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Recap / Godof Asshole In The Side Of Good

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The First Chapter....

Melkor, tired of Jin Kisaragi's constant pleas for the latter's hunt for his brother, and thus deemed him a traitor to GUAE, sending Terumi Yuuki and I-NO to finish him off. After I-No deal the final blow to Jin, the latter was unconcious for a while. Then, he sees a younger Ragna and Saya playing together. The former Major of the NOL, infuriated, showed envy to Saya, who, surpisingly stabbed him multiple times and was killed once again.... until it was revealed to be a vision created by Cosmos who called him out on hischildhood mistakes... Then he wakes up to find himself in GUAG hospital, with Unohana Retsu standing near him, revealing that Sol rescued him. Despite his douchbag behavior, Jin told Unohana of his tale. Afterwards, he was sent to his room and was now thus a member of the GUAG.


Tropes that apply here:

  • Big Damn Heroes: It's revealed that before I-no struck the final blow on Jin, Sol rescued him in time.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Jin had no chance of beating Hazama and I-no.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Jin very reluctantly takes this.
  • Jerkass: Guess who.
  • Mind Rape: Cosmos does this to Jin to the latter realize his actions in his early childhood days.
  • What The Hell, Mr. Hero: Cosmos called Jin out on his childhood. Although Jin called out Cosmos about using Mind Rape on him just to make a point.


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