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Recap / Ed Edd N Eddy S 4 E 21 A Twist Of Ed

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Airdate: November 17, 2003

The Eds are once again attacked and romantically mauled by The Kanker Sisters. Tired of being bothered by them, The Eds decide to find a way to be rid of them once and for all. Double D eventually decides to use Reverse Psychology and get rid of them by doing to them what they have been doing to the Eds. Ed and Double D are successful in scaring away The Kankers, but things fall apart when it is Eddy's turn.


"A Twist Of Ed" provides examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: The Knakers play this role at the beginning of the episode as usual, only for Ed and Double D to play it afterwards. The Kankers end up retaking by the ending of the episode.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Exaggerated; Ed begins flirting with the Kankers by rubbing May's head and calling her pretty. But he does it very ruffly, resulting in her getting Messy Hair.
  • All for Nothing: The Eds attempt to get rid of The Kankers by pretending to be in love with them and harassing them with flirtation. One mistake by Eddy causes them to fail and end up trapped with them yet again, with the Kanker's own love for the Eds now being stronger than ever.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Implied at the end with Marie. She and her sisters spend most of the episode in fear of the Eds for harrasing them, until they figure out it is all just a trick and trap them. As Marie approaches Double D at the end, she hardly even tries to hide her intentions, giggles seductively and giving a huge love-struck smirk. Apparently, the experience of having him sexually harass her and scare her only made her crush on him even stronger.
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  • Bad "Bad Acting": Unlike Ed and Double D, who both put on very convincing performances when pretending to be in love with The Kankers, The Kankers barley put any effort into their act. They speak with very flat tones when acting "scared" of the Eds and telling them to "leave them alone." Despite this, Ed and Eddy are completely fooled until they are being physically retrained and Double D only starts suspecting something when Lee "accidentally" locks them in.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The Kankers catch on to The Eds plan, and using their own reverse psychology they trap them in their room for yet another assault of kisses.
  • Bear Hug: May greets Ed with a surprise one from behind before pulling him to the ground and pinning him.
    May: A big hug for my honey!
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: The Kankers finally get the Eds to (apparently) return their feeling for them and love them, as they have wanted the Eds to do since they have met and have attempted to romance the Eds into doing before. But now they are subjected to the same level of harassment they have given the Eds. It doesn't last long.
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  • Blatant Lies: At the end of the episode Marie appears in front of Double D, and pretends to still be scared of him for a moment, asking him not to kiss her in a mock scared voice, only to immediately giggle seductively and approach him with a love-struck smile.
  • Bookend: The episode begins with each Kanker attacking and kissing their respective "boyfriend" in their own homes, at the end of the episode they trap The Eds in their bedroom in their trailer and force another round of kissing on them.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: When Double D says all three of them must use his Reverse Psychology tactic on The Kankers, Eddy refuses and says he'll "wait for The Movie."
  • Broken Record: At the Retro Van, Ed and Eddy chant for Double D to "think" of something to get rid of the Kankers. They continue shouting "Think!" over and over in quick succession, with Ed even honking the van's horn for fun, until Double D gets them to be quiet by screaming "VERY WELL THEN!"
  • Bullying a Dragon: After all the times the Kankers have defeated them, including physically harming them numerous times, the Eds still take the risk of trying to get rid of them by harassing them with flirts. When the Kankers see through their plan at the end and overcome their fear they easily overpower and restrain the Eds.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • Ed doesn't get Rolf's explanation of using a rock to break another rock and asks if various food items can also break a rock.
    • Eddy thinks that using Reverse Psychology against The Kankers just means to hit them with a book, which he thinks is much more creative than just hitting them with a rock.
  • Covered in Kisses: The Eds are all left like this after their encounters with the Kankers at the start of the episode. When they meet up at the at the Retro Van to escape the Kankers they all recognize the lipstick stains on each other's faces and immediately realize they all suffered the same experience.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Not exactly "battles" but the Kankers show once again they can easily overpower the Eds. The opening scene has all of them attacking and restraining the Eds in some way, with Marie tackling Double D from behind and literally tying him in a knot, May pulling Ed to the ground and pinning him, and Lee preventing Eddy from escaping his shower. The ending scene has the Kankers once again restrain the Eds in a matter of seconds once they get over their fear of them.
  • Easily Forgiven: After the Kankers realize what the Eds are doing they instantly stop being scared of them and regain their crushes on them. The Kankers lure the Eds into a trap where they lock them in their room and kiss them as revenge, but it is clear that they still consider them their "boyfriends" and are still in love with them despite their earlier harassment. If anything, it is implied that the event made their feeling for the Eds even stronger, with Marie even giving Double D a love-struck smile as she approaches him, apparently finding him even more attractive now.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Ed is so unable to understand Rolf's modus operandi with the rocks that Rolf becomes really tempted to bash Ed's head in with the one he's holding.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Eddy is nervous about the plan at first and hopes Double D is right, otherwise Ed will be a goner against all three Kankers.
  • Evil Laugh: Lee does one when Eddy tries to escape the shower they are in before proceeding to kiss him off-screen. At the end of the episode all three Kankers chuckle evilly before puckering up and leaning in to kiss their "boyfriends."
  • Extreme Close-Up: After Marie ties up Double D the screen focuses entirely on her as she applies her lipstick. It keeps focus as she puckers up and leans in for a kiss and her lips soon take up the entire screen, turning it red. It fades to black once she lets out a loud "Mwah" sound, indicating she has kissed Double D.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Ed doesn't realize he pulled May out of a drawer while looking for a spoon until she hugs him.
  • Forceful Kiss:
    • At the beginning of the episode the Kankers attack each of their respective Eds in their own homes, restraining them before showering them in kisses and inviting their "boyfriends" to kiss them back.
    • While Ed pretends to be in love with the Kankers he makes kissy faces at them several times, puckering up and trying to smooch them when he has them cornered several times.
    • At the end of the episode the Kankers once again do this to the Eds, puckering up while restraining the Eds as they beg the Kankers to stop. Marie grabs Double D's cheeks, forcing him to pucker up, and dips him, May sits on Ed's back and restrains his arms, and Lee stretches out Eddy while stepping on his midsection.
  • Girls Have Cooties: Ed thinks so, as he shouts out when May gets ready to kiss him.
    May: (sitting on Ed after pinning him and holding him down) Put those lips together and make like a fish!
    (May puckers up and leans towards Ed)
    Ed: (staring in horror at May's lips) Girl germs!
  • Glad I Thought of It: Eddy does not understand the plan at first and is so worried for Ed he refuses to look. When the plan starts to work and Double D points it out, Eddy suddenly says "See? What'd I tell ya?"
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: The Eds attempt to get rid of the Kankers for good through Reverse Psychology, harassing them with affection the same way the Kankers have done to them. While they are successful for most of the episode, the Kankers instantly catch on to their plan when they notice how nervous Eddy is and lure the Eds into their own trap using their own plan against them with "Reverse-Reverse Psychology". The ending also implies that despite the Eds harassment, the whole event ultimately just made the Kankers' feelings for them even stronger and they love them even more now, and will never leave them alone now.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Eds and Kankers both suffer this. The Kankers are constantly driven away screaming by The Eds hitting on them and harassing them, just like they have done to them. At the end of the episode, The Es are tricked by The Kankers using "Reverse-Reverse Psychology".
  • Human Knot: When Marie attacks Double D in the opening scene she ties his entire body into a knot to get him to hold still for her to kiss.
  • I Kiss Your Hand: When flirting with the Kankers, Ed does this to May when asking for her hand in "carriage". But instead of just lightly kissing her hand he gives it a wet sloppy kiss and shoves it into his mouth and sucks on it.
  • Ignored Epiphany: The Kankers don't enjoy the harassments the Eds subject them to throughout the episode, the same kind of harassment they constantly subject the Eds too. Once they realize the Eds are trying to scare them off though, they revert back to their usual ways and continue to harass the Eds, despite knowing what it feels like now.
  • Impact Silhouette: When the Kankers are running away from the Eds in their trailer, they crash through the wall leaving outlines of them. The camera pans back to reveal an outline of Ed too, showing he is inside the wall with them, and the Kankers bust through their own outlines to get away.
  • Incredibly Lame Fun: Double D mentions that torturing the Kankers is the most fun he has had since his father let him disassemble his shaver.
  • Indy Ploy: As soon as the Kankers figure out that the Eds are faking their love for them and are in fact still scared of them, all three Kankers immediately regain their own crushes on them and immediately create a plan to get back at them, pretending to still be scared of them and luring them to their bedroom where they lock them inside and once again restrain and kiss them.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: When Marie leans in to kiss Double D at the start of the episode and her lips turn the screen red, Double D shouts "you wouldn't dare!" at her. Immediately after saying this, Marie lets out a loud "Mwah!" sound and the screen fades to black, indicating she kissed him and did dare.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Almost the entire episode is the Eds getting back at the Kankers for their constant harassment and forceful kisses. For once the Kankers are on the receiving end of this treatment instead and don't enjoy it at all. Though this is mostly subverted, or at least heavily downplayed, when the Kankers turn the tables on the Eds at the end of the episode and return to the status quo of having crushes on them and forcing kisses on them.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Normally, the topic of a person sexually harassing another would definitely not be funny; however, since it's The Kanker Sisters who are on the receiving end of it for most of the episode, it becomes cathartically hilarious.
  • Kissing Discretion Shot: As usual this happens whenever the Kankers kiss the Eds.
    • The screen focuses on Marie as she applies her lipstick and leans in to kiss Double D, with the screen turning red as her lips cover the screen and block the view. The screen quickly fades to black once she lets out a loud "Mwah" sound, indicating she has kissed Double D.
    • May's and Ed's reflections are seen in a spoon as she leans in to kiss Ed, with Ed screaming in fear at her approaching lips, only to suddenly Smash Cut to Eddy's room.
    • After Eddy pulls Lee out of his shower drain the scene cuts to outside his shower, where he tries to escape before being pulled back in by Lee.
    • At the end of the episode when the Kankers prepare to kiss the Eds again after regaining their crushes on them, the scene quickly cuts to outside the trailer as the sound of the Kankers' kissing can be heard for a few moments before the Fade to Black ending.
  • Luminescent Blush: May has one when Ed ruffles her hair and calls her pretty, though she loses it once she starts to get freaked out by Ed's flirting.
  • Messy Hair: May has this when Ed ruffles her hair when he begins flirting with her and the other Kankers.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The Eds almost made sure the Kankers never bothered them again, but because Eddy couldn't put his fear aside and sweated nervously in front of them, he made them realize the Eds were faking, leading to him and his friends getting trapped by them and kissed yet again.
    • The incident is even more Double D's fault, who basically forced Eddy to attempt to use reverse psychology on the Kankers again even though Ed had already successfully scared them off. And even when they go to the Kankers' trailer to confront them, he never encourages or reassures Eddy that their plan will work, he simply rushes in with Ed and expects an understandibly nervous Eddy to be as confident as he and Ed were.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Ed and Double D do this for most of the episode, constantly appearing when The Kankers try to run away, blocking their path. Marie does it at the end of the episode when Double D is quickly turning through the pages in his book, with her suddenly appearing between the pages.
  • Oh, Crap!: Several moments through the whole episode:
    • All the Eds panic at the beginning of the episode when they are attacked and kissed by their respected Kanker.
    • The Kankers freakout for most of the episode as they are constantly harassed by The Eds.
    • The Eds panic once again when the tables are turned and the Kankers prepare to kiss them once again.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: After the Eds meet up at the Retro Van and see they were all assaulted by the Kankers, this is the last straw for Eddy, and he angrily asks why the Kankers can't just leave them alone. Though Ed and Double D don't get as mad as him, they do agree that they want the Kankers gone after putting up with them one too many times.
  • Revenge: Ed and Double D clearly enjoy getting back at the Kankers for all their harassment by giving them a taste of their own medicine and aggressively flirting with them to scare them off. At the end of the episode the Kankers get their own revenge on the Eds by locking them in their bedroom and once again smothering them in unwanted kisses, only unlike in the beginning of the episode they do it without flirting with the Eds or even trying to be romantic, and just do it to get back at them.
  • Reverse Psychology: The main element of the episode. To get rid of The Kankers, The Eds pretend to have fallen in love with them and harass them like they have done to them. When The Kankers catch on though they pull a "Reverse-Reverse Psychology" and lure The Eds into a trap by pretending to still be scared of them.
  • Rubber Man: At the end of the episode, Lee is seen restraining Eddy by stepping on his midsection while pulling on his legs and hairs to stretch him out and hold still while she kisses him.
  • Sarcasm Mode: At the end of the episode the Kankers Bad "Bad Acting" can come off as this. Telling the Eds to "leave them alone" and how they are "trapped with them" in monotone voices before grabbing them and happily kissing them.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Eddy tries to do this after Double D tells him that all three of them need to flirt with the Kankers to ensure they scare them off. However, as he is walking away Double D has Ed get Eddy and they drag him along with them to the Kanker's trailer.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Eddy doesn't participate in the series of reverse-psychology flirtations with the Kankers because he's too terrified that it'll all blow up in his face and leave him at the mercy of the Kankers. When Double D makes Eddy take a turn, his nervousness ends up giving away the fact they're only faking their attraction, allowing the Kankers to recover and set up a trap for them.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: The Eds’ efforts to get rid of the Kankers are ruined by Eddy blowing their cover due to his nervousness. To make it worse, the Kankers trap The Eds in their room, with their crushes on them restored and stronger than ever, and proceed to happily kiss their reaffirmed "boyfriends".
  • Shower of Love: Lee pulls off an extremely twisted version. She somehow fits herself into the drain of Eddy's shower and he yanks her out when she clogs the drain and floods his shower. She then stops Eddy from escaping the shower and gives an Evil Laugh before kissing him off-screen, though thankfully during this Eddy was still wearing his clothes and Lee was wearing a skintight bathing suit. It is possible Lee was trying to be romantic toward Eddy during this like her sisters were for their "boyfriends" in the opening, though for Eddy the whole thing seems more like a Shower of Awkward.
  • Sibling Rivalry: The Kankers briefly fight each other over May's hairpin, each one wanting it for a new hairdo to impress their "boyfriend".
  • Signature Item Clue: After Double D finishes cleaning his backyard equipment, he finds a tube of lipstick and wonders what it is doing in his backyard. He quickly realizes who it belongs to and silently panics, but before he can make a move to escape he is tackled from behind by Marie, who snatches her lipstick back, and tied up by her with his own hat. It is implied Marie left her lipstick out in the open for Double D to find and waited until he did before pouncing on him.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Rolf only appears for one scene and is the only character besides The Eds and Kankers to appear at all, but his mentioning of using a rock to break another rock gives Double D the inspiration to use Reverse Psychology on The Kankers.
  • Spotting the Thread: The Kankers are initially fooled by Ed and Double D pretending the be in love with them, and are cowering in the presence of the Ed’s due to their harassment. But, when they notice a nervous beat of sweat run down Eddy's face, they realize that the Ed’s are only faking their attraction to them.
  • Status Quo Is God: By the end of the episode the Eds have failed to get rid of the Kankers, and are once again attacked with kisses.
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Non-Video Game example; the Eds end up pressing their luck and keep hitting on the Kankers when they run into their room instead of leaving well enough alone and leaving while they have the chance, not realizing the Kankers are on to their plan.
    • On an individual level, Eddy is too scared of the Kankers to do anything to them for most of the episode, but after giving a weak attempt he immediately gains confidence in his abilities when the Kankers run away in (fake) fear from him and he decides to hit on them some more. After Lee locks them in their bedroom he marches up to her and tells her its "smooching time." The next shot he is in shows Lee restraining him and puckering up for his demanded smooching time, while he just panics and begs for mercy.
  • Swapped Roles: The Eds and Kankers basically switch roles in their "relationship" for most of the episode. The Eds are now the "Love-struck harassers" and the Knakers fill the role of the "victim who fails to escape from unwanted affection". Though they end up switching back in the final moments of the episode.
  • "Take That!" Kiss:
    • Zig-zagged in the opening scene between all the Kankers and Eds. Although the Kankers imply they are trying to be romantic toward their "boyfriends", by flirting with them and inviting them to kiss them back, they still attack and restrain the Eds in their own homes for seemingly no reason other than to kiss them.
    • Ed makes kissy faces at the Kankers while flirting with them several times, even wearing lipstick like them at one point.
    • Once The Kankers catch on to The Ed’s plan they trap them in their room. After pretending to be scared a little longer they quickly drop the act and smother them in kisses while restraining them and giggling at them. Unlike in the opening scene of the episode this is played straight without the Kankers flirting with the Eds or dropping any romantic hints. They are simply kissing the Eds to get revenge on them and reestablish their "dominance" in their "relationship".
  • A Taste Of His Own Medicine: The Eds decide to act towards the Kankers the way the Kankers have towards them to scare them off. It works at first, until the girls catch on to their act and lure them into a trap using Reverse-Reverse Psychology.
  • Terms of Endangerment: When Marie attacks Double D at the start of the episode she flirtly calls him two pet names as she ties him in a knot and prepares to kiss him.
    Marie: YAHOO! (tackles Double D from behind and ties him up) Hiya, dreamboat! (applies her lipstick and smirks at Double D) Pucker up, oven mitt!
  • This Cannot Be!: Double D screams "This can't be!" when he realizes too late that The Kankers tricked them.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: The Eds scream in fear at the end of the episode once the Kankers restrain them and subject them to another round of kisses.
    Double D: This can't be! They've turned the tables on us, Eddy! IT'S A REVERSE-REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!
    (The Kankers chuckle and prepare to kiss The Eds)
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Lee puts the key to the Kanker's bedroom door in her shirt after locking The Eds inside with them.
  • Visible Odor: For once one that doesn't come from Ed. While at the Retro Van Eddy has these coming off of him. He had to skip his shower for the day since Lee attacked him in it and got one of her hairballs stuck in the drain.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When Eddy is pestering Double D to think of a plan to get rid of the Kankers he seems excited with the idea of "hitting them with a book" when Double D says they use Reverse-Psychology against them.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: The Eds nearly ensure The Kankers never bother them again, but an ill-fated sweat-drop ruins the plan. The Eds get overconfident and are lured into the Kanker's bedroom and are trapped inside, with The Kankers catching them and forcing a second make out session for the day on them. To make things worse for the Eds, it is implied their efforts only made the Kankers even more attracted to them.


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