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Godzilla 2000: Millennium follows Godzilla pitted against a Millennian UFO that later creates his Kaiju adversary Orga, and a human antagonist (Katagiri) who wants to destroy him.

Plot Summary

Godzilla has been going on rampages causing destruction upon Japan as he seeks to consume the humans' energy sources (mainly nuclear power plants) because he is a radioactive dinosaur who feeds off nuclear energy.

Government agent Katagiri orders the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Forces) to engage in a full war on Godzilla and send in both ground troops and air force on him where they plan on destroying Godzilla with Full Metal Missiles. At the same time, CCI (Crisis Control Intelligence) discovers an ancient rock in the ocean and after shedding some light on it (literally), they awaken the rock which displays active motion and soon sheds off its rocky build-up to reveal a more smoother, silver skin. CCI concludes that the rock is actually a UFO from outer space, and that it crashed into the earth millions of years ago. The UFO is somehow able to break away and fly off. The CCI conclude that the UFO needs light to remain active.


Meanwhile, Godzilla is fighting the JSDF at Tokai beaches, with the JSDF clearly having an advantage due to being able to keep hitting him with painful missiles that are denting him at least slightly and air strikes preventing him from using his atomic breath to retaliate. This version of Godzilla requires him to concentrate and wait at least 10 seconds for his atomic breath to activate, which the air strikes are preventing. The UFO intervenes in the battle. The UFO scans Godzilla and blasts him with a laser ray emitted from a hole in the UFO. The UFO goes rampaging around Tokyo and rather than physically causing destruction, it cyber-hacks Tokyo to steal data about Godzilla.

Godzilla returns for a rematch against the UFO, and the humans decide to let Godzilla take out the UFO. The UFO topples a skyscraper on top of Godzilla, who gets knocked unconscious allowing the UFO to send in tentacles to absorb Godzilla's DNA and the alien life inside the UFO materializes into its true form, but is unable to control the side effects that being supplemented by Godzilla's DNA has and mutates into a horrific Kaiju (Orga). Godzilla wakes up and destroys the now pilotless UFO.


Godzilla and Orga then have a fight, in which Orga proves too strong because he can regenerate from whatever Godzilla inflicts upon him. Orga then attempts to swallow Godzilla whole so it can become a perfect carbon copy of Godzilla. Then, Godzilla activates his radioactive breath and destroys Orga from the inside - winning the battle. Godzilla approaches Katagiri and kills him as well, but spares the other humans. Just as it appears Godzilla is about to return back to the ocean, he goes on another rampage and burns what remains of Tokyo down with his atomic breath.


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