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Recap / Fudêncio e Seus Amigos S1E1 "Quiprocó na Lama"

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The bus driver takes students from the school to alps in Minas Gerais to ski in the mud. When he decides to stop to go to the bathroom due to diarrhea, Fudêncio takes control of the bus.


  • Decoy Protagonist: It begins with a dialogue between Conrado and the narrator, and only in the end of the scene, Fudêncio shows up, and does nothing besides laugh.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Funérea and Conrado both not having fun with the other kids.
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  • Interactive Narrator: Conrado has an entire conversation with the narrator in the episode, and even is convinced by him to go to the trip.
  • Toilet Humor: The bus driver spends a big part of the episode in the bathroom, pooping; in each scene, his poop becomes bigger. By the end, it's an entire mountain and the kids ski in it, believing it's the alps.
  • Visual Pun: A kid on the bus calls a pedestrian an "asshole" (in Portuguese, of course). Turns out said pedestrian is a centaur, and thus, he has a literal "ass hole".

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