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Recap / Erin's Total Magical Adventure

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Last time on Erin's Total Magical Adventure...

Warning!: These pages will contain unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Season 1: Erin's Total Magical Adventure

  1. Pilot
  2. Logo Loco-Motive
  3. Talent Show Action
  4. DarkWing Buggy
  5. Treasure of Duckberg
  6. The Fearing House
  7. ETMA Aftermath: Jocks and Princesses
  8. Skultimate Frights
  9. Freaky Princess/Pauper Soul Switch
  10. Wake the Hotel of the Dead
  11. Bratzacadabra! Sweet Fashion
  12. Addams Family Décor Party
  13. Pranking Nether-Of-Them
  14. ETMA Aftermath II: Scary O' Anger
  15. To Catch a Fairy
  16. Summerfic Inventions
  17. Cosplaying and Karaoke-Pop
  18. The Most Dangerous Cure Hunt
  19. My Little Cutie Talent Workers
  20. A Mighty Sportin' Chance
  21. ETMA Aftermath III: Comparing the Mysterious Contrast
  22. Split the Colors in Gravity Falls
  23. Cluess-ly Ever After
  24. Possibly Total So Not the Drama
  25. Clean and Tid-Diddly
  26. Paintball Bad Guy Hunt
  27. Underwater Seashells and Harmony
  28. ETMA Aftermath IV: Forgiveness and Detective Musical Number
  29. Mystery and Cats Burglar
  30. Heating the Bakery
  31. Host Kidnapping and Searching
  32. Frozen Love's Thaw Out Evil
  33. The Good, the Bad, the Flower, and the Winx
  34. This Little Okami-san went Missing
  35. Bands of Harmony
  36. ETMA Aftermath V: Wasteland Rockin'
  37. Atomic Space Thrill
  38. Moon Crystal Bond
  39. Be Careful What You Draw, Gard
  40. Pokémon Obstacle Battle
  41. Paris and the 20 Thieves
  42. Dogs and Cats of London
  43. ETMA Aftermath VI: Hostile Rocketed Show
  44. Totally Virus Control Much?
  45. Weaponry and Forest Fighting
  46. It's a Hair Magix-Style
  47. The Incredible Ghost and Shrink Hunt
  48. Monsters, Sharks, and Dark Forests, Oh My!
  49. ETMA Aftermath VII: Magical Songs of Heart
  50. Building A Robot Riot
  51. Rooby-Roo, Phantom-Boo
  52. Laff-A-Phantomile Hero Race
  53. The House, the Mouse, and the Contestants
  54. Mobius Race and Control
  55. ETMA Aftermath VIII: Hello, All You Happy Voting-Singers
  56. Power Super-Total Magical Puff!
  57. Zoey's Last Jump
  58. Littlest and Total Pet Givers
  59. From Scavenger Hunt to Popularity
  60. The Wacky Xiaolin Derpy
  61. ETMA Aftermath IX: Magical and Musical Friendship Finale
  62. Interviews in the Wasteland
  63. Epic Cartoon Wasteland Finale Ever!

Season 1 Special

  1. Total Magic Realm Race

Season 2: Erin's Total Magical Realms

  1. To The World Of Topsiez
  2. Bitter to Batter
  3. Toonchkin Truth or Dare
  4. Splitin' Vocal and Flag Chasin'
  5. Magic Melodies
  6. Friendly-Unfriendly Indian Three-Way
  7. Heart of the Treasure and Dragons
  8. Dragon Thiefs-yers
  9. Cos-play Magi-play
  10. Obstacle Claw-ourse
  11. Let Bisons Be Bisons
  12. S.A.P.P.H.I.R.E.S. and Pony-Spiders
  13. Depression Impression
  14. Scarlett Overkill
  15. Total Magical: Rubeus and Saphyra
  16. Tea and Mind Maze Set
  17. Trump-let Show
  18. Slum-umbra Party
  19. The Dark Crystal Empire
  20. Way Too Weirdoland
  21. Astro-nomical Mathalon
  22. Roses are Red and Iris are Green
  23. The Bees-Knees
  24. The Hooded Claw's Riddle
  25. Gathering for a Pox cure
  26. Light to the Finish

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