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Recap / Family Guy S 13 E 9 This Little Piggy

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Meg becomes a foot fetish model, despite her parents' objections. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie go on a road trip to a music festival after Stewie realizes that he's never seen
the world outside of preschool and home (never mind that he's time-traveled and regular-traveled with Brian several times, dating back to the "Road to Rhode Island" episode from season two).

Tropes seen in this episode include the following:

  • Body Horror: Joe Swanson's foot some how managed to become pregnant after watching Tower Heist all during the "Shoe-Kake" party.
  • Comically Missing the Point: After the music festival chick prepares for a threesome with Brian and Stewie and she overdoses on cocaine, Stewie asks Brian " this foreplay?"
  • Contrived Coincidence: Chris' wheel just happens to land on foot porn, out of the thousands of sites came across Meg's page, and was able to recognize a birth mark on her ankle.
  • Disposable Vagrant: Cassandra turns out to have no family or friends. It makes it easy for Brian and Stewie to dispose of her body after she overdoses. As it happens, they dump her body in a spot filled with dozens of other O.D. victims.
  • Driven to Suicide: Boppo the Inflatable Punching Clown after killing the gangsters who paid him to take a dive and being cornered by police. You read that right.
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  • Everyone Has Standards: Brian is disgusted by Stewie's I Love the Dead moment. Conversely, Stewie is disgusted that Brian never bothered to talk to and get to know Cassandra, despite wanting to sleep with her. Stewie also feels she deserves a proper burial and send off.
  • Fanservice: Meg's photoshoot.
  • For Want of a Nail: If Chris didn't look up foot porn and come across Meg's site, she would probably still be doing porn.
  • Furry Reminder: Brian struggles with taking a pill like a person instead of having it hidden in his food.
  • Incest Subtext: After figuring out that the pictures were of his sister's feet he didn't bring this to his parents attention till 15 minutes later, suggesting despite noticing this he still masturbated to them.
  • I Love the Dead: After the music festival chick dies from a cocaine overdose before she could have a three-way with Brian and Stewie, Stewie suggests to Brian that they could still have fun with her dead body. Brian is disgusted by this suggestion.
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  • Last Request: A cutaway shows Jason Biggs being asked by his grandfather to "always be forgettable."
  • Take That!: Jason Biggs honoring his grandfather's last request.
    Man: Hey, that's just a regular, unattractive guy who's not famous.
    Jason: We did it, Grandpa!
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Even if it was her feet that was attracting attention, Meg being complimented by the photographer and the fans of her work actually gave her more love and support than Peter and Lois have ever done (at least in the post-2005 cancellation episodes. Pre-2005 cancellation had Peter and Lois as loving parents while Meg was a bratty, somewhat impressionable teenage girl seen in many sitcoms).
    • To truly hammer it home, Peter and Lois actually apologized to Meg and came to her rescue in the end, and the episode didn't end on a Bait-and-Switch with them reverting back to their abusive selves.

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