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Recap / Fargo S 02 E 06 Rhinoceros

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"The jackboots are upon us."

Ed is arrested and taken to the police station for questioning, while Hank interrogates Peggy at their home. Hank reveals that Sonny has consented to have the vehicle inspected for blood traces. In Fargo, Floyd insists that "The Butcher" be executed, and Charlie released from jail.

Hours later, Dodd and accomplices arrive at the Blumquist residence hunting Ed, while Bear fetches for Charlie. Hanzee knocks out Hank, but Peggy subdues Dodd in her basement using his stun rod. Karl Weathers (Nick Offerman), Luverne's only attorney, is summoned to the station. Bear and his men arrive on-site as Weathers leaves. Knowing Ed will be shot swiftly, Lou hatches a plan. Weathers distracts Bear while Lou sneaks Ed out a rear window, narrowly avoiding Hanzee. Bear and his men leave without incident. Hank, now well enough to drive back to town, intercepts Lou and Ed, though Ed runs off, presumably back to Peggy. Hanzee follows him shortly thereafter.


Meanwhile, Simone calls Milligan and mentions the Gerhardts' departure to Luverne. Fed up with her father's abuse, she wants Milligan to murder Dodd. Milligan and his men arrive at the thinly protected farmhouse and open fire with Simone, Floyd, and Otto inside.


  • A Day in the Limelight: For Karl, at least in the second half of the episode. He becomes the legal representative for both inmates at the police station within a matter of minutes and successfully convinces Bear and his army to turn and go without further action just by talking to them.
  • The Alcoholic: Karl Weathers, who shows up to the police station to do legal work after a night of drinking.
  • Bad Boss: Dodd accidentally shoots one of his own men while in Peggy's basement.
  • Badass Grandpa: Hank was totally willing to go up against a group of Gerhardt men on Peggy's front porch. It's probably a good thing that Hanzee knocked him out before it got any worse, as he was completely outnumbered.
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  • Batman Gambit: Karl appeals to Bear's love for his son to stop his rampage through the Laverne PD, indicating that Charlie could be released if he just left. Otherwise, he could be held responsible for the damage and given years in prison.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Karl may be an eccentric drunk, but he is a fantastic speaker who literally gambles his own life on his ability.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Hank gives this quip to Dodd on the Blumquists' porch.
    Hank: Son, I can fill a steamer trunk with the amount of stupid I think you are, but no, that's where he went.
  • The Dog Bites Back: The reason Simone tells Mike that the house is empty is so that he'll go for Dodd and hopefully kill him for her. This is not what he does.
  • Drunken Master: Karl is wasted most of the time, but this trait doesn't stop him from being a successful mediator between a furious Bear Gerhardt and his Mooks and the Luverne PD, and averts possible bloodshed, all while being terrified out of his mind.
  • Made of Iron: Hank takes the but of a rifle to the head, yet still manages to get up a short while later and drive. He does, however, mention seeing double.
  • Motor Mouth: Karl is bad when he's sober, but he somehow manages to outdo himself while drunk.
  • Nerves of Steel: Karl comes very close to cracking when confronted with Bear's gun-toting lynch mob, but he keeps himself together enough to deliberate and get the man to back down.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Hank all the way. He even gives Peggy a chance to come clean to him before the forensics team searches her car the next day.
  • The Stinger: After the episode concludes, there are several interventions in the credits showing Karl's ramblings.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Karl manages to calm down an angered Bear Gerhardt by reminding him of his son Charlie locked up in the Luverne PD, and how Bear's actions could affect him, Charlie, and his future.
  • Talking Your Way Out: Karl's true gift is his persuasion tactics, especially when faced with a life or death situation. Just ask Lou and Bear.
  • Tap on the Head: Hank ends up being knocked out by Hanzee with the butt of a rifle when he tries to stop the Gerhardts from entering the Blumquists' home.
  • Wham Episode: Kansas City attacks the Gerhardt household, Ed is arrested and escapes, Dodd attacks the Blumquist house, only to be knocked out by Peggy, and Bear leads a calvary to the Luverne police station.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Hank tries to pull this off when Dodd and a cavalry show up at the Blumquists' house to kill Ed. He ends getting knocked out by Hanzee through a surprise attack, but kudos for trying.


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