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Recap / Fate Grand Order S 1 E 8 Grand Time Tabernacle The Divine Zenith Meteor Shower

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...yes. Certainly, we are living things captured by greed. This does not change even if they are Heroic Spirits, or rather, it is because we are Heroic Spirits that our beliefs cannot change. But despite that there are still those that would believe in us. Someone that would believe that we are heroes even after glimpsing our countless conflicts.

What would a Heroic Spirit be if they did not answer this faith, this call? My Lord. Once more shall I raise this flag, for the sake of the country— no, the world's salvation.

Listen, o peerless, mighty Heroic Spirits who have gathered here! Even if you were sworn enemies, even if your times never crossed paths, now is when you entrust your backs to one another! We are not here to prevent the incineration of the human order, but to open a path for our contractor! My true name is Jeanne D'Arc! In the name of the Lord, I shall become your shield!
Jeanne d'Arc

The final battle is nigh as Mash and the protagonist confront "Solomon" in the heart of his lair: the Grand Time Temple, with this being the last battle before Mash's projected lifespan ends. Visions and dreams sent by him and his flunkies taunt them as they prepare for this bout. Professor Lev is there to greet them upon entry, noting that they've made it this far, but they are trivial before the full might of all seventy-two Demon Pillars with infinite regeneration and high magic capacity.


Then they hear the cry of a saint. It's Jeanne d'Arc with her flag hoisted high, rallying Servants. Every single Servant met by Chaldea has heard their call and come to their aid, to open a path for Mash and the protagonist. As they make their way to "Solomon"'s throne, they meet old friends and enemies, all allied together now to push for this one moment.

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Sector of Beasts

I / Naberius, the Melting Furnace

II / Flauros, the Information Center

III / Forneus, the Observatory

IV / Barbatos, the Control Tower

V / Halphas, the Armory

VI / Amon, the Gazing Star

VII / Sabnock, the Chamber of Life

X / Andromalius, the Trash Heap

At the Throne

Throne of The Light Band

The Future

Singularity, Collapsed

Fate/Grand Order



  • Antagonist Title: This is when players see why Chapter was called "Observer on Timeless Temple," as you fight "Solomon" in his dimension.
  • An Ass-Kicking Christmas: This was released in the last week of December 2016 (2018 for the Global version) and players actually ended up defeating Goetia by the time Christmas rolled around.
  • Back for the Finale: Every single Servant seen thus far in the game in the main story make their return to fend off the Demon Pillars. And just when a new Demon Pillar suddenly appeared when every other Singularity Servant had their hands tied in another places, Event Servants that have appeared so far, led by Edmond Dantes, appear too.
  • Back from the Dead: Ushiwakamaru, Benkei, Leonidas and Ereshkigal. Since, being killed in Babylonia, they do not return to the Throne of Heroes after death unlike all the other heroic spirit who got killed in the previous singularities.
  • Boss Rush: All the Demon Pillars from the previous Singularities return and must be defeated before Solomon can be tackled.
  • The Cavalry: Just like how the Heroic Spirits are often described as stars, the titular "Divine Zenith Meteor Shower" is every single Servant encountered in previous Singularities coming to give their hand when Chaldea suddenly gets surrounded by the full might of the constantly regenerating 72 Demon Pillars.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Mash who holds back Goetia's Noble Phantasm at the cost of her life. Luckily she gets better due to Fou.
    • Roman reveals himself to be the true Solomon and uses his noble phantasm to erase himself from existence which weakens Goetia enough that he can be killed.
  • Marathon Boss: During the first few days after the chapter was released the Demon Pillars were made into raid events similar to Ibaraki where players must work together to whittle them down before killing them for good.
  • Opening Monologue: During the final battle in the Final Singularity, each pillar that represents their Throne will announce their name and purpose.
Naberius: (Representing Orleans) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Melting Furnace: Zepar. Botis. Bathim. Sallos. Purson. Marax. Aim. We nine pillars know sound. We nine pillars weave song. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, our luminous torch will never be extinguished!
Flauros: (Representing Septem) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Information Center: Orias. Vapula. Zagan. Valac. Andras. Andrealphus. Cimeies. Amdusias. We nine pillars obtain letters. We nine pillars obtain phenomena. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, our research will never be extinguished!
Forneus: (Representing Okeanos) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Observatory: Glasya-Labolas. Buné. Ronové. Berith. Astorth. Foras. Asmoday. Gäap. We nine pillars smell the scent of time. We nine pillars follow phenomena. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we will not allow this aggregation to cease...!
Barbatos: (Representing London) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Control Tower: Paimon. Buer. Gusion. Sitri. Beleth. Leraje. Eligos. Caim. We nine pillars assist with integration. We nine pillars maintain the terminals. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, nothing shall stop this integration...!
Halphas: (Representing America) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Armory: Furfur. Marchosias. Stolas. Phenex. Malphas. Räum. Focalor. Vepar. We nine pillars mourn the flames of war. We nine pillars honor the dignity of the fallen. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we shall not allow eyes to be shut away from this truth...!
Amon: (Representing Camelot) Active. Active. The nine pillars of the Gazing Star: Bael. Agares. Vassago. Samigina, Marbas. Valefor. Alloces. Orobas. We nine pillars that shall build rationale. We nine pillars shall consume humanity. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we will not allow ourselves to forfeit this rage!
Sabnock: (Representing Babylonia) Active. Active. The nine pillars that control the Chamber of Life: Shax. Viné. Bifrons. Vual. Häagenti. Crocell. Furcas. Balam. We nine pillars celebrate birth. We nine pillars praise the union. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we pronounce that disdain will never come to this adoration...!
Andromalius: (Representing Events) Active. Active. The nine pillars that govern the Trash Heap: Murmur. Gremory. Ose. Amy. Belial. Decarabia. Seere. Dantalion. We nine pillars bury failure. We nine pillars cause discord. How resentful. How uncertain. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, this structure will not be closed...!

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