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Recap / Family Guy S 13 E 5 Turkey Guys

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Peter and Brian have to go on a search for a new turkey after getting drunk and eating the one meant for the Griffins' Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Chris has to step up as man of the house while Peter is gone, with a little help from Stewie.

"Turkey Guys" contains examples of:

  • An Aesop: Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday that brings people together. It shouldn't matter what you eat, only that you have family and friends to spend it with.
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  • Failed a Spot Check: Peter lampshades how Brian was unconscious in all the photos of the turkey being eaten.
  • Mood Whiplash: The end of the episode hits you with this several times in less than a minute; It's set up with a heartwarming ending, with Peter deciding they're not going to eat the turkey... Then Chris blows its head off with a shotgun. Then everybody starts laughing after Peter declares they're having turkey after all. THEN we get this line that closes out the episode:
    Peter: Four years later, me and Lois divorced and Stewie died. Gobble gobble!
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Peter, being Peter, keeps making things progressively worse for him and Brian, driving Brian's car into a lake, getting them kicked off a bus after Peter takes a dump in it, and wrecking the bike they take from said bus. After they get the turkey stolen from them at gunpoint (with Peter getting shot no less than three times), Brian finally unloads on Peter.
    Brian: Peter, do you not see that we are completely screwed here!? And it's all thanks to you! You drove my car into a lake! You almost let me drown! You got us thrown off a bus! You broke our bike! And NOW you've gotten our turkey stolen and Thanksgiving is ruined, and we don't have any transportation, and we're still MILES FROM HOME!
    Peter: You're starting to get black gums like an older dog.
    Brian: You know what!? You know what? It's my fault. I forgot I'm talking to a complete idiot. You are so STUPID.
    Peter: Oh yeah? Well, if I'm so stupid, then how did I manage to frame you for eating the turkey?
    Brian: What!?
    Peter: Yeah. Didn't you notice you were passed out in all those photos? You didn't eat any of it. I just posed you like that because I didn't want to take all the blame.
    Brian: You son of a bitch! How could you do that to me!?
    Peter: You're a dog, Brian. I can throw you off a bridge, and as long as you don't hit a person on a boat, it's okay.
    Brian: Screw this! I am DONE. This isn't even my problem, it's your problem. You know what, Peter? You've got no turkey, and now you've got no friend. Goodbye.
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  • Smart Ball: Brian only gets dragged into this because Peter had the foresight to frame him for helping eat the turkey.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Peter accidentally drives Brian's car into the lake, he saves the turkey and leaves Brian in the car. When Brian calls him out for this, Peter's only defense is that he thought dogs could breathe underwater. He calls Peter out again when he reveals he framed Brian for eating the turkey, since he thought they were friends.

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