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Recap / Film Reroll: Speed

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We play through Speed! Pitr saves some lives. Jon goes to the bathroom to wet his shirt. Jocelyn waits for a bus.

Episode 8 of Film Reroll. Based on the 1994 movie.

Two police officers — Jack and Harry — have been sent on a mission to stop a terrorist who has trapped twelve hostages in an elevator and rigged it to explode. Can our heroes stop him without letting him blow them up or get away? And how will Annie — a seemingly normal woman who's just waiting for her bus — get involved in all of this?note 


Starring Pitr Strait as "Keanu Reeves," Jon Miller as "Jeff Daniels," Jocelyn "Joz" Vammer as "Sandra Bullock" and Paulo Quiros as the Dungeon Master.

Followed by Jaws.



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