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Recap / Farscape S 02 E 14 Beware Of Dog

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Season 2, Episode 14:

Beware Of Dog

The Moya crew have been purchasing supplies in a system so isolated and boring that the writers can't be bothered to give it a name. They have heard dark rumours that food from the area can be infested with parasites: one ship with 200 people aboard got infected and all that the salvagers found were empty cocoons. D'Argo and Chiana have been investigating further, and come back with a weird-looking, horned biped with big ears called a Vorc, which is supposed to hunt and kill parasites. However, it spends most of its time peeing and crapping everywhere and humping Aeryn's leg.


It looks as if it may have been a wise purchase, though, when John starts seeing a horrible monster in the corridors, and then D'Argo is attacked and left near death from poison. Except that then the monster turns out to be the shape-shifting Vorc itself. When Zhaan finds no venom in the Vorc to match D'Argo's symptoms, John suspects that something more complicated is going on, and shoots the Vorc up with translator microbes to try and communicate with it. The Vorc is just sentient enough for this to work, and manages to convey that there is a threat aboard the ship. When John and Aeryn take it hunting, however, it attacks Rygel and they shoot it. Just as Zhaan is treating the injured Rygel, John and Aeryn find the real Rygel webbed up in the hold - a shapechanging gestalt horde of horrible spider-bug things has been impersonating him for most of the episode.


John and Aeryn wipe out the spider-bugs as they're on the point of eating Zhaan, and apologise to the dying Vorc for doubting it. Zhaan manages to make an antitoxin from the dead spider-bugs to save D'Argo's life. Everything seems OK.

Except that John's seeing increasingly threatening hallucinations of Scorpius all the time, and he's having trouble holding it together...

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