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Recap / Glee S 4 E 22 All Or Nothing

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Bear witness to the final flight of the majestic Rainbow Bicorn.

Brittany: Tina, make me an exact replica of Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar dress.
Tina: Aahhhhh. No.

We start the Season 4 finale and Heather Morris's final episode with the lady of the hour at MIT, where she (and Sugar, the time machine almost repaired) has been the past two episodes. She's with two professors, who were skeptical about her near perfect SAT score, especially since she has a .2 GPA meaning she's never gotten higher than a D-. They issue a math test which of course she scores 0 on. When told this, Brit thinks they're going to call her an idiot "and that's bullying and I won't tolerate it", but they instead reveal that the numbers she thought up and wrote down in a pretty pattern are actually very significant. It's a massive mathematical discovery that they're calling "The Brittany Code", and Brit is called "the most brilliant scientific mind since Albert Einstein". They offer Brit a proposal as we offer a most appropriate Title Card.


Cut to Ryder again talking to "Katie", don't worry this gets resolved. He wants "her" real name. We get the rest of ND owning up to what is a daydream. In "reality", Will announces that Regionals is being held at McKinley for a reason we're not going to bother listening to because it'll be a lamer excuse than last time to not find or build a different auditorium set. He then says that with Frida Romero as competition (also-ran The Nuntouchables having to drop out due to a sexting scandal) they need to bring their A-game: it's Title Drop. We then get a Will V/O over Rachel at the call back for Funny Girl, cut back to him saying it's ND's moment. Cut to Rachel auditioning with Celine, Dr Coburn staring right through her. Afterwards, we cut to Blam, where Trouty tries to talk Blaine out of proposing to Kurt, suddenly realising he's actually into dudes (oh how we wish), but bow tie wants fish lips to be his best man. Blaine, you are, so very very very much, an idiot. In the choir room, the MIA Joesus arrives after cutting himself out of a cocoon made from his own dreads, followed by Sugar, who has repaired the time machine, but wanted to have one last performance with her mother before returing to the future. Speaking of Mama Brittany, she arrives as well, and oh boy has the ego landed. She tries to change the setlist so that she'll be the star (apparently this is the only storyline the writers can come up with for a Brittany-centric episode, rather than just Brittany-lead because those do vary which plot they pull out of the bingo wheel), then, in the greatest scene in Glee history, SHE DUMPS TROUTY MOUTH WHILST SITTING NEXT TO HIM. She says she's fascinated by his lady lips but wants to get back to real lady lips - if you know what I mean - and he may really just be secretly pleased that he's now free to also move onto the same sex (again, oh how we so wish). However, this is also a bittersweet circumstance, because it's at this moment Brittana fans broke out the champagne, not just to celebrate Bram's demise, but to drink themselves into a stupor as they realized that Murphy had won and Brittana wouldn't reunite. Thankfully, future events would dictate otherwise. In the meantime, she nails a 95 thesus to Roz's door, 95 reasons why she's quitting the Cheerios!.note  Of course, a concrete visual is required as well, namely Brit-Brit with lighter fluid, a drum, and a lighter. Very dramatic. Also being dramatic is Ryder, throwing the standard Finnegan hissy fit in unforseen tribute demanding to know who is catfishing him or he won't join in at Regionals (until Will comes to him with a Rousing Speech, leaves his car keys, and they perform a Journey medley to make Steven Perry proud?); Marley decides to own up, even though she was politely adamant it wasn't her. Jake steps up, and we think he's going to shout I Am Spartacus, but he just tells Ryder to let go of his girl. Cut to Blaine shopping for an engagement ring with Tina and Trouty's help, and the kindly old Patty Duke running the store shares her struggles with being a lesbian before giving the ring to Blaine for free. Then Tina calls Sue to start dumping a whole other reality pie on his perfectly coiffed and over-gelled head so that he doesn't expect this treatment forever. Cut to Brittany ambushed by Will and Sue, who are finally concerned for her instead of people who are really doing just fine. She of course flips it on them, breaking out the fondue to document her evidence that she managed to scrape together to determine who Sue's baby daddy is. This of course is a smokescreen as it's abunduntly clear there's only one person who can navigate Brittany - and that she's currently living in a big hovel in Bushwick. Sam (Brit-Brit dumping him earns him his name back) makes the call himself as we go to break.


We return to Breadstix, where the jewellery store lady brings her girlfriend Meredith Baxter to have dinner with Klaine in Breadstix - there are only fifteen different setsnote  - and compare their lives to Klaine's as far as clubs and representation. Then, because Murphy loves to drive points home with bulldozers, the couple get engaged. Not Klaine, the old lesbians who have been together for decades and are waiting for marriage equality, which is still not legal in Ohio at this point, and won't be when Klaine do unfortunately get married. Cut to Ryder, who has gone back on his promise and made it into "I'm a little bitch and not going to perform at Regionals even now you've told me". However, we then see "Katie" reveal "herself". Remember when "she" misgendered Unique and we said it was a smokescreen? That's because it was to throw Ryder off the scent. Yes, "Katie"... is Unique, who fell for Ryder but knew he would never see past the cock. Marley was just protecting her without knowing it was her. She begs Ryder to perform for his friends, but he says that the pair of them aren't friends. Why is his reaction so much worse with his mystery girl being Unique compared to any other girl? Oh yeah, he's still insistent that Unique is a predatory gay man. Some would say something to Ryder along the lines of "we need to rid your scum from the Earth to choke in Hell", but I'll give it a pass just this once knowing the very near future and significance of this episode. And now, thankfully, Mood Whiplash as we cut back to "Fondue for Two" and one Ms. Lopez, who shows the most actual care and concern for the girl next to her, and Brittany says she has something important that she didn't want to tell anyone else. That's a sign that you're soul mates, FYI. From there, it's to the auditorium for Regionals 2013, the judges this time being a warden, ex-con football coach, and a contortionist. I'd say Murphy's not even trying, but I'd be wasting breath. The Nuntouchables' replacements, the Cincinatti Ziegler Prep Waffletoots begin with a song from The Muppets. This of course serves a reason to cut to ND getting ready. Then Ryder appears in the choir room, making his triumphant return because he's only mad at one person. Then he says afterwards he's out of ND because he's an idiot. Back to the stage for Jessica Sanchez with the Zedd/Foxes and TBH she's kinda not anywhere near as awesome as she should be to have the privilege of dictating when this episode was filmed. We're not kidding and we'll elaborate later. 

We return from break to see ND come in for the show circle. However Brittany then also turns up ready to perform; her ego nearly led to her quitting as well. Good, they don't have to call on the band (who were all also freshman with Artie, conveniently). She then explains that she was having a meltdown because she got accepted into MIT but they want her start right away and she didn't want to say goodbye (to her free time. No?) With Santana on one side, and their child by her other side, and tears in the eyes (which are clearly HeMo's), she says thusly:

My entire life, people have always told me that I was stupid. And after a while I started to believe them. And it wasn't until I walked in this room and I joined this club that I really started believing in myself. And as soon as I did that, I started believing that maybe I was smart after all. I think the whole world did too.

This is all Heather here, yes she's raising a family, but this is still four years with the same castmates. And family is key, as she compares ND to a family, saying goodbye to them all in her own Brittany way, especially Santana, who there aren't words for. Brittany then turns to the love of her life, starts crying, whispers her name, and then runs to hug her, which lasts until they have to go on to perform. I don't think you're getting back together, Sammy. Will's tearing up at the sight of them, and he suddenly throws out all his hatred for the girls and becomes a number one Brittana stan. Better late than never for him to start getting his act together, even if it will undoubtedly last to the end of the episode as a maximum. They hit the show circle, then it's to the stage for the usual showstopper, ending with a Title Drop of a song and a duet between the future Supergirl and Music Meister. The result is of course obvious and ND are now 4-5 at Regionals, hoping to make it 2-3 at Nationals.

We start the final home stretch of the season with the above results, then a rather tearful shot of Brittany, alone on stage among the pyro, looking out one last time. Santana takes her by the hand and they exit together. Cut to the choir room for celebrations... and nuptuals. Yes, in a surprise ceremony that Emma's orchestrated so she doesn't get OCD about the celebrations and freak out so much she runs off again, Wemma make it legal. One last shot to the ring box in Blaine's hand and we're out.

Now, you may have noticed a few things missing. Well, they all trace back to Jess Sanchez. See, Murphy really wanted her. So much so, that he delayed filming to accomodate her. Thing is, he delayed filming so much, that the major plots couldn't be resolved in the usual manner. Therefore, Season 4 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. The first 13 episodes of next season will finish off the in-universe school year. Speaking of...

Next Season: As said, the end of the in-universe school year, which marks departures and graduations for the veteran ND members. Plus, Nationals 2013, a long-overdue resolution, textbook stuntcasting (including another American Idol vet), the 100th episode with cameos galore... plus, what happens when you're already locked in to a final season, but still have to pad out the episode order. We warn you now, it's not pretty. All that, plus events tragic and heartbreaking, as we bid farewell to The Quarterback.


  • "To Love You More" by Céline Dion, performed by Rachel
  • "My Cup", Glee original, performed by Brittany and Artie
  • "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog, performed by The Waffletoots
  • "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes, performed by Frida with the Hoosierdaddies
  • "Wings" by Little Mix, performed by Frida with the Hoosierdaddies
  • "Hall of Fame" by The Script feat., performed by New Directions boys
  • "I Love It" by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX, performed by New Directions girls
  • "All or Nothing", Glee original, performed by Marley and Blaine with New Directions


  • Ambiguously Gay: Brittany is definitely bi, but she breaks up with Sam for reasons that appear to be she just prefers women and she'd rather be single than with a boy, and she thought his lips were like a girls' which is why she lasted this long. At least they're better reasons than Santana had for breaking up with her.
  • Call-Back: "My Cup." Also, Emma's story about having gum on her shoe early in the series.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Brittany asks if Will is planning to have children or just intimate relationships with high school students. At this point her actress, playing one of those high school students, was pregnant.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Being HeMo's last episode, this just didn't work: baggy shirts only go so far. At one point she crosses her arms and they are just resting on the bump, clear as day.
  • Ivy League for Everyone: Brittany going to MIT.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Sam managed to pick the moment that Santana was changing to call her, which is a nice view.
  • No Yay/Squick: Sue describing having sex with Michael Bolton.
  • "Not Important to This Episode" Camp: Beiste and Rachel, this being the third and last episode where she doesn't appear.
  • Nun Too Holy: A sexting scandal at Our Lady of Perpetual Loneliness caused their glee club, the Nuntouchables, to be excommunicated by the Pope so they can't perform.
  • Polish the Turd: In-Universe, Brittany says that one of Marley's songs could only be made tolerable ("the only way to polish that turd of a song is") with her (Brit's) angelic alto.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: "Will, Emma. Wemma." when the Reverend marries them.
  • Put on a Bus: In addition to Heather Morris, Samuel Larson departs here, as does Vanessa Lengies. Larson & Lengies would make cameos in Season 6.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: As mentioned, Heather Morris left the series to have her baby.
  • Shout-Out: The timing is tight, so Brittany calling out "Sorry not sorry" to people could either be a shout out to Naya Rivera's own song, or the other way around.
  • Take That, Us: Brittany narrates that Will and Sue "were two sworn enemies" who fought a lot, joined and quit over and over, "and then everybody stopped caring". It's like she's talking to the writers for us, and they're just immune to taking the criticisms in but can hang them on the fourth wall.
  • Tearjerker: Brittany's speech and moment with Santana.
  • The Cameo: Harry Shum Jr as Mike Chang.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Both Brittany and Ryder. Thankfully,
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Yes, Kurt's overall looks were good with blonde hair. Santana having blonde hair, though?

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