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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 2 E 20 Heroes And Heartbreak

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Augur meets a beautiful woman named Beverly Woo, who runs a multimillion dollar tech company. She brings him in on a secret weapons project in the Antarctic called the Forge. The weapon, secretly financed by the Taelons, uses ID portals to launch pieces of Earth's molten core through a short-lived wormhole. Zo'or tells Da'an that the war against the Jaridians is not doing well and wants to lure the enemy fleet into an ambush around a Taelon colony, so they can then use the Forge to devastate them. Augur falls for Beverly and eagerly helps with the project but then stars to wonder if the Forge may result in a black hole forming on Earth. As Zo'or's plan is coming into fruition, the Forge fires several times in quick succession, destroying a number of Jaridian ships, but the wormhole doesn't close in time, allowing a Jaridian cruiser to enter it on the way to Earth. Liam and Da'an fly a shuttle to delay the cruiser, detonating the shuttle's ID drive to close the wormhole on the cruiser, while the shuttle makes its way back to Earth. Augur manages to escape, but Beverly chooses to stay while the Forge facility is collapsing around her.


  • Collapsing Lair: The Forge Project facility collapses due to the strain of firing the Forge multiple times in quick succession. Augur manages to escape, but Beverly chooses to stay and dies.
  • Cool Car: Beverly's limo has a built-in ID portal that sends it passengers all the way to the Antarctic. Beverly leans forward, while Augur, unaware of the portal, drops right on his ass upon arriving to the destination, since he was in a sitting position.
  • David vs. Goliath: Liam and Da'an face off against a massive Jaridian Sokhara-class cruiser while flying a tiny Taelon shuttle. Fortunately, their goal isn't to defeat the warship single-handedly, but to delay it long enough for the wormhole to collapse. They overload their ID drive and detonate it behind the shuttle to force the wormhole to collapse on the cruiser.
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  • Interstellar Weapon: The Forge fires chunks of the Earth's molten core at targets located in another galaxy with the use of short-lived wormholes.
  • Our Wormholes Are Different: The Forge uses ID portals to generate short-lived wormholes to fire pieces of Earth's molten core at targets galaxies away. Unfortunately, the wormholes are bidirectional, and one stays open long enough for a Jaridian cruiser to enter the other end.
  • Rival Dojos: Augur and Beverly constantly take jabs at MIT and CalTech, with each believing that their alma mater is better.


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