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The UTAU MMBC, or Elsner MMBC, depending, is a Murder Mystery Bachelorette Challenge that takes very pointed and accredited influence from Vocaloid songs and series, those by producer GHOST in particular.

Nancy Elsner is somewhat apprehensive towards the idea of running a bachelorette challenge of any stripe at first: not from any fear of death or of loss of love in the conventional sense, but because she is currently married. However, it can't be denied that she's not currently in the best position, living pretty much alone in one house waiting for her husband Henry to return. So buoyed by his permission, she sets about giving the project a go after all. As long as no one else works out her little secret, she'll be fine - and besides, she'll always have his voice, speaking to her on the radio...


Run by socialjusticesimblr, it can be read from the beginning here. Not yet complete.

    Deaths and Survivors so far (spoilers) 
  1. Phoenix Wilde - WILDFIRE!! by Circrush - smoke inhalation
  2. Áine Deirdre Halloran - ↑Game of Life↓ by Yuzuhiko
  3. Justin Vaughan - Binging: Idol Syndrome by Suzumu
  4. Harukaze 'Haru' Mukku - Leave it To Yotsuya-san by Eight
  5. Echo Birch - ECHO by Circus-P
  6. Poppy Afton - How To Pretend by Circus-P
  7. Daichi Ota - Breathe by Circus-P
  8. Avery Glass - Meltdown by iroha(sakaki)
  9. Apodis Alchiba - Constellation by ϕrkestrate
  10. Puck Keaton - O Light by Kikuo
  11. Dottie Cleveland Creighton - Candle Queen by GHOST
  12. Pandora Schuyler - Lie by Circus-P

This MMBC provides examples of:

  • Aliens Speaking English: Apodis Alchiba - justified, as she's actually half human and two quarters of two conflicting species. Sometimes she will lapse into an alien language that's basically a slightly modified version of Uryuomoco.
  • Answer Cut: Subverted.
    Nancy: Oh dear… did [Poppy] really stay up all night?
    Poppy, next post: Yup!
    Nancy: W-what? I hadn’t even asked you the question yet.
  • Born-Again Immortality: Áine Halloran, Daichi Ota. Áine's is known about by all contestants and the bachelorette; Daichi's is not.
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  • Broken Bird: Pandora Schyuler. Phoenix Wilde too, to an extent.
  • Derivative Work: Of the COMMUNICATIONS series, focusing specifically on Nancy Elsner's side of the story. Each of the contestants is adapted from or inspired by a song of their own.
  • The Fair Folk: Echo Birch is a fairy, specifically a nymph, but has lost her wings and much of her abilities from a broken heart.
    • Our Fairies Are Different: Within the lore of this specific Simblr, fairies who have lost their wings are ordinarily either disfigured or killed due to a loss of a magic conduit. Echo's survival despite lacking wings fascinates the competing scientist Avery...
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Puck Keaton.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Those who have heard COMMUNICATIONS itself know full well that Henry is dead at Nancy's hands, and she is simply imagining his presence through the radio. The intrigue comes in how long it will take Nancy and others to realize this.
  • Older Than They Look: Harukaze Mukku. With her source being Leave it to Yotsuta-san and her resulting schoolgirl-esque appearance, it's hard to believe that she's twenty-one.
  • Painting the Fourth Wall: Nancy, as in the original, has synaesthesia, specifically chromesthesia. Ergo, many of the images and scenes within the projects are viewed through this sound-to-color filter. Each contestant is given a different color and texture to their voice, to make them easier to distinguish.
    • For the first two instalments, this was applied to all images, even for scenes that Nancy isn't present for and therefore shouldn't be able to see. This was scaled back in subsequent updates.
  • Race Lift: Nancy is given Japanese heritage on her mother's side, in a nod to her usual voicebank GUMI's roots.
  • Teen Idol: Justin Vaughan - or at least, he was. He's fallen from grace pretty heavily, and isn't taking it well.
  • Tulpa: Poppy Afton! An hybrid of Imaginary Friend and Living Toy built from the ground up... and also an Expy of Baby from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

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