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Recap / Film Reroll: From Dusk till Dawn

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We play From Dusk Till Dawn! Jon flips a table! Joz gets stunned! Tim laughs on mic! Pitr orders tacos! Scott punches Cheech Marin!

Episodes 39-40 of Film Reroll. Based on the 1996 movie.

Having managed to escape from captivity, kidnap a widower — Jacob Fuller — and his two children — Kate and Scott — and cross the Mexican border undetected, the Gecko brothers decide to stay at the Titty Twister — a sleazy stripclub/bar — before meeting up with their contact. However, the bar turns out to be run by a flock of bloodsucking vampires. Now, the Geckos and the Fullers must team up and use all their abilites to survive. Will they slay these ladies of the night? Or will they end up as the evening specials?


This campaign was originally intended to be a Bonus Scene at the end of the third Rogue One episode, (similar to Doctor Who: Day of the Moon,) but it got so long that it was released as a separate campaign. This makes it the second campaign to be released in the middle of another campaign, after Alien.

During its release, it had - with its six participants - the largest cast out of any Film Reroll campaign.

Starring Jon Miller as Seth Gecko, Jocelyn "Joz" Vammer as Richard "Richie" Gecko, Scott Aiello as Jacob Fuller, Pitr Strait as Katherine "Kate" Fuller, Timothy E. "Tim" Nolan (First Full Appearance) as Scott Fuller and Paulo Quiros as the Dungeon Master.

Followed by Jurassic Park.




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