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Recap / Emerald City S 1 E 9 The Villain Thats Become

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Tip: The Wizard has oppressed the magic that is your birthright... its seeds sown into the fabric of this land. No one can take that away from you. Fight with me to rise again. To Emerald City.

When the Wizard and his army arrive in the Kingdom of Ev to pick up his order of armaments. Langwidere accepts his gold but refuses to deliver the guns. The Wizard takes her hostage and Jack tries to snipe the Wizard, but his shot kills Langwidere when the Wizard pulls her into the path of the bullet. Jack brings Langwidere to Jane, begging her to do for Langwidere what Jane did for him. Jane assures him that Langwidere will “survive,” as Jane had "built" Langwidere years ago in the same way she had "built" Jack after his fall. The Wizard is taken into custody by Ev's forces.


Dorothy and Lucas find themselves on opposite sides after his memory is restored. He attacks Dorothy, telling her she "can't be a part of him any more." Dorothy stabs him and leaves him for dead, strung up on a post exactly as she found him at the beginning of her travels.

West helps Tip control the magic essence of East she drank, but Tip uses it to return to her male form. West convinces Tip to revert to her female/Ozma form, and they solidify their bond as they free dozens of battle-tried witches from the Prison of the Abject.

Dorothy uses magic to free a flayed prisoner in the Prison of the Abject, and helps Ojo see his wife Nahara before she dies. Nahara repays Dorothy with control of the Stone Giants. Dorothy arrives at Ev, with a giant, moments before the Wizard is to be executed.



  • Cool Mask: Justified — Jane created dozens of elaborate masks for Princess Langwidere to hide the fact that her face never aged.
    Jack: How many masks did you make her?
    Jane: Jack...
    Jack: -how many?
    Jane: Hundreds. One for sadness. For joy. One for rage. For longing. One for love. She tried to love you, Jack, as best she could.
    Jack: Did you make one for this? For death?
    Jane: No... I made her masks to hide a face that never aged.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": In a previous conversation with Anna, the Wizard stated his dislike for anyone in Oz calling him Frank Morgan, because his "old name" was a symbol of his past identity as an underappreciated genius (at least in his own mind) and a way for his detractors to undermine his authority. In the present, when Jane pleads with Frank to let Langwidere go free, he threatens Jane's life if she calls him anything besides "Wizard" again.
    The Wizard: You came here to save Langwidere. How very maternal of you.
    Jane: She's just a girl!
    The Wizard: She's standing in the way of survival.
    Jane: Frank, you have taken everything else from me. Not this too. You can't!
    The Wizard: I am the Wizard of Oz! If you call me any name other than that again... Won't be her life that you're begging for.
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  • Human Shield: The Wizard uses Langwidere as a shield against her own troops, all while threatening to shoot her if they don't comply with his orders.
  • Mythology Gag: West teasingly tells Tip that she was once known as the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Shoot the Hostage Taker: Jack attempts to save Langwidere by shooting the Wizard. It doesn't work.
  • Robotic Reveal: When Jack begs Lane to save Langwidere's life, Jane reveals that Langwidere Jack was sold to is an automaton built out of the remains of the Princess who died during the last attack of the Beat Forever.
    Jane: Many years ago, the beast forever destroyed this kingdom... slaughtered the royal family... the Queen... her sons... her daughter. Only the king survived.
    Jack: I don't understand.
    Jane: You didn't kill her, Jack. Because she was already dead. I salvaged what remained. The rest, I rebuilt.


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