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Recap / Futurama S 7 E 16 T The Terrestrial

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Jrrr incinerates the headless clone of Spiro Agnew, because he was working on a scouting merit badge, leading to an embargo against Omicron Persei 8. Professor Farnsworth has run out of his Good New brand herbal supplement, which has an active ingredient produced on Omicron Persei 8, so now the Planet Express crew must bypass the embargo, which leads to Fry being left behind.


  • Aliens Speaking English: Parodied
    Jrrr: Do you speak English?
    Fry: Eng... ...lish?
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  • Call-Back: Fry becomes the E.T. equivalent to a young Omicronian prince called Jrrr. Very likely the same little delicious Omicronian larval form who was almost eaten by, then protected by, then saved Leela, all the way back in "The Problem with Popplers" (who introduced himself while in Leela's mouth with the words "I am Jrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8".
  • Gigantic Moon: Inverted, Omicron Persei 8 is instead surrounded by massive numbers of extremely small moons that hang very low in the orbit, causing Jrrr and Fry to almost crash into one when using his flying bicycle.
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Fry is shown eating some candy-like droplets, which despite being initially disgusted with the revelation, he still continues eating. It's actually Jrrr's poop. Fry eventually gets sick from eating it.
  • Island Help Message: Fry writes SOS using advanced communication technology. As in, he uses the satellites and computers themselves to spell out the message.
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  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Lrr tells his son Jrr that his cape isn't "lame" but lamé, which is in fact correct (assuming it's made out of metallic yarns).
  • The Power of Love: Parodied, featuring flying bicycles on Omicron Persei 8 that are powered by love. At one point, Lrr tells his guards to "love harder".
  • Solid Gold Poop: Fry eats candy dropped on the ground, which turns out to be Omnicronian feces.
  • Whole Plot Reference: A spoof of ET The Extraterrestrial, with Fry in the E.T. role, stranded on Omicron Persei 8 and taken in by Lrrr's son.

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