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This page details the events of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, which happened after Blazing Blade. Click here to see what happened from there, including the origins of some background character.

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    Prelude to War 

After the battle against the Black Fang and the dark druid Nergal, the heroes of Lycian League, Eliwood and Hector made efforts to rebuild their league in their absence. They were blessed with fair children, Eliwood's son Roy, and Hector's daughter Lilina. In one visit, they became fast friends.

Additionally, Lyndis handed over her region Caelin to be assimilated with Hector's Ostia. What happened to her was unknown, but either she returned to her home, the plains of Sacae, or became Hector's wife. The Pheraen archer Rebecca was asked to become Roy's wet nurse, but she also bore a son, Wolt. Inheriting Rebecca's talents in archery, Wolt became one of Roy's childhood friends along with Lilina.

The monk Lucius settled down to open up an orphanage within the Araphen region. Meanwhile, the mage Nino married her emotionless killer friend that regained his emotions, Jaffar, and the couple were blessed with twin boys: Lugh and Raigh. However, remnants of Black Fang still haunted Jaffar, and to protect his family, he took his leave. Nino also sensed that her continued presence would endanger her children, so she took them to Lucius' orphanage and left them there, while she also vanished to follow up with Jaffar.

In Etruria, Louise gave birth to her firstborn son, Klein, and followed by a daughter, Clarine. Pent soon retired from his position as Mage General of Etruria, but he already knew a worthy successor, a nurturing noble named Cecilia. Before Pent assigned her as his successor, both Eliwood and Hector has called for her services in order to train their children about the arts of war. Roy excelled in swords whereas he would end up underachieving in terms of spellcasting, something that somehow Lilina excelled at. Eventually, Roy is also sent for another batch of studying, this time to be able to rule as the next Marquess of Pherae.

It seemed like their efforts to defeat Nergal bore fruit and peace came... which would be shattered as the new King of Bern, Zephiel, suddenly declared war against the whole continent and began a massive subjugation campaign throughout Elibe.


    Invasion of Lycia 
In the wake of the Bern invasion and as the leader of the Lycian League, Hector organized a meeting with other Lycian Lords in Araphen and called for Eliwood's presence by sending Lilina as the messenger. Unfortunately, Eliwood has fallen ill and couldn't leave his castle. Additionally, even bandits started to pillage neighboring villages and he was helpless. Lilina did offer to clean up the bandits with her magic, but Eliwood forbade her, telling her to trust Roy, whom he just called to return in the wake of Bern's invasion.

Roy came just in time to defend the Castle of Pherae from bandits led by Damas. Helping him to achieve this task were his childhood friend Wolt; the veteran Knight of Pherae since Eliwood's prime time, Marcus; two upcoming Knights of Pherae, Alen and Lance; and Bors, an Armor Knight from Ostia instructed by Lilina to protect Roy. As Roy reunited with his father and Lilina, he received the mission to come over to Araphen and represent Pherae. Eliwood also asked Merlinus, now a trusted advisor of the House Pherae, to accompany Roy and give him advice whenever necessary. Lilina had to return to Ostia to manage the region in her father's absence, but she also specifically instructed Bors to still follow and protect Roy.

Eliwood has also arranged a group of mercenaries from various region, led by the swordsman Dieck, and members consisting two axemen, Wade and Lot, and an Ilian Pegasus Knight, Shanna, to meet up with Roy in a border between Pherae and Bern before they head to Araphen. However, when Roy arrived to the scene, he bumped into a cleric from Bern named Elen, seemingly on the run from Bern's forces. Roy chose to defend Elen and it was also around this time that Dieck's group arrive to fulfill their contract. Elen has described that she and her mistress was held against their will by a rogue Bern general in a nearby castle. Roy and his group stormed the location and to his surprise, Elen's mistress was none other than the Princess of Bern herself, Princess Guinivere. Distressed with the path of madness her brother took, no doubt because of the attempt on his life by their own father, Guinivere has been looking for a way to stop the war peacefully. Believing her words and desire to avoid bloodshed, Roy agreed to take her in to the meeting with Hector.

But he was too late. From a messenger, he learned that Bern launched a surprise attack to Araphen backed with two of their mightiest Dragon Generals, Narcian and Brunnya, and several Dragons were aiding them. Many Lycian League members died, but Hector stood his ground and delivered a mighty final stand... but he was past his prime from his battles against Nergal and he no longer possessed the axe Armads, since he sealed it once again in the Western Isles after the battle. The younger Dragon Generals, with their talents in magecraft, broke through Hector's defenses, wounding him greatly and capturing him. He was brought to Zephiel, the same boy he saved, but since they never met face to face, Zephiel didn't recognize him and Hector didn't bring up his past deeds. As far as Zephiel was concerned, Hector was just another obstacle in his conquest campaign of Elibe, and ordered him to be imprisoned without time to tend for his wounds.

Roy still held onto hope that he could still save Hector. Coming to his help were two children from a nearby orphanage, the thief boy Chad and none other than one of Nino's children, Lugh, who was best friends with Chad and were looking for his brother Raigh, who left for 'travels'. Zephiel assigned the duty to quell Roy's attack to Narcian, but he decided to neglect his duties and went to Laus for some 'fun', leaving the defenses to his general Slater. Expectedly, Slater was no match for Roy.

Roy managed to save Hector from the dungeon he was kept in, but it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to his wounds. He encouraged Roy to go lead the Lycian League in his stead and told him that one of the keys to defeating these dragons lie within Ostia. As a last request, he asked Roy to take care of Lilina and give her support. As he called out for his daughter's name, the prophecy given by Durban the Berserker during the battle against Nergal was fulfilled: Hector met his end in the battlefield instead of a time of peace.

Roy began on working to fulfill Hector's final request. En route to Ostia, he made a stop to Laus... and it turned out that Marquess Erik wasn't that much different than his father Darin in the past. He has joined Bern and Narcian has been in contact with her, apparently Erik has held up a certain noble in his castle for entertainment of Narcian. That noble turned out to be Pent's daughter, Clarine. Narcian's attempt to sway her to him proved futile as she rained him with insults instead, especially in comparison of her brother Klein. Narcian was then interrupted with the arrival of Roy's army and told Erik to lock Clarine up in a cell.

Within the cell, Clarine was suddenly set free by Rutger, a mercenary hired by Erik but possessing hatred against Bern. Clarine caught up with Roy and allowed to take shelter there. As Roy's army marched through Erik's army, Erik then called in for Rutger to do his job. However, Clarine herself persuaded Rutger to join Roy's army instead. Erik was shortly defeated, with Roy cursing on how he sold out his country. Guinivere could only offer apologies for what her brother was doing, though Roy was curious in the part where Guinivere stated that Zephiel wanted to 'liberate the world'.

Roy continued his march to Ostia where he had to quell another bandit attack. In there, he received help from a skirt-chasing priest, Saul, and his archer bodyguard Dorothy. Saul reported that the Fire Emblem within Bern has been stolen, and Guinivere admitted that she was the one who stole it, in hopes to stop her brother by opening the seal to the weapons that could slay dragons. Despite his perverted tendencies, Saul offered his utmost loyalty to help Roy and Guinivere.

Continuing his march, Roy stopped by the castle of Thria, governed by Hector's half brother Orun. Unfortunately, he was informed by a thief named Cath that the place has been infested with Bern soldiers and Orun has been assassinated by a Bern general named Wagner and that he wanted to ambush Roy. Thanks to Cath's information, Roy saw through Wagner's trap and engaged battle against him.

During the battle, Roy found an imprisoned Sacaen lady, Sue, whom he rescued and she ended up joining him. Sue was the granddaughter of Sacae's Silver Wolf, which made her the daughter of Rath, who helped Eliwood and Hector during the battle against Nergal. Members of the Djute clan of Sacae betrayed her Kutolah tribe, which caused Sacae to be conquered, but she was told to flee, in which Orun welcomed her and gave her shelter, until his assassination. And during the same battle, Roy noticed that Cath was still stealing through the castle. He chastised her, but she fled.

After liberating Thria, Roy received distressing news from Merlinus: Ostia has descended into anarchy thanks to a rebellion by several generals that preferred surrendering to Bern, and Lilina was taken hostage. Thankfully for Roy, before his death, Hector already made contracts with loyal Ilian mercenaries outside the Pegasus Knights corps, led by the knight Zelots and his two junior knights Trec and Noah. Knowing the urgency of the situation, Roy opted to send letter to Etruria, hoping that his teacher Cecilia would agree to send help before Lycia went extinct. As Roy marched, he rendezvoused with Zelots and Trec, while Noah came a little late as he was tutoring a Sacaen swordswoman Fir beforehand.

As an Ostian, Bors was furious that some of his countrymen had such little bravery to stand against Bern, striking out against one of the leading rebels, General Devias. The other rebel leader, General Leygance, once planned to use Lilina as a hostage against Zelots' group, but on seeing him and Roy breaking through the Ostia gate, he had a change in plan: He decided to have Lilina killed and pass it up as an 'accident that happened in the chaos of battle'. Roy was greeted in the main gate by the Ostian spy Astolfo, who also wanted to save Lilina.

Meanwhile, Lilina managed to avoid getting killed by Leygance's plan, holding out long enough until Roy arrived to save her and hand her a Lightning tome to defend herself. In the same time, a squadron of loyal Ostian soldiers led by General Barth and including the mercenary Ougier and Bors' little sister Gwendolyn, broke through the castle walls and joined the battle in order to save Lilina as well. Lilina apologized that it was her fault for being too trusting, since at first she didn't believe that Leygance was planning a rebellion, trying to appease to his good side. In the same time, Roy once again caught Cath still stealing, but he managed to learn Cath's side of the story that she only stole from the rich and she stole because these rich nobles tend to trick her with empty promises and oppressing the poor. Roy was actually stunned at her story, which she used to escape.

After gathering his allies, Roy confronted the leader of these rebels, Leygance. Many Ostian knights, from Bors, Gwendolyn and Barth, expressed their displeasure at his rebellion. However, Leygance then did something he shouldn't have: He insulted Hector, stating that he was a fool to not realizing the changing times. This sent the usually meek Lilina into a rage that she used her magic to defeat Leygance.

As the battle ended, Roy finally had to spill out the truth: Hector has passed away. On hearing this news, Lilina attempted to stay strong, but even Roy knew that she was just trying not to cry, so he told her that it's okay and she could cry it out for losing her father. After she was done with tears, Lilina then led Roy to a cavern where the Durandal was located, as told by her father. In order to combat the Bern forces and their dragons, perhaps they would need the Legendary weapons. Unfortunately, the cavern has become a lair of bandits, so Roy had to clean up the cavern before finally obtaining the blade.

Just as Roy and Lilina exited the cavern, they found themselves surrounded by Narcian and his own squadron. However, Roy's letter to Etruria bore fruit here. Etrurian army under not only General Cecilia but also General Perceval surrounded Narcian's squad that they were forced to retreat. Roy thanked both Perceval and Cecilia, and agreed with the deal that Ostia and the Lycian League would be put under protection of Etruria in the wake of the Bern invasion.

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