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    Season 1 (The Disney Afternoon
  1. "Everything's Coming Up Goofy" (Part 1): Goofy and his son Max move to Spoonerville, much to the chagrin of their new neighbor, Goofy's old "friend" Pete.
  2. "Good Neighbor Goof" (Part 2): The Goofs move into their new house and hold a party to celebrate. However, it turns into a disaster when Goofy and Pete get into a fight and forbid their sons from seeing each other.
  3. "Axed by Addition": P.J. believes he's failed his math final and fears his dad grounding him forever, so Max tries to help spend his last day of freedom fulfilling his wildest dreams.
  4. "Unreal Estate"
  5. "You Camp Take It With You"
  6. "Midnight Movie Madness": Max and P.J. see a scary movie against their fathers' wishes, so Pete tries to teach them a lesson by pretending to be the killer from the movie.
  7. "Counterfiet Goof"
  8. "O, R-V, I-N-V-U": Max tries to be friends with Pete so he can hang out with P.J. more, and they soon find common ground in designing an RV, which makes P.J. feel left out.
  9. "Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp":
  10. "Close Encounters of the Weird Mime": Max and P.J. prank the neighborhood by pretending to be aliens invading the earth... at the same time Goofy dresses similarly for his new mine act.
  11. "Slightly Dinghy": Max and P.J. ask their fathers to take them fishing on Scarier Reef so they can look for a sunken treasure.
  12. "Canaba Fever"
  13. "Where There's Smoke, There's Goof"
  14. "Date with Destiny"
  15. "Hot Air"
  16. "Take Me Out of the Ball Game"
  17. "Wrecks, Lies & Videotape": Max and P.J. send a video of Goofy to America's Most Painful Home Videos, but Pete poses as him to claim the prize.
  18. "Max-imum Protection
  19. "Goofin' Hood and His Melancholy Men": Goofy tries to get Max interested in history by telling him about his ancestor Goofin' Hood.
  20. "Leader of the Pack"
  21. "Inspector Goofy": Pete arranges for Goofy to become the city inspector so he can close down a rival auto lot, only to regret it when Goofy inspects his lot.
  22. "Shake, Rattle & Goof": Goofy helps Max and P.J. start a rock band, and Pete makes himself their manager.
  23. "Terminal Pete"
  24. "Fool's Gold"
  25. "Cat's Entertainment"
  26. "Waste Makes Haste"
  27. "The Ungoofables": Goofy tells Max about his G-man ancestor, Elliot Goof.
  28. "All the Goof That's Fit to Print"
  29. "To Heir is Human"
  30. "Hallow-Weenies": Pete opens a bed-and-breakfast in an old house that turns out to be haunted by three ghostly musicians.
  31. "Tub Be or Not Tub Be"
  32. "Major Goof"
  33. "A Goof of the People": Goofy takes a stand against a factory that's polluting the environment.
  34. "Goof Under My Roof": Pete finds out that he owns half of Goofy's property.
  35. "Goodbye, Mr. Goofy"
  36. "Lethal Goofin'"
  37. "Frankengoof"
  38. "E-MC Goof": Goofy applies to be a janitor at a laboratory, but he accidentally sends Max's science test instead, which makes the scientists think he's a genius.
  39. "Pete's Day at the Races": Pete wins a racehorse in a card game, setting off a chain of events that bring all sorts of trouble for him.
  40. "In Goof We Trust": The news does an exposé on Pete's car lot at the same time Goofy is named the most honest man in town. Pete hires Goofy to spruce up his image and uses a hypnotizing helmet to make him as dishonest as he is (and then some).
  41. "And Baby Makes Three": A misunderstanding makes everyone think that Peg is bringing home a new baby.
  42. "The Incredible Bulk"
  43. "Mrs. Spoonerville"
  44. "For Pete's Sake"
  45. "Big City Blues": Max and P.J. get lost downtown, so their fathers try to search for them.
  46. "Rally Round the Goof"
  47. "Window Pains"
  48. "Nightmare on Goof Street"
  49. "Where There's a Will, There's a Goof": Goofy and Pete are mistaken for a pair of brothers and "inherit" an animal business.
  50. "Winter Blunderland": Pete takes everyone to a ski resort so he can photograph Goofy and pass him off as Bigfoot. However, the real Bigfoot shows up and falls in love with Goofy.
  51. "Gymnauseum"
  52. "Come Fly with Me"
  53. "As Goof Would Have It": Pete tricks a diet food company into thinking he lost weight by sending a picture of Goofy and claiming it's him.
  54. "Calling All Goofs": When Pete cons Goofy out of his plane money, forcing him and Max to miss a family reunion, Peg arranges for the Goof clan to have the reunion in Spoonerville (and make Pete pay every cent).
  55. "Buddy Building"
  56. "Dr. Horatio's Magic Orchestra"
  57. "Goofs of a Feather"
  58. "Goof Fellas"
  59. "The Good, the Bad and the Goofy"
  60. "Educating Goofy": Goofy tries to set an example for Max by going back to school with him.
  61. "Peg o' the Jungle"
  62. "Partners in Grime"
  63. "A Pizza the Action":
  64. "To Catch a Goof"
  65. "Gunfight at the Okie-Dokie Corral": Max doesn't want to wear glasses, so Goofy tells him about Mopalong Goofy, his bespectacled wild-west ancestor.

    Season 2 (ABC) 
  1. "Queasy Rider": Max discovers Goofy's old motorcycle and takes it for a joyride in order to impress a biker gang.
  2. "Maximum Insecurity":
  3. "Puppy Love":
  4. "Great Egg-spectations" Max finds an egg that hatches into a baby dinosaur.
  5. "Three-Ring Bind":
  6. "Pistolgeist":
  7. "Bringin' on the Rain":
  8. "Talent to the Max":
  9. "Tee for Two":
  10. "Goofin' Up the Social Ladder":
  11. "Sherlock Goof": Goofy again opens up the family photo album, this time to tell Max about detective Sherlock Goof.
  12. "From Air to Eternity":
  13. "Clan of the Cave Goof": Goofy tries to teach Max the importance of dental checkups by telling him about stone-age ancestor, the world's first dentist.

    Holiday Special 
  • "Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas": Pete takes his family to a cabin in Aspirin, Colorado to avoid putting up with Goofy's holiday mishaps, and Max, not wanting to be left alone with his father, convinces him to join them.

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