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Unmarked spoilers are to be expected.

For a chronological order of events, refer to the Word of God-endorsed timeline.

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     El Goonish Shive 


Elliot and Tedd introduce themselves. Sarah enters and hammers Elliot and Tedd for perversion. A stereotypical German scientist attempts to demonstrate how Sarah accessed Hammerspace with help from his assistant; he fails, but is nevertheless pleased with the result of the attempt.

The Goo

In science class, Tedd's goo comes to life and escapes, leaving him and Elliot to try to stop it. They succeed.

Shade, Part 1

Sarah tries to invite Elliot on a date, but Elliot misses the point and invites Tedd to go with them. Meanwhile, Shade finds Tedd, whom she believes can help her, and asks him to call her Grace. Tedd's dad, Mr. Verres, recognizes Grace from his work. Sarah takes Grace shopping. On the way home, the two of them are confronted by a mugger, but Grace shapeshifts into a squirrel girl, scaring the mugger off.

Q&A #1

First question and answer session, run by the same stereotypical German scientist and his assistant from before. The questions are:
  • Why Grace was still so heavy after becoming smaller due to her transformation?
    • Mass doesn't just disappear. It was her density that changed, so technically, it should be harder to carry her when she is smaller.
  • Why didn't Sarah use her hammer on the mugger?
    • The hammers are for purely comedic purposes; they can only be used against men who have said or done something offensive towards women, and the mugger in question didn't do anything sexist.
  • Dear German scientist, what is your real name? And also, what is the name of your assistant?
    • Dr. Germahn and Amanda, respectively.

Shade, Part 2

Mr. Verres reveals the story behind Grace: she and her three brothers were created by scientists to be assassins. The Voluntary Shape Shifting was in part to confuse crime labs. The first, Guineas, is part human, part guinea pig; the second, Hedge, is part human, part hedgehog; the third, Vlad, is part human, part vampire bat; the fourth is Grace herself. The scientists were killed by a man named Damien, who took Grace and her brothers to be his minions.

Relations, Part 1

Elliot invites Sarah to his martial arts class. Tedd and Grace get a Relationship Upgrade to Official Couple. Grace says she believes Sarah is going to get her heart broken.

April Fools Week

Fillers made in celebration of April Fools.

Relations, Part 2

Elliot and Sarah arrive at Elliot's class. Elliot introduces Sarah to Justin and Sensei Greg; Justin then introduces Sarah to Nanase. After Nanase wins a demonstration match between Nanase and Elliot, Sarah learns (to her dismay) that Nanase and Elliot are an Official Couple, and runs out of the dojo. Elliot tries to follow her, but Nanase talks reason into him, and telling him how to talk the situation through with Sarah. During the talk that follows, Elliot mistakes Sarah's affections for a crush, but she tells him that it was love, and leaves. Nanase then breaks up with Elliot, saying he's clearly in love with Sarah. They part on good terms as Amicable Exes.


After her talk with Elliot, Sarah seeks Grace for comfort, and quickly learns about Grace and Tedd's new status as an Official Couple. They show Sarah a video of what they had been doing: an experiment with a Transformation Ray gun Tedd built, to see if they could trap Grace (and hence her brothers) in a less dangerous form. Unfortunately, not only can she shift out of this new Cat Girl form on her own, she now can shift back to it at will, even without the TF gun. After doing the same with the most combat effective form the gun has (a 'were-Jeremy' based on the Verres' genetically-engineered pet) with the hope that she could at least defend herself with that form, they spend the rest of the night getting stoned on catnip.

That night, Grace has a nightmare and Tedd goes to comfort her. Grace sees Tedd without glasses for the first time; Tedd is distressed about how girly he looks, but Grace doesn't care. Tedd then recounts the story of why he wears the glasses.



Part 1 - Open The Box

Mr. Verres leaves town for a few days for work related reasons. Sarah talks with Susan, a Straw Feminist, about Elliot's behaviour, with Susan denigrating him and Sarah defending him. It is revealed that Susan was the one who taught Sarah how to use the hammers. Rat and Matt appear and do several things, like Breaking the Fourth Wall, when they talk with Tedd and Sarah. Tedd is called to the principal's office where he explains that he wasn't responsible for the goo coming to life. Nanase and Justin talk on their way to class and the possibility of Nanase being a lesbian was first mentioned. Also, Justin is revealed as gay to the readers, though there was Foreshadowing for it.

Part 2 - Read The Rules

Tedd arrives at Elliot's house explaining that he can't go home since he transformed himself into a girl and can't turn back until he fixes the TF Gun and is worried as to how Grace would react. Elliot invites Sarah over to talk over their issues. After fixing the gun and turning back and Elliot not realising he turned back, Tedd got mad enough to shoot Elliot, turning him into a girl, specifically, the V5 variant that Tedd made. Elliot can't turn back since the TF Gun quickly malfunctioned. Sarah arrives and is shocked to see Elliot as a girl. Elliot decides to make arrangements so he could minimize the negative effects of suddenly turning into a girl until it wears of. We meet Elliot's parents, who are shown to be ridiculously accepting of things that would make other parents shocked, like say, Elliot turning into a girl.

Part 3 - Set Up The Pieces

Elliot attends school, under the name Ellen, with the cover story being that Ellen is Elliot's cousin. Elliot however let the faculty know the truth, which they accepted without much issue since he is Tedd's friend. Matt and Rat appear with Matt realising "Ellen" is actually Elliot but Rat finds "Ellen" is so hot that he'll take his chances, to Matt's shock. Susan invites "Ellen" to sit with her and Sarah, and, not realizing whom she was talking to, denigrated Elliot to the point of making him cry.

Part 4 - Play The Game

Grace discovers a way for Elliot to turn back to normal early, involving a magical diamond, which he accepts. Tedd discovers that Elliot's ex-girlfriend was Nanase and Elliot discovers that she is Tedd's cousin. Tedd and Elliot leave to go to the government facility holding the diamond. Elliot recruits Greg to keep Grace safe. Grace discovers that the TF gun altered her Shapeshifting abilities slightly, meaning now her mass changes with her forms. Greg decides to intervene thinking there was trouble due to the power fluctuations from Grace's Shapeshifting, meeting Grace for the first time. Grace receives a message from a Tedd from another dimension, which involves a warning.

Part 5 - Knock The Board Over

Elliot and Tedd arrive at the facility with the Dewitchery Diamond. Elliot touches it and is cured, but Ellen was also created. Ellen, worried that she will have less than a month to live (the time the transformation is supposed to last), snaps, decides to be Elliot's Evil Twin and leaves to frame Elliot for her wrongdoings. She took the car, leaving Elliot and Tedd behind. Elliot and Tedd try to follow but the guard catches them. In a holding cell, Tedd and Elliot discover that Ellen will in fact not die in less than a month. The guard releases them, Elliot turns into a were-cat with Tedd's help and they start their journey home.

Part 6 - Scattered Pieces

Ellen tries to pull off the whole Evil Twin thing, but the best she could do were Poke the Poodle acts. Elliot and Tedd managed to hitchhike a ride after Elliot gets tired, despite Elliot still being in were-cat form. This is because the driver was Hedge, one of Grace's brothers. Grace and Greg open up a message sent by Tedd, where they learn the situation concerning Ellen. Ellen gradually gets more and more frantic as her various attempts at being evil fail. Encountering Sarah causes her to panic, run, and break down crying. When Sarah catches up to Ellen, Ellen kisses her, then says goodbye.

Part 7 - Fist Fight

The Goo returns. Ellen, after coming to terms with her situation as she thought it was, decides to kill it or die trying. Susan calls in The Cavalry, Nanase. They met in freshman year on the trip to France. Grace and Greg arrive to help. Nanase and Justin quickly follow. Grace also reveals that The Goo is actually controlled by something called a Demon Nuclei and it was sent by a Tedd from another dimension, and he goes by Lord Tedd. During the fight, Nanase and Ellen get held captive. As The Goo is about to kill them, Grace stops it using her Psychic Powers, which Sarah realise is why Grace fainted when they were attacked by the mugger. While paralyzed by indecision as to which of her form is the best at using her Psychic Powers, Grace suddenly transformed into a form that combines all of them. This allows her to free Nanase and Ellen, allowing Ellen to deal the finishing blow.

Part 8 - Clean Up

Elliot and Tedd arrive, and they reveal that they encountered Hedge. Mr. Verres arrive to help resolve the situation and concludes quickly, and correctly, that Ellen is the duplicate. He tells everyone present to meet at his house but lets Greg go to the class he has to teach. There, Grace shows the image of Lord Tedd and Mr. Verres see a bit of General Shade Tail in the background leading him to conclude that "Grace did not die in that dimension." When everybody is accounted for, Mr. Verres interviews Ellen and accidentally makes Ellen cry. Elliot asks Nanase to talk to her, reasoning she's the most suitable. Nanase manages to get her to return to the group, introducing her as a new person. Mr. Verres lets slip that Tedd has a device that would have made sure the chain of events that led to Ellen being created wouldn't have occurred, annoying both Ellen and Elliot. A note to Tedd from Mr. Verres is also found, which in theory, states that he would have been back with enough materials to build the TF gun 10 times over, enraging Ellen until it is revealed to her that the note was unreadable and everyone read it differently. Ellen is taken to meet Elliot's parents, who, to Mr. Verres shock, are accepting of Ellen and the circumstances that led to her creation. Ellen quickly adjusts to the Dunkel household.

     New And Old Friends 

Flipping Cardboard

Justin and Nanase hang out at the comic book store Justin works at. Melissa, an ex-girlfriend of Justin, arrives, hoping to get Justin to go out with her, despite him being gay. Nanase covers for Justin while he hides. Melissa leaves and Justin comes back out, complaining that Melissa has got to get over her obsession over him.

Lady Mysterious

An unnamed girl is seen coming out of Tedd's house, then going to candy store. After that, she arrives at the Dunkel residence. After Ellen lets her in, the girl reveals herself to be Grace in a new form Tedd made for her, who they have dubbed Claire. Ellen and Grace then hangout. When Tedd comes back they tease him and involve him in a photoshoot, which Tedd shows Elliot.

II slooF lirpA

Second set of Fillers made for April Fools.

Squirrel Diplomacy

Tedd gets birdseed so he can watch birds. However, squirrels keep getting the seeds instead. This puts the squirrels in conflict with Tedd. The squirrels win.

Lunchtable Revelations

Sarah and Elliot get Tedd and Susan to sit together with them, putting the feminist and the pervert side by side. Things don't go well at first but then Elliot suggested that everyone share something about themselves. Elliot said he used to be a Bully Hunter. Sarah reveals she draws comic strips in her spare time. Tedd reveals to the group that he has regular vision and his face is naturally feminine. He also shamelessly admits to Susan that he's a pervert, but removed the x-ray feature from the glasses as he didn't feel it was ok to use that. Susan reveals she's a natural blonde and that she dyes her hair. She also reveals that her full name is Tiffany Susan Pompoms. Susan also reveals that her parents divorced after her dad cheated on her mom. Tedd empathizes and reveals his parents are divorced too. Tedd says that last he heard, his mother is somewhere in Europe. Susan decides to offer a truce to Tedd, and later defends him when Tony pushes Tedd around.

     Night Out 

Part 1 - Martial Arts Crew

Elliot, Nanase and Justin hang out at Greg's dojo. Elliot suggests to Nanase and Justin that they invite Ellen to hang out on Friday. Nanase decides to do so immediately and uses her fairy doll spell to contact Ellen. Ellen accepts the invitation and suggests they rent a movie.

Part 2 - Elliot's Crew

Sarah and Elliot go on a double date with Tedd and Grace. Tedd and Grace have masqueraded as each other, with Tedd in the Claire form, which Sarah and Elliot eventually pick up on. In an effort to not break the illusion, "Grace" tells "Tedd" something in Uryoumoco when Grace goes to the bathroom. Tedd eventually wonders where Grace could have learned the language. Grace encounters Tony the bully, but he is made unnerved by the fact "Tedd" isn't wearing glasses. Hedge is there, spying on the group. After the movie, Sarah invites "Grace" to come with her to the ladies room. Tedd learns that he overly romanticised what the girls' bathroom is like. A short moment of maturity from "Grace" causes Sarah to doubt that it's Tedd, but the doubt quickly fades when Tedd mentions it smells like a zombie farted in the bathroom. After the date, Elliot arrived at his house, wondering where his friends are and his parents say Ellen and co are at another friend's house. This part ends in The Stinger of Nanase in fairy doll mode crying in Elliot's and Ellen's room.

Part 3 - Ellen's Crew

Nanase and Justin arrive at Ellen's house. Ellen compliments Nanase's ponytail, causing her to blush. When they go to rent a movie, they encounter Susan at the rental store, who we learn works there. Ellen invites Susan to watch movies with them. Susan agrees, under the condition that they watch it at her house, which the others agree to. Ellen swats Nanase's ponytail like a cat to cheer her up after noticing she's been a bit down, and it works. Nanase decides to acknowledge her attraction to Ellen and rationalizes that it's just the Variant-5 pheromones. When the group can't decide on a movie, Susan suggests renting all of them and says they can all stay the night at her place.

At her place, the group sees how big Susan's house is. Justin meets Susan's mom, who wasn't comfortable with him staying the night but allows him after Susan lies to her about Justing being gay. Susan quickly learns that Justin is in fact gay. Susan asks Ellen to come with her to her bedroom.

In Susan's room, she asks Ellen to zap her into V5. Ellen does so and learns that Susan's natural hair colour is blonde. Susan explains her motive, which is to see what it is like to be attracted to females, but Ellen quickly points out that V5 also enhances the original preference, meaning she should be even more attracted to men. Susan quickly gets back to normal, but her hair remained blonde.

Nanase decides she needs to talk to someone about her attraction to Ellen, and chooses Susan after eliminating Justin and Ellen as unsuitable. In Susan's room, Nanase reveals her attraction to Ellen and rationalizes that it was the V5 pheromones, but Susan reveals that Tedd told her that the pheromones disappear quickly and he suspects Ellen never had the special pheromones at all. Panicked, Nanase uses the fairy doll spell to get to Elliot's and Ellen's room. There, Elliot is shocked to see her. Nanase talks about how she was unwilling to accept she was a lesbian and that she kept denying such feelings. She only accepted her feelings for Ellen when she could rationalize it in such a way that it was non-indicative of her actual preferences. But after Susan revealed to her that the excuse was non-existant, Nanase was forced to accept that she is gay. Elliot states that he doesn't know how to help but Nanase says he helped by listening. She returns to Susan's house and things are seemingly normal but it is revealed that when Nanase used her spell, Susan panicked and told Justin and Ellen that Nanase was a lesbian and they decide to keep this from her so Nanase can tell them on her own.

     The Morning After 

Q&A #2

Second question and answer session. Ran by the story characters themselves. Questions asked:
  • What is the difference between Nanase and Ellen?
    • Tedd expresses outrage that some people find it difficult to tell them apart. He points out that eyes and hair are different, at least in recent comics. Tedd also states that clothes will work, should all else fail. Cue Nanase and Ellen showing up in each other's clothing style.
  • How is it that Dan can make comics five times a week? Where does he get the time?
    • There are many time saving techniques one can use, including reusing images.
  • Does Dan receives any fan mail? Does he answer them?
    • Yes he receives on a regular basis. However, he hesitates and procrastinate when it comes to responding.
  • Why the hell do you call your comic El Goonish Shive?
    • Dan simply tossed El Goonish in front of his last name back when he was barely out of high school and it seemed cool. Dan decides to justify the goon part by hiring a big goon to appear in just one panel.

Tam Eh Tedd

Grace asks Mr. Verres why he lets her stay at his home and he reveals that it's because of a promise he made to The Informant who revealed to him the existence of Grace and her brothers. When Grace asks who it was, Mr. Verres says he promised the informant he wouldn't tell. Sarah gets the idea of looking up Grace in obituaries.

Elliot arrives at Tedd's house to hang out. An Uryuom couple, Gillian and William, arrive at Tedd's house to visit. They explain to Elliot that though their species came from another planet, they are born and raised citizens of the USA. They also explain that uryuoms don't actually have genders. They simply picked a gender identity so they could fit in on Earth better. They have an egg in a stroller with them. To produce offspring, when an Uryuom and another Uryuom love each other, they can create a single shell using "stuff" from both their bodies. This shell is called an egg, and resembles an egg-shaped 'meteor' about a foot (30cm) wide. Once the egg is formed, DNA from various sources needs to be put into the egg. It can accept DNA from multiple sources, rather than just the two 'parents'; the source doesn't even have to be an Uryuom.

Scene cuts to Grace and Tedd, who have just returned. Grace realises that one of the people at the lab she was born was an Uryuom, Mr. Guyur, and Tedd realises he was the one who taught Grace Uryuomoco. Grace quitely pays her respect for Mr. Guyur. Back to Elliot and the Uryuom couple, Gillian and William also reveal they were the ones who gifted Tedd the TF gun. They also taught Tedd Uryoumoco, which they then teach Elliot with a seconds-long mental transfer. When Tedd is ready, he gives the Uryuoms human forms which they can change into at will, and they take their leave. When they leave, they realise that Grace, who was disguised as Claire at the time, was a seyunolu.

While William and Gillian were in the basement, Mr. Verres had to leave on government business. Elliot tells Tedd that he has a date with Sarah that night: a romantic walk in the park. This part ends in The Stinger of a woman who looks like Grace and is named Grace Sciuridae showing up as a search result from when Sarah was going through obituaries.

     Painted Black 

Part 1 - Walk In The Park

Grace has a Flashback to Damien's attack on the lab, remembering all the screams and blood, making her realise what might happen to her friends if Damien finds her. On Elliot's and Sarah's date, they are attacked by Hedge. They try to run but Hedge catches up to them. Elliot turns into a catman like the time after the diamond but goes unconscious from the pain doing so. Hedge takes him and easily defeats Sarah. As he leaves, he tells Sarah that he's taking Elliot to The Nest, telling her that if that's not enough information, then she doesn't know anyone who could save Elliot.

Part 2 - Missing Persons

In Lord Tedd's dimension, Lord Tedd is looking for somebody named Nioi. He encounters General Shade Tail training and he doesn't know where Nioi is and refers to Nioi as Lord Tedd's pet. Nioi arrives in the main dimension, looking for someone named Dr. Sciuridae to find a way to defeat General Shade Tail, who she believes is corrupting Lord Tedd.

Ellen receives a call from Sarah. Ellen quickly learns something's wrong, which Sarah will explain when Ellen arrives at the park. Ellen, Susan, Justin and Nanase arrive at the park and Sarah tells them Elliot was kidnapped by Hedge. Nioi is currently peeping on this dimension's Tedd, getting distracted by his cuteness. Sarah and the others arrive at Tedd's house and she goes to confront Grace and accuses Grace of not caring about the people she puts at risk but she quickly sees a note Grace wrote saying she was leaving for their protection, and realises Grace does care. Sarah calms down and tells Grace to put clothes on and come downstairs.

Elliot regains consciousness, tied up, and the first thing he sees and hears is Damien hitting Hedge as punishment for not bringing back a female after Hedge tells him that Elliot was alone. Hedge sees that Elliot is awake and talks to him. Vlad arrives and yells that Damien doesn't want them to speak to Elliot until Damien can speak to Elliot himself. Vlad tells Hedge to let Guineas be the sole guard since he can't speak transformed. Back with the others, Tedd can't contact his dad about the situation and Grace is lost in her own mind. Sarah snaps her out of it and asks her if she knows where The Nest is. The group also conclude that Elliot turning into a cat was a side effect of the Dewitchery Diamond. Grace realises that The Nest must be the lab where she and her brothers were born.

Sarah asks Ms. Sciuridae (Grace) if she's still hiding anything, confusing Grace and shocking Nioi. Tedd says that the records they got on Grace have the address of the lab and they are one internet search away from getting directions. Grace decides to go save Elliot alone, stating that they will die as even if they could defeat her brothers, Damien himself is too strong. Damien arrives at where Elliot is being held.

Part 3 - Interviewed By The Devil

While getting interrogated by Damien, Elliot refers to Guineas by name, shocking Guineas as his name was not mentioned in front of Elliot yet. When asked, Elliot tells Damien his name is Cat. Elliot makes up a bunch of other lies but Damien sees through them. Damien decides to cut the interrogation short. Meanwhile, Guineas tells Hedge that "Cat" knew his name, which makes Hedge realise Elliot does know Grace.

Back with the others, Grace and Ellen are debating whether Grace should go alone or bring along several of the group to help. Grace tries to argue why she should go alone but after revealing that Damien has been abusive to her, Tedd changes his position to not waiting for his dad and going to save Elliot now. Tedd provides Grace, Ellen and Nanase with special Uryuom clothing that can morph shape with the shapeshifter wearing them. He also provides them with radio watches for communication. Back with Hedge and Guineas, Vlad arrives and it is revealed that he has issues arising from him being unable to shapeshift without risking death. While guarding Elliot, Hedge talks to him and reveals that Damien only wants his sister to breed an army. Hedge also confronts Elliot about the fact that he knows Grace, but Damien arrives, hitting Hedge because he wanted Guineas guarding "Cat". Damien also lets slip that there is another prisoner.

Part 4 - Into The Dungeon

On the way to The Nest, Grace tells Ellen and Nanase her brothers' fighting styles. And she reveals her fur is fireproof, which she assumed was a result of her being part squirrel, but Nanase tells her squirrel fur isn't fireproof. It is decided the smartest thing to do is for Grace to go first, accompanied by Nanase in her fairy form. Grace also reveals that she and her brothers can communicate with animals, but Damien can't. Inside the nest, Grace and Nanase encounter a sleeping Vlad, who quickly wakes up. Grace and Nanase flee as Vlad shrieks loudly to alert the others. Vlad takes Nanase out, sending her back to her normal body, and Damien knocks Grace out, capturing her.

Part 5 - The Truth About Grace

Ellen and Nanase try to find their way to The Nest. Grace comes to and sees Damien. She looks next to her and sees someone she calls Papa. He was one of the scientists, and the first to call her Grace. He left years before Damien arrived. Damien forces "Papa" to tell Grace the truth. "Papa" tells Grace that he and his colleagues were assigned by the company they worked for to create assassins. They also tried to speed up the aging process but failed and it might have actually made Grace and her brothers age slower. "Papa" also revealed that Grace and her brothers were created via Uryuom eggs. He then explains that a child born from an Uryuom egg with some Uryuom DNA in addition to other DNA is called a tulougul seyunolu or greater chimera while a child born from an Uryuom egg with no Uryuom DNA is called a roaisol seyunolu or lesser chimera. "Papa" tells Grace that she and Vlad are greater chimeras while Guineas and Hedge are lesser chimeras. Ellen and Nanase managed to find The Nest. Nioi is in the air vents spying on the conversation between Grace and Damien. "Papa" realises that Grace was given an inaccurate story of how she and her brothers came to be. When Grace asks why she was born, Damien reveals she was born to kill him. Damien went into a laughing fit and states that even if Grace's original design could defeat him, "Papa" ruined it. "Papa" reveals that there is an old prophecy about a being who would unify the seyunolu outcasts of the world. He also states that rumors of a group who got tired of waiting and created this being themselves reached the lab, but Damien interrupts him, proclaiming he was summoned, not born in a lab.

Elliot discovers he can morph into a girl as if he was hit by V5, loosening the ropes. The whole time Elliot spends freeing himself, Guineas doesn't notice a thing until Elliot takes the exit. "Papa" reveals that Grace's parents was supposed to be a naturally strong human, a squirrel, an Uryuom donor and a Lespuko, or at least, that was the plan. He explains that a Lespuko is a genetic relative of the Uryuoms and that when Lespuko DNA is used to make a seyunolu, the child could potentially transform with ease and combine forms, which Grace knows is true for herself from prior experience. From the Lespuko heritage, Nioi theorizes that "maybe it needs to be passive." "Papa" explains that he hated working for the company, but he needed the money. His wife died and all he had was his daughter, but she died in a car accident. Unable to accept losing her, and not believing in the Damien rumours, he replaced the intended human DNA with his daughter's, making Grace his granddaughter. The others assumed there was a simply a mixup of some sort but when "Papa" gave Grace her hairband, they suspected the truth and transferred him. "Papa" told Mr. Verres about the project so he could free Grace and her brothers, but Damien interrupted that plan. Damien tells "Papa" to tell Grace about her Uryuom parent, referring to "Papa" as Sciuridae, which Grace notes. Damien explains that the Uryuom who made the eggs and supplied the genetic material had an abnormality allowing him to produce eggs without a mate. Because Grace is that Uryuom's child, Damien believes she might have that abnormality too, allowing to create an army in a single generation. Grace realises that Mr. Guyur, the Uryuom who taught her Uryoumoco, was one of her parents, as he was the only Uryuom working in the lab. Damien learns this and says that he would have let Mr. Guyur live if he had known that. The conversation is interrupted by a loud "Skree" sound. Back to Ellen and Nanase and a few minutes before the "Skree", they see Elliot getting chased by Guineas. Ellen and Nanase catch up to them. Hedge arrives at the scene and tries to think of a way to make sure Damien doesn't learn what is going on but Vlad lets of a loud "Skree", alerting Damien.

Part 6 - The Brewing Storm

Elliot, Ellen and Nanase do battle with Hedge, Guineas and Vlad. Vlad quickly defeats Nanase, causing Ellen to abandon her thumb war with Guineas and make sure no further harm comes to Nanase. Outraged, Ellen fires her beam at Vlad with enough force to throw him back, defeating him. Damien, Sciuridae and Grace see the beam and Damien says that he's no longer entertained by the battle and decides to kill the intruders himself, making Grace snap, causing an explosion which pushes Damien off his vantage point. After landing, he sees Grace charging him.

Part 7 - Fallen From Grace

Grace battles Damien and her Lespuko heritage is no longer dormant, but Nioi theorizes Grace would be weaker in the long run. While fighting, Damien is shocked to discover he is losing. This makes him confront the possibility that he is a mortal after all and he flies into the sky and Grace follows. In the sky, Grace sees the blood on her hands and remembers Damien's bloody hand back when he first attacked the lab, snapping her out of her rage. She apologizes to Damien for the harm she caused him and askes him to surrender, but Damien refuses. He wants to kill Grace even if that means killing himself. Damien heats himself to the point of explosion and Grace nearly dies but Nioi blocks the blast. Nioi tells Grace that she's a voluntary servant of Lord Tedd, shocking her but Nioi tells her that she has many misconceptions about Lord Tedd. Nioi brings Grace back to the others.

Part 8 - Humanity

When Nioi and Grace arrive back with the others, Grace sees Sciuridae injured from the explosion she caused, for which she is apologetic. Nioi introduces herself and tells the others what happened in the sky. Nioi goes on to explain what she knows about the Dewitchery Diamond. She explains that a manifestation of the curse is separated from the cursed. The cursed becomes normal but can assume the cursed form at will. The manifestation can spread the curse as they please. Nioi also explains that more forms could be added for a short time after the separation, explaining Elliot's cat form. Addition of a new form for either the manifestation or original will not result in an addition for the other. Nioi also states her belief that a soul should never be younger than the body it inhabits and states Ellen has such a soul, which Nioi intends to correct. She "beeps" Ellen's nose and quickly leaves with no further explanation.

Vlad wakes up after getting defeated by Ellen, and is shocked to discover that he's now in a normal human form, albeit female. A military unit led by Commander Jaguar arrives stating that they're here to clean up the mess and bring the teens back to Mr. Verres. Nanase in fairy form is with them and she was the one who led them here. The Uryuom of the unit states that Tedd finally got into contact with his dad, which is why they're here. Sciuridae goes with the military unit for medical treatment but takes the time to explain that he kept in touch with Mr. Verres. Grace transforms into a full human, and tells her grandpa to keep in touch this time. Vlad arrives, shocking the others with the fact that Vlad is now human. Grace explains that Vlad might stay that way permanently if she doesn't try to change forms, and Vlad decides to stay that way, despite being female since being human was more important to her than being male.

Hedge, Guineas and Vlad are taken into protective custody and will be put through psychological evaluations. The unit brings Elliot, Ellen, Nanase and Grace to Tedd's house, where Tedd tearfully embraces Grace and Elliot. After getting lectured on their recklessness and Mr. Verres expressing his relief that everyone was ok, the group disbands for the night, with Nanase stating at Tedd's house in Tedd's bed and Tedd sleeping on the sofa and Susan, Justin, Ellen, Elliot and Sarah going to their respective homes. During the night, Mr. Verres is shocked to see Tedd and Grace sleeping together on the sofa, but softens when Grace whimpers in her sleep, clearly finding comfort from Tedd's presence.

PB Special Features

The behind-the-scenes thoughts of the author, where he explains the things that led to the final, published storyline of Painted Black and he admits he didn't know what he was doing in many ways, especially early on.

     Shadows After Dark 

Sleepy Time

Sarah dreams she is looking for Elliot in kitty form. Several Hedges in full hedgehog form surruond him. Sarah kicks the various Hedges away and embraces kitty Elliot. Nanase dreams that she is drowning but mermaid Ellen saves her and she turns into a mermaid herself. They then swim off together. Elliot dreams that he's Ellen's father and Tedd's the mother and Ellen's boyfriend is "The Playah". After realizing he's dreaming, he makes some changes. He brings in Grace for Tedd and Nanase for Ellen. He also considers getting a guy for Justin and/or turning Susan into a guy. Then he becomes Super Elliot and gets interviewed by reporter girlfriend Sarah. Susan dreams of the time she caught her father commiting adultery with a blonde woman and told her mother when she got back from visiting her grandmother what her father had done. Justin dreams of a Lord-of-the-Rings-ized version of when Grace, Ellen and Nanase go to save Elliot. Ellen in this dream asks Justin, "Who do you think Elliot would rather have save him?" when he wants to come along. Tedd dreams of a grave and becoming like Lord Tedd. This causes him to wake up. Grace dreams of the floating head thing that's been terrorizing her sleep. It gets a body note  and Grace embraces it, making it seem far less dangerous, and it disappears.

Second Life

Ellen dreams of a different life. One where she's an only child and the world knows about Uryuoms and they and seyunolus are fully integrated into human society. On the bus to her first day of school, young Dream Ellen meets a female seyunolu named Kaoli who looks very much like a younger version of Nioi. During school, while playing kickball with other kids, Dream Ellen notices a boy named Tedd who is alone. Dream Ellen drags the Dream Tedd to play with them despite him saying he is no good. Dream Tedd manages to kick the ball very far and Dream Ellen chides him for saying he wasn't good at the sport but Dream Tedd says that he was no good. Ellen then wakes up. Ellen checks to make sure she's ok and only a short time has passed. After confirming this with Elliot, she realised that it was due to what Nioi did when she beeped Ellen's nose. Ellen then tells Elliot what happened in her dreams and how it affected her. She leaves and goes to Tedd's house, hugging him and saying "You're plenty good." She then leaves a very confused Tedd behind.

The Child Left Behind

A hooded figure (This is Noah, who starts being featured in "Bringing Silly Back") arrives at a gravestone to say that Damien is dead by someone else's hand despite him training for years to be the one to slay Damien. He hopes to pay proper tribute to the one who did it but he only knows that the one who did it is a seyunolu who is part squirrel and "a woman of grace."

Red Alert

At Moperville North High School, Sarah sees Susan wearing a Star Trek t-shirt. Knowing she only wears such shirts when she's upset, she immediately runs to find Elliot and Tedd. She finds Elliot and warns him today is not a good day to mess with Susan. They go to find Tedd to share this knowledge but Tedd is already teasing Susan about the shirt. They get into a sissy slap fight. The principal of the school is wandering the hallways, wondering how he could resolve the issues the school has when he sees the fight. He breaks it up and goes on to chastise Tedd and Susan but upon learning the cause, he gets a Eureka Moment and runs off saying he has plenty to do. After that, Tedd explains why he teased Susan, thinking it was the basis for their friendship. Susan relents and explains why she didn't take the teasing well that day, and Tedd comforts her, earning heartfelt awws from Elliot and Sarah, who witnessed the scene, annoying Susan and Tedd.

     Before The Party 

Moping Squirrel

Grace is lost in her thoughts, remembering how she got angry and believing she doesn't deserve power, but Ellen interrupts her musings. Mr. Verres comes in and tells Grace, assuming everything works out, she will be attending Moperville South with Ellen and hopefully with identical schedules. Mr. Verres lets slip that Grace's birthday is coming up, and while he can't be there, he suggests inviting the others over. He however states that Elliot is supervising since he generally reduces impulsive Tedd behaviour and is a horrible liar, while Ellen can't be the supervisor since she's more impulsive. After Mr. Verres leaves, Grace comes up with a theme, which is currently unknown to all except Ellen.

Intro To South

At Moperville South, Justin asks Nanase how long her strict mother grounded her for staying out all night during the rescue. Nanase explains that her mother is only strict with academic stuff and as long as she gets good grades, her mother gives her a lot of freedom to do what she wants. Three of their classmates, Diane, Lucy and Rhoda, come up to their table. Diane invites Nanase to sit with them so they could lure more boys over to spend money on them, but Nanase rejects the offer. When Diane persists, Nanase states she would consider it only if they let Justin sit with them and he's ok with it, but Diane says no, he'd scare other boys off. Diane continues to persist, saying that they wouldn't do this if they didn't think Nanase was good looking and she was more than that since they didn't get rid of Rhoda when she gained weight. Rhoda protests and Nanase compliments her, causing Lucy to put Rhoda down. Frustrated, Diane leaves with Lucy and Rhoda. The scene changes to Melissa and the boy she's sitting next to, named Noah. Melissa thinks Diane and her posse are trying to mooch Justin out of his money but Noah brought up the correct answer, which Melissa thinks is too complicated so she decides to just go with her mooching theory.

Party Recruiting

Grace asks Tedd to invite the Moperville North half of the crew to her party and to tell them the theme. Tedd agrees but he silently has doubts about the theme. Ellen's Second Life dreams continue. Dream Ellen has a crush on a greater chimera named Archie. Dream Tedd has a crush on Dream Ellen but she doesn't notice. Back in the waking world, during lunch break, Tedd tells the others that Grace wants everyone except Ellen to switch genders for most of the party, shocking Elliot, Sarah and Susan. Sarah agrees to it, surprising the others. Elliot agrees after that. Susan, after much debate with her logic and curiosity sides, decides to go. Tedd also tells them that Grace wants people to pair off and decide each other's dress. Tedd is paired with Grace, Elliot with Sarah, Justin with Nanase if they go and Susan with Ellen. Elliot asks Tedd if he fixed the testosterone rush problem that led to Tedd firing the TF gun at Elliot but Tedd says he thinks he was wrong about the testosterone being the answer. He thinks it might have to do with the gun malfunctioning or something else happened. The scene changes to two "students" who are watching them. It turns out that they're Immortals who for some reason are keeping tabs on Elliot, but they can't remember why as it is in their nature as Immortals to forget and relearn in order to avoid a mundane existence. After school, Tedd sees Grace has transformed. When questioned, she says she used the TF gun but Tedd says the time limit and normal settings don't work on her, so she would need to use her natural powers to get back to normal, annoying Grace. Elliot arrives home and Ellen is very amused at Elliot having to tell Nanase and Justin about the party. The pair of immortals also arrive at Elliot's house but on the spirit plane rather than the mortal one. They sense somebody else on the spirit plane who quickly leaves, complaining about the fact that the pair of Immortals still manage to hinder him despite not remembering him. But he leaves that aside for now, knowing that Ellen being excited for the party will make his resurrection easier.

Even More Recruiting

At the Anime Dojo, Elliot tells Nanase and Justin about the party and the Gender Bender involved. Justin is shocked and gets even more shocked when Nanase says she will go. Greg interrupts their conversation by drenching Elliot with water, expecting it to turn Elliot into a girl, but an annoyed Elliot says he wills it to happen and Greg apologises. While Justin helps Elliot dry off, Elliot convinces Justin to come by promising to let him play with the long hair of his female form when transformed. After the lesson finishes, Greg asks Elliot to ask Grace to join the dojo, saying that he could train her to subdue an opponent without causing them serious injury. He also asks Elliot to invite Ellen to join. Back with Tedd and Grace, Grace tells Tedd that she feels she doesn't deserve her powers because she didn't use her powers to stop Damien when he killed nearly everyone at the lab, and when she did use her powers, she lost control. She states that she's going to hold off on using her powers until she feels better about herself.

Party Fashion

An assembly is called at Moperville North. The school is going to implement school uniforms, which comes with protests from the students but the principal silences them. However, when Susan learns that the girls will have to wear skirts, she expresses her outrage at the sexism. The assembly is dismissed after the principal gives the concluding word. Elliot tries to cheer Sarah up about the uniform, saying she'll look hot, which gives her the idea to give Elliot the girl's uniform to wear during the party. Within Ellen's dreams, Dream Ellen is upset that Archie doesn't want to go out with her but Dream Tedd consoles her saying that Archie as a greater chimera would prefer just hugs at their age, which gives Dream Ellen the idea of settling for hugs, disappointing Dream Tedd who still has a crush on her. While on IM with Ellen, Susan discusses the outfit aspect of Grace's party. She gets the idea to ask Nanase to pick Ellen's outfit, which Nanase agrees to. Susan tells Ellen the plan and she's ecstatic.

When comes the time to get the uniforms, Susan attempts to get the boy's uniforms but fails. Tedd tries to get the girl's uniform but also fails, which gives Susan an idea. Justin is upset they have to attend a party for a girl they barely know but Nanase points out that Grace saved her life, which makes Justin feel better about the party. Nanase also tells him Grace is going to be going to school with them alongside Ellen. Grace asks Ellen if she's ok with not being with Sarah but Ellen tells her she doesn't feel that way about Sarah anymore. Justin has a dream where Elliot turns him into a girl and they kiss, making him more nervous about the party.

Family Reunion

On the day of Grace's party, Mr. Verres has a surprise for Grace. Her brothers and sister are on computer and they're wishing happy birthday. Vlad says her name is Vladia now since no one wanted to call her Vlad. Grace thanks Mr. Verres for the gift. Hedge tells her that everything is fine on their end. When Grace asks Guineas why he is in his half-guinea pig form, he says because he thinks the women are scared of his human form since they get nervous, but Grace and Vladia say it's because they "have the hots" for him, exciting Guineas. When asked, Vladia explains that the reason she hasn't transformed into a man yet is because she doesn't want to risk her life again and that Ellen's beam was more thorough than it should have been due to Ellen putting more energy into it and that might have changed something. Vladia is happy with her form in any case, shocking her brothers. When her siblings ask her, Grace explains that the reason she hasn't used her transformation powers is because she feels that she doesn't deserve them for not stopping Damien when he first attacked the lab and for losing control when she did use her powers. This causes Vladia to yell at her, saying that what Damien did is not her fault and that all her life, Vladia couldn't use her powers and that she would not let Grace squander hers with a guilt trip over things not her fault. At this point, Dr. Sciuridae decides to step in, cheering Grace up at seeing her grandfather. He says that he agrees with Vladia, though she could have been less aggressive about it. He tells Grace that when she hatched out of the egg, it was in her half-squirrel form. Grace cheers up and assumes that form, making her granfather and siblings happy. Dr. Sciuridae then tells her that he is now living and working at the place where her siblings are. He then asks Grace about her being in a relationship, making her nervous. After talking to her grandfather, brothers and sister, Grace wakes Tedd up. When he sees her in her half-squirrel form, he realised Grace is feeling better now, making him happy. In silence, he declares that he will make sure Grace has the best birthday party ever.

     Grace's Birthday Party 

Part 1 - Arrivals And Presents

Dr. Germahn starts off by explaining that Tedd's house looks different because of complicated phenomena, but Lisa interrupts and says that it was because the early designs were architecturally flawed and had to be changed, annoying Dr. Germahn.

Back in-universe, Elliot and Ellen arrive first. Something is bothering Ellen, but she denies it. Elliot goes to see Tedd and is surprised to see Tedd is already transformed. Tedd justifies it as him cooking better as a girl, which he admits doesn't make sense, but that's how it is. Tedd and Elliot go into the basement with Ellen, and Tedd goes to change back. Ellen has her emotions manipulated by the mysterious being that was hindered by the Immortals before. The being amplifies Ellen's desire to zap Elliot so it could be restored, but she zaps Tedd instead. The Immortals sense what the being was doing and arrive to confront it, but it escapes. Ellen gets dizzy, but Elliot makes sure she's okay and doesn't tell her that she just zapped Tedd.

Sarah and Susan arrive. Susan goes down into the basement and tells Elliot about her plan to take notes while she's a guy to see if her views on men are valid, mildly offending Elliot.

Justin and Nanase arrive and Ellen whispers into Nanase's ear that she's excited to see what Nanase got for her, shocking Nanase who grabs Susan and they go to a more private area. Nanase confronts Susan, saying she thought only they knew, but Susan counters that "they" include Ellen. It turns out Nanase picked out a revealing outfit and planned to place the blame on Susan.

Justin and Tedd talk and Justin assures Tedd that he's not attracted to him as he's attracted to masculinity.

Susan and Nanase continue their talk, and Susan assures Nanase everyone but the three of them thinks Susan was the one who got the outfit, but when they leave, it turns out Sarah and Grace were there and heard the whole thing. They decide to keep what they know quiet for the time being. Sarah goes to see Elliot in the basement and they have a little sweet talk, disgusting Susan who was also there.

Time for presents arrives. Ellen got Grace the first book in the Harry Potter series. Nanase gives Grace a movie called The Secret of NIMH. Justin and Susan collaborated in getting Grace a Catnip plant. Elliot and Sarah got Animal Crossing for Grace. Tedd got Grace high-quality nuts, an encyclopedia of animals in North America, chocolates, and plush dolls that represent her siblings' animal forms, making Grace so happy she kisses Tedd.

Part 2 - Bending Genders

When it comes time for the transformations, Justin asks for a clarification on what they do to sexual orientations and Tedd explains that heterosexual attraction of the new form is added to the original attraction. The Uryuoms designed it that way because they interact with a lot of species that have genders, and the transformations are most often used to allow reproduction in species with a severe gender imbalance.

Justin goes to get transformed first. He has a flashback showing him going through life before he met Elliot and then he activates the TF gun. Justin comes back upstairs, almost falls due to altered balance, and is caught by Elliot, who tells Justin he's cute when transformed into a girl. Next, Tedd and Elliot both go down to get transformed.Ellen sees the clothes Nanase got for her and is flustered.

After transformation, Tedd is annoyed he and Elliot are wearing the same clothes but Elliot quickly points out that now, it's ''two'' girls wearing school uniforms, making Tedd happy.

Ellen returns to the group in the outfit Nanase got, a strapless dress which shows a lot of leg. Ellen is uncomfortable showing that much skin, so Nanase, realizing her mistake, gives Ellen her jacket and confesses she was the one who got the outfit, not Susan. When Elliot and Tedd return, they all pose for an all-girls photo, which Sarah rigs so Nanase and Ellen are next to each other.

Susan transforms, and a careful reader would see that Susan has the venus symbol on her back. After Susan transforms, Grace decides to express annoyance at the nudity taboo everyone has, until Susan helps her realise that it was because most associate it with sex, shocking Grace. They return to the rest of the group. Susan says she feels stronger, which Nanase doubts, offending Susan who challenges Nanase to an arm wrestling match that Nanase wins effortlessly.

After the match, Grace asks Tedd for a private talk. She asks Tedd why he never told her about the association of nudity and sex and he expresses surprise she didn't know because of what she said back when they first met. Grace explains that was because Hedge told her about flashers, which Grace misunderstood when he told her.

When it's time for Nanase to transform, she asks Grace to turn her into Elliot's favourite actor, though she quickly drops the idea. Nanase is excited that now that she's becoming male, she can act on her feelings for Ellen without arousing suspicion, but quickly realizes her plan needs work. Nanase and Grace return to the group.

When it's Sarah's turn, she panics, summons the Demonic Duck, then continues panicking on all the things that could go wrong with the transformation. She is worried because Tedd once turned her into a catgirl, and all she could say was "Meow" for days, which is now known as "The Incident". They calm her down and Grace explains they can make a back-up form for her to change back, giving her enough peace of mind to go through with the process.

Alone, Ellen reveals to Nanase she was annoyed with Sarah's discomfort, considering Ellen had it worse but Nanase comforts her. Sarah meanwhile realises this and goes to apologize to Ellen, which Ellen accepts. Sarah goes back down to the basement and actually transforms this time. Grace also transforms. They return to the group, where Justin asks Tedd to order the pizzas ASAP as Nanase goes into wild rants when hungry, prompting her to give a wild rant about how she doesn't go into wild rants.

Part 3 - Festivities

The Demonic Duck plays a prank on Justin by making him think Elliot has taken an interest in him, not realising Justin has a crush on Elliot. As Justin reacts upset, the Demonic Duck realizes his mistake and decides to make it up to Justin.

After the pizza arrives, the group moves on to karaoke. The rest of the group has a go, then Ellen sings and achieves the maximum score possible with an emotional love song, shocking the group. Ellen has planned this demonstration as the first step in revealing how she's been living another life through her dreams, as a result of what Nioi did when she beeped her nose. She explains that Nioi did what she did because she accidentally created a duplicate of herself when she touched the Dewitchery Diamond of her dimension, named Kaoli, and that Nioi believes souls should never be younger than the body they inhabit and that Nioi didn't want Kaoli to age her soul from unsafe levels by herself. Ellen comments that Dream Ellen had a band and years of singing lessons. She also states that she and Kaoli will eventually meet for real because of the companionship aspect of them going through the dreams together. When this is done, the group moves on to sing duets.

Part 4 - Hold On Hope

After eating the cake, the group go to separate areas of the house. Sarah and Elliot merely kiss and tease each other.

Susan realises her views on men are just so she could excuse her father's infidelity, a troubling revelation for her. She goes to the basement and finds Justin there crying. She puts her own issues aside and asks Justin to tell her why he's crying. Justin reveals he's in love with Elliot, then recounts how he was outed: He had a friend named Melissa who thought they would get married. They dated once, but Justin realised he was gay. He told Melissa this and asked her to keep it a secret. She didn't, and Justin ended up ostracized. Some boys were picking on him and Justin snapped and punched one, even though he was badly outnumbered. The boys overpowered him and were kicking him while he was down when Elliot stopped them, saving Justin. Elliot introduced Justin to Nanase and to the Anime Style Martial Arts dojo. Justin states that he feels alone since he's gay and has an unrequited crush on Elliot, but Susan tells him he's not alone, he has the whole group as his friends. They stare at each other for a moment, and kiss, which very nearly leads to them going too far, but suddenly the lights go out. They laugh it off and their friendship survives the moment. When they leave the basement, it turns out the Demonic Duck was responsible for the lights and did it to repay his debt to Justin.

Grace in male form kisses Tedd. Tedd panics and runs to his room. A shocked Grace follows. Tedd admits that he's not comfortable with Grace being physically affectionate with him as long as she's a guy, and he guesses that for Grace it's okay when Tedd is a girl because she's bisexual, but Grace says she isn't. Her preferences are partly heterosexual and primarily based on mental connection, which Tedd realizes comes from her Uryuom heritage. Grace realises that Tedd had a lot of issues with his androgyny, which go beyond being teased for it. Grace reveals that the theme of the party was so she could please Tedd. Tedd apologises for his nervousness, breaking out into unexplained glowing, and kisses male Grace. Grace goes back to female during the kiss, knowing recognizing the issue doesn't solve it, but it's a start. Grace asks Tedd about his glowing thing, but Tedd wasn't aware of it.

Ellen decides to tell Nanase that Dream Ellen had a thing for Archie. Eventually, they entered into a relationship that lasted long enough for them to have sex, which ended the relationship, but Dream Ellen and Archie managed to remain friends. Ellen has realized because of the dreams that, unlike her dream self, she is no longer comfortable with her physical attraction to men, and considers herself bisexual, but only capable of entering into lesbian romantic relationships. She asks Nanase if she has anything she wants to talk about, but Nanase doesn't want to, disappointing Ellen who decides to go outside. This prompt Nanase to change back to a girl and then follow Ellen. Nanase decides to reveal that she's gay which she suspects Ellen already knows. Ellen confirms so, but kept it a secret because she only learned abut it because Susan panicked when Nanase used her fairy doll spell. Ellen is sorry she, Susan and Justin kept that knowledge a secret, but they wanted Nanase to have the choice to tell them on her own terms. After they both admit to their mistakes, they kiss.

     The After Party 

Q&A #3

Third question and answer session. Run by Amanda and Lisa. The following questions were answered:
  • What's up with Susan's "badass hair in the wind with no wind" effect and what causes it?
    • Amanda speculates that it could be a result of Susan's unexplored magical abilities but admits it's more likely an artistic liberty by Dan to express mood or attitude. Or maybe hair fairies.
  • Back during "Shade Tail Part 1", there was a comic that claimed there was a secret in the last panel.
    • The secret was draft designs of Ellen.
  • When Grace describes her "masterly plan" to make Elliot a guy again in "Sister Part 4", there appears to be a hidden image behind the text.
    • It was Ellen. This was a clue about her creation and subsequent despair.
  • What did Ellen talk to Nanase about during "Painted Black Part VIII" while in Elliot's car?
    • Ellen invited Nanase to come to her house in fairy form.
  • How does magic work in El Goonish Shive?
    • Here are the basics. The most common form of magic is spiritual energy of the caster, which could be innate or obtained and/or enhance via training. Power alone isn't enough to cast spells. One must train in a specific fashion or have their power awakened by beings capable of such things. Spells will reflect the caster's personality and desires. Magic can be stored in special items, like wands, that allow a caster to cast spells they wouldn't normally be able to cast.
  • Why are the TF gun forms the way they are?
    • Tedd's the one who made most of the forms. More specifically:
      • Gender forms. The base forms, V1 doesn't change much besides the gender, and the figure of the affected person is more dependant on their own biology. Hair length and height remains the same. V2 to V4 could be anything and V5 was designed by Tedd to match his desires and could be changed should Tedd so choose. Any change to V1 affects V2 to V4.
      • Animal forms. The forms on the TF gun are merely an approximation by whoever designs them. The forms Tedd designs tend to have humanlike faces because that's Tedd's preference. True hybrids, like Hedge, have more animal-like faces.
      • Clone forms. They completely change the target and everyone hit with one will look the same. They can be manually designed or automatically generated using scanned data. They don't transfer special abilities. V1 is the actual clone form and V2 to V5 are relative to V1.
  • What is a buffer and why does Dan need one?
    • It's the store of complete comics Dan has already made so as not to fall behind. When Dan is rushed to finish a comic on time, it takes a lot of the fun out of it.

     Hidden Genesis 

Hidden Genesis

Two years ago in another dimension, two people, Magus and Terra, are in what appears to be a friendly duel, but one of Magus' items was sabotaged, plunging him to the main dimension. Magus was the mysterious being who's been trying to regain his body. Mr. Verres and two agents under him, Wolf and Cranium, are investigating the disturbance that occurred when Magus ended up in their dimension. They were confronted by a girl with pointed ears who gave them a warning but said she wants both them and Magus to be stronger because she prefers outcomes to be uncertain. Mr. Verres tells his subordinates that the girl was an Immortal.

(At this point, the sub-storyline title as printed on the strips themselves changes from "Hidden Genesis" to "The After Party". This is not acknowleged in Dan's index.)

Back in the present, Elliot and Ellen discuss Ellen's relationship with Nanase. Elliot points out that Nanase might not be ready to be open about their relationship, or even be in the relationship, upsetting Ellen. Ellen is going to discuss this when Nanase comes later. At the comic book store, Nanase tells Justin that she's upset that Justin kept that he already knew she was a lesbian a secret from her but understands that there probably wasn't a right way to handle the situation. Nanase tells Sarah that she's got new spells as a result of using a lot of magic lately, spells that happen to be good for sneaking around. At Tedd's house, Elliot and Tedd discuss Ellen's school arrangements and related cover stories. Grace tells Elliot that when Susan transformed back, her hair was mostly blonde with the ends dyed. At Susan's house, she's enjoying the style until she sees her own image in the mirror turn into her dad's mistress with her face, immediately prompting her to fully dye her hair again. At Nanase's house, Mrs. Kitsune is shown to be an Education Mama. At dinner, when Nanase protests her mother's desire for good grades when she only wants Nanase to be a homemaker, Mrs. Kitsune decides she's not getting any cookies that night, but Akiko, Nanase's little sister, snuck some for Nanase. Nanase uses her fairy doll spell to go to Ellen's house. Ellen aks Nanase if they are in a relationship. Nanase says it's complicated. She wants to be with Ellen but she doesn't want it to get back to her family. Ellen understands and gets glomped by Nanase.

In The Shadows

Two years ago, Mr. Verres explains to Wolf and Cranium that the plane they're on is the physical plane while the plane above that is the spiritual plane, and that Immortals have near godlike powers on the spiritual plane but are significantly weaker on the physical plane. Mr. Verres tells his agents that they are being transferred to other cases since they have nothing to go on regarding the little-girl Immortal in the woodsp. Mr. Verres says he's going to meet with some friends who are responsible for him knowing about Immortals. Back in the present day, Magus is talking to a being he calls Chaos. Magus asks Chaos how he can get Ellen to fire her beam at Elliot and Chaos tells him to follow Ellen around. When Magus goes to do so, Chaos is revealed to be the little girl who gave the threat and warning to Mr. Verres and his agents two years earlier.

The New Students

Grace and Ellen get ready for their first day of school. Nanase tells Justin that her new spells lately are all hiding or spying related and she wants different spells, and Justin brings up the possibility that she may need to be more open if she wants different kind of spells. Nanase isn't listening as she just used her fairy doll spell. Grace and Ellen arrive at school. Diane correctly deduces them as new and is surprised to see they know Nanase when Ellen swats Nanase's ponytail. As a result of the act, Nanase and Ellen get into an argument of whispers that draws a lot of attention, but Justin calms them down.

Susan Draws The Line

Susan arrives at school in the boys' uniform to show her defiance of the uniform policy. The other students notice and support her at first, but upon learning Susan only wants to make the uniforms less sexist rather than get rid of them, most of the students quickly abandon her. Catalina, one of the Feminist Club members, yells at the other students when they leave. The principal tells Susan to stop acting against the uniform policy or face severe punishment.

Squirrel In The Classroom

Diane goes to Nanase's table. Ellen is shocked to see the strong resemblance between Diane and Susan. After Diane leaves, Ellen and Grace, who also saw the resemblance, point this out to Nanase and Justin, who had never noticed. Ellen tries to text Susan about it but she's uninterested. The bell rings and they go to class. While Elliot and Tedd are talking about how Tedd is now completely smitten with Grace, other students notice Tedd glowing. Ellen and Grace don't encounter any trouble until History class, taught by Mr. Adrian Raven, where Grace learns for the first time about what happened in World War II. She becomes very upset and runs out of the classroom, and Ellen goes to follow her. Grace ends up in the girls' bathroom, where Rhoda is also crying. Diane arrives and consoles both of them. Diane takes them out of the bathroom and hands Grace back to Ellen, surprised that Ellen didn't look for Grace there first. Mr. Raven arrives and lets Diane and Rhoda go since he wants to focus on his own students. He takes them to the principal's office and has a hall monitor oversee his class. Raven suggests Grace be put in a remedial class but Grace protests and repeats what she read word for word, which causes Mr. Raven to accuse her of being a liar since he thinks there's no way Grace could learn all that so fast, but he quickly takes it back when he notices something about Ellen. He changes his position and insists Grace stay in his class. Principal Washington agrees but states Grace will still need a tutor. Mr. Raven says he'll arrange one himself and leaves while giving an Evil Laugh. Principal Washington tells Ellen and Grace that he's seen crazier behaviour from Mr. Raven. Ellen and Grace go to return to class but Ellen sneezes and accidentally hits herself with her beam, so they go to the bathroom to hide while they figure out how it happened. Ellen quickly restores herself to normal. Magus, who was watching, believes that manipulating Ellen's emotions to get pepper to make her sneeze could be the opprtunity he was waiting for but quickly realises how desperate that plan is. Ellen and Grace arrive back in class and their classmates are supportive of Grace.

     Sister II 

Part 1 - The Trials Of Susan

During lunch at Moperville South, Justin tells Grace and Ellen about the mostly positive opinions of them held by other students. Nanase reveals that she's been secretly using her magic during class in an effort to get non-sneaky spells but is disappointed when she learns what her new spells actually are. At Moperville North, most of the membership of the Feminist Club quit because of disappointment over Susan only wanting to make the uniforms less sexist, devastating Susan. Catalina cheers Susan up and tries to ask Susan out but Susan says she's not a lesbian, disappointing Catalina, who pretends she didn't mean a date and flees in embarassment. Tedd arrives home and after talking with Grace about her day, talks with Sarah online over IM. Sarah expresses concern over Susan being miserable, which concerns Tedd.

Part 2 - The Statue

At the same time as Elliot touching the Dewitchery Diamond, a statue in a British museum explodes, revealing a man who looks like the statue did, complete with clothing of the period.

Part 3 - Pent-up Magic

The statue man is now in Moperville and he calls up a tracking summon to investigate the schools. At Moperville North, Tedd arrives at school, wearing the vest that only girls are supposed to wear. After attracting enough attention, he calls the other students out for mocking Susan when she was the only one trying to do something about the uniforms, for which most of them apologize, with at least one former member of the Feminist club returning. At Moperville South, Nanase shows Ellen her clothes switch spell and summon decoy spell. Elliot struggles with his transformations, trying to resist the urge and failing. He turns into a Grace-Ellen hybrid form, attracting attention due to the fact that he is now a girl wearing the boy's uniform. Elliot flees to the auditorium, where he discovers and accidentally provokes the tracking summon.

Part 4 - Evil Monkey

The tracking summon attacks Elliot but he managed to drive it off. He turns back and chases it. He manages to defeat it, unsummoning it. Elliot returns to the others, where Susan accurately deduced that the other girl wearing the boy's uniform was him. Susan explains that when Elliot touched the Dewitchery Diamond, he must have been awakened under improper circumstances, and that Ellen is likely awakened too. Susan explains she knows because of the trip to France, which causes the two Immortals who've been keeping tabs on the group to realise they knew Susan from the trip. Elliot contacts Mr. Verres and tells him about the summon. Mr. Verres tells Elliot to meet with him at his house and to bring Ellen along after school. The mysterious man reaches the other school and realizes that at neither school is there any sense of danger, despite his target definitely being at one of the schools. At Tedd's house, Mr. Verres uses a magic analysis wand to confirm that Elliot and Ellen are awakened. He explains that "awaken" refers to the ability to use magic and get new spells. Awakenings can be triggered many ways and those ways are generally grouped into proper and improper. Under a proper awakening, a person can immediately get spells that fit their personality, while under an improper awakening, a person first gets spells related to the circumstances surrounding the improper awakening before they can get spells that fit them. An improperly awakened person will also have to deal with magic energy buildups that force them to use spells, and Elliot and Ellen were improperly awakened when Elliot touched the Dewitchery Diamond.

Part 5 - Moperville News

A news crew arrive and on air, Susan and Catalina protest the school uniforms. After that, the reporter, Carol, also reports on unusual incidents, including the tracking summon which is refered to by those not in the know as an evil monkey. Mr. Raven hears the last part and decides to fake a limp so he can bring a walking stick to school tomorrow.

Part 6 - Weregirl

At the Dunkel household, Ellen asks Elliot to turn into the reporter Carol just to see what it would look like. Expecting to become a hybrid of Carol and his usual form, he instead turns into a near-perfect copy, and his clothes have changed as well. They realise that how he looks is based on what he thinks other people look like and not what they actually look like. The two Immortals converse among themselves that Elliot only got a hybrid form before because he resisted the spell, distorting its effects; since he has already accessed the form ince, he can now assume it again easily. His clothes didn't change before because he wasn't thinking about them. The mysterious statue man's tracking summon tells him that Elliot turned into a girl and the manifestation of the curse is now a human, making him conflicted because he made an oath to kill all manifestations of curses created by the Dewitchery Diamond. In the end, he decided to go ahead and kill Ellen.

Part 7 - The Dark Clouds Gather

Nanase arrives at school in her prefered clothes and shorter hair. She recounts the story of how she expected massive disapproval from her mother but only encountered minor disapproval. She also mentions she gained a spell that allows her to change her hair however she wants. Ellen asks if it is therefore possible for Nanase to bring back the ponytail, which causes Nanase to realise Ellen doesn't like her new haircut This develops into an argument between the two, their first real fight. The bell rings and Nanase goes to the bathroom while the others go to class. At the bathroom, Magus complains about Nanase's issues, since his problems are far worse. He is about to leave when Chaos arrives and tells him if he leaves Ellen's side, she might die. A blackout then happens, and somehow, most doors are locked closed, but since the bathroom has a corridor entrance, Nanase is still able to get out. She finds magical barricades on every door and blocking some hallways.

Part 8 - Talon VS. Scythe

The mysterious man enters the school, getting past the magical barriers, and is intercepted by Raven. The barriers were created by him. The mysterious man reveals his intent to kill Ellen and his identity as Abraham, the wizard who created the Dewitchery Diamond. It is revealed Raven is the offspring of a human and an Immortal, otherwise known as an elf. They battle and it looks like Raven has won, but Abraham snatches back victory, severely injuring Raven. Nanase tries to contact Ellen with her fairy doll spell but keeps popping up outside the door instead of inside with Ellen. Nanase decides to use her decoy summon spell to hold Abraham at bay while she tries to run to Ellen. With Raven defeated, the barriers he cast disappear and Ellen opens the door to take the fairy doll. Nanase almost reaches Ellen, but Abraham used some sort of sleep bomb during his fight with the decoy summon, putting everyone except himself to sleep. He successfully kidnaps Ellen.

Part 9 - Wrath Of God

Chaos is revealed to be the Immortal who mothered Raven. She wakes up Nanase while disguised as her decoy summon and tells her that Ellen has the fairy doll so Nanase can use it to go where Ellen is. Nanase realizes it isn't her summon, but saving Ellen is more important. Nanas keeps stopping Abraham from killing Ellen, but he keeps destroying the dolls, which Nanase feels as if she were being cut apart herself. Her frequent casting, the pain she goes through, and her willingness to sacrifice herself to save Ellen, allows her to receive a new spell, the Guardian Angel spell. This allowing her to quickly get to Ellen's location, where she grabs Abraham in a tight hold and carries him up and away from Ellen. She convinces Abraham to not kill Ellen as that would violate the spirit of his oath, which was in essence to protect innocent people. Abraham quickly agrees, with great relief. When Nanase releases him, Agents Cranium and Wolf quickly move to arrest him while Cranium lets slip that she and Wolf are in a relationship. Nanase exits her spell and collapses from everything she went through. After seeing the precarious state Nanase is in, an outraged Mr. Verres blasts Abraham into unconsciousness, shocking all present. Cranium and Wolf take the girls to the hospital while Mr. Verres watches over the unconscious Abraham. Magus decides to leave but Chaos stops him, ordering him to amplify Mr. Verres rage so he will murder Abraham! She wishes him dead because Abraham hurt her son, but Magus refuses to see an unconsious man murdered, enraging Chaos enough to attack him savagely. She decides to tell him the name she has chosen for herself, Pandora Chaos Raven, before abandoning Magus to float in the spiritual plane, utterly alone and helpless.

Part 10 Pandora's Box

At the hospital, after her near death experience, Nanase decides to be more honest about everything, including her homosexuality and her magical capabilities, but Agent Cranium manages to convince Nanase to keep the latter secret, otherwise, her family might panic. After that, Cranium talks to Nanase's mother, who already knows about Nanase's magic, and is the one who insists Nanase to be kept in the dark. In another hospital, Pandora visits her son Raven. He quickly deduces that she was behind what happened that day. They get into an argument, ending in Pandora declaring that she will destroy the world as it is and replace it with another where Raven can do as he please. Abraham encases himself in stone while in prison, a new inscription declaring he will only come out when it's time to atone for what he's done. Nanase's mom walks in on Nanase and Ellen kissing. Nanase tells her mom the truth but her mother thinks it's only a phase, annoying Nanase.

Susan's school principal tells her that her campaign to get rid of the uniforms was successful, because everyone complained about the extra laundry work, confusing Susan. Mr. Verres is reprimanded for attacking Abraham in anger. His superior decides that the best thing to do is to promote Mr. Verres to a position created just for him, Head of Paranormal Diplomacy. Carol interviews Rhoda because she has little else to report on, and on a live feed, Pandora appears behind them, floating and giving a creepy laugh before disappearing.

     Q&A # 4 

Q&A #4

Fouth question and answer session. Run by Amanda, Lisa and Chika. The following questions were answered.
  • Does Amanda know Lisa has a crush on her?
    • No.
  • How exactly are Tedd Verres and Nanase Kitsune related?
    • Tedd's mother is Nanase's mother's sister.
  • When does the comic take place? Is there an exact date?
    • Yes, here it is. The link is also at the top of this page.
  • Why did Mr. Verres and his agents have wands?
    • It was the most convenient way to make sure there is a standardized spell selection for everyone, given how the acquisition of new spells is very unpredictable and personalized.
  • Are strange hair colours natural in the EGS universe?
    • Strange is not defined, so the answerer guesses they mean blonde or brunette, but yes, all the varied hair colors can be natural in-universe.
  • What were those inner demons of Elliot's mentioned way back in the day?
    • Elliot was just making things up for the sake of putting on a show.
  • What happens if you hit someone with the Female Variant #5 form twice? Will it further change someone's figure?
    • No. If hit with Ellen's beam a second time, the person will revert to normal. If hit with the TF gun a second time, nothing will happen.
  • Eating and its effects on those who change sizes?
    • If you eat something after shrinking, it won't grow when you grow back. If you eat too much after growing, you give a loud burp as you shrink back, but you don't explode from over consumption.
  • Growing in tight spaces?
    • Most methods that increase size gives a protective force field which makes sure whatever a person is in gives way before the person.
  • Potential injury to shrunken individuals?
    • Shrunken individuals are disproportionately tough. Anything that happens to a normal size person, a shrunken person will feel less of.
  • Why does V5 stack on Ellen when she's already in V5 from?
    • It doesn't. Ellen may be based on V5 as applied to Elliot, but she's not actually transformed. V5 will transform her as any other person.
  • Why wasn't there a barrier trapping Nanase in the bathroom when Raven set up his barriers?
    • The spell had limits in both energy constraints and setting up what to cover and what not to cover. It automatically sealed doors while the ones in the hallways were manually set up. Nanase could get out of the bathroom because it was the sort where instead of a door, its entrance was a corridor where you turn into a corner to enter.
  • Will Greg and/or the dojo be in the story again?
    • Yes.
  • Will the "Child Left Behind" figure be revealed?
    • Yes.
  • Will Lord Tedd be focused on anytime soon?
    • No. He was introduced way too early before Dan knew any better.
  • Will any upcoming stories involve Noah?
    • Yes.

     Bringing Silly Back 

Indiana Elliot And The TOSF

Elliot and Tedd make the discovery that when Elliot takes his transformed clothes off, they don't change back immediately or when Elliot changes back, but they will change back on their own eventually. While watching the news, Elliot notes how Moperville has become a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts after Pandora appeared on live television. Elliot goes home and Ellen shows him a new spell where she points her hand at someone and an invisible beam will make her look like the target. She demonstrates by transforming into a duplicate of their cat, Brownie. Clothes and voice will change if the target has clothes and can talk; since Brownie doesn't have a voice, Ellen keeps her own, still able to talk by magic.

Mr. and Mrs. Dunkel offer the kids their old TV for their room, but ask Elliot to go to Swedekia to get a certain TV stand, of which the computer says there is only one left in stock. At the shop, he meets Noah and upon realising they are after the same thing, they race for it. Elliot wins but the TV stand was sold out. A clerk tells them a new shipment will come in soon and Elliot and Noah decides to hang out. Elliot accidentally reveals to Noah that he's Ellen's brother and Noah reveals his parents are dead. Noah also mentions he has a girlfriend but admits it's more Friends with Benefits since she's openly in love with someone else. They decide to hang out again sometime. At the Dunkel residence, Elliot tells Ellen what happened. Noah tells Raven, who seems to be his guardian, about racing Elliot.

T-Minus The Demon Ally

Magus recovers from Pandora's assault on him and declares he shall destroy her. He decides that he must recover his body to do it and knows he can't do that alone, but he believes he can't trust any Immortals. That only leaves one choice for him, which he is reluctant to take but he makes that choice anyway, knowing he will have to a lot to make up for it later. We then cut to a different scene, where there is an old man who is possessed by a monster invisible to normal view.

Hammerchlorians - 1

An earthquake happens in Moperville. The next day, Susan discovers she can't summon the hammers. Sarah and Elliot are hanging out when Elliot has to transform. Sarah suggests he transform into a copy of her, but his attempted clone is much better endowed than Sarah, which is a source of frustration and irritation for her. Susan calls Sarah about the hammers not working anymore and believes the earthquake put the artifact responsible for the hammers out of place. Sarah and Susan decide to go on a roadtrip and they agree to bring Grace since Sarah's parents insist on someone over 18 accompaning them. During the trip, Sarah shares her issues with everybody else having powers and her not having any despite wanting them. She also shares feeling less attracted to Elliot as a result of the constant transformations. While stopping for lunch, Grace discovered that Susan had erred in thinking the earthquake was responsible as considering the distance they have to travel it is too far for the earthquake to have extended, therefore, something else is responsible for why the artifact isn't working anymore. Susan recounts how she learned about the hammers from the Immortals in France and lets slip she used them on a monster, causing Sarah to demand the whole story as soon as they reach the motel where they're staying the night.

Hammerchlorians - 2

At the motel, Susan recounts the trip to France. While in France, she was attacked by a monster but Nanase saved her. That night, a pair of Immortals appeared in their room. The Immortals explained to Susan and Nanase about magic and abberations and granted them access to magic so the two girls could stop the abberation. For Nanase, it was easy since she had built up a lot of magic energy from Anime Style Martial Arts. For Susan however, the best the Immortals could do was grant Susan a spell related to her innate talets by marking her. Susan explained that the mark could be of any shape and placed anywhere, just as long as it covers the right surface area. The granted spell allows Susan to summon magical versions of items she keeps in a storage unit of some sort that is also marked. The Immortals also taught them both how to use the hammers. When Susan and Nanase encountered the abberation again, though Nanase dealt a lot of damage, it was Susan who dealt the killing blow, traumatizing her. Back in the present, Susan shows off her summoning spell, but when she summons a fairy doll Nanase had created connected to her, the girls quickly realize it s acting on Susan's subconscious and conscious thoughts. When Susan later tries unsummoning it, she learned that it causes an explosion if unsummoned too early instead of letting it disappear naturally.

Hammerchlorians - 3

Susan, Grace and Sarah enter the cave where the artifact letting women summon the hammers is and they find an immortal named Jerry. Jerry throws around some wisdom for the girls. Grace shouldn't repress her emotions too much, Sarah has other prospects in case her relationship with Elliot ends and Susan shouldn't repress her emotions either. Jerry explains that he is getting ready to die, that as Immortals age, they eventually reach a point where they become more powerful, bored and insane, which could lead to the death or at least injury of many people. To avoid that, they go into a process which results in restored youth and near-total amnesia. To avoid losing important knowledge, they have to go into the process properly, including making preparations ahead of time. Immortals lose most of their power after this process and since he was the one who was powering the hammer artifact, that means no more hammers. Jerry then explains the real reason for the hammers, which was actually to encourage inappropriate comments. Susan, who has a lot of repressed issues, does not take this well, and goes into an angst-induced awakening, but Jerry manages to stop it with minimal complications. Since Susan has just awakened, he creates a spellbook for her and is surprised to learn Susan's first spell is to summon the hammers, which she can now use anytime on anybody. He'seven more surprised when he finds out Susan knows about abberations. After learning her story, he becomes outraged by the actions of the two Immortals involved as they could have alerted the authorities or even civilians who were better prepared physically and emotionally for the abberation. Jerry decides the Immortals as a group owe Susan a debt which he intends to fulfill, but he warns the girls that he can't always be counted on due to him dying and the limits Immortals have for themselves. Gracegets the idea of Sarah working with Tedd to gain power of her own, which makes Jerry concerned but Susan lays his worries to rest, explaining that Tedd is the son of Mr. Verres, who Jerry is familiar with. After that, Jerry decides that everything is settled and that it is time to say goodbye, so the girls leave, but not before Susan gives Jerry a hug.

T-Minus Dark Allegiance

Magus goes to the monster possessing the old man. The monster, named Sirleck, turns out to be of the body snatcher variety of aberrations, considered by Immortals to be the worst variety of aberrations. Magus needs Sirleck's help distracting the two Immortals guarding Elliot. Normally this would be suicide, but they went through the dying process improperly, explaining their current situation, and thus have very little knowledge or power. Sirleck wants nothing to do with Magus, explaining that he is busy finding a new host who has no connection to his current host before his current one dies, while converting the current host's wealth into untraceable assets for his next host to collect, and he has no time for Magus, with everything to lose by helping him. Magus pleads for his help, explaining that he can't turn to anyone else to help and although he will be a powerful wizard once he gets his body back, Sirleck is currently the only one who knows he exists at all in this dimension. Sirleck decides to help Magus, with the strong implication that he's going to betray Magus later.

New And Old Flames - 1

Elliot wakes up to learn he morped his clothes while sleeping into a superheroine costume. He leaves for the Anime Style Martial Arts dojo but Greg tells him, Nanase and Justin that he's closing the dojo because those three are his only students and the training might give powers of some kind to somebody who'd use them for evil. Justin is upset that he might not see Elliot much anymore and leaves. Elliot talks with Nanase about inviting Justin to his basketball games with Noah, but Nanase shoots down that idea because Noah is the boyfriend of Melissa, the obsessed stalker who didn't keep Justin's secret of being gay. Elliot then decides to just hang out at the comic book store Justin works at.

New And Old Flames - 2

After some time, Elliot arrives at the comic book store and Justin's co-worker George instantly dislikes him. Elliot has to transform and Justin lets him use the bathroom at the back of the store. Justin hears a scream and runs outside to see a humanoid fire creature. Justin tries to communicate peacefully, but it attacks Justin. Justin gets in a good hit, which has much stronger impact than expected, but when the creature fires a fireball at him, it is Elliot in superheroine form who saves him. It turns out that when he transformed into the superheroine costume during the night, he had actually gained a whole new spell, one which gives him actual superpowers. Together, they fight off the creature and Justin kicks it into the nearby river, where it extinguishes. It is only then they realize lots of people have witnessed the fight and Elliot, who looks far too much like Ellen, flies out of there. He can't resist some happy loops as it sinks in he can actually fly in this form.

New And Old Flames - 3

The police arrive and it turns out many of the witnesses have recorded the fight. The reporter Carol also arrives to interview Justin. Elliot finds a secluded place and unintentionally transforms into a mild-mannered form. At a mysterious place, an unknown figure tells someone that they have to adapt to the situation of the monster fight being recorded and shared online. Elliot arrives at Tedd's house in the mild-mannered form where Mr. Verres is disappointed that Elliot didn't keep up with his spellbook to see what new spells he got, explaining that the hero spell has several secret identity forms which alter his personality while leaving him aware of the changes, and he can break character should he choose to. Elliot sees the interview between Justin and Carol and it turns out Carol is Sarah's older sister. During the interview, Carol asks about Justin's connection to the heroine and Justin outmanouvered himself and accidentally marks himself as someone who could know a real life superhero and his words gave the internet motivation to call the new super "Cheerleadra". After that part, Tedd comes up with a theory that for Elliot to get spells that don't involve him turning into girls, he needs to start liking the girl forms. Justin arrives at Tedd's house. While he's here, Grace explains that the creature was a summon that can't pull off actually being made of fire but still has the weaknesses of fire, and that attribute is a common beginner's mistake. Agent Cranium calls Mr. Verres, telling him that his successor, Arthur, who was also Mr. Verres predecessor, is on TV. To Mr. Verres' shock, Arthur confirms what happened actually happened, making Mr. Verres think Arthur has some sort of agenda. Elliot returns home and Ellen, who is going through Elliot's spellbook, tells Elliot that his three secret identity forms are a mild-mannered alter ego, an angsty alter ego and a party animal socialite alter ego.

New And Old Flames - 4

People are reacting more positively to Justin at school. Someone asks Justin if people are acting differently because he was on the news and upon confirmation, that person hugs him. It turns out that person is Rhoda who went back to her old look after people kept pestering her for more details after the time Pandora appeared on live TV. Noah arrives to talk to Justin but Justin wants nothing to do with him, annoying Noah. Mr. Verres travels to work and he keeps encountering people who believe the creature and Cheerleadra were real. At his office, he asks if his assistant, Lavender, could pretend to be someone who thinks it's all fake and it's revealed Lavender has a crush on him.

New And Old Flames - 5

Justin arrives at work and George reveals to Justin that he knows Elliot is Cheerleadra, shocking him. Elliot arrives at his game with Noah and he sees Melissa. His first encounter with her did not go well. After Melissa left, Elliot reveals he knows Justin, and Noah decides to tell the story from Melissa's perspective. She only told one person and that person told everybody else. Noah states that he's not denying Melissa made a mistake, but Justin should forgive her so both Melissa and Justin can move on. Justin tries desperately to contact Elliot about George knowing but failed. Susan assures him that George will not be believed. Grace decides to take up training with Greg so she can defeat evil people without killing or severely injuring them. Elliot and Noah finished their game and Noah asks Elliot to get Justin to talk to him. Noah doesn't want to talk about Melissa but Justin doesn't believe him. Elliot agrees to try. Elliot calls Justin and Justin brings up George to which Elliot said to claim ignorance. Elliot then brings up Noah but Justin refuses to listen to anything about Noah or Melissa and angrily hungs up. Back at Elliot's home, Elliot told Ellen about how Justin snapped at him. Ellen confronts Justin at school and calls him out on snapping at Elliot when he tried to be reasonable. She demanded that Justin apologise to Elliot and at least find out what Noah wants and Justin agrees. After Ellen left, Noah arrived and tried to talk to Justin but he got distracted by a mysterious shadow figure and he tried to chase it. After Noah left, Justin called Elliot and apologised for his behaviour. At Justin's workplace, George confronts Justin and Justin denied everything. He corrected George when he mistakenly called Elliot Justin's boyfriend, which surprised George and he decided to quickly leave the situation. Noah meets up with Raven and told him about the shadow creature. Raven asked Noah whether he asked Justin what he needed to ask yet, to which Niah said no. Noah decided to ask Justin at his workplace. Justin has Flashbacks of his relationship with Melissa and their falling out when Justin was outed. At first he was angry but he calms down upon realising holding on to his anger can lead to bad things.

New And Old Flames - 6

Elliot drives Grace to Greg's dojo while Noah and Melissa go to Justin's workplace. One of the summons from before appears at Greg's dojo. Noah talks to Justin and tells him that whoever it was that summoned the fire creature, it could have been a customer at the comic shop and it turns out the summoner is Dex, one of the comic shop patrons. Elliot and Grace arrive at the dojo and realise somethings wrong. They quickly transform, Elliot into Cheerleadra and Grace into one of her legion forms, and rush in to help Greg. Dex summons more of the fire creatures and a dragon-like creature. The dragon takes on Elliot. The dragon lures Elliot to the comic book shop where it manages to severely injure Elliot. Before it could finish Elliot, Melissa stands between the dragon and Elliot and screams loudly, which gets Justin's and Noah's attention. Noah rushes in and uses his power to reveal himself as the Child-Left-Behind hooded figure.

As Noah is fighting the dragon, Greg and Grace are fighting the fire creatures. Greg tries to stop Dex but couldn't get close as Dex is surrounded by a heat aura. Dex mentions that he is going to save the world by bringing an apocalypse. Grace realises that taking Dex out can get rid of the summons. Greg tells Grace that he believes Dex is being mind controlled and decides to show Grace how to do a sleeper hold. Agent Cranium tries to get Arthur to dispatch agents to deal with the dragon but he refuses as while he has already revealed magic is real, he doesn't want people to know how easy it is to get spells. Elliot regains consciousness and tells Justin the about the summoner and where he is. Justin joins Noah in the fight and tells him this information. Noah decides to go to the dojo and managed to get the dragon to follow him. They arrive at the dojo and Dex gets the dragon to fire into the dojo. However, before that was successful, Grace managed to do a sleeper hold on Dex, knocking him out and unsummoning everything he summoned, including the summons' attacks.

Noah helps Grace remove Dex's source of power, a pendant with a symbol of a jar on it. Greg calls Justin and he confirms Elliot is ok and Noah is a good guy. Grace notices Dex has a magic mark and Noah realises that the power to summon must have been something Dex yearned for and that he was likely lonely. Greg mentions the apocalypse thing and Noah states the word itself is about revealing things, which Greg realised to be about revealing magic. Dex wakes up and Grace introduces herself as Shade Tail, shocking Noah. Noah explains the pendant must have been how the power got to Dex and while boosted, he was susceptible to suggestions and manipulation. Dex explains that he didn't know about the mark or that he could summon the fire creatures and the dragon, shocking Noah as he believed the marks couldn't be given without a person's consent, much less knowledge. Dex does however show that he was able to summon a fairy. Noah lets Dex go with the spell so long as he keeps it a secret.

Elliot shifts into his party animal secret identity, which is dubbed Heidi by Melissa. Elliot as Heidi accidentally kissed Carol on live when she arrived to report what happened. Melissa drives Elliot to the dojo. At the dojo, Greg and Dex are going to hang out later on. Noah lets Grace keep the pendant and leaves. When Melissa and Elliot arrive at the dojo, he is shocked to realise he kissed Carol. Back at home, Elliot and Ellen watch several news programs detailing the public reaction to the fight, and the twins are shocked that Elliot kissed Carol. Justin confronts George about how his behaviour when he thought Elliot was Justin's boyfriend and George accepts the excuse that he was uncomfortable with a gay couple. Justin decides to talk to Melissa so they could get closure but Melissa doesn't want to, believing that they could never go back to the frienship they once had and she promises to not bother Justin again, leaving Justin with an empty look.

Noah tells Raven about the pendant, mentioning there was a jar symbol, which Raven calls a pythos and referencing the Greek myth relating to Pandora. He knows his mother Pandora is behind this and Noah realises that Dex was empowered and guided by her, with Raven stating even Immortals have loopholes. Raven explains that Pandora finds guaranteed success too boring, she wants convulation and the potential for failure. Noah thinks this gives them an advantage but Raven says it's double-edged, reminding Noah about the mysterious shadow creature. If he never saw it, he'd have spoken to Justin at school instead of the comic shop, leading Raven to conclude for whatever reason, Noah's presence was desired. While Raven is having an Internal Monologue, he thinks that what happened isn't convoluted by his mother's standards, realising that there must be something they're missing. It turns out that Pandora managed to give Justin a magic mark unbeknownst to all.

     Q&A # 5 

Q&A #5

Fifth question and answer session. Ran by Amanda, Lisa, Raven and Chika. The following questions were answered:
  • Does the shape of the magic marks matter?
    • No. What matters is the surface area it covers. If it is appropriately shaped, it is only because the bestower made it like that.
  • Does the location of the magic marks matter?
    • No, but it is advisable for it to be hidden.
  • What is Male Variant #5?
    • Tedd said nothing as he created nothing for it but Grace reminds him that during the party, they made male variants for the girls and MV 5 is Sarah's male form.
  • If Raven is an elf, why does he have black hair?
    • Elves vary from story to story. In El Goonish Shive, elves are simply the hybrid offspring of Immortals and humans.
  • What is the deal with Elliot's inner demons?
    • Nothing, Elliot just made that up for the sake of putting on a show.
  • Is Noah related to Raven?
    • No.
  • Is time travel possible in EGS and if not, why not?
    • No because otherwise, the protagonists could hit the undo button and not deal with the consequences of their choices and actions.
  • Is there anything magic definitely can't do?
    • Aside from time travel, no. All that could really be determined is the limits of a given magic user at a given time. Where love is concerned, it can't be claimed with certainty that love is impossible but it has not been known to work in a "true love" sense. It is possible to make oneself abnormally attractive but anything beyond is evil Mind Control. While we can't say everything is possible, we can't say what isn't possible either.
  • Do any of the winged characters actually use their wings to fly?
    • Possibly. At the very least the wings contribute but they can't be the only reason why the characters managed to fly.
  • Whatever happened with EGS:NP?
    • It's on indefinite hiatus.
  • Are Justin's illusory powers canon?
    • Yes, Greg, Elliot, Ellen, Justin and Nanase all have limited illusory powers which they mostly use to make themselves look more awesome, which means the glowing part when they punched or kicked was entirely pointless but included because it was cooler that way.
  • Usually, when a straight person changes sex, they become bisexual relative to their new form but is it different for Elliot's secret identity forms?
    • Possibly. The mild-mannered form at least is more into men that Elliot would normally be, female or not female. The goth form is currently ambiguous. The party animal form probably isn't a lesbian but may act like she is.
  • How does Susan know she's not a lesbian?
    • We're not sure if she even has a sex drive.
  • Where do those charts that occasionally show up come from?
    • Similar to the badass hair in the wind with no wind effect, hair fairies might be possible.
  • Why was it considered a big deal Vladia doesn't have her antennae when Grace can morph hers away just fine?
    • Grace wasn't always able to morph away her antennae and the reason why she can now doesn't apply to Vladia. It takes a clone form to get rid of the antennas. Grace being part lespuko, can mix and match forms. She had the potential to morph away her antennas when she gained the Claire form. Vladia may be a greater chimera but she's not part lespuko. She could gain new forms but she can't mix and match like Grace. It is also worth noting that greater chimeras have imperfect shape shifting abilities that are corrected when transformed at least once by a Cosmetic Morphing Device like the TF gun, explaining why Grace morphs differently now than she did in the beginning.
  • What if someone with tattoos or piercings transforms?
    • The tattoo doesn't change and depending on the new form, may or may not look as good transformed but should return to normal when the person returns to normal. Piercings go under the skin and are thus affected by the transformation process, so no complications can result from that.

     9001% Serious 

One Way Road

Tedd is making progress in his scintific investigation to how magic works, but Grace is upset that he's not paying enough attention to her. Ellen and Nanase encounter a bitter ex-boyfriend of Nanase, at which point Nanase admits to Ellen she dated a lot of boys. Grace asks Ellen and Nanase for relationship advice and they suggest taking Tedd out for a date and Grace makes them come as well. Nanase tells her mother about the date and she's surprised that Tedd has a girlfriend. On the date, Tedd has trouble thinking about non-science stuff. He also realised that he spent too much time on his experiments when the others talked about what was going in their lives which he didn't know about. Ellen helps him out by getting him to think about other things in terms of scientific inquiries, which Tedd took to heart. When Tedd and Ellen are alone, they talk and Ellen explains that she's confused about how she feels about Tedd since it was his mistakes that led to her existance to which Tedd replied that if it was his mistake Ellen existed, it was the best mistake he made. Ellen decides she only wants to look to the future and accepts Tedd as part of that future. Gerald returns to harass Nanase but the group managed to drive him of when Tedd spoke out against him. By the end of the date, Tedd realises that his relationships needs maintaining and endeavors to do that. He also knows that should anyone try to mess with their group again, he has a gauntlet that can deal with them.

Legends of Celida

While playing video games, Sarah and Susan call Tedd to ask him whether illusions or transformations is easier. He answers it would depend on duration and complexity. Short lenght and simple illusions are easy to do but disguises are easier done with transformations.

Death Sentence - 1

While taking pictures at the park, Rhoda is attacked by a giant wild boar but with Catalina's help, they managed to drive the boar away.

Death Sentence - 2

Tedd and Grace sees the news report, reported by Carol, on the boar attack. Rhoda recounts how it didn't look that big from a distance and she's not sure why it stopped charging long enough for her to find a safer spot. When questioned, the park ranger doubts the boar was as big as Rhoda and Catalina claim but he doesn't doubt that there is a boar. He states that since the boars are dangerous pest, he is bringing in help to hunt and kill the boar to prevent the feral hogs from gaining a foothold here and causing massive ecological harm. Carol states that the park is closed and only hunters hunting the boar are allowed in. Grace is upset that they have to kill the boar. That night, Raven calls Mr. Verres, saying he wants to help save the boar but Mr. Verres tells him that no one is going to take the boar alive because of the harm they do and this specific boar nearly killed a teenager. Raven asks if Mr. Verres' refusal has anything to do with their history to which Mr. Verres denies and Raven apologises but Mr. Verres cut the call there. Grace overheard the whole thing and decides to contact Raven about saving the boar.

Death Sentence - 3

Grace talks to Raven at school and he is shocked at how much she knows. Raven tells Grace to meet him at his house to discuss why he should let her go when he is reluctant to do so.

Death Sentence - 4

Noah tells Raven that Grace is the seyunolu who helped defeated Dex and that he thinks Grace was the one who killed Damien, shocking Raven. When Grace arrives, she shows her morphing abilities and her ability to communicate with animals. Raven asks Grace why does she want to save the boar and she answers that she doesn't want killing the boar to be the only option people take and that it should be a last resort. Grace asks Raven this question and he answers that he empathizes with the boar since the boar, like him, has no place, no one wants it and people want to kill it because its very existence brings problems. Raven decides to let her come but lets her know that if he has no choice, he will kill the boar himself. He also warns Grace they may run into whoever enchanted the boar. He elaborates that the boar shouldn't have stopped charging long enough for Rhoda to flee, but it did because it was growing, and that's why it fled when Catalina and Rhoda tried to drive it off. Grace mentions that she and Tedd are together, shocking Raven enough to make him ensure that when there is danger, Grace will run and he wants Grace to let Tedd know what is going on, which she agrees to. When she leaves, Raven thinks about how he is a blight on Tedd's life.

Death Sentence - 5

While preparing, Raven casts an illusion on Grace to make her look like a hypothetical niece of his. Grace is shocked that she looks like Susan. She asks if Raven has any kids to which he says elves can't have children. While travelling to the park, Raven tells Grace that he was a bad influence on Tedd's mother. He supported her career to the point she places career above her family and it's his fault there was no reconciliation between Tedd's parents. At the park, they managed to find the boar. Though they managed to communicate, eventually, the boar got angry enough to attack Grace, forcing Raven to shoot it, disheartening them both. On the way back, Raven calls himself stupid for thinking they could save the boar but Grace calls it stupid, stating that they always have to find a better situation, as otherwise, things won't get better. Raven is cheered up but warns Grace that sometimes, there might not be a better situation, which Grace sadly accepts. That night, the news report that the boar has been killed but despite it being found to be a naturally occurring size, there is a lot of evidence of there being a larger animal and the place where the boar was looked like a larger animal fell there first. After that, Rhoda wondered what made the boar big in the first place, and it turns out Rhoda was the one who made it big, albeit unknowingly, due to Pandora placing a magic mark on Rhoda without her knowing.

What Is Love

Nanase and Ellen babysit Akiko. When she expresses the desire to date females when she's older, they try to explain how love works. Akiko understood but still expresses the desire to date females. Nanase is worried how this might affect Akiko in the future since there's the intolerance aspect, kids aspect and how their mother will react. Nanase says their mother thinks her relationship with Ellen is just a phase but Nanase is worried her mother's patience will run out. Ellen lays to rest Nanase's fears since she discovered Akiko is into men when she sighed when a male protagonist showed up on a movie she was watching, leading them to conclude Akiko is simply at the boys-equal-gross stage of a young girl.


The End Of Spring

Elliot and Sarah are on a date and it turns out they have a difference of opinion where travelling is concerned. Matt Cohen asks Susan out but she freaks out and runs. Susan talks about the incident with Sarah and she chided Susan for being paranoid about Matt's intentions. Grace decides to look for a summer job and Justin says his boss is looking for more workers. Nanase and Ellen discuss their summer plans, with Ellen being free while Nanase has some babysitting duties. Susan realises Sarah was right about Matt and she was wrong to freak out. She meets Matt again and explains her issues which Matt accepted but he gave her advice that if she doesn't date anyone by the end of high school, she might regret it. Sarah asks Tedd if she could be Tedd's assisstant so she could gain access to magic and he accepts. Susan aks herself who she is compatible with in the romantic sense when her thoughts were interrupted by Elliot asking if the video rental store she works at is hiring.

Power Fantasy

Sarah helps Tedd test his magic watches, making sure they can't be activated unless the user knows what the watch does and the specific passcode, and it works like that. Tedd also tells Sarah about how one can make a transformation last significantly longer than it would normally if one wants it to last longer, irrespective of magic resistance. Also, if one has enough resistance to magic, they could make the transformation last significantly shorter.

Rocks Fall Nobody Is Hired

Mr. Tensaided, Susan's boss, interviews Elliot for a position at his rental store. Despite a less than ideal interview, Susan successfully convinved Mr. Tensaided to give Elliot the job.


Justin's boss, Jim Tolkiberry, who turns out to be Justin's uncle, interviews Grace. He recounts how after Justin was outed, he was given a job at his shop out of pity and how he later worked hard and with such dedication as a result of it so he could feel like he earned the position, and then hires Grace with the wish that she'd be as hardworking and dedicated as Justin.


While Sarah is there, Nanase arrives at Tedd's house so he could see what's up with her hair growing faster than normal and see if he could get her her magic back. Tedd thinks having magic or an innate ability for magic can affect a person physiology. Since Nanase lost access to her magic but is still building up magic energy, it is causing her hair to grow at faster rates then normal as the safest way to use it up, and it may be related to the fact she got a hair-related spell on the day before she burned out. Tedd gives Nanase a watch that can make her hair shorter but something went wrong and her hair started growing. Removing the watch didn't work so they shaved it all off, which is when the growth stopped. And then, the shaved hair gives an explosion of magical energy, making the hair on Nanase's and Sarah's head longer while leaving Tedd unaffected, to his great confusion. Tedd determines the longer hair on Nanase's and Sarah's head aren't magic but Nanase will still have her hair growing at faster rates than normal. After Nanase leaves, Tedd explains to Sarah the reason he was surprised he wasn't affected was because he's magically impaired and can never get spells of his own. As a result, he should have no magical resistance either. He does still generate magical energy like any other person, though. Tedd tests the watch Nanase used and it works fine, which could only mean the problem was with Nanase. Tedd explains his dream to Sarah, while he has no magical resistance, the average person isn't much better and more magical resistance is needed before it matters. He wants to be able to give magic to everyone by safely increasing everyone's magical resistance so there is no need for the secrecy. A scene change to a few years ago where Noriko, Tedd's mother, is using the magic analysis wand on baby Tedd, with Raven asking her to stop since the wand is scaring Tedd. Noriko wonders why Tedd doesn't have magic potential but Raven says that regardless of that, Tedd will always be her son.

By The Numbers

At the rental store, Catalina accidentally reveals to Susan that she's in a relationship with Rhoda and while Catalina doesn't care who knows, Rhoda does and she doesn't want it to get back to a friend of hers, though her own parents are cool with it. Elliot helps a customer make a rent and is shocked to see its low approval rating online. He tries to tell the customer this but the customer ignored him. Later though, the customer returns and returns the rented movie since it was so bad he wanted it out of his home. Elliot decides he should be able to form his own opinions on the stuff the store rents out but he doesn't know where to start. Susan decides to invite Elliot to watch movies with her, which he accepted.

Duel Of The Discs

While the comic book store is holding a tournament for a trading card game, Justin discovers Grace never saw the Star Wars movies. After discovering Tedd doesn't have the unedited versions, he duels Mr. Tensaided to a card game for the right to borrow his copies. Justin won but took Mr. Tensaided's advice to show the movies in the machete order for Grace.

There Be Whales Here

Tedd senses someone watching him but admits to Sarah and Grace that perhaps it's nothing as he shouldn't be able to sense anything that could get past the security his dad set up. Sarah is helping Tedd test clothing morphs so he could figure out how to program those into the TF Gun so Grace can gain access to clothing morphs as for some reason, the watches don't work on her. Grace is there for moral support since Sarah didn't want Elliot there because of his magic issues and because she wants Elliot to call her first, complaining about his lack of initiative. Grace thinks she should talk to Elliot about the issue but Sarah hopes to do this after Elliot calls her. Meanwhile, Elliot is at Susan's house watching movies with her. Also meanwhile, Ellen and Nanase spontaneaously decide to help solve crime when there is a thief at the mall.

There Be Whales Here Pt 2

Elliot and Susan talk about the movies they watch at work, which influenced the stuff customers rent, which Mr. Tensaided noticed. He suggests to them making a review show for the store's website, which they agreed to. Susan makes Elliot call Sarah so they can get help doing it. Mr. Tensaided lets slip to Susan he thought Susan was in a relationship with Elliot, which shocked her. Elliot made the call to Sarah and they arrange to meet at Tedd's house. The next day, Tedd is transformed in order to search for whatever has been spying on him when the doorbell rings. He wants to get back to normal quickly and to his great surprise, he did. Elliot, Susan and Sarah arrive. Elliot and Sarah hug which made Susan feel jealous. Sarah asks Elliot to decide what to do on their next date and he spends a while debating with himself, to her annoyance. Tedd sets up a list of review shows to watch so Elliot and Susan can have an idea of how to do it. Meanwhile, Ellen and Nanase find the culprit in a monster suit and chase him. Susan and Elliot together made their first review and Susan accidentally opens up to Elliot about why she likes Star Trek.

There Be Whales Here Pt 3

Tedd decides to use his gauntlet to see if there is someone spying on him. It has two modes, in peace mode, it siphons a bit of his magic energy over time and stores it while in battle mode, it gives all that power back. It works and he sees a creature that looks like some sort of alien space whale. The "Whale" talks to Tedd. It explains that its species maintains the health of the world by feeding on excess magic energy in the environment and preventing extremes in ambient magic. It further explains that there is far more ambient magic in Moperville than there should be. The "Whale" said that its kind used to minimize its effects but now they can only slow its contagion. The effect of the excess magic energy mean that Tedd's watches wouldn't work anywhere else in the world since they are only small spell catalysts, and they require a lot of magic energy to operate, which in Moperville, the excess magic energy provides. In general, spells require less effort, energy buildups are harder to deal with and magic artifacts that should be difficult to use are used with ease. It doesn't affect those of Uryuom descent as their power comes from within and while similar, it's not the same, which is why Grace can't use the watches. The "Whale" has to cut the conversation short as there is a peak of magic energy nearby. It explains that the excess magic energy will spread, attracting many and causing them to be aware of it on conscious and subconscious levels and while the cause is unknown, it is suspected to be the will of one or more beings of great power. It also states that Tedd will never have spells of his own and that he is a more dangerous rarity and leaves. Tedd debates what to do with the information. He states that he can't prove the whale, but the excess magic energy aspect can be tested. He also decides that he and his family, and his friends should prepare for great trouble just in case. And then, there is a Time Skip, going six months.

     The Dawn 

End Of An Era

Elliot's and Susan's review show has been continuing the whole time. Elliot and Susan, with Justin and Tedd are hanging out at Tedd's basement, watching the latest review. Susan says she's ok with Elliot teasing her about sexy outfits, which she quickly says is for the review show. Justin is however suspicious. Susan's birthday is brought up and it turns out to be the same as New Year's Day, specifically, 10 minutes after midnight. Since Tedd is already hosting a New Year's Eve party, which all except Ellen and Nanase (who are going to a party with college students) are attending, Elliot decides to get a cake for Susan for when it becomes the new year, and Tedd approves. Tedd mentions Nanase is still burnt out, despite it being so long and Nanase still producing magic energy. He hypothesis that it is so Nanase's magic energy reserves are expanded, so she could do more spells without burning out. Tedd also mentions that his dad never even heard of the whale and Tedd himself is unsure if that actually happened but his dad managed to confirm there is excess magic energy.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Grace are training with Greg. It turns out all of Ellen's combat spells that aren't the transformation beam have cool down times and Grace's flying power is her using her psychic powers. Grace says it's easier to levitate herself than others but it's tricky when she moves a lot, hence practicing. Meanwhile, Sarah and Nanase are eating out together. Sarah tells Nanase she wants to break up with Elliot because of several issues she has with the relationship and Elliot that adds up. Sarah mentions how Elliot hangs out with Susan more than her to make their review show and jokingly states she might give Susan to Elliot and Nanase said her doing that led to this situation in the first place, shocking Sarah. She demands Nanase's honest opinion on Elliot and Nanase states that he means well, but avoids making choices and probably isn't ready for a relationship. Sarah mentions delaying the breakup as she doesn't want to ruin Elliot's holidays, which makes Nanase glad she's going to the college party. It turns out Diane heard the entire conversation and decides that Elliot might be perfect for her because of his passiveness.

That night at the Dunkel household, Elliot and Ellen talk. It turns out Ellen got past her energy buildup when she went out of town on one of her mystery solving trips while Elliot has gotten used to his buildup and the female forms. It turns out they both got roped into watching Christmas specials with Grace the next day, but Susan isn't going. Elliot mentions that it makes him feel like he is cheating on Susan which prompts Ellen to ask him to be introspective on how he feels. While dreaming, he feels like during his bully hunting acts, he feels like he only did it for the fight itself than saving people but then Susan showed up and she allayed his concerns and that he did it because he did want to save people. Dream Susan gets closer to Elliot and it is implied an Erotic Dream occurred. The next morning, Ellen tells Elliot to think whether the dream meant anything or if it was just hormones. She says Elliot owes it to everyone to find out how he really feel regarding Susan and Sarah, especially since he didn't want to date Sarah in the first place. Elliot protest but Ellen counters that yes she's a good friend and he didn't want to jeopardize their lifelong frienship by going out with her but then Sarah said "love" and suddenly it was true love which Elliot insists it was. Ellen says perhaps but mentions how quickly she got over not being with Sarah but quickly stops since it was after her creation and if it does apply to Elliot, he has to realise it for himself. Elliot showers, thinking Ellen was being ridiculous and that he couldn't be faulted for having an Erotic Dream about Susan who was beautiful, strong, fun and introduces him to cool new things, which is when Elliot realises he does have feelings for Susan.

End Of An Era Pt 2

When Elliot and Ellen arrive at Tedd's house for Christmas, things are awkward between Elliot and Sarah but Grace managed to distract everyone by getting the Christmas specials started. The next day, Justin and Susan are instant messaging. Justin asks Susan if she's attracted to Elliot. She admits yes but blames it on hormones and refuses to jeopardize her frienship with Elliot or Sarah by acting on it. She even made a list of things to not do so as to not accidentally make Elliot attracted to her. Even when Justin brought up the possibility of Elliot and Sarah breaking up, she still refuses to act on her feelings. Meanwhile, Diane is with Rhoda who is showing Diane Elliot's review show. Diane thinks Elliot is good-looking while Rhoda points out Susan looks a lot like her but Diane denies significant similarity. Rhoda tells Diane that she knows from Catalina that Elliot is a decent guy and that he goes to Moperville North instead of South. Diane mentions her idea of Mr. Right is someone who is rich, handsome and does everything she tells him to do and believes Elliot to be close to that. When Rhoda brought the possibility of simply falling in love, Diane thought Rhoda was being adorable. The next few hours, Diane spent her time really enjoying the review show.

The next day, Elliot is at Tedd's house playing video games with Tedd when he asks Tedd what love means to him, what the relationship between him and Grace means to him. Tedd states that at the beginning, both him and Grace probably had simple crushes based on Tedd being a boy Grace doesn't have a sibling attachment with her age and Grace simply being a female in his house but eventually, it evolved into real, genuine love. Tedd realises Elliot is thinking about breaking up with Sarah. Elliot says that he has feelings for someone else and exasperatedly says he thinks of Sarah as a sister, shocking Elliot, and he realises that this is why Ellen got over Sarah quickly. Elliot decides he has to break up with Sarah as soon as possible. Back at his house, he calls Sarah over and she realises what he's trying to do. At first she's happy since they both want this but the her insecurities kick in coming up with a lot of negative scenarios. She arrives at Elliot's house and there, Elliot says they have to break up because he thinks of her as a sister, surprising Sarah who tries to argue against that but realises how Elliot came to feel like that though she herself doesn't feel the same way. She also admits she wanted to break up too, and that's that, they are no longer an Official Couple.

At work, Susan is dealing with a fan of the review show who ships her and Elliot, stating that Elliot has a girlfriend but Sarah arrived asking to hang out with Susan later since she and Elliot broke up, making the fan happy. Elliot and Ellen talk, with Elliot stating he needs to know that his feelings for Susan are genuine before even thinking about acting on it by seeing how he feels about different girls. That night, Diane is still watching the review show, with her declaring Elliot will be hers.

Family Tree

Ellen and Nanase arrive at the party where they are greeted by Rhea, the host. Rhea shows them Diane, who turns out to be her sister. It turns out they were both adopted. It also turns out to be Diane's birthday, specifically, she was born 10 minutes before midnight on New Year's Day, shocking Ellen and Nanase. In private, they express their shock and conclude Diane and Susan are twins. On Rhea's computer, Diane is on instant messaging with Rhoda, who tells her that Ellen and Elliot are siblings. Diane goes to talk with Ellen and Nanase hoping to get to meet Elliot but Ellen tells her that Elliot just broke up with Sarah and trying to introduce Diane to him now might lead to the wrong idea. Rhea's roommates, Rick and Elijah, arrive and it turns out Elijah is a fan of Nanase and Ellen as a result of their sleuthing exploits. Diane goes back on Rhea's computer and talks with Lucy via instant messaging and blurts out that she wants a real relationship with Elliot, shocking both Lucy and herself. Rhea's other roommate, Charlotte, arrives and tells Ellen and Nanase if they desire an escape from the party, they are welcome to go to her room. They accept the invitation and play videogames with Charlotte. Diane attempts to sneak a drink from the alcoholic drinks but is stopped by a guy with a Santa hat who tells her to get some non-alcoholic drinks from the fridge. The guy lets slip that he stopped her because he owed a debt to her sister.

Charlotte reveals to Nanase and Ellen that she once attended their school and has a doll with Nanase's face on it. Nanase realised that she made a second fairy doll the day Abraham attacked which was never recovered. Charlotte said that with help from an online acquaintance named Tengu, she deduced that the attacker was after Ellen, fought a Guardian, and that Nanase was the Guardian. Charlotte tells them this with hopes that when something occurs, she can call someone who can help, which Nanase and Ellen agree to. Charlotte also tells them that Tengu told her that to get a Guardian spell, a person must have both magical talent and selflessness. During all this, the male partygoers are transforming into females. Diane discovers this and it turns out all of the partygoers, former males and always females, are also susceptible to do any order. Diane goes upstairs and is relieved to see Ellen, Nanase and Charlotte are still normal and tells them of what's happening downstairs. Diane asks Nanane if she could use her magic to fix this and tells Nanase to not deny having magic as she and the rest of the school saw her floating around at school. Charlotte then explains that Nanase lost access to her magic temporarily. They then try to contact help but there is no signal. Diane tells them about the guy wearing a Santa hat and believes he is responsible. She tells them he said that he owed a debt to her sister, shocking Nanase who concludes it's the reincarnation of Jerry the immortal. Nanase tells them that it can't be Santa-hat guy as he stopped Diane from becoming affected by what affected the other partygoers, which would have meant Ellen, Nanase and Charlotte would have no idea it was occurring at all. They decide the best course of action is to try and go out, get a signal and contact help. Nanase provides them all with Mr. Verres number.

Downstairs, they are shocked to see all the affected partygoers look like Nanase. Diane lets slip that she doesn't think Nanase is behind this and also says that she thinks Nanase is one of the coolest people she has met. Outside, Ellen notices two snow angels. The group is then confronted by a winged and horned furry beast who knows Nanase’s Aunt Noriko and tells them that Nanase looks just like her. Charlotte identifies him as Tengu, not realising he actually looked like that. Tengu says that his name is just a nickname. He tries to give his real name but keeps getting interrupted. Nanase realised Diane is gone and deduces she’s still trying to get help. Tengu explains that he’s the one behind the events at the party. He also says that Noriko maimed him and freed his mind-controlled congregation and now he’s trying to form a new one. Nanase realises that he was attracted to the excess magic energy in Moperville. Nanase regains her magic powers and goes into the Guardian from, which simply causes Tengu to laugh, since he doesn’t know what other spells Nanase got and can counter what a single Guardian can do. Ellen then uses her copy spell on Nanase and to everyone’s shock, she gains a Guardian form too. They discover that the two Guardians can communicate telepathically and Ellen learns the Guardiam form has some sort of Aura Vision. The two girls come with a plan to get Tengu to use up all his magic energy and the surrounding energy to tire him. They fly up and Tengu follows them. During the chase, Tengu lets slip that Noriko has more than one child but the girls can’t hear him properly. Tengu eventually burns up all his magic energy reserves and he crash lands. He sees Grace in one of her forms before he passes out. Elliot in his Cheerleadra form is also there. Nanase and Ellen arrive back down. They burn out and return to normal.

Diane and Charlotte arrive at the scene. Diane is shock to see Tengu return to human form but Ellen and Nanase already knew because of the Guardian form’s instincts. Nanase tells Diane that what Tengu did to the partygoers should be reversing as they speak as Tengu can’t maintain the enchantments now. Elliot is shocked to see the resemblance between Diane and Susan. Mr. Verres, Wolf and Cranium arrive. Cranium identifies Tengu as a wanted cult leader shocking Wolf who lets slip that the guy was powerful and was defeated by an even more powerful magic user who comes from an entire family of powerful magic users and monster hunters. Nanase tries to protest not telling the affected partygoers what happened but Mr. Verres tells her that sometimes withholding information is for the better. When she asks about Noriko, Mr. Verres says it might cause Tedd to relapse to his excessively shy state when he was younger. Diane then convinces Nanase to go along with keeping secrets since she doesn’t want Rhea to be unhappy. After the events of the night, Santa-hat guy monologues to himself, confirming he is the reincarnation of Jerry and also confirming Diane and Susan are sisters. After the party, Nanase lies to her mother, telling her it was uneventful. The next day, Nanase and Ellen discuss what to do with their newfound knowledge. Nanase decides against confronting her mother and Mr. Verres for now. They also decide against going to Susan with the possibility that she’s adopted and that Diane might be her sister for now.

Q&A #6

Sixth question and answer session. Ran by Amanda and Lisa. The following questions were answered.
  • Why did Agent Cranium use magic to turn Ellen’s hair back to normal but didn’t for Nanase?
    • Because the enchantments were temporary. When Nanase was originally burnt out, it was expected to last a while and keeping the enchanment going wasn’t practical. For Ellen, the burnt out period was much shorter due to more ideal cirumstances and only had to keep up appearances for the party.
  • What would happen if Ellen used her copy spell on Nanase’s fairy doll?
    • It’s complicated. Ellen can’t copy inanimate objects, so she can’t copy it when Nanase is not using it. She apparently can’t copy summons, so she can't copy newly formed fairy dolls. However, there is still the possibility of copying an already formed doll Nanase is occupying.
  • Why would a smaller spell catalyst require more energy to use?
    • Because larger spell catalysts can store more energy, so the user needs less of their own energy. The problem with Tedd’s watches is that they have no battery, so to speak. In addition, the energy storing capacity of a spell catalyst is also influenced by what materials it’s made of and its quality.
  • When Grace reduced her measurements, was she cancelling the enchantment?
    • No, she wasn’t enchanted in the first place. Uryuom magic and Ellen’s beam don’t enchant Uryuoms and Uryuom hybrids. It transforms them and lets them reuse the transformation but they aren’t enchanted. Uryuom enchantments replace each other so when used on a human, they don’t stack up. When used on Uryuoms or Uryuom hybrids, it’s possible to stack transformations. Results vary depending on many factors.
  • What would happen if Grace and Elijah met and agreed something was adorable?
  • If Elliot were zapped by Ellen or the TF gun, could he just transform back? Would he still be transformed by the zapping if he ended his own spell?
    • No. While he can change into something similar to a V5 transformation. It’s not the same as being hit with a TF gun or Ellen’s beam. His forms are not replaced or cancelled by TF gun beams. Ellen’s beams however are like the TF gun because the Dewitchery Diamond gave her the power to mimic the delivery method of the transformation. Elliot can reassume the V5 form but that doesn’t mimic Uryuom magic.
  • What does Susan think of the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movies?
    • She doesn’t like them.
  • How much control does Grace have over individual parts of her body?
    • With help from the TF gun, she could assume most changes and mix them with no known limit. At this point, she could approximate most young adult human forms, in theory anyway.
  • Was not-Tengu an aberration?
    • No.
  • What’s the deal with aberrations?
    • They are parasitic monsters who used to be human. They are by choice, the worst of the worst. Immortals, who prefer being vague and indirect when guiding and empowering people, are far more willing to take more direct ways of destroying them. They vary in form, abilities and method of being parasitic but all show the following common features:
      • Used to be human and chose to become aberrations.
      • Parasitic existence feeding on humans to increase lifespan.
      • Monstrous form, either all the time or only when using their powers.
      • A complete lack of empathy for other living things.
      • No known way to return to a regular human being.
      • Difficult to harm with physical attacks but weak against magic weapons.
  • What does Justin think of the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movies?
    • He likes them.
  • Will there ever be shrinking in the main story to smaller than the current limits of the TF Gun?
    • Yes.
  • Can the TF Gun turn people into things other than mammals?
    • It doesn't make one cold blooded or give hollow bird bones but it can give scales or feathers.
  • Can the TF Gun turn people inanimate?
    • No.
  • How did Amanda's date with Raven from the last q&a went?
    • It went well and there was dancing.


Elliot and Susan are doing another of their reviews. Elliot says he broke up with Sarah and adds that they’re still friends and that it was a mutual decision but Sarah interrupts and disputes that. She then throws a couch at Elliot in anger. It turns out it was all staged. Grace is still trying to deal with the whole concept of breaking up and feels the need to cling onto Tedd and Sarah. When the number of viewers is brought up, Tedd points out Elliot and Susan could be Famed In-Story in Moperville. As it turns out, he's right. One viewer is a girl with an interest in Elliot, two are boys who comment that it was cool of Sarah to go along with the act before they saw in shock that it was her idea. One is a mysterious figure who decides he or she needs to act now that Elliot has broken up with Sarah. Diane comments that the news will unleash hell.

At school, two of the male viewers approach Sarah and compliment her on her part. One of them introduces himself as Cecil and decides to see her in class. His friend calls him out later and Cecil states that he’s not going to ask Sarah out so soon after she broke up with Elliot. Susan is upset that she, one of the hosts, didn’t get any acknowledgement. It gets reinforced when a random girl tells Sarah she has a good heart. Elliot convinces himself that because the show has been around for months, people aren’t going to start noticing him now but Tedd tells him that there are numerous rumours surrounding him. When prompted, Tedd brings up something Elliot did just now. He noticed a girl dropped her phone and there was a crowd of people in the way. He got around them by wall running. Tedd also brings up his Bully Hunter tendencies, his fight with the Goo and the monkey-like summon and the time he helped a griffin find her way to Avalon. Tedd does however assure him and that he’s not the centre of attention and he doubts that the recent wall run will result in more attention. However, it turns out the girl Elliot returned the phone to is the same girl with a crush on him.

During lunch period, Catalina arrives and says she’s proud of Sarah for being able to stay friends with Elliot despite breaking up with him after he realized he was gay, shocking both Susan and Sarah. Catalina in turn is shocked to learn that that wasn't the reason for the break-up. The girls together discover the post on Elliot’s and Susan’s review show that led many to conclude Elliot was gay. Susan sees through the flaws of the post and is relieved to see someone else disputing the conclusions of the post. That someone else turns out to be Diane who lists all the flaws of the post and the unethical doings of the poster in making such a post. Catalina decides to go kiss Elliot to prove he isn't gay, shocking him and all witnesses. After Catalina told him what is going on, Elliot tells her he’s not gay but he doesn’t care if other people think he’s gay, he himself made that mistake others did once. As long as they aren’t gay-bashing, he’s fine with the rumors. This scene successfully created doubt in most people concerning the credibility if the rumor. Sarah then tells him the source of the rumors.

After that, Sarah and Susan discuss the possibility that the poster was trying to get on Sarah's good side. Sarah later tries talking to all the boys who approached her earlier to see if they were the ones who made that post. Susan thinks about her feelings and what she felt when she saw Catalina kiss Elliot. She gets interrupted by a boy named Tom. Tom tells her he watches her review show and that he likes Star Trek. He decides to take his leave and apologises for his intrusion but Susan suddenly says that she would like to talk more, causing Tom to give a smirk not seen by Susan. The girl with a crush on Elliot sees Tom and makes a very angry expression. After school, in Tedd’s basement, Grace tells Elliot that she can see him kissing guys before Justin and Tedd arrive. The four discuss the “Elliot is gay” rumor and what Catalina did to try and dispel it. Justin remembers that Catalina is supposed to have a girlfriend and Grace confirms this. Elliot that he told Catalina to just explain what happened to her girlfriend. It turns out Catalina is doing just that and Rhoda forgives her. Elliot told Justin what he felt about the rumor and Grace wonders why people care about homosexuality. Elliot is of the opinion that while people can not like homosexuality all they want, that does not mean they can use it to justify being jerks to homosexuals. Tedd calms him down by getting Grace to hug him. Justin correctly deduces that there’s more to Elliot’s feelings on the subject than just not liking people being jerks and Elliot admits that before he met Tedd, he had a friend whom he disagreed on the topic with and they had a falling out.

Later, online, as Susan is waiting for Tom to contact her, Justin talks to her about the events of the day. He correctly deduces Susan thought the kiss between Catalina and Elliot was sexy, shocking Susan. He assures Susan that what she feels and thinks is okay though, cheering her up. This causes Susan to change her avatar to something out of Star Trek as she thinks to herself that while craziness is a part of her, she controls it. Tom is then revealed to be the mysterious person who declared he needed to act now. It turns out he’s online but his status is hidden so Susan doesn’t know it. He thinks his plan to leave Susan hanging so she will be happier when she next sees him will work but he failed to take into account Justin keeping Susan company and causing her to forget Tom was supposed to meet her.

In their room, Ellen thinks about asking Catalina and her girlfriend on a double date with her and Nanase and both she and Elliot think, correctly at that, that Rhoda is Catalina’s girlfriend. Elliot then goes to sleep and enters a Dream Sequence where Catalina, Susan, Diane and Nanase all declare they are Elliot’s lover. Grace then appears and says she’s Spartacus before correcting herself and mentioning it’s a dream. Elliot decides to wake up, transform back to a male and try to go back to sleep as a male. Before transforming though, he notes that he never had dreams like the one he had before he had to go to sleep transformed. Back in his dream, Dream Tedd states that the dreams only began after Ellen told him to get introspective. After Elliot rules out dating Diane, Dream Tedd suggests other people. Though Elliot is uncomfortable with asking people he isn’t familiar with out for a date, Dream Tedd gives Elliot some encouragement. While all this is going on, Dream Tedd becomes a girl and kisses Elliot. Elliot wakes up again but couldn’t remember the details of the dream beyond talking and kissing a possibly Asian girl with either a ponytail or pigtails.

At school that morning, Susan tries getting over her Hates Being Touched issue with Sarah, confusing her. With Elliot and Tedd, Elliot discovers that due to him sleeping untransformed, he now has built up magic energy that he must use up. He goes under a stairwell and thinks no one saw him but, the girl with a crush on him did, shocking Elliot. She flashbacks back to her childhood where it turns out reading Ranma ½ resulted in her getting turned on by transformations. She offers to help Elliot out in changing back by being the lookout which Elliot accepts. She introduces herself as Ashley and mentions she was the one Elliot helped returned the phone too and that she watches his show with Susan. Elliot concludes in his mind that since Ashley is Asian and has an off centre ponytail that she might be the girl in his dream. In a bathroom, after transforming back, Elliot asks if Ashley has lots of questions to ask of him and she confirms this but she wants to talk about something more important first. She reveals that Tom is an ex-boyfriend of hers and that he is very manipulative and Ashley believes that Tom might be trying to manipulate Susan into dating him. She states that the day before, before class started, Tom used some of his tricks on Susan, angering Elliot. Ashley calms him down stating that simply hurting Tom will make things worse and might ruin his chances for Susan. She goes on to say that she’d warn Susan herself but fears she might be seen as the bias crazy ex, however, the previous statement shocks Elliot, confusing Ashley who thought that he and Susan liked each other before Elliot states he only likes Susan as a friend and he doesn’t want to date her. They return to their discussion and Ashley reiterates that she might simply be seen as the crazy ex but Elliot points out that he’s going to have to reveal to Susan who gave him the warning, shocking Ashley who didn’t think of that. She tries to find a way to give herself credibility and realises one way. She tells Elliot to give Susan the warning, even though she thought Elliot liked Susan then stating that that she herself likes Elliot. Ashley then tries to run but Elliot stops her. He is impressed by her selflessness, and states that he thinks he likes her too. Elliot asks Ashley if she wants to go out sometime to which she eagerly accepts.

Back with Susan and Sarah, Susan decides to talk to Tom. Tom sees Susan come and goes to greet her. Susan tells him that she hoped she didn’t give him the wrong impression the day before and that she isn’t interested in dating at all, which stuns him. Susan tells him she is open to being friends. Tom agrees but tries hard to keep the possibility of dating open, which Susan notices. Susan also notices that Tom apologised for not coming to their online meeting in a way that implies he knew she was online when he couldn’t have known given the circumstances. Tom tries covering up but Susan begins Pulling the Thread frustrating Tom until he blurts in anger that that he is an excellent liar while in the cafeteria. Tom then tries convincing her that he does genuinely like her and that people lie all the time and that at least he’s more honest than most since he can admit it to herself. Susan admits that Tom’s not entirely wrong, but states that people usually do it with good intentions while Tom does it for completely selfish reasons. She then states that he ruined their chance to even be so much as friends because she no longer can trust him, and assumes that many can no longer trust him and that if he continues like this, he’ll grow old, sad and alone wondering why everyone hates him as she leaves. As Tom reflects on this, Susan returns to Sarah and hugs her.

Elliot and Ashley return to the cafeteria and Tedd, Sarah and Susan are surprised to see Ashley with Elliot. Ashley sees them and wonders whether she should wait to approach Susan while Tedd, Sarah and Susan are trying to figure out who she is. Susan waves them over. Ashley introduces herself then attempts to warn Susan about Tom but Susan tells her she already knows. Susan states that Tom made it easy for her, causing Ashley to think she was stupid for falling prey to Tom’s actions but Susan stops that line of thinking. Susan states that just because Ashley was victimised by Tom, it doesn’t make her an idiot, it makes Tom a jerk and that Ashley is not to blame, Tom is. This lifts Ashley’s spirits. Ashley then takes her leave while Elliot tells her that they’ll talk later. Elliot then leaves to go to his locker. After he left, Sarah states she thinks Elliot and Ashley like each other. Tedd agrees with Sarah and Sarah states that they should get Elliot to ask Ashley out, not knowing he already did. Sarah admits she has mixed feelings but states that she wants what’s best for Elliot. This causes Susan to realise that wanting Elliot to put his relationship prospects on hold while she sorts out her issues is selfish and declares Elliot and Ashley will date. Tedd however points out that Elliot still has to deal with his energy buildups and is worried what might happen if Ashley sees Elliot transforming, not knowing Ashley already knows about it. Elliot returns and when asked how he met Ashley, Elliot says that Ashley sought him out due to her worries that going straight to Susan might not work. He also admits that Ashley saw him transform. He also admits that he asked Ashley out. Elliot said that she agreed perhaps in part because he could transform in addition to already liking him from the show. This prompts Tedd to ask about Ashley’s sexuality but Elliot isn’t sure. After all that, Sarah and Tedd have a discussion about Shipping. Ashley tells her friend, Liz, that she managed to get a date with Elliot.

Susan and Sarah discuss the incident, and Susan accidentally insults a random guy also named Tom. Sarah makes the realisation that being honest and open can get results and decides to apply that in her investigation to who Ronin is. Through this, she learns that most of the boys who approached her are gay. Elliot and Ashley discuss where they might go for their date. Tony’s friend overhears this and tells Tony about it, to which Tony said he told his friend Elliot was straight. His friend disputes this and Tony reminds him that he has used the term gay as an insult very often and that it shouldn’t be taken as a descriptor. His friend thought otherwise since Elliot and Tony used to be friends but Tony counters that they had a falling out years ago and that his friend can’t blame him for the comment he posted and calls his friend "Ronin".

After school, online, Susan tells Justin the days events. Justin asks her how she feels about the part where Elliot and Ashley are together and Susan responds she doesn’t want to interfere with that and it gives her time to sort out her feelings without losing herself in the moment. Meanwhile, Diane checks the comments to see what transpired since she posted a counterargument to the Ronin post. She sees that she received a message from Elliot’s channel and it turns out to have been sent by Susan. Diane thinks of the circumstances that leads her to suspect that Susan is her sister. Diane continues to deny the possibility but then she read the message, complimenting her for her insightful counterargument, and now realises that Susan is in fact, her sister. Diane doesn’t reply to the message and lies down in bed with a blank stare as she tries to cope with the realisation.

Previous Summer Moments

A series of moments set during the summer of the Summer group of stories.

At the comic shop, George turns out to be a bad influence on Grace as Tensaided meets with Grace when she gives an Evil Laugh.

In Tedd’s basement, Grace and Sarah have some shapeshifting fun and tease Tedd.

At the cinema, Elliot and Sarah are on a date and Susan is with them. Also on a date are Catalina and Rhoda, who are kissing, and Rick and Elijah, who are just enjoying the movie. George appears to be looking at Rick and Elijah with interest. Ashley and Liz are discussing something. Some of the party-goers from the Family Tree storyline are present. Mr. Tensaided is enjoying the movie greatly.

Cheerleadra appears in Mr. Tensaided’s store, with him present.

Tedd kisses someone who looks like Grace but is actually Sarah while the real Grace watches.

    Pandoras Box 
An emissary of magic visits repeatedly visits Grace in her dreams and, despite her forgetting most of it, informs her that magic is about to change lest everyone gets access to it, as Tedd wishes despite his father. She unconsciously notices the magic marks on Justin, Dex, Catalina and Rhoda she is failing to remember dreaming about.

Tedd and Sarah attend a MTG tournament at the comic shop. Tedd has decided to embrace his femininity and has short, pink hair. Two other players, Rich and Larry, mistake Tedd for a girl and hit on both him and Sarah. They are both thoroughly defeated. Sarah is given game advice by George and acknowledged by Tensaided as a true geek. Larry (secretly bisexual himself) learns to respect women and apoligizes for his behavior, including using “gay” as a derogatory term.

A new character, Luke, who has a mark that lets him see magic power, also attends after attempting to talk to Justin but freaking out when he saw Grace. Throughout the tournament he attempts to ask Justin about his magic but only manages to completely miss that Justin is gay like him and into him.

Tedd accidentally uses his new mark, turning himself into a girl, permanently but reversably, which several characters fail to notice. Another player, Sam, who (to only Grace’s knowledge) is actually a girl, gives advice on transsexual names to Tedd. He discusses both with Grace, who explains to him that he is genderfluid. This leads to Grace remebering her dreams about magic marks, Tedd discovering his ability to completely understand spells by looking at them while testing his spell and Tedd disvoring Luke’s ability.

Tedd, Sarah and Grace discuss whether to talk to Luke about that as well as Luke’s and Justin’s obvious attraction to each other. Justin and Luke stay behind after everyone leaves and discuss their marks. Sarah realizes George has a crush on Justin.

Sam befriends Sarah over their shared role-playing enthusiasm and agrees to spend time with her later.

The next day, Sarah finds herself marked.


Elliot and Ashley meet for their date at the mall and get to know each other better over food. Eventually, Elliot demonstrates his transformation powers to her in private. The make out in a dressing room.

Meanwhile, Ellen, Nanase, Charlotte and Diane investigate sightings of hooded figures around town. They deduce that there must be two figures.

One of the hooded figures attacks the mall. Elliot fights her as Cheerleadra and she is revealed as a griffin from another world. The griffin, Tara, was told by an Immortal that Elliot knows about her mate. Ashley, who is on the phone with Ellen, relays that they have an idea where her mate, the other hooded figure, may be. The two immortals who protect Elliot reveal themselves to convince Tara that Immortals can, in fact, lie, and to trust Elliot and Ashley.

Tara, Elliot, Ashley, Ellen, Nanase, Diane and Charlotte meet in a parking lot. They travel to where they suspect Tara’s partner Andrea. Diane and Charlotte arrive first and are ambushed by a vampire. Andrea attacks the vampire; Tara finishes him off.

After they reunite and the rest arrive, Andrea explains she originally wanted to investigate the energy buildup but got side-tracked by the two immortals using her to kill vampires. Elliot follows the two griffins to the location of the portal to their homeworld. He discovers that his phone, including GPS, is absorbed into his body when he transforms into Cheerleadra. They agree to meet again in four weeks’ time after further investigations into the energy buildup.

Squirrel Prophet

After the Tengu incident but before the Ronin one, Tedd and his dad are having an argument. Tedd wants the truth about magic to be more widespread but Mr. Verres won the argument by pointing out that Tedd’s plan to minimise the negative consequences of such an action isn’t good enough to justify throwing aside The Masquerade.

Meanwhile, Grace is having a "Not Wearing Pants" Dream but a helpful outsider comes to her aid (the fandom refers to this character, who hasn't been named yet, as Disco Wizard). He then proceeds to try and give his message, this being his third attempt to do so, even though Grace doesn’t remember the first two. He explains that he is there as an emissary on behalf of Magic itself. The emissary states that Mr. Verres is right that magic won’t enter common usage but not for the reasons he thinks. It is because Magic itself doesn’t want that. The current system allows flexibility in what power is granted to which person by making it so nearly anyone can access it but Magic has no intention of going mainstream. If needed, Magic will change the very system by which it operates by. The emissary states that there are some constants in magic. Species such as Uryuoms that have magic interwoven into their very nature won’t suddenly find themselves unable to shapeshift but things can change for humans. While there will always be people born with natural talent for magic and for those without that talent to use magic, how it can be gained beyond heredity, the specifics of how spells work and how difficult it all is can change and has in fact changed many times before. The emissary gets the idea of forming associations within the brain so as to make sure Grace actually remembers all this information this time, to which Grace agrees. Grace then wakes up and writes down “Male Sarah, Nanase in a robe, fox Rhoda, that she was probably naked, and they might have been in a spa”.

Squirrel Prophet - Part 2

We see a page of power-mark tattoos, some we have never seen before. Susan's is not included, but Justin's, Dexter's, and Rhoda's are. Then we cut to Grace and Ellen going to school, talking about Elliot's romance life. Diane shows up and is furious to hear that Elliot is dating, before denying that she has any interest in him. Grace is distracted by the memories of the dreams she can't fully remember, and when she sees Rhoda and Justin from behind she finds herself drawn to their shoulder blades. At the comics shop, Tedd comes in with short pink hair and explains why he made the change, and George is apathetically supportive. Later, Sarah has decided to start playing the Magic card game and is working on building a deck. Two guys assume she's a "fake gamer girl" and insult her, but believe Tedd to be a girl and are attracted to him. Grace wonders about shoulder blades, and a guy with green hair walks in and talks to Justin.

The new character apparently has aura vision, and he notices both Justin and Grace's magical powers- and Grace terrifies him. He leaves quickly and calls somebody on the phone- whoever he talks to keeps referring to themselves as "us" and "we." Apparently the group the man is associated with suspected that Justin had magical powers (referred to as a "mark"), but were surprised by Grace. The man has apparently seen Noah in shadow-form, and says that Grace's aura is similar to Noah's. He makes a reference to "prehensile tendrils," and knew that Noah was male when his associate assumed Noah was female. The guy signs up for the card tournament as a ploy to get closer to Justin, and we learn that his name is Luke (or at least he introduces himself that way).

After a few last minute arrivals, the tournament begins. Sarah, who had wanted to build a themed deck with Pegasus-riding werewolves, draws an overpowered vampire that gets stronger as it kills and gives bonuses to all other vampires. After internal debate between a sexy Sarah vampire and a Sarah werewolf, Sarah decides to have a deck with both vampires and werewolves. As she makes her deck, Pandora is revealed to be watching.

The first round begins, pairing off Larry (one of "those two guys") and Tedd. Larry, believing Tedd to be female, creepily hits on Tedd to the point of losing to Tedd easily. Luke is paired with the other of "those two guys," Rich, who immediately insults a choice Luke made as "gay." Luke responds by slowly but surely beating Rich in the game. Sarah is paired against George, who gives her advice between games. After Tedd wins against Larry, Grace reveals Larry's heterosexuality and assumption that Tedd is a woman. Tedd isn't quite sure how to deal with this situation, but jokes with Grace as Pandora leans on his shoulder.

Larry and Rich discuss Larry's interactions with a not interested Tedd before realizing that Larry never asked for Tedd's name. Before they can check the Round 1 listings, Round 2 begins. Luke sits the round out, and ends up bonding with Justin about Star Wars (after brief internal Gayngst over a homophobic comic shop that he used to visit). Grace immediately becomes a Shipper on Deck. Tedd wins the round against someone named Sam, who assumes Tedd might be transgender and suggests the name "Tess" just in case. When Tedd talks to Grace about this afterwards, she explains the assumption. Tedd is initially confused about how this applies to day-to-day life, until Grace explains the existence of genderfluidity.

Cue Tedd's realization that they are genderfluid, and Grace's unconditional acceptance of Tedd.

Sarah wins the round against Tensaided, who declares her One of Us. When discussing her results with Justin, she notices Justin and Luke's matching Crush Blush. Sarah learns of the generics on Tedd's personal discovery, while Tedd thinks that they've never wanted to be a girl in a cute outfit more in their entire life. Sarah and Grace discuss Justin and Luke's obvious attraction to each other. Cut to Justin and Luke being approached by George, who appears somewhat jealous. Luke doesn't quite understand, and tries to use his Aura Vision to see if George has powers.

Unfortunately for Luke, he is also looking at Tedd when he tries this, and nearly goes blind as a result. Pandora comments that she warned Luke not to use the spell on her "grand-godson," but that it wasn't as if he could hear her.

Round 3 begins. Larry and Rich, who had previously assumed Tedd's name to be Sam, discover the truth and are horrified. Larry tries to find ways that Tedd could be short for a girl's name, while Rich is skeptical. When Rich faces off against Tedd, Tedd's hair is suddenly purple. Tedd is now a girl, due to Pandora marking their back. Larry faces off against Sarah, who immediately shoots him down when he flirts with her. Grace encourages Justin to ask Luke out, causing Justin to put on his earring as a "gay signal." Larry is reluctant to win against Sarah, but doesn't understand why she doesn't want him hitting on her. When she asks if Larry would like a guy hitting on him, he assumes that she is a lesbian, and uses the word as an insult even after she states that she is a 2 on the Kinsey scale (at most). Frustrated, Sarah vows to end Larry.

Grace sees Dex, and her aura vision activates. She remembers her dreams and the fact that Dex, Justin, Rhoda, and Catalina have magic marks.

Tedd and Sarah wipe the floor with Rich and Larry respectively. Tedd and Justin try and fail to get the other to notice their appearance changes. Tedd approaches Grace, who immediately notices Tedd's hair change (and subsequently the girl morph). The two head into the bathroom to check for a magic mark, which Grace finds on Tedd's scalp. Tedd is able to become more feminine at will, but sends Grace away before focusing on themselves while changing into a boy form. In the process, Tedd discovers exactly how the ability changes their default form and that they have a special ability to see magic and enchantments.

After Larry loses and continues insulting Sarah by calling her a "fake geek lesbian," Tensaided confronts him and tells him that flirting with other players is against the rules of the tournament.

Tedd catches Grace and then Sarah up on the magic mark and Tedd's special abilities. George wanders by during this debate, and comments on Tedd's hair change. Larry starts to realize that the pick-up methods he learned online are terrible, while Rich soldiers on. After Luke wins his match, he keeps thinking about and failing to express his attraction to Justin (or the presence Justin's magic mark), while Justin is unable to get Luke to notice his earring. Justin realizes it would be inappropriate to hit on Luke during the tournament, which is a convenient excuse for him to put of something scary.

While Luke surveys the crowd to see if anyone else there is marked, Tedd notices him and realizes that Luke can see magic auras. Grace and Sarah insist that this doesn't mean something bad (partially because they want Justin and Luke to be a couple), with Sarah declaring herself "Team Luke." Luke, having checked everyone but Sarah and Tedd, is scared that Tedd is friends with Grace and then terrified when he realizes that the two are dating. Rich and Larry see Tedd and Grace kiss, realizing that Tedd's hair color and sex have both changed during the tournament. Their response is "TEDD IS A SEX CHANGING SPACE ALIEN HERE TO STUDY HUMAN SEXUALITY!" (from Rich) and "AND I STILL HAVE A SHOT WITH HIM!"(from Larry). Luke overhears this and assumes that Grace and Tedd are scary aliens.

Squirrel Prophet - Final Battle

The fourth and final round of the card tournament begins. Tedd faces off against Luke, Larry faces off against Rich, Sarah faces off against Sam, and George faces off against Some Guy. Luke and Tedd battle to a draw due to the similarity of their decks, with paranoia on both sides. Rich and Larry fight over Rich's homophobic reaction to Larry being interested in a guy who turns into a girl. Sam and Sarah debate whether Sarah's justification for the vampires being good is correct, but Sarah eventually wins the match on a technicality and Sam's insistence.

Meanwhile, Grace sends Justin a coded message on what Tedd sensed in Luke, and that Luke is probably not bad. Justin realizes that Grace scared Luke, but is interrupted by Larry, who questions Justin about calling things "gay" while not being homophobic. During this conversation, Luke overhears that Justin is gay. Sarah and Sam grew close enough during their game that Sarah asks Sam to "do something next Friday." Justin gets the chance to talk to Grace and decides to have a one-on-one meeting with Luke after the tournament ends.

The final ranking of the tournament ends up with Sarah in fourth, Tedd and Luke tied for third, George in second, and Some Guy as the grand prize winner.

Larry, trying to be a better person, tries to be gracious when Sarah reveals that she's going on a probably-date with Sam in the future. Sam angsts about being trans as he takes off his beard. Grace signals Tedd and Grace to let them know that they need to leave for Justin's sake. Justin tells Luke that he knows Luke's reasons for being there, and they flirt as Justin promises that they'll talk in a few minutes. George grumps about this as he leaves, making Sarah realize that George has a crush on Justin (of the Triang Relations Type 4 variety). Grace glares at Luke as she, Tedd, and Sarah leave for food.

Luke tells Justin that he probably has a mark, in response to which Justin takes off his shirt. Justin's mark is missing, since Pandora awakened him at some point before this moment. Justin tells Luke about immortals, and correctly intuits that Luke is in contact with at least two other people with magic marks. Justin asks Luke on a date, which Luke accepts. Tedd tells Grace to check with Justin, Catalina, and Rhoda before telling Tedd's dad anything, while Tedd doesn't want to tell their dad anything about their mark. Tedd and Justin catch each other up on the information they've gathered that night, and Justin reveals his date. Luke's phone conversation with the group reveals that the main reason they were willing to approach him was his association with Cheerleadra. Grace talks to Justin about her dreams, making Pandora suspicious of whoever is contacting her.

The next day, Sarah gets ready to take a shower and finds a magic mark in the shape of a question mark on her back.

So A Date At The Mall

Liz and Ashley discuss clothing choices, with Ashley being worried and Liz assuring her that whatever she wears will be fine because Elliot is a total dork. Liz finds out that their date will be taking place in a mall, and facepalms. Liz warns Ashley to avoid going to the bookstore, Ashley sheepishly agrees. Meanwhile, Elliot and Ellen discuss the date in typical style—they both agree that the mall is great and a random black shirt is a good fashion choice. Elliot asks Ellen for advice, but Ellen's advice is not particularly helpful.

Meanwhile, Random Tom and his girlfriend discuss a movie they saw. A mysterious cloaked figure watches them. Tom senses a puppy in danger and hares off to rescue it.

Ashley finally picks an outfit, but then has to cover it up with a heavy jacket because it's winter. Elliot thinks the coat is cute, though. Ashley babbles a bit and gets embarrassed. The car ride to the mall is decidedly awkward as Elliot wonders how turned on Ashley is when he transforms, and whether he'd want to take things that far.

Nanase and Ellen go on a mystery-solving date, and have dragged Diane along with them.

Ashley convinces Elliot that they should leave their coats in the car so she can show off her outfit, which Elliot says is cute. They decide to get food.

Ellen, Nanase, and Diane arrive at Charlotte's apartment to start their mystery-solving. Nanase and Ellen claim they brought Diane along because she's smart, knows about magic, and they needed a ride, but Nanase wants to get to know her better and Ellen wants to distract her away from Elliot's date. For the last few months, a mysterious cloaked figure has been spotted moving around Moperville asking for someone, although the figure often just runs and hides. A picture of the cloaked figure reveals that it cannot be human. They begin brainstorming and reading articles, though Ellen isn't happy about just sitting around reading. Cut to Elliot admiring a bookstore (with Ashley remembering Liz's warning).

At the food court, Elliot begins listing food options, but Ashley has a knee-jerk reaction to him listing Asian food places first. She explains that as an american-born person of Asian descent, she's had to deal with a lot of racism, including people assuming she's some sort of magical martial artist. Cut to Nanase. Ellen sends a text warning Elliot about the cloaked figure and asking Elliot to text her if he spots it.

Ashley and Elliot start talking to get to know each other better. Ashley enjoys books, plays ballet and dances soccer. Wait. Reverse that. Elliot doesn't really know what he wants to be when he graduates. Ashley dated a girl online once. Elliot asks if She's bisexual, and she says that while she's attracted to males and females, she doesn't like to be labeled (especially given some of the prejudices she's faced in the past).

Back to the mystery team, Ellen suggests that there isn't a single cloaked figure, but two—one that runs and hides, and one that is searching for someone. Using that suggestion, the girls try narrowing down the sightings to see if they can find a pattern.

At the dare, Elliot suggests they go to the bookstore, and Ashley doesn't think this is a good idea (she tends to get lost in books). She makes a hasty suggestion that turns out to be a lingerie store. Elliot mistakes this as her covering up some sort of magical ability involving books, inadvertently tipping Ashley off to how common magic is. Ashley has questions, and Elliot has to figure out how much he can tell her. He then wonders if something weird will happen to render his musing moot.

Back to the mystery team, They've discovered a pattern—one of the cloaked figures meanders about the state, but one of them has only been seen in Moperville.

Then we cut to a rooftop, where we see the cloaked figure again. A glowing figure appears and asks if the cloaked figure has found "her" yet. The figure then asks is he's found "the other one" yet. He offers the cloaked figure a riddle to find this other person.

So A Date - Part 2

Note: this link isn't listed in the archives

Elliot decides he can tell Ashley some things about his transforming abilities, and they go to find a place where he can change and Ashley can watch.

The mystery team discuss the patterns they've found in the movement of the cloaked figure. They conclude that the cloaked figure needs access to food, water, and shelter, and discuss how the wooded areas in downtown Moperville seem to fit the bill. Not thinking they can do much more, they break for video games.

Elliot and Ashley find a blind spot in the bookstore where Elliot can transform (Ashley's been there enough to know where all the blind spots are) and Elliot transforms, though Ashley sabotages the process by repeatedly talking about big boobs to disrupt Elliot's mental image. Ashley likes the girl form Elliot morphed into.

The cloaked figure, thinking about the riddle the mysterious white figure gave it, rushes towards the mall, seeking someone called "German Dark."

Ashley and Elliot leave the bookstore and seek out a mirror where Elliot can get a look at his current form. Along the way, they discuss what Elliot experiances when he's transformed. They reach a dressing room, and wind up entering the stall together while kissing. Catalina and Rhoda, on their own date, leave a different dressing room.

Back to the Mystery squad, Nanase wonders how she can keep losing to her semi-autonomous clone Fox. Charlotte thinks that because Fox isn't actually human, she has better focus and concentration, and Diane thinks that because Fox works on Nanase's subconscious, she knows what Nanase is going to do.

Elliot and Ashley leave the dressing room after their make-out session, having decided to not quite go all the way into sexy times. Elliot gets an unexpected phone call...from Tensaided.

So A Date - Part 3

We flash back to Elliot's time working in the video shop, when he appeared in the store as Cheerleadra. Tensaided fanboys out, then asks if there's a way to contact Cheerleadra if there is trouble. Cheerleadra suggests that Tensaided contact Elliot to get a hold of her, and he promises to only call in an actual emergency. This is that emergency.

Elliot (still female at this point) takes the call. Tensaided assumes that he's talking to Elliot's date (he's at the mall, too). Tensaided explains that there's a cloaked figure in the mall looking for a "German Dark"...and he's pretty sure that means the figure (which he's certain is female, but certainly not human) is seeking Elliot! (His last name, Dunkel, is German for dark). Elliot tells Ashley to call Ellen and let her know the situation, and to let her know Cheerleadra is going to try talking to the cloaked figure. Ashley asks where Elliot is going to be.

"Trying to talk to the cloaked figure" he says...before transforming into Cheerleadra in front of Ashley. And much of the rest of the store (including Catalina and Rhoda). Cheerleadra flies off to confront the cloaked figure, who seems quite angry about something.

So A Date - Part 4

So A Date - Part 5

EGSNP Question Mark

This storyline was originally written for EGS:NP, but added to the main archives after Dan realized some important information was contained within.

After Sarah discovers her Magic Mark, she spends some time trying to figure out what it does, until Pandora appears to give exposition.

Q&A 7 - The Requestioning

Seventh Q&A, run by Amanda and Lisa.

Questions are:

"Recap how magic works."

  • People are Sleeping (no magic), Dreaming (limited spells, can't get magic on their own), and Awakened (will naturally get personalized spells as long as they keep using magic). People with a Magic Mark are Dreaming. If they Awaken, the mark goes away. If someone awakens thanks to an external source (that isn't an Immortal), they experience power build-ups that force them to use magic. Wizards are specifically those who can learn other people's spells. Tedd is something unnamed, and can see magic and resist it.

"Diane has changed a lot over time. Is there a reason for this."

  • Diane has been fleshed out over time thanks to Character Development and spending more time seeing things from her point of view. She is also deliberately seeking a change.

"Isn't making color comics just as easy as making color comics?"

  • No. Colors require more than just contrast—they need to look good together.

"What pronouns does Dan prefer?"

  • Dan's gender identity is "non-committal shrug." He prefers he/him unless specifically referring to his female avatar, because it raises fewer questions from people he has no interest in talking to.

"What is the range of Ellen's zapping powers, and can she bounce it off mirrors?"

  • Between 30 and 300 feet, depending on the power used. TF gun defaults to 60. TF beams will bounce off mirrors but not less reflective surfaces because magic.

"How common is transformation magic?"

  • In general, it is the most common sort of magic.

"Can Grace's shapeshifting and/or the TF gun make someone heal faster?"

  • TF gun: no. Grace: Grave has an accelerated healing factor, but serious injuries would still require medical treatment. How much faster? "Intentionally vague" faster.

"Was El Goonish Shive always supposed to be so weird?"

  • Yes. Including transformation stuff was a risk, but was intentional.

"Is Grace more predisposed to polyamory due to her uryonum heritage?"

  • Short answer: greater seyunolus in general are more predisposed to polyamorous relationships, but that does not mean Grace, herself, is.

"We actually just want to know if a relationship between Grace, Tedd, and Sarah could happen."

  • Oh. Uh...Out of panels, bye!
  • Then there is a clarification on what polyamory is which doesn't actually answer the OTT question.

"Could Grace Awaken and gain magic?"

  • Yes. But it would be much harder for her than normal because of her inherent uryonum abilities conflicting with the magical energy available to most people.

"What book series has Dan read?"

  • Harry Potter and The Dresden Files, and that's it. For the love of god, suggest some book series.

"Why hasn't (inset thing set up in Squirrel Prophet) happened yet?"

  • Because it's literally only been 1 day since it happened in comic time. The series is on a sloooow build, and planning things better is part of why the Q&A is going on so long.

"Which EGS:NP stories are canon?"

  • Magic Comic Shop (mostly), Not A Date At The Mall, Question Mark, Playing With Dolls, MV 5, and Zombie Plans note 

"Greg is a super strong anime martial arts master cool guy, but is he Awakened?"

  • Unclear. He has more abilities than someone who is only Dreaming is likely to have, but it could all be because his martial arts style counts as a single power. And you can't just throw a spellbook at Greg to figure out which.

"Where the heck do spellbooks come from, and how to they work?"

  • Spellbooks are linked to a single Awakened individual and automatically record new spells when ever an Awakened character gets one. Immortals, Wizards, and people with wands can make them. A spellbook not linked to someone is a blank book. The book disguises itself with a fake, mundane title. They aren't necessarily good disguises.

"Who is the muffin man?"

  • What muffin man? Like a guy who makes muffins? A muffin golem like a Stay-Puft Muffin Man? Joke question because the next arc is starting.

     Sister III - Catspaws 

Part 1 - Legacy

The tale of Pandora's Start of Darkness. We are introduced to a young Pandora. Pandora enjoyed amusing herself by getting mortals to do silly things in exchange for relevant information, likening herself to the box in the myth of Pandoa's Box. But eventually, she grew somewhat bored of this and considered resetting early. But then she met Blaike Raven, a man who intrigued her because he didn't want her "help" to find a treasure he was seeking. She continually tried to intrigue him with the knowledge she had of his current quest, which she claimed was very important, but Blaike preferred not knowing. Pandoa persisted, at first because of the challenge, but then out of concern, because the information was, in fact, important — there wasn't any treasure, just a giant magic lion bear.

After narrowly escaping the monster, Pandora apologized to Blakie for not telling him sooner, but Blaike said that the treasure hadn't been the point. He was in it for the adventure and not knowing what came next was part of the point. Pandora found a kindred spirit in Blaike, and became his traveling companion and eventually his lover. Six years later, Adrian Raven was born. Pandora loved her son immensely, and taught him many things. As Blaike grew older, Pandora comforted herself with the knowledge that though Blaike would someday die, he'd grow old with her, and it would be right around the time for her to reset anyway.

But Blaike did not die of old age. He was killed trying futility to protect travelers from a wandering monster. Pandora found him afterward, next to the bodies of those he had tried to protect. Devastated, Pandora turned to raising Adrian. Her two hundredth year came and went, and she did not reset. She did not consider resetting. She would not entrust the memory of her love to some other version of herself that wouldn't have an emotional connection to Blaike and Adrian. She would not forget her family. She would be there for her son, however long he lived. She would not let her love die.

Part 2 - The Will of Magic

In the present, Pandora appears in Grace's bedroom, intent on finding out who has been messing with Grace's dreams. She discovers Grace having a nightmare, being torn between fighting to save Greg's life from a fire goo griffin, and not wanting to hurt the griffin because it has a wife and little fire goo babies. Pandora comments that this among the stupidest things she's ever seen.

Then Disco Wizard appears,

Part 3 - Reply Hazy

Part 4 - Everyone Needs To Talk

Part 5 - The Reservoir

Part 6 - Maybe Sisters

Part 7 - An Unkindness

Part 8 - Awkwardness Ahead

Part 9 - Traffic Freeze

Part 10 - Fluidity

Part 11 - All Of The Curse Words

Part 12 - Misanthropy

Part 13 - In Search Of Wisdom

Part 14 - Sister Anxiety

Part 15 - Elliot and Ellen

Part 16 - BFFs

Part 17 - Great Fairy Godmother

Part 18 - Gathering Monsters

Part 19 - Family Meetings

Part 20 - Geminis

Part 21 - The Other Dunkel

Part 22 - Apocalypse

Part 23 - The Fate Of Magic

Part 24 - Elliots And Ellens

Part 25 - Changes

Part 26 - Epilogues

     The New World 

     Guest Comics 

Guest Comics #1

First round of guest comics by other people.

Guest Comics #2

Second round of guest comics by other people.

     EGS: NP 

EGS: Newspaper is a group of off-the-wall stories that aren't always canonical, or deal with slice of life tales not suitable for the main comic.

Tedd Forgot To Do Something

Tedd accidentally goes to school while transformed into a girl.

Grace The Goddess

Grace plays Black & White

Magic Comic Shop

This story is canon. It takes place after Red Alert

Nanase hangs out with Justin as he works at the comic shop. Ellen eventually joins them. This leads directly to...

Blank Check For Weirdness

Not A Date At The Mall

This story is canon. It takes place after Red Alert

Nanase, Ellen, and Justin go to the mall for lunch, and Justin leaves to let Ellen and Nanase get to know each other better. Nanase is pleased to be able to hang around with Ellen.

Non-Gratuitous Nudity



Dan in the MUD

EGS-Con 2006

Oblivious Hand Waving

Tedd messes around with a magic wand.

Revenge of the Jokes

TF Busters #1

Christmas Intermission

Standalone 2010


Playing With Dolls

This storyline is canon. It takes place the same day as Question Mark and So A Date At The Mall.

Assorted 2015 01

Zombie Plans

This storyline is canon. Its time frame is ambiguous.

Question Mark

This storyline is canon, and was added to the main archives.

After Sarah discovers her Magic Mark, she spends some time trying to figure out what it does, until Pandora appears to give exposition.

Assorted 2015 02

Assorted 2015 03

Gaming Webcomic


This story is canon. It takes place shortly before Squirrel Prophet.

Grace and Sarah decide to help Tedd design a Male Variant #5 for the TF gun.

Rad Squirrel

Detective Block

Assorted 2016 Alpha

Video Gaaaaames


This story is canon. It takes place during the time skip before Squirrel Prophet

Pandora disguises herself as a psychology student while looking for people to mark. Leads directly into...

Escape From The Mall

This story is canon. It follows Marker

Catalina and Rhoda are discussing Rhoda's mark, but unknown to her Catalina has been marked herself. Shenanigans ensue.

Rad Block


Fun At Work

Ellen Demo

Goonmanji 2


Assorted 2018

Nanase Craft ATCoZ

Fantasy Wasteland


Super Hero Science


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