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Recap / Fargo
aka: Fargo Season One

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Season One

  1. The Crocodile's Dilemma
  2. The Rooster Prince
  3. A Muddy Road
  4. Eating the Blame
  5. The Six Ungraspables
  6. Buridan's Ass
  7. Who Shaves the Barber?
  8. The Heap
  9. A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage
  10. Morton's Fork

Season Two

  1. Waiting for Dutch
  2. Before the Law
  3. The Myth of Sisyphus
  4. Fear and Trembling
  5. The Gift of the Magi
  6. Rhinoceros
  7. Did You Do This? No, You Did It!
  8. Loplop
  9. The Castle
  10. Palindrome

Season Three

  1. The Law of Vacant Places
  2. The Principle of Restricted Choice
  3. The Law of Non-Contradiction
  4. The Narrow Escape Problem
  5. The House of Special Purpose
  6. The Lord of No Mercy
  7. The Law of Inevitability
  8. Who Rules the Land of Denial?
  9. Aporia
  10. Somebody to Love

Season Four

  1. Welcome to the Alternate Economy
  2. The Land of Taking and Killing

Alternative Title(s): Fargo Season Three, Fargo Season Two, Fargo Season One


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