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The first chapter in 8-bit Theater, where two guys Fighter and Black Mage, returning from a wild goose chase in The Giant's Forest, decide to apply for a job of being Warriors of Light, where they meet a money-loving, contract binding Thief, a beautiful-yet-violent White Mage, and Red Mage, the pompous munchkin who loves to pad his stats. They are from comics 1 to 47.

The second chapter in 8-bit Theater, where after convince the king of Corenia to anoint them as the Warriors of Light, their first task is to rescue the princess Sara from the clutches of the villain Garland. They head off, while being stalked by White Mage and a kung fu master named Black Belt. From comics 48 to 156.


After receiving their new classes, the Light Warriors soon realize that they're stranded Cardia without anyway to return to Sarda. It now lies on Red Mage, and his willingness to ignore the suffering of Chocobos to find a way of the island.

The final chapter in

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