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Recap / Garfield And Friends S 1 E 07

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Weighty Problem

Garfield tampers with a talking scale, making Jon think he is overweight, so Jon makes Garfield exercise with him.

The Worm Turns

Orson is reading a book in his waller while wearing an inner tube. He gets out to greet the viewer by letting the air out of the tube, causing him to fly off into the distance. When he lands, he can’t find his air pump, but he ignores that and then goes to find Wade.

While Wade is sleeping under a tree, Roy sneaks up with Orson’s air pump and blows Wade’s inner tube up to an enormous size. When Wade wakes up, he concludes that he has shrunk, and he jumps out of the inner tube and runs off in a frenzy. Orson tells him that he hasn’t shrunk, but he doesn’t listen. After Roy reveals that he was playing a prank, Orson begins to explain Roy’s normal antics but is interrupted when the viewer suggests that Booker is worm hunting. Orson then explains why Booker doesn’t chase worms any more.Booker is continually chasing worms and singing about how much he hates them and what he’ll do to a worm if he catches one. He then sets a rope trap for the worm, but the worm tricks him into getting caught in the trap himself, and eventually he is hanging in a tree calling for help. After a few hours, the worm comes back and cuts the rope, freeing Booker from the tree. He then grabs the worm and is seemingly about to eat it, but he kisses it instead.


Wade asks Orson if he thinks the friendship between Booker and the worm will last, and Orson assures him that it will. Booker then walks by singing about how much he likes the worm, but he soon starts to hate it again and chases after it.

Good Cat, Bad Cat

Garfield is visited by his angelic Good side and devilish Bad side, battling over who gets to control his actions.

Garfield's opening line contains examples of:


Weight Problem contains examples of:

  • Chased Off into the Sunset: Jon angrily chases after Garfield at the end of the episode, after learning that Garfield tampered with the talking scale into making him think that he needed to lose extra weight.
  • Diet Episode: One of many in the series.
  • Mythology Gag: The "lettuce leaf" to "Half a lettuce leaf" gag was used previously in A Garfield Thanksgiving, but at that time Jon did it to Garfield. Here, Garfield does it to Jon as an alternate-continuity form of payback.
  • The Stool Pigeon: The talking scale rats Garfield out by telling Jon that Garfield tampered with it.
    Garfield: Ratfink scale!


The Worm Turns contains examples of:

Good Cat, Bad Cat contains examples of:

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