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Recap / Fate Grand Order Event 11 Fate Accel Zero Order

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Japan, Fuyuki—-
A new singularity has appeared on the site of Singularity F,
but at coordinates ten years prior,
This timelines sees a Fuyuki embroiled in the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Your guide for this Rayshift will be Lord El-Melloi II.
What has happened to the Fourth Holy Grail War?
A battle to discover the truth is about to begin...
Event Summary

Written by Gen Urobuchi for the first part and Kinoko Nasu for the second part. Chaldea detects another singularity taking place in Fuyuki, only this time taking place 10 years prior to that of Singularity F. Seeking the help of Lord El-Melloi II, who was part of a Holy Grail War that took place during that period, they begin finding out the true circumstances behind this Fourth Holy Grail War.

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  • Advertised Extra: Despite being featured as one of the prominent Servants for the event, Hassan of the Hundred Personas amounts to little more then cannon fodder and a glorified midboss.
  • And the Adventure Continues: The last act of the event story has the Protagonist and Mash hunting down the other 4 fragments of Dark Irisviel hidden throughout Fuyuki.
  • Bequeathed Power: El-Melloi II hands Zhuge Liang's spirit over to his younger self after being seriously injured... but doesn't actually die though. Considering the fact this somehow causes his younger self to end up wearing Iskandar's cape, you could say he took up his mantle...
  • Crossover: One with Fate/Zero, as implied by the title. It also functions as an Alternate Universe, with several factors and elements differing from the source material.
  • Death by Adaptation:
    • Gilgamesh dies during his feast with Iskandar and Altria, as opposed to his mainline counterpart, who survived the Fourth Holy Grail War and went on to live for another ten years.
    • Gilles and Ryuunosuke are killed early in the Fourth Holy Grail War, preventing them from causing the destruction and mayhem they originally did.
    • Zouken is also taken out by Dark Irisviel, even though he normally plays a major role in the next War.
  • Debut Queue: Hassan of the Hundred Personas, Emiya (Assassin), Iskandar, and Angra Mainyu are all introduced as part of this event's story.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": As with most Fate works, the Servants are referred to by their class names.
  • The Ghost: Tokiomi Tohsaka and Kirei Kotomine, the Masters of Gilgamesh and Hundred-Faced Hassan, respectively, are never encountered but mentioned several times by Zhuge Liang in passing.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to the original work, there are far less casualties.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Ryuunosuke being killed by Kiritsugu, except this time Kiritsugu is a Servant instead of a Master, and that he killed him up close rather than from afar.
    • Diarmuid actually makes it to the end of the event, unlike his Fate/Zero counterpart.
    • Due to being located in Fuyuki, many of the locations of the Quests are actually identical to the their locations in the flame-engulfed Fuyuki and even reveals what they were (X-A is the Emiya Residence, X-B is the Tohsaka Residence, X-C is Fuyuki Bridge, X-D is the Wharf, X-E is the Fuyuki Church, X-F is Homurahara Academy, X-G is the Einzbern Castle, and Point 0 is the Greater Grail's location).
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Iskandar saves Kariya by amputating his arm, then leaves it lying around for Zouken to find. Zouken uses the Command Seals to control Lancelot into attacking the party, and defeating him in self-defense adds up to enough Servant casualties to activate the Grail.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Since Zhuge Liang convinced Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald that the war was a conspiracy against him, Kayneth and his wife leave, entrusting Diarmuid to the protagonist, thus sparing them from their deaths in the war. And as a), Diarmuid never had to fight Altria, and b), Altria's master was Irisviel, not Kiritsugu, Diarmuid is also spared, as Diarmuid never has to deal with Kayneth being forced to use a command spell to order Diarmuid to kill himself.
    • Iskandar averts this, but he does make sure that Kariya plays this straight - he rescues Sakura Matou from the Matou manor, and uses her as a bargaining chip to get Kariya to chop off his arm with the command seals - not only ensuring that Lancelot won't kill Kariya when the former's Noble Phantasm is used, but also removing the crest worms from Kariya, as they only wanted mana.
    • Irisviel, who leaves with Chaldea as a servant once the event's story is finished.
    • Tokiomi Tohsaka is spared offscreen, since Gilgamesh is killed early in the Grail War, meaning there's nobody to corrupt Kirei, the former's subordinate.
    • Saber isn't forced to use Excalibur to destroy the Grail, meaning she gets to make it to the end.
  • The Stinger: After Chaldea departs, the mystery Assassin, revealed to be Kiritsugu Emiya, encounters and battles Angra Mainyu.
  • Trust Password: Kayneth realizes that El-Melloi II is telling the truth about him dying when he recites one of his love letters to Sola, something that he had locked away in his private office and would only be accessible to other people if he had died.
  • The Unfought: After defeating Gilles, Zhuge Liang next directs you to find and take down his Master Ryuunosuke, but by the time you find him, the mystery Assassin has already killed him.
    • Tokiomi and Kirei are never fought nor encountered.
  • Worthy Opponent: El-Melloi II is very pleased to be considered one by Iskandar and requests that the protagonist please let them fight even though it's essentially counterproductive apart from personal satisfaction.

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