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Recap / Family Guy S 4 E 18 The Father The Son And The Holy Fonz

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Peter starts his own religion after Lois makes him realize he's been blindly following his father's faith for years. Meanwhile, Stewie is diagnosed with a weakened immune system (caused by Francis baptizing him in tainted holy water) and forced to live in a germ-free bubble.


  • Bait-and-Switch: After Sherman Hemsley and Gavin MacLeod peel away members of the congregation for churches based on George Jefferson and Captain Stubing, respectively, Kirk Cameron arrives. Peter assumes he's formed the Church of Mike Seaver, but Kirk says he's just there to promote Christianity.
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  • Bowdlerization: Stewie's line, "Nothing says, 'Eat up' like a bleeding Jew nailed to a piece of wood." after Francis hangs a crucifix in the kitchen was cut on the FOX TV version, but not the DVD version or the version shown on cable.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Stewie, at one point, urges the viewer to look at some of the women of Desperate Housewives on ABC, Family Guy's competition in the same time slot at the time, and even waits for five seconds until the viewer switches back.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Conversed. Peter briefly discusses what became of Chuck Cunningham while addressing the congregation.
    Peter: Let us pause to reflect on the sacred mystery of Richie's elder brother Chuck, who ascended the stairs with his basketball in Season 1 and never came down again.
  • The Fundamentalist: Francis, who believes that Stewie (a baby) will burn in Hell if he's not baptized. He also forces Lois to sit at a different table just because she's not Catholic and beats Brian with a Bible after Brian sarcastically says, "Oh, that's very Christian: 'Believe what I say or I'll hurt you.'"
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  • Holy Water: Francis' attempt to get Stewie baptized is refused by the church's stuff because their supply of holy water was tainted by a priest who didn't wash his hands. Francis decides to preform the baptism himself, insisting there's no such thing as tainted holy water, which results in Stewie becoming sick.
  • Karma Houdini: Brian gets away with pranking Stewie (unprovoked, mind you) throughout the episode.
  • Kick the Dog: After Stewie is forced to live in a plastic bubble because of his weakened immune system, Brian torments him in several ways for basically no reason. This includes Brian making Stewie watch a show he hates, kicking him down the street, and spray-painting his bubble black so he can't see where he is.
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Francis recalls Peter's behavior at a cousin's wedding. After the priest said the line, Peter looked around and was perturbed no one was saying anything.
    Peter: Really? Nobody's going to speak up? I'm the one who's going to have to say it? Ahhh. All right... GENITAL WARTS!
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  • Start My Own: Peter starts his own religion based on the Fonz from Happy Days. Near the end, Sherman Hemsley and Gavin MacLeod start their own religions based on the sitcoms they used to star in.


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