena. Looks like Gena is gone forever, but no one seems to remember exactly what vehicle he crashed into, and they never found the body...
  15. "Bar 'Pour It In'": Dasha finds Gena's textbook full of cocktail recipes, and uses it to get a job as a bartender. It does not go well with Gena, who decides do to what it takes to get the textbook back, even if he has to get her fired. Meanwhile, Roma and one of his loser friends spend their evenings spying on girls in neighboring buildings with a telescope, and when Sveta catches them red-handed, they tell her they are hunting for ghosts.
  16. "Temporarily Pregnant": Roma meets a girl online, and upon meeting her realizes she is very tall. Gena brings back a box of samples from the mall. One of these samples is a novelty lickable pregnancy test, which Sveta tries out and gets a positive. While Dasha is devastated with the idea of becoming a grandmother, Gena and Petrov run around town looking for the the baby daddy.
  17. "Fake Victims": While driving Lena's car, Gena and Tolik hit an elderly couple, and bring them home. Upon waking up, the old people start blackmailing Gena.
  18. "Genaportation": Katya finds a box of boots made with toxic materials. Gena finds out soon enough that smelling these boots causes hallucinations. He takes a big whiff, passes out and wakes up in a distant future...
  19. "The Twin Crept Suddenly": Dasha gets stung in the tongue by a bee. Roma pranks Sveta with the help of two twin brothers.
  20. "Mammoth and Daddoth": Lena teaches Dasha how to cook, without much success. Gena and Roma learn that a frozen and very well-preserved mammoth has been recently discovered in Ural woods, and set out to steal it for food.


The situation with this episode is ambiguous. While it has the sets, the visual effects and the picture quality of season 5, it also inexplicably features the shoe store's new boss Laura, who isn't introduced until season 6.

  1. "Prisoner of the Underground": Danila can't get Laura her meds, and she becomes extremely irritable. It's pay day, but Gena's car completely broke down. His ride to work on the subway comes to a halt due to an accident, and he finds himself stranded on a subway car with, among other people, an unstable security guard, who establishes an authoritarian regime. Meanwhile, Dasha rushes to the store herself to get Gena's pay, while Lena stalls Sveta and Roma.

    Season 6 (2012) 

In this season, the show got a different opening theme (a different arrangement of the same song) , new visual effects (title sequence, scene transitions etc), and new sets for several locations. The aspect ratio has also been changed, from four-by-three to sixteen-by-nine. This is also the season where the show completely dropped its original premise with the episodes "Cosmetic Measures" (where Dasha gets a job and keeps it) and "A Botched Marriage" (where the Bukins' marriage is officially over).

It is unclear whether this was supposed to be the final season, but the series was cancelled after the season finale aired.

  1. "For Whom The School Bell Tolls": Sveta gets a stuffed bear as a gift from a secret admirer, and starts thinking it is alive. Katya leaves and passes on the shoe store to her and Gena's elementary school teacher, Laura Larionovna, who is retiring from her teaching job. At her retirement party held in the school and attended by many of her pupils, Laura opens a time capsule and reads out a note Gena made to his future self: a vow to kill her.
  2. "Homeowners' Madness": The homeowner association elects a new chairman, and both Lena and Gena are in the race. Sveta designs mugs with slogans in support of Gena's campaign.
  3. "Gena AKA Tycoon": Gena meets a millionaire who looks just like him. The millionaire offers to trade places, and Gena happily agrees. However, the millionaire only does it to escape a hitman...
  4. "Romeo and Juliet": A new family, the Vodkins, moves into the building, and Gena recognizes the father as the man who left him with his career-ending injury back when he was playing soccer. While the Bukins and the Vodkins become at odds with each other, Roma falls in love with the Vodkins' dim-witted daughter.
  5. "Roma In Service" (two-part episode) : Roma's draft-dodging days are over when he gets caught. Meanwhile Dasha tries to stop smoking and the Poleno's apartment burns... both events might or might not be related.
  6. "I want You Until Death": Roma gets a job as a businesswoman's secretary. He soon hears rumors about his new boss and the whereabouts of his predecessors, and starts fearing for his life. Lena gets a modeling job, which Dasha and Tolik do their best to sabotage.
  7. "Hi, I'm Your Dad": Lena has a very awkward reunion with her estranged father. Roma's plans for a trip to Moscow are derailed when Gena and Dasha find his nest egg and buy themselves a new TV.
  8. "Friday the 17th": Gena and Dasha are held hostage by a man who they have wronged exactly one year prior, but have no idea who he is. The man gives them one hour to figure out his identity and apologize, otherwise he will stab them to death. Meanwhile, Tolik and Lena run out of costumes for role-playing.
  9. "Bukin Constellation": Roma gets a job writing horoscopes in a local newspaper. In cahoots with Gena, he fixes up the horoscopes so that Gena could manipulate Dasha, and Roma could trick a friend of Sveta's into having sex with him.
  10. "Metal Withdrawal": Sveta throws a box of her old boyfriends' stuff from the balcony. The box falls on a guy who loses his memory, and Sveta convinces him he's her husband. Meanwhile, Gena and Tolik make money by selling scrap metal, and, while drunk, somehow manage to steal a statue.
  11. "Prizemania": Gena and Lena's race to the radio station to get a prize they both hold claim to abruptly ends when they get stuck in an elevator and have a near-death experience. Meanwhile, while expecting a visit from a radio DJ for a different contest, Sveta accidentally glues her mouth shut.
  12. "The Bukin Code": Gena gets ahold of a note from his grand-grandfather, which vaguely describes the location of a buried treasure, and he and Roma start digging holes all over the street. Dasha plans on distracting them and finish digging out the treasure herself.
  13. "Cosmetic Measures": Roma gets a job as a car salesman and asks Sveta to flirt with his clients. Lena loses her job, courtesy of her new boss and ex-husband Zhenya Stepanov, and, along with Dasha, tries to buy a cosmetics store, which is right next to Gena's shoe store in the mall. Gena wants none of it, and does everything to ruin their plans. Dasha and Lena end up working there, but it's Laura who becomes the store's new owner.
  14. "Advice From Sveta": Sveta becomes a radio DJ. After Dasha hypnotizes Gena to give him better aim when he pees, he becomes a master at aiming in general and decides to join a pool tournament.
  15. "Weasel Day": In a sports bar, a man wins millions in a highly unlikely bet, and then has a heart attack. Before calling an ambulance, Gena quietly pockets his bookmaker receipt. The next morning, he wakes up in a time loop.
  16. "Each Creature Will Get Punched": A video where a dog rips off Lena's dress goes viral. Lena tries to fix her image, but only makes things worse. Meanwhile, Gena tries to make a viral video with Dasha.
  17. "Screw Destiny": The episode explores an alternate timeline where Gena never landed his hat-trick and never got together with Dasha. Gena and Lena are a rich and successful couple, raising their only son Roma. Their quiet life is turned upside down when Roma meets a girl named Sveta Krasnova and invites her, along with her parents Dasha and Danila, to dinner.
  18. "Extrasexorial Skills": After getting electrocuted, Dasha gains an ability to see everyone's sexual fantasies, but with Gena, she sees nothing. Roma thinks Sveta might be a Chinese spy.
  19. "A Botched Marriage": Gena and Dasha learn that, because of a mistake in official records, they were never legally married, but will be if they sign a document. This information boosts Gena's confidence and even puts him on a track for a better job, while Dasha does everything she can to get his signature. Of course, nothing goes as expected, and after Gena ultimately caves, he realizes the next day that he is done with his old life. He fights with Dasha (who, in a fit of rage, rips the signed document in pieces) and walks away.
  20. "Unhappy Apart": Dasha gets a new boyfriend, who has an ulterior motive. Gena looks for a place to live, and ends up crashing with Danila.
  21. "Splitting the Garbage": Roma and Sveta still try to reunite their parents, with help from a medium. Gena and Dasha go through their belongings to split their mutual posessions in half, and unearth an expensive painting in the process.
  22. "Coffin on Wheels": Gena has nightmares of Dasha trying to kill him. An old boyfriend of Sveta's gives her an old bus as a present, which Roma cleans up, repaints and decorates. Dasha and the kids invite Gena for a ride in it, but it turns out that the bus has no brakes.
  23. "Dasha + Danila": To make Gena jealous, Dasha pretends Danila is her new boyfriend. Gena sees right through it, but Danila starts taking it seriously.
  24. "A Stewardess Named Sveta": Sveta trains to be a flight attendant, but Roma is convinced she is doing porn. Laura threatens to fire one of her two salesmen, so Gena and Danila spend their day trying to outperform each other.
  25. "Go Away, I'll Forgive": Roma and Sveta meet a mutual friend who is nine months pregnant, and Roma is convinced the baby is his. Dasha goes in therapy to make herself feel better after her breakup.
  26. "Roma Bukin And Peter's Chalice": Dasha tries to get Gena back with help from her father Evkakiy. Roma and Sveta try to steal Peter the First's chalice from a local museum and replace it with a fake.
  27. "Not Your Freaking Body": Roma and Sveta switch bodies. Roma in Sveta's body goes to a party and Sveta in Roma's body tries to get a date.
  28. "A Song About The Old": Gena and Dasha participate in couples' karaoke contest, and the Polenos are their main competitors. Sveta becomes a ring girl.
  29. "The Sweaty Son Returns": Roma tries an experimental pill and starts hearing Baron the dog's thoughts. Laura's mother is dying, and she asks to see her son. Laura's brother being missing, Laura asks Gena to impersonate her brother. But Gena is forced to keep the charade after Laura's mother gets better.
  30. "The Meeting Cannot Be Repeated": Roma sets up a webcam in Sveta's room. Dasha dates a man, but their exes keep intruding on their dates.
  31. "Anatomy of Passion": A series of misunderstandings makes Lena believe Tolik is cheating on her with Dasha, and Dasha think Gena is having sex with Lena. Meanwhile, Danila and Roma find an old radio receiver and catch an SOS signal from a pilot who crash-landed on a desert island.
  32. "A Place to Live and Scammers": Dasha tries her place at a new job as a real estate agent, and tries to seduce a potential client in order to make him buy an apartment. Roma's new date brings him to a party where each girl must bring the most embarrassing date possible, and promises him sex if he makes a complete fool of himself.
  33. "Law and Disorder": Gena and Lena are called to be members of the jury on a murder case: a man is accused of the murder of his wife, and Gena is the only one to believe the man is innocent.
  34. "Sveta And Two Bouquets": Sveta finds out she's the only one of her high school friends who never got married, so she calls up an ex, who proposes to her... and hours later, so does the returning Gera. She now has to figure out what to do with two fiancés. Dasha recalls the events preceding her marriage with Gena.
  35. "Brother and Sister, One and the Same": Roma's new boss flirts with him, he lies and says he's married. He now must bring a fake wife to a company party, and with no one to choose from, he ropes in Sveta. Gena buys a hideous ornament which gives Danila nightmares.
  36. "Bonds Of No Marriage": Gena has a party for Baron the dog's birthday. When Dasha comes over to get her dog back, Officer Petrov puts both her and Gena in handcuffs, and promises to free them when they resolve their issues. Roma starts dating a former school friend of his, who is now a middle school teacher, and a group of boys from her class actively tries to break them up.
  37. "Bite Me Tenderly": Roma's new date is convinced that he is a vampire. Gena is chosen as a judge for a beauty pageant, but the father of one of the participants, a corrupt cop, threatens Gena with jail time if he doesn't vote for his daughter.
  38. "Bukin VS Bukin": Gena meets up with a famous singer who used to have a crush on him when they were children, but she seems to have chosen Roma. Lena becomes Sveta's new mother figure.
  39. "Genosexual": Roma and Sveta breed chinchillas. After watching a TV show about a divorce, similar to her own, Dasha becomes convinced Gena is gay, and after speaking with her, both Gena and Danila start doubting their sexuality.
  40. "Love In Law": Gena starts watching soccer non-stop, misses work, becomes addicted and starts talking like a sports commentator, Danila tries to help him overcome his addiction. Meanwhile, worried that Dasha is lonely, Lena asks Tolik to set her up with someone, and Tolik sets Dasha up with a complete stranger with a criminal past.
  41. "Temporarily Pregnant Man": Danila hires an actress to play his wife when his mother is due to visit, but when the actress bolts at the last minute, Danila convinces Gena to dress as a woman instead. Roma works at a matrimonial agency for millionaires, and sets up Sveta with one.
  42. "Dasha Scissorhands": Tolik thinks he's balding. After Roma gets a job as a guinea pig and brings home an experimental pill for baldness, Tolik steals it and experiments its side effects. Meanwhile, Dasha styles a customer's hair just like her own, and later sees her on a date... with Gena.
  43. "Twinsanity": Danila's new girlfriend moves in with him and pits him against Gena. Sveta gets caught in an increasingly ridiculous web of lies when she introduces her ex to her boyfriend as her brother Roma, and the boyfriend then meets the real Roma.
  44. "Warriors of Sveta": At Roma's new work, he organizes a contest to win a copy of a new video game, but after a suggestion from a customer, makes Sveta the prize instead. It's the anniversary of the opening of Gena's mall, and Gena wants to be honored as the oldest employee still around, but for that, he has to contend with the only two remaining people who got hired before him.
  45. "The Gifted Mr Bukin": Gena wants to participate in a drawing contest to win a mini foosball table, but the problem is: the contest is only for kids. At his job as a guinea pig, Roma gets injected with truth serum, to Sveta's delight.
  46. "Daddy Effect": Danila's ex-wife leaves his son with him. While Danila scouts the mall in search for the hot new toy for his son, Gena, Roma and Sveta watch after him and make him do whatever they want.
  47. "Who Framed Gena Bukin?": While Gena and Danila wait for a bus, a man dies, and all evidence points to Gena being behind the man's death. Roma tries to score with an anti-drug volunteer by pretending to be a drug addict, but she decides to cure him using radical methods.
  48. "A Point In One's Own Goal Cage": A former friend of Gena's, and now the new trainer for the Yekaterinburg soccer team, Egor Shakhov, organizes a reception where he invites Dasha as his new date, and completely ignores Gena whom he doesn't seem to recognize. What's worse: he proposes to Dasha. Gena decides to sabotage their engagement, while denying he is jealous. Lena and Tolik decide to get a divorce so that they could get married for a second time and finally have a proper wedding.
  49. "All Roads Lead To The Roof": Series Finale. It is the New Year's Eve, and Dasha wants to celebrate with her entire family, including Gena, but the kids leave to celebrate on their own. Everyone ends up having a miserable night. Danila invites his relatives for the New Year celebration which doesn't sit well with Gena, and he leaves the party. Dasha celebrates with the Polenos, who clearly want to be alone. Roma goes to a club, where his date hits a wall and passes out, and he gets thrown out. Sveta waits for her new date on the roof of the apartment complex, and gets locked out. Soon after, Dasha and Roma join her and get stuck on the roof as well. After unsuccessfully trying to have a good time in a bar, Gena comes over. While he himself accidentally closes the door and the whole family is now locked out on the roof, they find themselves together when the clock strikes midnight, just as Dasha wanted. The entire family has a genuinely nice moment as they toast with a bottle of champaigne Sveta brought... until a joke by Gena at Dasha's expense sends them off into a shouting match once again, as the credits roll.

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