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Recap / Friends S 3 E 15 The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break

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Rachel is fed up with Ross's jealousy and tells him they need to take a break. He ends up sleeping with someone else. Phoebe and Monica double date with a diplomat and his interpreter.


  • All Men Are Perverts: Joey and Chandler, anticipating Chloe and Isaac's party, discuss with each other all the different ways they could have sex with the former.
  • Call-Back: The song With or Without You plays over the PA at Chloe and Isaac's party. This was Ross's "make up song" to Rachel at the end of "TOW The List", and he even acknowledges to Chloe that he likes the song. The episode ends in a fadeout as the two kiss each other.
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  • Cerebus Syndrome: The episode starts off light and funny with Joey messing around with a jar of olives and Phoebe frantically looking for a world atlas but gradually takes on a darker and more serious tone as it progresses. First with Ross's surprise picnic for Rachel horribly backfiring. Then with the two of them having a big fight, before she declares that she'd like to "take a break" from him. And then Ross, drunk and horribly distraught, making out with Chloe the copy girl. Singlehandedly shifting the tone of Ross and Rachel's relationship for the rest of the series.
  • The Ditz: Chloe is portrayed as shallow and not very bright, which eventually turns Joey and Chandler off to her. Ross, on the other hand....
  • Genki Girl: Chloe, sort of, which is one of the things that draws the three men to her.
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  • Informed Attractiveness: Chloe is suggested to be very beautiful, with Chandler and Joey regularly visiting the copy place where she works simply to gawk at her. While she's not ugly, per se, some fans feel that her attractiveness was at least slightly overblown in the episode.
  • It's All About Me: Phoebe invites Monica on a double date so that Sergei's translator, Mischa, will have someone to talk to. But when Mischa and Monica really hit it off, Phoebe becomes jealous that their conversations leave her unable to talk with Sergei.
  • Language Barrier: Phoebe dates a UN ambassador who does not speak English, and invites Monica as his translator's date. The latter two really hit it off, but this leaves Phoebe unable to speak with Sergei.
  • Mood Whiplash: The dramatic Ross/Rachel scenes are interspersed with the lighthearted Phoebe/Monica scenes to keep the episode from becoming too soapy.
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  • Never My Fault: Ross never admits that taking a picnic basket to Rachel's office while she was clearly busy was a bad idea.
  • Ruritania: The closest that Phoebe comes to pronouncing the name of Sergei's country is "Ichnech Traian Istan." It's implied to be a former Soviet republic in Eastern Europe, as, according to Phoebe, "it took the Germans six weeks to go all the way across it."
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Mischa resigns after telling the story of how his dog died and getting no sympathy from Sergei or Phoebe. He then invites Monica to the Rainbow Room, leaving the other two unable to communicate.
  • The Stoner: Though never outright stated, Isaac gives off a very clear vibe of being this.

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