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Recap / Family Guy S 10 E 13 Tom Tucker The Man And His Dream

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Peter takes Tom Tucker to Hollywood to fulfill his dream of being an actor.


  • Bowdlerization: The following scenes were edited between the TV version and the DVD version:
    • The DVD version has an additional scene of Peter and Tom walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame where Peter reads off the obscure names on the sidewalk, then comments, "Who the fuck are these people?"
    • The scene of James Woods hurling the desiccated corpse of the 17-year-old he sucked the life out of at Nora Ephron: On the TV version, James Woods warns her to "...stop making Jack Nicholson a pansy" (with Ephron saying that it was Nancy Meyers who did that). On the DVD version, "pansy" is replaced with "homo".

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