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Recap / Glitter Force

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  1. "Birth! Full of Smiles, Cure Happy!!"
  2. "Burn Up! It's hot-Blooded Cure Sunny!!"
  3. "Rock, Paper, Scissors♪ It's Cure Peace!!"
  4. "A Clear-Cut Match! Cure March of the Winds!!"
  5. "Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!!"
  6. "Team Formation! Smile Pretty Cure!!"
  7. "Where is it? Our secret base!?"
  8. "Miyuki and Candy Switch Places~!?"
  9. "It can't be~! Yayoi is changing schools!?"
  10. "Hot-blooded! Akane's okonomiyaki life!!"
  11. "The Pretty Cures Have Shrunk~!?"
  12. "The Awakened Power! Rainbow Healing!!"
  13. "School excursion! Miyuki's happiness reaches its limit in Kyoto!?"
  14. "School excursion! Lost in Osaka!?"
  15. "Slapstick! Miyuki's Mother's Day challenge!!"
  16. "Reika's troubles! Why do I study!?"
  17. "Hot-blooded! Akane's comedian life!!"
  18. "Nao's feelings! Everyone's bonds connected by a baton!!"
  19. "Thank you Papa! Yayoi's treasure"
  20. "Invisible People? Miyuki and Akane Become Invisible~!?"
  21. "A wish to the stars! Let everyone stay together for~ever!!"
  22. "What is the most important thing?"
  23. "Pierrot revived! Pretty Cure in a desperate situation!!"
  24. "The Pretty Cure become fairies-miyu~!?"
  25. "It's summer! It's the sea! Akane and Nao's obstinate showdown!!"
  26. "Summer festival! Huge flower blooming in the night sky!"
  27. "Summer magic!? Grandma's treasure"
  28. "Lies? Truth? I'm not afraid of ghosts!"
  29. "The Pretty Cure are su~cked into a game!?"
  30. "A big trip around the world through book doors!!"
  31. "The secret of the Royal Clock and Candy!!"
  32. "Hearts as one! The Pretty Cures' new power!!"
  33. "Story! A period drama in the movie village-degozaru!?"
  34. "All together! Miracle fashion show at the culture festival!!"
  35. "Yayoi, Protect the Earth! A Pretty Cure Became a Robot!?"
  36. "Hot-blooded!? Akane's first love life"
  37. "Reika's worry! A noble heart and a noble vote!!"
  38. "Hustling Nao! The Pretty Cures Become Kids~!?"
  39. "What has happened!? Miyuki's nonsensical Cinderella"
  40. "Hot-blooded! Akane's search of treasure life!!"
  41. "Me, a comic artist!? Yayoi's illustrated future dreams!!"
  42. "Protect it! Nao's precious bonds with family!!"
  43. "Reika's Path! I will go abroad for studies!!"
  44. "A smile's secret! Miyuki and the real Ultra Happy!!"
  45. "The beginning of the end! Pretty Cure vs 3 Generals"
  46. "The worst ending!? Bad End Pretty Cure"
  47. "The advent of the strongest Pierrot! Persevering power and the light of hope!!"
  48. "To a future sparkling with light! Deliver it! The Highest Smile!!"

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