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Recap / Goodbye Yeet Academy 7

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Goodbye Yeet Academy 7

16 students wake up in a locked gymnasium and are told by a fiendish bear that to leave they must kill each other...

Then shit happens!

Ko Gamo, Ultimate Rhythm Gamer, tries to climb a kitchen counter as he's short. He falls and lands on top of Rei, Ultimate Jinx. Meanwhile, more brain damage is happening. Te55, a robot that's the Ultimate Beta Tester, startles Ortlinde Dietrich, Ultimate Blacksmith, in the storage closet. Ortlinde was trying to get some tools but ends up dropping a box of hammers on her head. Both Rei and Ortlinde are taken to the nurse's office where Kaze Kagami, Ultimate Archer, treats them.


Reiki Moto, Ultimate Boyfriend, builds a little robot named Fluffnut. He shows it around and people pet it.

There's an Uno game. It was terrible.

Elkie Adleman, Ultimate Thief and lesbian, stabs Monokuma. He blows up and she loses her hand.

Ortlinde wakes up from the hammer bonk with amnesia. She likes pretzel m&ms and has a big spear.

That really awkward sauna scene.

Things get worse for Elkie.

Motive 1, everyone is given a USB of a loved one who's life is on the line. Reiki's abusive boyfriend, Ortlinde's father, Kaze's father, the woman who saved Rei's life, and Ko's sister are among those who's lives are threatened.

Rei gets kidnapped and Ko gets roofied. Elkie goes and rescues Rei, kills the kidnapper, and then offs herself. However, Rei is a highly suspicious suspect, having been the last person to see both the deceased. To clear his name, Rei has to admit he lied about his talent; Rei's really the Ultimate Cannibal. He could not have killed either victim as he would've probably ate them. The class passes the trial.


Pool party.

Reiki makes a cardboard robot for a girl mourning the nasty dude Elkie killed.

Rei and Ko get closer. Boyfriends.

Te55 figures out Reiki's also a robot.

Motive two comes out. Shock collars that will kill you if you get a total of ten shocks. To keep the collars from shocking them, the players must never perform forbidden actions. Te55 can't swear, Reiki has to have a lit candle with him at all times, Ko can't be in the same room as Rei, Rei has to eat human flesh every day, Kaze has to eat spiders, and Ortlinde can't eat or drink.

Reiki eats a candle so it's always with him.

Ko steals someone's blood for Rei. Blood tax.

Te55 keeps getting herself shocked because she won't stop swearing. Reiki thinks she died when she short circuited and gets really upset.

Someone almost drowns. They don't though so motive keeps on going.


Ko discovers Reiki ate a candle and figures out he's a robot.

Ortlinde almost dies of dehydration. Ko saves her but it gets her shocked five times.

Ortlinde begs Ko to kill her. Ko refuses and she tries to do it herself but can't.

That mourning girl is found dead in her room with Ortlinde's spear in her gut and her robot crushed.

The class thinks Ko killed her. Ko did think of the idea but Ortlinde did commit the crime.

The group is subjected to the bends, also known as decompression sickness. Reiki is crushed like a soda can. Ko dents him out though.

Te55 teaches Rei how to dab.

Motive 3: "Hostage Roulette"

Two random people from the first motive's USB threats are chosen at random. One must die and the cast must vote on who.

First round is Ko's sister vs Kaze's dad.

The cast ties the vote. A coin is flipped and the two hostages are spared. However the woman who saved Rei is shot nine times in the skull on camera to compensate.

More people get shot. It goes on for several days and then a wheel is spun with the names of all the students. The person who's name is chosen will die.

Reiki is chosen.

He gets a bomb strapped onto him, says 'fuck', and then rips out his AI chip and chucks it across the room, and thus preserving himself.

Then... it gets messier.

Hours later, Rei and Ko are found dead of an overdose in each other's arms.

Ortlinde makes themed knives based off everyone who had died.

Te55 who doesn't really have anything to do after Reiki's death and is very bored, decides to set the school on fire.

Kaze's boyfriend kills himself so that the school won't be on fire.

Ortlinde gives Kaze a knife.

Te55 is restrained and her rampage is stopped. Kaze stabs her a couple dozen times in the face though and kills her.

Kaze tells everyone in the murder trial to vote for him. They do. Then Ortlinde pushes him out of the way of his execution and dies in his place.

Meanwhile in the afterlife (which is a movie theater), Reiki and Rei are playing Fortnite. There are many puppies running around. Ko is screaming at Ortlinde through the movie theater screen. Then Ortlinde comes into the movie theater when she dies, builds a forge, and then gets set on fire. Rei wins Fortnite.

The mastermind investigation is afoot. Nobody except Kaze investigates and all he finds is some text messages.

Everyone dies except the mastermind. And Reiki technically. Ko, Rei, and Ortlinde start a ghost metal band.


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