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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 10 Live Free Or Die

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During an appearance at a planetarium, a group of soldiers under the command of Major Raymond MacIntire kidnaps Da'an. They have him record a demand to the Taelons involving the location of five of MacIntire's men, who have been experimented on as part of the interdimensional space flight program. The Major's subordinate Captain Lucas Johnson demonstrates what the Taelon scientists have done to him, revealing a body that's part-human and part-Taelon. Despite this, Johnson starts to develop a rapport with Da'an. The Synod refuses to negotiate with the captors, and Da'an starts a process that will result in his death. Boone manages to track down the captors' location and tries to rescue Da'an, only to be captured himself. A member of the Resistance follows Boone and reports on his location. Jonathan Doors personally goes to meet the Major, claiming that the Major's actions are hurting the Resistance and that killing Da'an will only result in him becoming a martyr. He furthermore promises to help MacIntire find his missing men if he lets Da'an go. The Major agrees, but Sandoval finds the place and raids it, forcing Doors and the soldiers to flee. Inspired by Da'an, Johnson decides to cover the others' retreat and to end his suffering. With Da'an's body nearly disintegrated, Boone manages to convince him to live. Da'an finishes giving his presentation to the astronomers and then visits the comatose Johnson at a hospital.


  • Body Horror: The experiments performed on the soldiers at Futurity Farm sometimes result in strange disfigurement. In Captain Johnson's case, his hand deforms when he strikes a table, before returning to its previous state, while his abdomen is translucent with glowing lines.
  • Book-Ends: The episode starts and ends (almost) with Da'an making a presentation at the planetarium, displaying the hologram of the Taelon homeworld to a group of astronomers.
  • Death Seeker: Captain Johnson decides he's had enough of the suffering and decides to hold off Sandoval's men, while also performing a Suicide by Cop. He survives but is in critical condition.
  • Enhance Button: With Augur's help, Boone manages to learn the location where Da'an is being kept by using his Reflective Eyes and spotting a climate control device common in refrigeration warehouses.
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  • A Father to His Men: Major Raymond MacIntire is willing to go to any lengths to get his men back. He is also clearly distraught when Johnson decides to sacrifice himself.
  • Knockout Gas: Major MacIntire and his men use gas to knock out all the humans in the planetarium. Da'an is unaffected, as are the Major's men, who have implanted tubes in their noses to avoid breathing in the gas.
  • Not Afraid to Die: Zigzagged. While Taelons are taught not to fear death and to embrace it for the good of their species, Da'an admits that the fear is still there. Still, he is willing to die to fulfil the Synod's wishes.
  • Obfuscating Disability: Major MacIntire shows up to the planetarium in a wheelchair. No one questions why, but they search his person to make sure he doesn't have any weapons. In fact, the chair holds a gun and the Knockout Gas they use to sedate the whole room. The Major is perfectly capable of walking on his own.
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  • Terraforming: According to Da'an, the majority of the Taelon race lives on the Taelon homeworld's four moons, which have been made habitable.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Played with. Doors tries to convince Major MacIntire to join forces, but MacIntire doesn't care about Doors's crusade against the Taelons. He just wants his men back. He also distrusts a billionaire like Doors and feels he has more in common with Boone, since both of them fought in the S-I War. Meanwhile, Doors is afraid that the kidnapping and death of Da'an will lead to a crackdown on the Resistance.


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