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Recap / Grimm S 1 E 7 Let Your Hair Down

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The enchantress was so hard-hearted that she banished the poor girl to a wilderness where she had to live in a miserable, wretched state.

A young Blutbad who was abducted as a child is found to have grown up and to be living as a wild woman in the woods near Portland.


  • Adult Fear: Having your seven year old daughter disappear from your own garden.
  • Happily Adopted: Holly seems to be this, only the fact that her adoptive parents wouldn't have known to expect her to develope Blutbad powers is a problem.
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  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The two villainous brothers kidnap a man they suspect killed their brother and take him to a cellar to be tortured. They then take off to chase after Nick and Monroe and are killed in the confrontation. The kidnapped man, last seen bound, gagged and crying in the cellar, is never seen or heard from again, despite having been a major witness in Nick's police investigation.
  • Wild Child: Holly Clark, who spend nine years in complete isolation in the woods.


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