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Recap / Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

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Primary Levels

Level One: Cool Yer Ed

Eddy hatches a new idea for a scam: selling snow cones to kids for money. Eddy asks Edd on advice where to find enough ice. Edd proposes that the Eds start cleaning out the Cul-de-sac kids' backyards for their ice coolers to steal their ice (just to sell it back to the kids as snow cones). While along the way, they ward off mean red squirrels, an angry guard dog and even Jimmy and Sarah by scaring them away with water balloons and sicking a bunch of brown squirrels on them.

After collecting all the ice they need, Eddy decides now all they need to do is find a machine that can convert their ice into ice balls, which will complete their snow cone scam. While roaming around Rolf's backyard, they find a meatball making machine in Rolf's shed, but Rolf refuses to let them borrow it. As a result, Eddy convinces Ed to destroy the wooden gate that is keeping Rolf's pigs in their enclosure. The pigs escape, and Rolf begs the Eds for assistance putting them back in. Eddy agrees under the condition that they get to use Rolf's machine later on. Ed smashes the pigs and throws them back into their pen, allowing the Eds to gain Rolf's permission to use his machine.


The Eds start printing out snow cones and laugh at their victory for their new scam to make money off kids. Ed tries some of the snow cones himself, but he states that they taste like meat.

Level Two: Pin the Tail on the Ed

Jimmy is having a birthday party and the Eds aren't invited. Eddy angrily wants to get in for at least some cake, and Ed suggests that they go through the sewers which Edd complains is risky and unsanitary (also it smells bad!). Eddy instantly takes up on this idea and the Eds enter the sewers with the goal of getting into Jimmy's birthday party. They ward off alligators (said in the manual to have been flushed down the toilet by their owners as babies) and huge rats that want a taste of human flesh. When the Eds stumble upon their steel path lacking a bridge, Eddy is devastated and ready to give up on their quest. But Edd assures Eddy about the move Trampol-Edd which will allow him to get past the bridge and swing the valve that will erect the bridge. After fighting off yet another alligator, Edd does Trampol-Edd and does as he promised.

The Eds as they spin valves and fight alligators, rats and clams through the sewers see that a valve is missing that can open a door they need to go through. Jonny, who was fishing for clams in the sewer (just like in "Who What Where Ed") fishes out a valve from the waters, and Eddy asks for it. Jonny refuses until the Eds find a way to lower the water levels so that he can fish for more clams. Ed offers to DRINK the sewer waters (pulling out a straw) but Edd immediately rejects to that idea, and instead he manually shuts down the water levels while dodging the clams. Eddy then grabs Plank and blackmails Jonny to give up the valve or else he'll feed Plank to the clams. Jonny surrenders the valve, and the Eds are able to get into Jimmy's birthday party.


The Eds destroy all of Jimmy's pinatas (indicating they're trying to steal Jimmy's presents that they deem valuable to them) until one pops out to be the Kanker Sisters. The Eds run off before Edd fires away water balloons at bee hives to drop and scare away the Kankers. Just as the Eds are about to celebrate, Kevin informs them the party's over, and all that's left of Jimmy's birthday cake is some frosting stuck to the candles. Jimmy slams the door on the Eds, making Eddy angrily knock while Ed sucks on the frosting.


Level Three: Must Be Something I Ed!

The Eds see that Rolf and Victor are enjoying jawbreakers, and Rolf informs them that there is a free jawbreaker give-away at the Candy Store (much like "Don't Rain on my Ed"). While rushing to the candy store, they are interrupted by Sarah who forces them to retrieve Jimmy's dolls that were dropped on trees by birds. Afterwards, Kevin forces them to knock trash cans down with a basketball (but you can use brown squirrels if you like) within a certain time limit if they want to get past him. Next, bees are blocking the way to the candy store, and Edd knocks down a beehive upon Jonny's head (as Jonny was carrying a pot of honey with him) which attracts the bees and clears the way. After dodging an angry guard dog, the Eds get to the candy store but then it turns out that they're only selling foot powder-laced jawbreakers. Eddy consumes one before Edd can warn him, and his face turns all sickly and green. He worries that someone could spot and ridicule him for this.

The Eds go in the reverse direction of how they got to the candy store, carefully avoiding any contact with the kids but when they get to Eddy's home, the Kids pop up at Eddy's window and take pictures with their cameras until Ed shields Eddy.

Level Four: Ed on Arrival

The Eds are being enticed by Rolf to earn an Urban Ranger badge by going through an obstacle course in an under-construction zone for a new building at the Cul-de-sac. When the Eds depart for their quest, Rolf asks Kevin to make sure they don't succeed. Ed throws barrels of gas at wooden planks standing at 90 degrees straight to make them fall down so that the Eds can use them as bridges to get through while warding off rats and gophers. A Whack-a-Jimmy game with Ed's head as the hammer happens midway. The Eds bring power boxes to a power generator to open up a gate that they need to get to the finish line all while using the Tower of Eddy. Next, Rolf sicks Victor on the Eds and they use Batter-Ed to ram Victor into the lake. They reach the finish line where Kevin challenges them to a race in which he has his bike and all you have is Batter-Ed. The Eds do engage in a race, and as it turns out, Batter-Ed was fast enough and after getting through all the holes and wooden gate obstacles they beat Kevin.

Rolf congratulates them, but because he only has 1 badge and there's 3 of them, Eddy suggests that he get it for doing all the hard work. Instead, Rolf decides the honorary thing to do is rip the badge into three pieces. Eddy loses his temper, shoves his own piece up Ed's nose and storms off.

Level Five: Nightmare on Ed-street

Jimmy is calling for Mr. Yum-Yum, his stuffed rabbit despite the fact that stuffed animals are inanimate. Eddy tells Jimmy that he saw Mr. Yum-Yum on the windowsill in the haunted house. Jimmy refuses to go in there and save Mr. Yum-Yum himself, so he sends the Eds in. Eddy demands a down payment of 25 cents, but Jimmy instead orders that they retrieve him first, AND in one piece. Eddy angrily storms off to go get it. Then, when in the house Eddy reveals to Edd that he told Ed to steal Mr. Yum-Yum from Jimmy and put it in the Haunted House so that they can scam Jimmy for his money. Ed however traumatically tells them that Mr. Yum-Yum is not where he originally left it. Then in the chimney emerges the Kanker Sisters, who are holding Mr. Yum-Yum. The Kankers state they also stole Mr. Yum-Yum himself and that they'll return him for either good boyfriend-presents OR just skipping the presents and going for kisses. The Eds eagerly take up the former option, going through the haunted house's many obstacles of spiders, bats, booby-traps, holes and even a moat to get the presents. They present the Ship-in-the-Bottle for Lee and then a can of Axel Grease for Marie.

While looking for a third present to give to May, Edd suggests that they next go to the library. Eddy complains that books can wait, and they should find another present instead. Edd claims that a book is an item that anyone can treasure. They retrieve a Book of Taxidermy and present to May, who takes interest in it as Edd surmised. Afterwards, Edd deactivates the conveyor belt with a saw that Mr. Yum-Yum was strapped to.

The Eds emerge out of the Haunted House with Mr. Yum-Yum in hand, and as Jimmy starts hugging it, he finds the bunny was SAWED in half! Eddy stretches out his hand expecting a quarter but Jimmy runs away crying holding his destroyed stuffed rabbit in pieces. Eddy angrily demands for his quarter.

Level Six: Ed Marks the X

The Eds are anxiously awaiting the jawbreakers that Eddy hid under his bed inside a suitcase. However, all of those jawbreakers turned out to be stolen by somebody (who want to lure in the Eds for more kissing) and their only clue is a piece of a map with a red X on it. They assume other pieces of the map have been scattered across the Cul-de-sac, and then Ed spots footsteps from Eddy's room leading to the outside which means that they can investigate where the rest of the map is and then find out who the culprits are.

While fighting off more angry guard dogs and rats, they find that Jonny and Jimmy each have a piece of the map. Or at least Jonny is trying to use the piece as his own paper airplane because it's on top of a gate that he can't reach. Ed uses Batter-Ed to ram a car into Jonny making him fly away and they collect the piece. Jimmy on the other hand refuses to relinquish his own piece (even after Edd asked nicely) until Jimmy decides he'll give it to them for a jawbreaker. The Eds go through a swamp to collect a jawbreaker that Ed was somehow able to spot approximately 1000 feet away from him. This task takes a while to complete, but the Eds are able to retrieve the jawbreaker and give it to Jimmy in exchange for the map piece. Jimmy is about to take a jawbreaker, only for it to hatch open to turn out to be filled with spiders. The Eds did not give Jimmy a jawbreaker, it was a spider egg! Cruel, but at least now you have 3 out of the 4 map pieces. Eddy then finds that Victor has a piece of the map in his mouth, and again from Level 4, you use Batter-Ed to ram him into a river to retrieve the map. The map's final piece says LEE MARIE MAY. Yes, the Kanker Sisters stole your jawbreakers.

The Eds break into the Kanker's trailer park and fight through an obstacle course (you'll find your jawbreakers hanging from the ceiling on nets) before the final boss stage where you play Ed to throw barrels at the brick pillars the Kankers are standing on. After Ed defeats the Kanker Sisters, the Eds run out with the jawbreakers only to run into NOT an exit, but a dead-end room. The Kankers appear at the door, closing it wearing bridal outfits and holding flowers. A wedding is coming!

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