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Recap / Futurama S 4 E 17 Spanish Fry

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Someone's got his nose, er-, human horn.

While on a camping trip, Fry's nose is stolen by aliens because 'human horns' are used by some species as an aphrodisiac. They track the nose to Lrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8, whose marriage with Ndnd is on the rocks. Then Lrrr gets it into his head that he needs Fry's lower horn...!


  • Always a Bigger Fish: This looks to be invoked when Bigfoot enters the fray at the climax, but it's the other way around. For all the size and strength he's supposed to have, Futurama is full of aliens that are way bigger, tougher and overall scarier than Bigfoot, including the Omicronians.
    Ndnd: Aww, look at his adorable little feet!
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: The Professor exhibits this regarding Bigfoot:
    Farnsworth: Bunk! Bunk, I say! Bring me a bag of Bigfoot's droppings or shut up!
    • Could fall into an inversion, reasonable skepticism to the Professor, not the audience, as to Farnsworth there's been no conclusive evidence found for over 1,000 years. After all he's perfectly willing to accept space Egyptians, since he's sent the crew to them, and space elves, since they work for Robot Santa, but would have no reason to believe in fairies or Leprechauns that don't exist in the world of Futurama.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Hermes walks past everyone with a roll of toilet paper, saying he's going to do "some business" behind a tree... then we see him get out a printing calculator, insert the toilet paper and start literally doing some bureaucrat business.
  • Bavarian Fire Drill: The Planet Express crew get past the guards by pretending to be selling cookies to go to some camp.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Double Subverted; right as the Omicronians have lost patience and are about to take Fry's lower horn, Bigfoot smashes his way onto the scene in what looks to be a badass rescue... but they're all bigger and tougher than him and consider him a cute critter. Bigfoot then makes a show of yelling and throwing leaves around, as he is a dumb animal. In the end his appearance does save Fry, but instead by getting Lrrr to realize something about himself.
  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti: Bigfoot plays a prominent role in the episode.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Bigfoot's absence is a driving point throughout the first act, and the ape himself arrives at the end of the episode to (indirectly) save Fry.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Lrrr and Ndnd can't help but fawn over Bigfoot.
  • Deranged Park Ranger: The episode has Ranger Park, a park ranger who is obsessed with Bigfoot. He may be one of the milder cases of this trope, as while he is quite friendly and sociable, upon finally seeing Bigfoot face-to-face and snapping a bunch of pictures of him he planned on cutting off one of Bigfoot's feet and keeping it as evidence of the creature's existence.
  • Dreadful Musician: While Leela is usually extremely competent at just about anything, singing falls into the small number of things she's catastrophically bad at. Lrrr and Ndnd are so horrified by her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" that they decided to harvest Fry's "lower horn" there and then, and get out of there.
  • Destructo-Nookie: Lrr and Ndnd tell Fry, Leela, and Bender to retreat to a, "safe, 500 meter radius." when they start having sex, and the episode ends with them desperately running for their lives.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: This episode swaps out the usual theme music for a beatbox version by Billy West and John DiMaggio.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Bender is just as disgusted as Fry and Leela when the human horn dealer reveals he records everyone who comes into his store so he can blackmail them later.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Ndnd gushes about how Lrrr used to be very sweet to animals in the park. This turns out to be true as Lrrr coos over Bigfoot and protects him from Ranger Park's poaching.
    • When searching for Bigfoot, Fry imagines a scenario in which Bigfoot is caring, but gets shot anyway so that Bigfoot can "teach [them] about stuff." When Ranger Park finds Bigfoot, he immediately takes out a tranquilizer gun to shoot and poach him.
  • Forever Fling: Despite Lrrr's first wife being the only one who liked lilacs, he still keeps the flowers around, and is annoyed that Ndnd doesn't comment on them.
  • Freudian Threat: Keeping Lrrr from harvesting Fry's "lower horn" becomes the point of the second half of the episode.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Lrrr is very reluctant to have his gentle, romantic past be revealed.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Played for laughs in the Scary Door segment that plays over the credits, where a scientist combines the DNA of the world's most evil animals, resulting in a naked guy who walks out of the test chamber and bluntly states "It turns out it's man."
  • Hurricane of Euphemisms: The entire third act, as helpfully pointed out by Bender.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Morbo's newscast mentions human horn is portrayed as an aphrodisiac on "alien broadcasts, too filthy for us to show." He then shows a clip from such a show.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: The porno dealer calls Fry, Leela and Bender out on their disgust about his blackmailing customers, asking them what did they expect from someone in his line of work.
    Dealer: Hey, I'm a porno-dealing monster, what do I care what you think?
  • Meaningful Name: The name of the park ranger is Ranger Park.
  • Mirror Reveal: Fry has just had his "human horn" (nose) stolen by alien poachers. Zoidberg agrees to tell him tactfully and promptly shouts "Fry, your nose is gone! We know not where it is, but on your face it is not!". Bender then shoves a mirror in his face and invokes this trope.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Fry could have left Omicron Persei 8 with no injury whatsoever if Bender hadn't informed Lrrr about where the real human sexual organ is located, thus encouraging Lrrr to hunt down Fry's "lower horn." Justified in that Bender is The Gadfly.
  • No-Sell: The ranger tries to tranquilize the Omicronians when they stand between him and Bigfoot, but the dart bounces harmlessly off of Lrrr's skin.
  • Noodle Incident: Bender hints that Fry once pulled his "lower horn" out of his pants at the movie theater.
  • The Noseless: Fry briefly gets his nose removed from his face.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: After stopping the ranger from cutting off Bigfoot's feet, Lrrr realizes that wanting to cut off Fry's "lower horn" is no different. He asks himself, "Am I any better that this man and his demented foot lust? Yes, but not by enough."
  • Opt Out: Leela offers Zoidberg a chance to tag along with them, but he casually declines.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Lrrr dons one of these when going to an alien porno shop. He wears a baseball cap and sunglasses and calls himself, "Some guy...RULER OF THE PLANET OMICRON PERSEI 8!!" Heck, Leela recognizes him in the video before he even says anything.
  • Real After All: "Bigfoot! He's real! I knew it! The Loch Ness Monster's book was right!"
  • Running Gag: The last act has Bender constantly cracking jokes about all the double entendres involving Fry's "lower horn".
    Lrrr: Mmm, this jerked chicken is good. I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked.
    Bender: It's used to it. Whoooo!
  • Shout-Out:
    • "Fry! What in Sega Genesis happened to you?"
    • The ending where Bigfoot walks off is a homage to the Patterson-Gimlin film, which also appears during the documentary shown to the campers at the beginning.
    • The long random tube used to suck Fry into the saucer is copied from Windows 95 3D Pipes screensaver.
    • Fry's abduction scene homages those in the pilot episode of The X-Files.
  • Squick: In-universe with the PE staff's reaction to what human noses are used for.
  • Take That!: Pottery Barn is described as a "scuzzy bazaar", and the crew look there for Fry's nose.
  • Teeny Weenie: Once again, it's hinted that Fry has a small endowment, this time courtesy of Bender.
    Lrrr: This human's lower horn is one of God's creatures, a living thing, and like all living things, large and small—
    Bender: In this case, small! Whoo!
  • That's What She Said: Bender says this in response to Fry saying to Lrrr "But in this case, I just don't think it's going to work".
  • Unusual Euphemism: Fry's genitals are frequently referred to as his "lower horn".
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: As Fry is walking in the woods before exiting into a clearing, he sees a spaceship over the trees. It plays like a typical Alien Abduction scenario, until Fry says "Oh, it's just a flying saucer" in a bored tone before yelling up at them that this part of the woods they were in is listed as a "No Parking Zone". Fry's been in the 31st-century for quite some time at this point, so he's gotten used to the sight of spaceships.
  • Whatever Happened to the Mouse?: The two Omicronian servants who accompanied Lrr and Ndnd to the forest inexplicably disappear upon Bigfoot's arrival.


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