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Recap / Film Reroll: Rogue One

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We play through Rogue One, a Star Wars Story! Scott tortures a prisoner! Pitr successfully does an accent! Joz runs a stick along a wall!

Also known as Tiramisu: A Star Wars Story.

Episodes 36-38 and 41-42 of Film Reroll. Based on the 2016 Star Wars movie.

Having seen her mother get shot and her father get captured by the Empire as a young girl, Jyn Erso's life has been nothing but a long series of squabbles with the law. However, after being busted out during a prisoner transference by roguish rebel Cassian Andor and his grudgingly loyal droid companion K-2SO, she is suddenly thrown into the Galactic Civil War between The Empire and the Rebellion, with her father turning out to have been working on a secret military super weapon - the Death Star - for the former. Will our heroes prevail and find the secret plans revealing the weapon's weaknesses? Or will they fall victim to the might of The Empire before they have the chance?

At five episodes, it is currently the longest campaign in the entire series.


Starring Jocelyn "Joz" Vammer as Jyn Erso, Scott Aiello as Cassian Andor, Pitr Strait as K-2SO and Paulo Quiros as the Dungeon Master.

Intercepted by From Dusk Till Dawn.



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