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Recap / Empath: The Luckiest Smurf - Smurfing In Paradise

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An adaptation of the comic book story "Bathing Smurfs". Handy recalls to Empath how he had created the getaway resort for his fellow Smurfs called Smurf Paradise.

This story contains the following examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Tracker from the cartoon show is added to the story in a part where he has a discussion with Handy about what he should do on his time off away from his job.
  • Beach Episode: Of a sort.
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  • Bears Are Bad News: Gargamel deals with a bear chasing him through the forest, which leads to his accidentally finding the Smurf Village. He later encounters the same bear who eats up his Trail of Bread Crumbs and gets into a fight with it, getting bruised in the process.
  • Nobody Poops: An outhouse is mentioned in the story, where Handy shows Painter and Poet the house he has built by a lake in the mountains.
  • Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: Smurfette does this at the opening of the new getaway resort.
  • Skinny Dipping: Handy does this when he is alone at the lake in the mountains.
  • Smelly Skunk: Given that the story takes place in a European forest, Gargamel encounters a smelly polecat that sprays its scent upon both the wizard and his cat.
  • Trail of Bread Crumbs: The Smurfs trick Gargamel into leaving his camping area near the Smurf Village by saying that his house is on fire, and then set up a bonfire behind the house to make it look like the house was on fire. Gargamel tries to one-up on the Smurfs by leaving a trail of cherries behind him so that he can find his way back to the camping spot, but on his return, he sees that a bear is scooping up the cherries and eating them.
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  • Trash the Set: Handy mentions that the beavers completely trash the Smurf Village getaway resort by the end of the story.
  • Vetinari Job Security: The Smurfs that are left behind in the Smurf Village try to take care of important village tasks while several Smurfs are away at the vacation resort, only for Potter to fail at Baker's job of baking bread and another Smurf to fail at Farmer's job of delivering fresh vegetables to Culinary Smurf.

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